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Case Study No. 0255: Fishstick Librarian

The Librarian
A group of friends joined together in a squadron by the name of alpha squad have enter the school mostly frequently avoided place... the library! After planning to blow the library up (just because it is a library) using a computer virus, the alpha squad face a mighty beast... The librarian.
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"The Adventures of Fishstick Guys"
New Project 1 - The Librarian

[the first panel shows a closeup of a female librarian sitting in the school library, as someone from off camera points at her]
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 1: [from off camera] Ooh, what is that?
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 2: [from off camera] Maybe a monster!
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 3: [from off camera] An ogre!
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 4: [from off camera] An alien!
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 5: [from off camera] A what?
[the second panel shows the Fishstick Alpha Squad leaping into action and entering the library]
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 1: Let's go Alpha Squad! Go go go go!
[one of them stops as he drops his bag of weed]
[the third panel shows the clumsy fishstick as he kneels down in front of the bag and starts crying]
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 2: My poor baby, breathe!
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 1: To the computers!
[the fourth panel shows the distraught fishstick putting a noose around his neck, as the other members of the Squad gather around a table]
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 2: This rope is extremely tight, yay! My weed packet would have wanted it this way ...
[in the background, a fishstick patron stops playing his Nintendo DS and punches another fishstick sitting at his table]
FISHSTICK PATRON: You son of a bitch! You killed my Pikachu!
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 1: Hurry up! These trojans are going down!
[the fifth panel shows the suicidal fishstick hanging lifeless from the library's ceiling, as two of his brethren stare at him and poke him with a stick]
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 3: We must not let his body go to waste. Let's harvest his organs, because I forgot to bring my lunchbox!
[the leader ignores the suicide and is typing at one of the computers]
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 1: Once I upload this trojan horse virus, this whole library is going down!
[the sixth panel shows the other Squad members continuing to poke the dead body, as the leader finishes typing at the computer]
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 3: Wanna use his body as a pinyata?
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 1: The timer has been set!!! Run for your lives!
[in the background, the fishstick patron continues playing his DS as the other fishstick's stabbed body lies on the table]
FISHSTICK PATRON: Drink this potion, Pikachu. You will feel better, hee hee!
[the seventh panel shows the Fishstick Alpha Squad fleeing the library as the computer timer counts down from eight seconds]
[the eighth panel shows the leader jumping on a scooter when he notices the librarian chasing them]
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 1: He's onto us! Run!!! Or ride ...
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 3: [throwing a bong in the air] There's a pink elephant chasing me!!!
FISHSTICK LIBRARIAN: Oi, you, stop! What were you doing on that computer?
[the ninth panel shows the librarian throwing a book at them, entitled "How to Read a Book"]
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 1: Oh no, books! My only weakness!!! Ahhh!
[the tenth panel shows the book slicing right through his stomach, as the librarian throws two other books ("How to Enter a Womb" and "How to Exit a Womb") at another Squad member who is bending down to pick up the bag of weed]
[another Squad member is hanging from the ceiling and looking at the carnage below]
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 4: Why are those idiots walking on the ceiling?
[the eleventh panel is a closeup of the Squad member picking up the bag of weed]
[the twelfth panel shows the Squad member opening the bag, while another member grabs his suicidal teammate's dead body by the noose and starts swinging it around in an attempt to strike the librarian]
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 3: There is still some left! Time to go Hulk! Urgh!
[the Squad member hanging from the ceiling cheers on his teammate]
[the thirteenth panel shows the weed user turning green from the effects of the drugs, while the guy hanging from the ceiling uses his heat vision to burn the books being thrown at him by the librarian]
[the fourteenth panel shows the drugged-out Squad member hallucinating (with three arms and multiple eyes)]
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 3: I'm trippin' out!!!
[his teammate karate kicks a stack of books nearby]
[the librarian urinates herself at the sight of this violence]
FISHSTICK LIBRARIAN: What the &@%# is that!
[the fifteenth panel shows the drugged-out Squad member convulsing on the floor of the library, with one of his teammates sitting in a chair and calmly reading a book]
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 5: Are you guys finished playing?
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 3: Kill me ... please ... urgh ...
[in the background, the librarian hits one of the Squad members over the head with a book entitled "World's Dullest Encyclopedia"]
[the sixteenth panel shows the librarian standing over the defeated body of Fishstick 4, covered in blood]
[in the background, one of the Squad members is putting a lighter to The Holy Bible]
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 5: I'm gonna get bashed for this ...
[the seventeenth panel shows the supposedly defeated Squad member standing up and wiping the "blood" off of himself (which turns out to be from a ketchup bottle)]
ALPHA SQUAD FISHSTICK 4: Stuff it! I'm not getting paid enough for this act ... I quit!
FISHSTICK LIBRARIAN: [still celebrating] Everybody dance now ... bump bump bump!
[in the background, the infected computer is still beeping]
[the eighteenth panel shows a closeup of the librarian (with bugs in her hair) suddenly acting afraid]
FISHSTICK LIBRARIAN: Oh no, they must of set a virus!
[the nineteenth panel shows the library disappearing in a "BOOM!" graphic, as the librarian runs away]
FISHSTICK LIBRARIAN: Aaaaaaa Aaaaaaaaa Aaaaaa Aah!
[a lone turtle crawls away from the wreckage]
TURTLE: Run for your lives, man!

Produced by DKomics
Drawn and spoken by Dylan Kars

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