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Case Study No. 0236: Chris (Late Afternoon of the Living Dead)

Movie Trailer- Late Afternoon of the Living Dead
Chris was a Librarian... until a deadly virus turned his entire town into flesh-eating creatures from hell!
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CHRIS: [in voice over] I shouldn't have been alive ...
[trailer opens with a shot of Chris waking up, then cut to him walking alone on the street]
CHRIS: [in voice over] Last I remember, I'd been running and hiding for days ... Ever since the disease infested this town.
[cut to a closeup of Chris' face]
CHRIS: [in voice over] Then came the most terrible side effect of all ... re-animation.
[cut to a quick closeup of a zombie, then "One of the crappiest films I think I've ever witnessed - Joe Bob Briggs" appears on screen, then cut to a TV news report]
MALE REPORTER: Reports of the strange new plague are continuing to come in from all over the United States. The first documented cases occurred in the Chicagoland area nearly one week ago.
["Beyond bad. Avoid this thing at all costs - Horror Heidi" appears on screen, then cut to Chris talking to a ghost]
SHELTON: You were a mess. And the fact that you're alive means there must be a cure for the virus. That's what you're looking for, isn't it?
CHRIS: What I want are answers!
[cut to Chris unconscious on the ground, with a group of survivors standing over him]
JENNA: What happened to him?
LT. BARNES: I dunno, but it doesn't look good.
[cut to the survivors arguing about Chris]
RON: You find him passed out next to a shallow grave ... Did you happen to see those horrible wounds on his chest?
LT. BARNES: I wasn't just gonna leave him there, that's not what I do!
[cut to a closeup of Ron]
RON: Barnes thinks he's gonna save the whole town, and he's not gonna be able to!
[cut to Chris and Ron arguing]
CHRIS: You could've helped those people in there!
RON: I'm not here to save a bunch'a strangers, I'm here to save myself and get the hell out!
[cut to Chris kneeling in front of one of the victims of a zombie attack]
LESTER: You're in a hard place now. You'll have to decide who lives ... and who dies.
[cut to the survivors huddled together, when they hear the sound of glass breaking]
RON: What was that?
[scene cuts to black]
CHRIS: [in voice over] We've got company.
[cut to various shots of zombies attacking]

Sometimes evil
doesn't wait
until night time

["Late Afternoon of the Living Dead" appears on screen, then cut to a closeup of Lt. Barnes]
LT. BARNES: It's like this whole zombie thing has really ruined my day ...


From lateafternoonofthelivingdead.com:

A strange and deadly virus is spreading rampantly across the planet. The infected feel the symptoms within minutes. Death occurs shortly thereafter. Then comes the most terrible side effect of all...reanimation.

After a near-fatal attack by the undead, Chris, a librarian turned unlikely hero, awakens with only fleeting memories of those who saved him. Wondering how he's still alive, Chris wanders the city in search of answers. When once again faced by a pack of hungry zombies, he completes the transformation from Dewey Decimal guru to zombie slaying machine!

A lethargic ghost named Shelton soon joins the quest against Chris's will, and the duo set off in search of the one man who may have the cure. Along the way, they encounter a rag-tag group of survivors trying to find a means of escape that doesn't involve shady military health camps or flesh-eating creatures from Hell. With the city in its final death throes, the situation is becoming critical.

Where did the virus come from? Why isn't Chris a zombie? What will the group do when they discover the slow, plodding corpses are changing into something more deadly? Chris must now find a way to stop this horrific plague and save the group from certain death- before they tear themselves to pieces!

It's going to be one dangerous afternoon.


From imdb.com:

"Late Afternoon of the Living Dead" (2007)
108 min

A librarian named Chris awakens in an abandoned attic. When attacked by a pack of hungry zombies, he completes the transformation from mild-mannered husband and Dewey Decimal System guru to zombie slaying machine.

Chris Hutson ... Chris
Ron Rotondo ... Ron
Samantha Curtiss ... Jenna
Jason Huls ... Shelton

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