Friday, February 24, 2012

Case Study No. 0260: Unnamed Female Librarian (Librarians Attack!)

Librarians Attack!
A story and re-capturing of an attack on a cell phone user in a library. Librarians can be mean.
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NARRATOR: [from off camera] Welcome back to "Attacked!"
[scene opens with a closeup of the unknown victim, obscured in shadow, being interviewed]
NARRATOR: [from off camera] What emotions were going through your head at that dire time?
VICTIM: [voice digitally altered] Fear. Surprise. I ... I just didn't see it coming.
NARRATOR: [from off camera] Take us through those terrible minutes.
[the victim breaks down crying]
VICTIM: I just wanna forget it all!
[scene changes to a "re-enactment" of the event, as a young man is walking through the library talking on his cell phone]
VICTIM: [from off camera] There I was, not doin' nuthing!
[cut back to the victim being interviewed]
VICTIM: Just minding my own business in the library. Taking care of some work ...
[cut back to the re-enactment, as the victim is approached by a "female" librarian wearing a yellow wig and glasses]
VICTIM: [from off camera] Out of nowhere, I ... I'm attacked!
[cut back to the victim being interviewed]
VICTIM: Something about a cell phone ... I don't really remember much, except ... except ...
[he breaks down crying again, then cut back to the re-enactment, as the librarian looks up from the reference desk, walks over to the victim, knocks the cell phone out of his hand, punches him, and then drags him out of the library by his hair]

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