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Case Study No. 0241: Unnamed Female Librarian (Sliders)

Sliders - MC Poindexter and The Study Crew - Library Rap
Amusing interlude music video after the commercial break in the Sliders episode "Eggheads", featuring a highly cultured rap posse.
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[camera focuses on a television screen, as three African American men are hanging out in an alleyway and rapping (with the words "Library Rap. MC Poindexter & The Study Crew. Flaubert Records." on screen]
RAPPER 1: Yo holmes, what up?
MC POINDEXTER: What up with you?
RAPPER 1: What we gonna say? What we gonna do?
[they continue walking down the alleyway]
RAPPER 1: Where we gonna go? What we gonna see?
MC POINDEXTER: We're going to the library!
[cut to the three rappers walking in the library]
MC POINDEXTER: I'm movin' down the aisle with my homies in tow!
[he walks right past a male patron and knocks the books out of his hands]
MC POINDEXTER: We're groovin' in the home of the librarian, yo!
[the white female librarian, with the stereotypical bun and glasses, is startled by their arrival]
MC POINDEXTER: She checks us out from behind thick glasses
[the rappers are shown gyrating in her direction]
MC POINDEXTER: We walk right past and we wiggle our asses!
[MC Poindexter points to a number of books before knocking them to the floor]
MC POINDEXTER: Hemingway, Lawrence, Checkhov, and Miller! Fitzgerald was a freak, Mailer was a killer!
[cut to the librarian with a concerned look on her face, as MC Poindexter mimics her high-pitched voice]
MC POINDEXTER: "Quiet, please! Quiet, please!"
[cut to the rappers dancing in the library]
MC POINDEXTER: The silence is golden, to books I am beholden, I know I'm bad 'cause of the knowledge that I'm holdin'!
[cut to the librarian cowering in the corner]
MC POINDEXTER: And I give you one warning, there will be no repeats ...
[cut to MC Poindexter (now wearing glasses) holding a book]
MC POINDEXTER: Get outta my face while I'm readin' my Keats!
[cut to the rappers leaving the library while carrying giant stacks of books]
[the camera pans away from the television set, to show Wade and Rembrandt watching the video in amazement]
REMBRANDT: Unbelievable ...
WADE: [laughs]
[camera pans around to show Quinn Mallory reading a book on the rules of Mindgame by Stephen Hawking]
QUINN: Could you turn that down, please? I'm trying to concentrate.
REMBRANDT: Oh, sure man. No problem.
[he gets up and turns off the TV]



Sliders, Season 1 Episode 7 ("Eggheads")

Logline: While Quinn struggles with fame in a world where intellect is prized, Arturo tries for a reconciliation with a long-lost love.
Original Airdate: April 26, 1995

Additional Cast:
Mark Poyser, Rapper Leader [M.C. Poindexter]
Carl Hibbert, Rapper #1
Michael McMillian, Rapper #2
Amanda O'Leary, Librarian

While the history of this world isn't explained in great detail, the basics of Einstein World are pretty simple: smart equals cool. Here, people walk around with books while boom boxes blast classical music and songs about famous authors.
Everything in this world essentially mirrors Earth Prime with the exception that professional sports, like football and basketball never reached the same popularity here. There is athletic competition, but it comes in the form of "Mindgame," a court-played hybrid of the board game "Othello" and the game show "Family Feud."

* The San Francisco Central Library pixel board reads: "Back by popular demand, longer library hours ... "
* Rembrandt and Wade watch a video called "The Library Rap" on television, while Quinn studies up for Mindgame. The video is by M.C. Poindexter & the Study Crew, put out by Flaubert Records. The rappers mention [Ernest] Hemingway, [D.H.] Lawrence, [Anton] Chekov, [Arthur] Miller, [F. Scott] Fitzgerald, [Norman] Mailer and [John] Keats. A spray painted sign on a wall in the video reads "Book Brutality."

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