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Case Study No. 0247: The Hip Young Librarian and The Old Timer

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[scene opens with a young female Indian librarian speaking with an older male balding librarian]
THE HIP YOUNG LIBRARIAN: Hi, I'm the new hip young librarian! I just graduated from library school, and I can do HTML, XML, CSS, MySQL, and ...
[she stops and looks at the nearby bookshelf]
THE HIP YOUNG LIBRARIAN: Wait a minute ... What are all these dusty old books doing in here?
THE OLD TIMER: Whoa whoa whoa, please speak English! I didn't understand a single word you said! And what's up with the Stephen Hawking voice?
THE HIP YOUNG LIBRARIAN: I have no idea what you're talking about ...


THE HIP YOUNG LIBRARIAN: The problem with you old-timers is that you never want to try anything new!
THE OLD TIMER: I told you, we already tried that, but it didn't work!
THE HIP YOUNG LIBRARIAN: Yes, but I did a case study on it in library school, and people have had a lot more luck with it now that we can use the new 2.0 social network.
THE OLD TIMER: Honey, y'know what I wanna do a case study on? All you kids fresh outta library school who think you know everything!
THE HIP YOUNG LIBRARIAN: You just never want to learn anything new!
THE OLD TIMER: No, I just don't wanna waste my time on every new fangled geegaw you kids come up with!
THE HIP YOUNG LIBRARIAN: I'm not a kid. I already have an MBA and fifteen years marketing experience ...
THE OLD TIMER: [pause] Then don't you think it's about time you started thinking about getting married and starting a family?
[she gives a shocked look and stares at the camera]


THE HIP YOUNG LIBRARIAN: I know you think I'm just a kid, but if you let me, maybe there's a couple of shortcuts I could show you on that new database.
THE OLD TIMER: You really think you can teach this old dog some new tricks?
THE HIP YOUNG LIBRARIAN: As long as you stop calling me "honey" ...
THE OLD TIMER: Deal! And maybe I can show you a couple things you're not gonna find in your old Twitterbook ...
THE OLD TIMER: Whatever ... Y'know that mother that shouts at you everytime she has to pay a five-cent overdue fine?
[they start walking together off camera]
THE HIP YOUNG LIBRARIAN: You mean the one with the six screaming kids?
THE OLD TIMER: Yup! Well, all you have to do is--



Rutgers University School of Communication and Information

"Managing Intergenerational Conflict in the Library"
by Robert D. Carter
Created for course 570 Management of Libraries and Information Centers

Libraries are undergoing a major generational shift at the same time as increased specialization, tighter funding, the arrival of ubiquitious digital media, and increasing diversity in both patrons and staff.

While there are real generational differences, many conflicts may look like generational ones but, at root, are the same as any other.

This presentation will introduce the demographic changes occurring in libraries, types of conflicts, the impact of diversity, the dangers of ageism, and approaches to prevent and resolve conflicts, in particular, mentoring.

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