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Case Study No. 0216: Staff of Unnamed Library (Nalts)

Fart Prank in Library (Farting in Public) by Nalts
Fart! Farting? What happens when Nalts sends a teenager into a public library with a fart machine? Before we sent Spencer into the library we had him walk around outside. The best stuff is when he's inside.

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About this video: 2007/03/26/ candid-camera-amateur-style/

Who is Nalts?

Concept by Brad Aronson. Thanks to Spencer for his bravery, and Matty, Tommy and Patrick for help.

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[scene opens with Kevin Nalty and Spencer inside the car]
NALTS: So, we've got Spencer back there with his sound effects ...
SPENCER: [gives a thumbs up to the camera]
NALTS: Spencer, let's hear a rip.
[he uses the small device hidden in the pocket of his hoodie jacket and makes a fart noise]
NALTS: Another one.
[he makes another fart noise]
NALTS: Good. One more.
[he makes another fart noise]
NALTS: Super ... So Spencer will be using his fart machine to emit sounds and pretend to be oblvious to them.
[various shots of Spencer walking outside are shown, then it cuts to Nalts and Spencer back in the car driving]
NALTS: So, what we failed to realize is that the fart machine, while being loud, is not loud enough to offset the ambiance of Starbucks or, uh, outside. So we're gonna take it indoors ... to the library.
[cut to inside the library, as a young female patron is sitting at a table]
SPENCER: [walks past, bends over (as if looking at a book on the lower shelf), and uses the fart machine]
[cut to Spencer walking past two little kids, as he makes several fart noises ... one kids waves his hand in front of his face]
[cut to Spencer approaches an old male patron sitting at a table]
SPENCER: Mind if I sit here?
[he sits down, opens a book, and then uses the fart machine]
[cut to Spencer sitting behind another male patron, reading "Outlook 2007 for Dummies", and using the fart machine]
[cut to Spencer walking past the computer terminals, and uses the fart machine ... one man in particular shakes his head, takes off his glasses, and rubs his eyes]
[cut to Spencer walking past a bearded male patron, as he "farts" right in his face ... He then takes a book off a shelf, walks past the man again, and rips another "fart"]
[cut to Spencer walking through the stacks, talking to an older female librarian]
LIBRARIAN 1: And that's how you can find the exact numbers where to look, you know?
[he uses the fart machine]
SPENCER: Oh, okay.
SPENCER: Well, do you think you'd have any books about that?
[he uses the fart machine]
SPENCER: Alright, thank you.
LIBRARIAN 1: I'm sure we do.
[he uses the fart machine again, then walks off]
[cut to Spencer getting up out of a chair and using the fart machine, then the older male patron sitting next to him giving a funny look]
[cut to Spencer approaching the reference desk and asking another older female librarian a question]
SPENCER: Can you tell me where I can find the [inaudible] books?
[he uses the fart machine, as the librarian points in the opposite direction]
SPENCER: Uh, no.
[he uses the fart machine again, as the librarian gets up]
[cut to Spencer sitting at a computer terminal, as the same librarian is trying to show him something in the online catalog]
LIBRARIAN 2: Okay, now [inaudible] ...
[he uses the fart machine again, as the librarian seems oblivious to the noise]

Thanks to Brad A. for idea
and Spencer for his bravery



Kevin Nalty (born May 12, 1969 in New Orleans, Louisiana) is a YouTube comedian and partner based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania better known under his YouTube username Nalts. His YouTube Channel is one of the top-20 most-viewed comedy channels. He has more than 1,000 videos which, as of September 18, 2011, have been viewed more than 236 million times on YouTube alone.

Nalty first gained notoriety for a video featured on YouTube's front page the first week of January 2007 - "Viral Video Genius - Loses His Cool When Confronted" - where he plays a skivvy-wearing, geeky intellectual passionate about viral video making. His second featured video, "Farting in Public," in which a young teenager named Spencer (Nalty's nephew's friend) uses a fart machine in public places, all the while seeming to be completely oblivious to the fact that he had done so, has been wildly popular with over 11 million views.

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