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Case Study No. 0212: Sherman/Swampy

Phineas and Ferb - Ain't Got Rhythm - Music Video With Lyrics!! - Disney Channel Official
Phineas and Ferb try to convince Sherman that he really does have rhythm in this clip from Phineas and Ferb. Sing a long and watch Phineas and Ferb on Disney Channel!

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Phineas and Ferb Voice Cast:
Vincent Martella as Phineas Flynn
Thomas Sangster as Ferb Fletcher
Ashley Tisdale as Candace Flynn
Caroline Rhea as Mom/Linda Flynn-Fletcher
Richard O'Brien as Dad/Lawrence Fletcher
Dee Bradley Baker as Perry the Platypus
Dan Povenmire as Dr. Doofenshmirtz
Mitchel Musso as Jeremy Johnson
Alyson Stoner as Isabella Garcia-Shapiro
Jeff "Swampy" Marsh as Major Monogram
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"Ain't Got Rhythm"
From The Disney Channel original series "Phineas and Ferb"
Episode: Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together

[Phineas and Ferb enter the Tri-State Area Public Library]
PHINEAS: Who would have thought that a drummer from a rock 'n roll band would end up in a place so quiet?
[Phineas stops as he hears the rhythmic sounds of a rubber stamp hitting the front desk, then looks at his Love Handel poster to compare it to the male librarian he sees]
PHINEAS: Say, could it be?
[they walk up to the librarian]
PHINEAS: Pardon me. Would your name be Swampy, ex-drummer for the band Love Handel?
SHERMAN: That, my friend, was a past life ...
[he points to his nametag]
SHERMAN: The name's Sherman. Why you asking?
PHINEAS: Because they're reforming for one night only! It's a celebration of our parents' anniversary.
[Sherman continues stamping his books, barely paying attention to the conversation]
SHERMAN: Well, that sounds charming, boys, but I-I haven't played drums since the accident. Fell asleep in a metronome factory, when I awoke I'd completely lost my sense of rhythm. I've been hanging out here ever since ...
[Phineas stares at him stamping the books, then starts singing along with the beat]
PHINEAS: So you're saying that you don't have rhythm, but listen what you're doing right there! With that stamp and a book, you've got a real nice hook! Sounds to me like you've got rhythm to spare!
SHERMAN: [obliviously starts singing along] I have no idea what you're talking about, I've got as much rhythm as that chair. What happened to me was a tragedy, but I don't have to be a millionaire. Look, I got a sweet deal going on here, I've got all the books that I can read.
[cut to two old women sitting at the desk reading]
SHERMAN: All these sweet old ladies and this carpet from the 80's, what more could a librarian need?
[one of the old women shushes Sherman]
SHERMAN: [quietly sings] Besides, I ain't got rhythm. No, I ain't got rhythm. Said, I ain't got rhythm. I ain't got rhythm!
[Ferb is snapping his fingers and shaking a pencil holder to the rhythm of Sherman's stamping, while the other patrons around the library are banging their books to the same beat]
PHINEAS: You're kidding me right? You're-you're kidding me! Don't you see what you were doing right then? That's a wicked groove you were starting to move. Mister, you got rhythm times ten!
[Sherman places the books on a cart and starts reshelving them, but subconsciously starts slapping each book to the same beat]
SHERMAN: I think perhaps that your not listening. I find it tedious to repeat. It's no big crime. I just can't keep time. I'm telling you I lost the beat!
[the patrons continue pounding their books on the table to the beat]
SHERMAN: I don't need my face on t-shirts, or hit a power chord guitar ...
[Sherman opens and closes the drawers of the card catalog to the beat]
SHERMAN: They were screaming my name, I guess it's a shame, but I don't need to be a rock star!
[Sherman starts drumming on his desk with a ruler and his nameplate]
Besides, I ain't got rhythm. No, I ain't got rhythm. Said, I ain't got rhythm. I ain't got rhythm! I ain't got rhythm!
PHINEAS: Sounds like rhythm to me!
SHERMAN: No, I ain't go rhythm!
PHINEAS: [motioning to the patrons] Seems like they all agree!
SHERMAN: Said, I ain't got rhythm!
PHINEAS: But you're laying down some funky syncopation!
[Ferb pushes a full drum set in front of Sherman, and he starts to play]
SHERMAN: I ain't got rhythm!
PHINEAS: But you got that beat!
SHERMAN: No, I ain't go rhythm!
PHINEAS: [looking at the patrons under the desk] Look at them, they're stomping their feet!
SHERMAN: Said, I ain't go rhythm!
PHINEAS: It's time for you to rock a brand new generation!
[all of the patrons get up on their desks and continue singing]
PATRONS: Brand new generation!
SHERMAN: [closing his eyes] Gonna rock a brand new generation ... because I ain't got rhythm!
[Sherman stops and realizes what he's been doing]
OLD LADY: Would you just go join the band?
[Phineas and Ferb wheel the drum set out of the library, as Sherman excitedly keeps playing]
SHERMAN: Hey! Hey, lookit that! Hey, I got rhythm!



Sherman, better known by his stage name "Swampy," is a librarian and former drummer of the 90s hair band Love Händel. Sherman was a part of the band for as long as is known, though infighting and other complications lead to the band sizzling out and going their separate ways. The band would reunite a decade later to celebrate a wedding anniversary between Linda Flynn and Lawrence Fletcher.

Sherman first known event in life was being a member of the band Love Händel during the 1990s alongside Danny and Bobbi Fabulous. Sherman donned the pseudonym "Swampy" and played as the band's drummer. Love Händel met generally critical acclaim - their song, "You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart", was a huge success, topping the charts for eleven consecutive minutes.

After the hit song, the band began to sizzle out of the spotlight. Sherman and Love Händel began to perform at smaller and smaller venues and began to in fight. Sherman especially had heated hatred with Fabulous, who generally was his opposite and hated his slovenly behavior. The fan base continued to dwindle and the band decided to break up. They performed a farewell concert, in which they spotlighted Linda Flynn and Lawrence Fletcher, who eventually would wed on June 15. Afterward, the band broke up and went their separate ways. ("Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together")

After the band went their separate ways, Sherman either began working at or stumbled upon a metronome factory. He fell asleep and awoke seemingly "losing" his sense of rhythm.

Afterward, Sherman began to work at the Tri-State Area Library, seeing the change as conformable, enjoying the 1980s era carpeting, the access to literature, and the kind elderly ladies he worked aside. ("Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together")

After working at the library for over a decade, Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher, the sons of the couple Love Händel spotlighted at the farewell concert, approached him wondering if he was the "Swampy" of the band. Sherman informed them of his detachment with the band anymore and they asked if would join the band in a reunion concert for their parent's wedding anniversary.

Sherman told them of his rhythm issues, though Phineas was disbelieving due to his rhythmic beating of books, and attempted to convince him otherwise through song. Sherman, throughout it, continued to deny his abilities with rhythm, though eventually came to realization and accepted to join back for the reunion concert.

When the band reunited at the boys' garage, Sherman was the only one to refuse to wear the old outfit again. While they were waiting for Linda Flynn to return to the house and begin, Sherman began eating a slice of cake that had been thrown out. Danny pointed this out in shock, Sherman arguing you couldn't "let good cake go to waste." Fabulous made a comment after this that insulted Sherman, and they began to argue. Danny was going to leave and break up the band again, but the roar of the crowd made want to continue. The band started the performance as Linda arrived. ("Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together")


Sherman has shown signs of professionalism and sophistication. His career as a librarian and his stated enjoyment of access to "all the books [he] can read" shows that he takes interest in literature and therefore has a sense of refinement. ("Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together")

Despite this, however, Sherman has as well displayed several signs of slovenliness. During practice for the reunion concert, he ate a piece of cake that had been thrown out, giving the excuse "You can't let good cake go to waste." Since Love Händel's breakup, he has gained a "beer belly" and generally seems somewhat pudgy than his more youthful days. ("Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together")

Other than the displays of sloveliness, Sherman as well has showed signs of being rather layed back and lazy. Sherman's current attire best demonstrates this - his sleeves are rolled up, his tie is loose, and he appears to wear a suit without a jacket. This behavior and his slovenly attitude leads him to have constant bickering with his band member, Bobbi Fabulous. ("Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together")

Sherman appears to take great enthusiasm in his drumming capabilities. When he was younger, while performing, he was always seen smiling and being very excited. When he seemingly lost his sense of rhythm, he tried to cope by taking on a new career as a librarian, convincing himself it had enough perks and he didn't need to be famous. When he reestablished his sense of skill, he was once again vibrant and performed happily in both the reunion concert and the performance for Doofenshmirtz's flashback. ("Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together", "Thaddeus and Thor")

Background Information:

* Sherman is based off of Phineas and Ferb co-creator Jeff "Swampy" Marsh. His design is a parody of Marsh's, while his nickname "Swampy" is based off that of Marsh's own nickname. The point of spoofing Marsh, as well as other co-creator and executive producer Dan Povenmire and writer Bobby Gaylor, in the form of Love Händel members was to humorously mention the fact that all three of them were themselves members of bands throughout the years.[1]
* "Swampy" first appeared in the Season 1 episode "Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together." He and the rest of Love Händel would later appear in the Season 2 episode "Thaddeus and Thor" to perform the song Couldn't Kick My Way Into Her Heart in Heinz Doofenshmirtz's flashback.
* Sherman's voice is performed by Steve Zahn, an American actor and comedian who has performed in prime time shows such as Monk and Friends and films such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Rescue Dawn and Chicken Little.
* Ain't Got Rhythm, a song performed in the show by Sherman, was nominated for an Emmy for songwriting in 2008. However, it (and the as well nominated Theme Song) did not win.
* He is the one from Love Händel who seems to have changed the most since the 90's, the differences being that his hair got shorter and began graying, he got a goatie, and he put on some weight.
* He wore an earring during "Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together" and in "Thaddeus and Thor", but not in any other episode, nor at their farwell concert.

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