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Case Study No. 0208: Flenniken Public Librarian

Introduction to The Case of the Missing Cards
This is the introduction video link from The Case of the Missing Cards. This video is the first part of a longer video designed to let you choose your own path. At the end of this video please select the Children's Room, Adult Stacks or Store Video.
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The Flenniken Public Library
In collaboration with
The University of Pittsburgh Library and Information Program Marketing Class
The Case of the Missing Catalog Cards

[scene opens with an elderly couple entering the Flenniken Public Library and speaking with the elderly female librarian at the front desk]
LIBRARIAN: Hi! May I help you with something?
PAUL: No, we can find what we need. We've been here before.
LIBRARIAN: Okay, well, just let me know if there's anything I can do to help you.
DONNA: Thank you, we will ...
[cut to Donna and Paul talking in another part of the library]
DONNA: Paul, you should have let her help us.
PAUL: No, we don't need her bothering us. As a kid, I learned how to use the card catalog. I can find that book on mystery you're looking for.
DONNA: I hope so, because I need it for book club.
PAUL: I can't understand the way you ladies choose your books ... Murders! who would wanna read a book on murders? Especially a book where a cat is the murderer!
[cut to a shot of Paul sitting by himself in the library, writing something down]
PAUL: [in voice over] There are more important things to do ... For instance, writing letters to the editor.
[cut back to Donna and Paul]
DONNA: Well, Lilian Jackson Braun is very popular. And the cat is not the murderer, the cat helps solve the murder. And the book club is for men and women. So, how are you gonna help me find this book?
[cut to Donna and Paul walking towards another part of the library, then stopping at an empty space]
PAUL: Hey, the last time we were here, there were drawers here with cards in 'em!
DONNA: Well, they're not there now. Maybe we should ask someone.
PAUL: No, we can find them by ourselves ... I'm sure there must be cards here somewhere. Somebody must've put 'em somewhere.
DONNA: Well, I'm gonna ask that group of people over there, because they seem to have been here before, and maybe they'll know.
[cut to Donna and Paul walking up to three elderly women huddled around a book cart]
SHIRLEY: [picks up a book] Wow, look Kathi ... Isn't this the book you wanted at Wal-Mart? You can get it here.
KATHI: [takes the book] Oh great, I've been wanting to read this.
DONNA: Do any of you people know what happened to the cards in the card catalog?
SHIRLEY: I'm not sure. What cards are you talking about?
DONNA: Well, they used to be in those drawers over there, but now there's books.
SHIRLEY: Sorry, I've never been over there before. I just stay around the new book cart ... I've read everything in that section already.
KATHI: Maybe the librarian would know.
[cut to the front desk, where the librarian is speaking with the female janitor]
DONNA: [in voice over] She really looks busy, I don't think we should bother her now.
[cut back to Donna and Paul]
PAUL: Besides, I don't think she wants us to find anything ... If we find the books on our own, she won't have anything to do. I think she took the cards for job security!
KATHI: Oh, that's ridiculous ... She helped me get a book the library didn't even have during their library fair. That's why I'm here, to pick it up.
PAUL: [rudely] We're still not asking her.
[cut back to the librarian and janitor at the front desk]
SHIRLEY: [in voice over] Well then, maybe you should ask the janitor. She might know something ... She works here, after all.
[cut back to Donna and Paul]
PAUL: She looks suspicious ... I think she took the cards! That way, she won't have to clean 'em!
SHIRLEY: No, of course not! She's really nice. Just go and ask her ... She can probably help you if you're still afraid of the librarian!
PAUL: First of all, I'm not scared of the librarian ... Secondly, if the janitor took them, she'll never admit it. We can find the cards by ourselves, and use them to find the book we need. It'll be just like those mysteries you're always reading. It'll be like Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Card Catalog Cards!
DONNA: Whatever you say, honey ...
[the camera pans around to show the childrens' section of the library]
DONNA: [in voice over] We can either spy on the librarian from the kids' room ...
[the camera pans around the stacks area]
DONNA: [in voice over] Or the janitor from the stacks.
[cut back to the women standing around the book cart]
SHIRLEY: Oh, for pete's sake! Why don't the two of you just go to the drugstore and buy the book? It'll probably be easier, especially on everybody else!
PAUL: I think it would be better if we stayed in the library ... Should we go look for the cards in the kids' room, or in the stacks?
[cut to a cloesup of a stuffed dragon toy on top of one of the bookshelves]
[the player selects "Visit the children's room (and spy on the librarian)", then cut to Donna and Paul hiding in the room while peering over at the front desk]
PAUL: Look at her ... I know she did something with those cards! She had such a smug smile on her face, when she offered to help us.
DONNA: Paul, will you quit looking at the librarian? We've gotta find the cards, and only Watson ... I'm sorry, Holmes, make sure the man's first. Holmes and Watson can find them.
[she holds up a finger]
DONNA: The game is afoot!
PAUL: Patience, patience! All shall be revealed ...
[cut to Donna looking at one of the books in the childrens' section]
DONNA: Gee, I didn't know they had so many neat books here! I'm gonna have to bring Hunter, my nephew, the next time I babysit ...
[Paul picks up a book]
PAUL: Gee, they even have a book on Tarzan! That was my favorite book when I was a kid ...
[he starts reading, but then stops and looks over at the librarian]
[cut to Donna speaking with a young boy and his mother]
DONNA: I didn't know you had puppets. Do you guys come here often?
BOY: Yeah, we come here all the time.
MOTHER: Are you looking for something? We can help. We know all about this library.
BOY: Yeah, I come here for tutoring and summer reading programs.
PAUL: That's okay, you guys wouldn't understand our needs.
MOTHER: Why don't you just ask the librarian? She's really helpful.
DONNA: No, I'm sorry ... We can't do that because she's our "suspect."
[Paul angrily walks up to Donna]
PAUL: [whispers] Don't tell them anything, they might alert her!
[cut to Paul standing away from the others]
PAUL: I'm gonna go look over there ...
[he walks over to a table and picks up the dragon puppet]
PAUL: Hey, you forgot this puppet ...
[he notices some catalog cards stuffed into the puppet]
PAUL: There's some cards in here!
[cut to Donna and Paul looking at the cards]
DONNA: Well Sherlock, how did they get in there?
PAUL: I don't know, but that's all there is ... It must've been the librarian!
DONNA: Does that mean we're letting the janitor off the hook, Holmes?
PAUL: No, not yet ... I saw her conspiring with the janitor.
DONNA: Well, they were probably just discussing what to clean next.
[the janitor suddenly walks in and takes the puppet]
JANITOR: I wondered where that was!
[she leaves]
DONNA: So we're not ready to let anybody off the hook yet, eh Sherlock?
PAUL: Not until they've been able to prove their innocence! Besides, I thought you liked this mystery stuff.
[he reaches down and opens a book on a nearby shelf]
PAUL: Hey, what is this? Maybe the cards are in here!
[cut to the young boy sitting at a nearby table]
BOY: That's the book with the computer games in it! If you memorize the number on the green sticker, you can tell the librarian that number. You can even take out two at a time!
[cut back to Donna and Paul]
PAUL: Well, I won't do that right now ...
[he turns and looks towards the front desk]
PAUL: The librarian is talking to the janitor!
[cut to the librarian and janitor at the front desk]
PAUL: [in voice over] See? They're conspiring with each other! They both did it!
DONNA: Okay, honey ... Why don't we go see if we can find what "they" did with the cards? We can check out the room next door.
PAUL: No, we should go look at the adult room. The janitor is in there, I saw her!
[the player selects "Visit the adult room (and spy on the librarian)", then cut to Donna and Paul standing in the adult stacks section]
PAUL: Okay, so where do you think they would've hidden the cards?
DONNA: Ah, so it's "they" now, is it?
PAUL: If it was the janitor, she probably had an accomplice. So what did they do with the cards?
DONNA: Maybe they fell behind the books. Maybe we should look on the shelves. Wadda you think, Sherlock?
[Paul pulls a book from the shelf, and a bunch of cards fall out as he opens it]
[cut to Paul and Donna sitting at a table with a pile of books on it]
DONNA: I don't get it, we only found six cards in all of these books.
PAUL: My dear Watson, that's why I told you we should be investigating the library workers. They know where the cards are, because one of them is a thief!
DONNA: Yes, dear ...
[the janitor walks by, notices the messy pile of books on the table, shakes her head at the couple and leave]
PAUL: [whispers] See? She was hoping to be alone, so she could hide more cards!
DONNA: I don't think there's anymore cards to hide. I think we're on the wrong track. Why don't we just go grab a sandwich?
PAUL: How can you be thinking about your stomach at a time like this? I think we should follow the janitor. She's out by the computers ... Or maybe we should follow the librarian? She went to the Blue Room. Wadda you think?
DONNA: Hmm, interesting.
[cut to another closeup of the dragon puppet on the table]
[the player selects "Visit the Blue Room (and spy on the librarian)", then cut to Donna and Paul checking out the DVD rack in the multimedia room]
DONNA: Look at the DVDs ... I've been wanting to see "The Devil Wears Prada," I wonder if they have it?
PAUL: Watson, what're you doing? I'm trying to spy on the librarian and see what she did with the cards. Why don't you stop looking through those DVDs, and help me ...
DONNA: But they have CDs too!
[Paul leans in and gives her a stern look]
DONNA: Alright, let's sneak in there when she's not looking ... Ready, set, now.
[they head into the Blue Room and try to spy on the librarian from behind the stacks, but she notices their poor attempt at "hiding"]
LIBRARIAN: Hi, can I help you with anything?
DONNA: Could you help us--
[Paul quickly reaches over and covers her mouth]
PAUL: No, that's alright. We don't need any help. We can find what we need.
LIBRARIAN: Well, just let me know if you change your mind.
[she walks away, as Paul takes his hand away]
PAUL: We sure will ...
DONNA: [angrily] Why did you do that? She could've helped us find the cards from the card catalog, and I could've gotten my book!
PAUL: She is still a suspect ... You want to find what happened to the card catalog, don't you? We are Watson and Holmes, remember?
DONNA: [sighs] I guess ... Hey, look. What's that on the table?
[they walk over to a computer terminal, and Donna picks up another card]
DONNA: It's more cards, but it's got some kind of writing on it.
[Paul takes the card from her and stares at it intently]
PAUL: It looks like some kind of weird librarian lingo!
[cut to a closeup of the old-time catalog cards (with handwritten notes that read "J743 Gsto J394.2 Dis"), then back to Donna and Paul]
PAUL: I told you she was guilty, and this is the proof!
DONNA: Well, it's proof of something, alright. But I think we need to go talk to the librarian ...

Who stole the cards?
The dragon
The librarian
The janitor

[the player selects "The Librarian", then cut to Donna and Paul confronting the librarian at the front desk]
PAUL: We know who stole the cards from the catalog ... It was you! Everyone thinks you're so nice and helpful, but all the while you're just preventing people from finding what they need, and you're just protecting your job!
DONNA: I don't think it quite works that way, Paul ...
LIBRARIAN: That's right, I have more than enough work without having to hide the card catalog. My main job is helping people find the resources that they need.
PAUL: Well then, where are the catalogs?
LIBRARIAN: Well, we automated our catalogs, so we no longer have paper cards, we have electronic ones ... Here, let me show you how it works.
[Paul and the librarian walk over to a computer]
LIBRARIAN: Okay, this is how we search for things like title, author, subject, or keyword. Keyword is a way it will search if you don't specify one of the other areas.
[cut to a closeup of the Flenniken online catalog]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] I believe I heard you and your wife talking about the "Cat Who ... " novel by Lilian Jackson Braun?
PAUL: [in voice over] Yes.
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Well, if you wanted to look and see any book we have with the author last name of "Braun," we can type that in here, and click "Author," and hit "Search." And this will come up with all of the author fields that have "Braun" in them. Most of them, you'll see, have "Lilian Jackson Braun." If we scroll down, there are lots and lots with her name. But there are also a few that don't list "Braun" anywhere. But, if we click on that title, that will show us the entire record. And, this has "Daniel Brauning" as one of the authors.
[she pulls up a record for "The Birds of Pennsylvania" by Gerald M. McWilliams and Daniel W. Brauning]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] So, the search engine in the catalog picked up the B-R-A-U-N. So, if we go back to our original list, if you wanted to just find out which books we have by Lilian Jackson Braun, if we go back and redo our search by putting "Lilian" in there as well ...
[a new list of entries comes up]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] And now, all of the books that are on the list have Lilian Jackson Braun. Most of them are the "Cat Who ... " books. And it will tell you on the right side whether the book is checked out or not. If it says "In," then it's on the shelf. If it has a red "Out," then someone's checked it out. That way you know, before you go to look on the shelf, if the book you are looking for should be there. Another way you can search is by the "Advanced Search." This way, we have the author Lilian Jackson Braun, and if we only want the books that start with "The Cat Who," we can put the beginning of the title in here and tell it to look for "Title," and we are also going to search by copy type, because I like to know if there are some books on audiocassette or audio CD by Lilian Jackson Braun. So I'm gonna select "AC" which means "audiocassette," and because they have the little cassette icon on them, it tells me that those are audiobooks, if I want some to take and listen to in my car.
[cut back to the librarian talking to Paul]
LIBRARIAN: So that's the basics of the catalog. I hope that you'll use it a lot, and as you'll get more comfortable with it, you'll find out some of the other features and keep using the library!
PAUL: Well, thank you very much.
LIBRARIAN: You're very welcome!
[they shake hands]


Paul Lagojda
Donna Moredock
Michael Orsted
Sharon Hornberger-Brown
Kathi Miller
Shirley Randall
Janice Jeffries
Jessica Miller
and Linda Orsted as The Librarian

Script Writers
Jessica Miller
Coral Ellshoff

Boom Mike Operator

Refreshments provided by
Paul Lagojda

Shot on location at the
Flenniken Public Library
by students in the
School of Information Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh



Flenniken Public Library - Who Stole the Cards? (An Interactive Role Playing Game for Patrons)

Watch the series of videos to find out the answer to that burning question-Who stole the catalog cards?

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