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Case Study No. 0265: Librarian of Unseen University

Discworld Game - The Librarian
Rincewind speaks to the Librarian of Unseen University.

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[Rincewind the Wizard enters the Unseen University Library, where a large orangutan wearing a green shirt is sitting behind the front desk]
RINCEWIND: Um ...hello?
RINCEWIND: Egad! You're not in charge here, are you?
LIBRARIAN: Ook ook ook ook!
RINCEWIND: Oh, I see. Well, that explains the filing system. Look, I don't know if you're quite the person that I want to see...
RINCEWIND: Yeah well, it's hard to explain really.
LIBRARIAN: Ook-ook ook ook?
RINCEWIND: Mm hmm, yeah ...Uh, "Oook eek oo oo ook?"
LIBRARIAN: Eek ook ook ook ook ook!
RINCEWIND: Oook ook ook?
RINCEWIND: Well, this is wonderful! I never knew that I could speak monkey!
[the Librarian climbs up onto the desk and bonks Rincewind over the head]
RINCEWIND: Did you get the number of that donkey cart?
[Rincewind gets up]
RINCEWIND: Hi, do you mind if I monkey about in the library for a while?
[the Librarian climbs up onto the desk and bonks Rincewind over the head again]
RINCEWIND: Did you get the number of that donkey cart?
[Rincewind gets up]
RINCEWIND: May I take a book from the library please?
LIBRARIAN: Oook ook.
RINCEWIND: Excuse me?
LIBRARIAN: Ook ook ook eek!
RINCEWIND: I see ... Um, I need something in order to take out a book.
LIBRARIAN: Oook ook.
RINCEWIND: Toothpaste? Fingers? Gloves? Something in your hand?
RINCEWIND: A dentist? Halitosis? You want, you want some mouthwash, that's it! You want some mouthwash! I'm sorry, but I'm already spoken for.
RINCEWIND: Oh, a library card! Oh, why didn't you say so in the first place? What happens if I just barge in without giving you a library card? Yes ... Now look, unfortunately, I don't have one, ape!
RINCEWIND: Uh, ape-on, upon my person! Yes, upon my person! Phew ... I didn't say Monkey!
[the Librarian climbs up onto the desk and bonks Rincewind over the head again]
RINCEWIND: Did you get the number of that donkey cart?
[Rincewind gets up]
RINCEWIND: Hey! Whose monkey is this?
[the Librarian climbs up onto the desk and bonks Rincewind over the head again]
RINCEWIND: Did you get the number of that donkey cart?
[Rincewind gets up]
RINCEWIND: Excuse me, my dear sir. Could you get me a tome called "Featherwinkle's Concise Compendium of Dragon's Lairs"?
LIBRARIAN: Ook ook ook ook ook.
LIBRARIAN: Ooook ook ook ook eek. Ook.
RINCEWIND: Yes. Uh, yes, I suppose so.
LIBRARIAN: Oook ook ook ook ook.
RINCEWIND: Mm hmm. Quite...Look, is there someone else here that I can speak to?
RINCEWIND: Well, you know ... Someone who isn't a monkey.
[the Librarian climbs up onto the desk and bonks Rincewind over the head again]
RINCEWIND: Did you get the number of that donkey cart?
[Rincewind gets up]
RINCEWIND: No, I'll come back and get a book later.
LIBRARIAN: Ook ook ook?
RINCEWIND: Yes, I've gibbon up ... No! Not gibbon, monkey. Ape! Oh damn ...
[the Librarian climbs up onto the desk and bonks Rincewind over the head again]
RINCEWIND: Did you get the number of that donkey cart?
[Rincewind gets up]
RINCEWIND: This seems like a good cue to cease this whole silly conversation ...
[he takes a banana from his inventory and gives it to Librarian, who quickly eats it]
RINCEWIND: Excuse me, my dear sir. Could you get me a tome called "Featherwinkle's Concise Compendium of Dragon's Lairs"?
[the Librarian swings into the stacks like Tarzan and retrieves the book]


From wikia.com:

Discworld (a.k.a. Discworld: The Trouble With Dragons) is a graphic adventure game developed by Teeny Weeny Games and Perfect 10 Productions in mid-1995. It stars Rincewind the Wizard (voiced by Eric Idle) and is set on Terry Pratchett's Discworld. It was released on both floppy disk and CD-ROM, with the CD-ROM version featuring full voice acting for all characters. The game's plot is based roughly on the events in the book Guards! Guards!, but with Rincewind substituted for Samuel Vimes. The game also serves as a prologue to Moving Pictures.


From wikipedia.org:

The Librarian of Unseen University is a recurring character in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series of fantasy novels. The Librarian appeared in the first novel of the series, "The Colour of Magic", and was transformed into an orang-utan in "The Light Fantastic" as the Octavo fired a beam of magic upwards. On discovering that being an orang-utan had certain advantages for a librarian - he can climb up to high shelves, for example - he refused to be transformed back into a human and has remained an orang-utan ever since. The other wizards have gradually become used to the situation, to the extent that, from "Night Watch": 'if someone ever reported that there was an orang-utan in the Library, the wizards would probably go and ask the Librarian if he'd seen it.'

Being an ape, he is known for his violent reaction to most people calling him a "monkey." He speaks a language whose vocabulary consists primarily of the single word Ook (originally Oook), inflected for simple affirmations and negations. Eeek is also occasionally heard, particularly in moments of panic or rage. Nonetheless, most people seem able to understand him.

The Librarian's name has never been given in any of the books; he is always simply 'the Librarian.' If the Librarian's true name were known, he could be changed back into a human, and he has since The Last Continent carefully excised his name from the records of the University. The Discworld Companion hints that he may once have been Dr. Horace Worblehat, which goes most of the way to explaining why he is happier as an orang-utan. The Art of Discworld confirms that the Librarian was indeed Dr. Horace Worblehat, and that his fears of turning back into human are baseless at most. Rincewind is apparently the only wizard who still remembers the Librarian's name, but has agreed not to tell anyone.

The Librarian served a brief stint in the City Watch during the reign of terror caused by the dragon of Ankh-Morpork, where he helped to rescue Sam Vimes from the Patrician's cell. He retained an honorary position with the Watch, and is considered as of Thud! to be one of the first members of the 'Specials' – the Ankh-Morpork City Militia. In Soul Music, he joined the Band with Rocks In since his large hands and wide reach make him an excellent keyboard player. He remains the chief organist for the Unseen University, and does not consider an organ complete without a vox diabolica stop, a thunder pedal, and a 256-ft Earthquake pipe. Fortunately, the Johnson organ in the Great Hall of Unseen University is one of the few organs thus equipped.

The Librarian is a member of a small elite group of senior librarians who have the knowledge and ability to travel through L-space (short for "library-space"), an extradimensional space that connects all libraries and other large accumulations of books; this is the ultimate portrayal of Pratchett's concept that the written word has powerful magical properties on the Discworld, and that in large quantities all books warp space and time around them.

He used this knowledge of L-space to save books from the great library of Ephebe in Small Gods and to enter our world via the library of Sir Francis Walsingham in The Science of Discworld II. The very strict rules that members of this group are pledged to enforce are:

1) Silence
2) Books must be returned no later than the last date shown
3) Do not meddle with the nature of causality.

Of course, the Librarian has been known to break both the first and third rules on occasion, but he is adamant about the second.

In Men at Arms, it is stated that the Librarian likes being the Best Man at weddings because he is allowed to kiss the bridesmaids and they are not allowed to run away; in Lords and Ladies the Librarian served as the Best Man for Magrat and Verence. The cover of the Discworld picture book Where's My Cow? indicates that it has won the Ankh-Morpork Librarian's award.

The Librarian tends to spend his leisure hours at the Mended Drum, where he drinks quietly unless provoked, eats prodigious quantities of peanuts, and plays a ruthless game of Cripple Mr Onion with anyone foolish enough to take him on.

The Librarian appears in orang-utan form in the video games Discworld and Discworld II. In the 2008 TV adaptation of The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic, by Sky One, he appears in both human and orang-utan form. His human form is played by Nicolas Tennant, who had previously played Corporal Nobbs in Terry Pratchett's Hogfather. This adaptation also establishes his name as Horace Worblehat.


From lspace.org:

The Librarian is a faculty member, and so he must have once been a human wizard. A strong wave of magic, altering reality, transformed the Librarian into an orang-utan; at that time, his colleagues still remembered how he looked as a human (The Light Fantastic). Back then, wizards were much too busy to help him get back to his original human form (although there is no record of his asking for help, either). After things settled down, the Librarian's colleagues found that he liked being an orang-utan, and fought all efforts to transform him back to human. The Librarian found out that opposable toes come in very handy when climbing up the book-shelves and sorting books. Also, a very large and strong orang-utan has more plausible arguments when talking about dog-ears and overrun return deadlines. Although the senior wizards looked very hard for one, there are no rules in the university constitution forbidding an orang-utan to be a member of the college council.

In appearance he has the rubber-sack-filled-with-water look of a well grown, 300lb male. He has not, however, developed the overlarge cheek pads that are a feature of the dominant male orang-utan, and this is because, as an ex-officio member of the University faculty he quite rightly regards the Archchancellor as the dominant male, even though most Archchancellors do not sit high up in trees with leaves on their heads.

Very soon, people forgot how the Librarian looked as a human, or what his given name was (though the latter is true for most other faculty members as well). This was helped along by the Librarian methodically removing, defacing or otherwise altering any and all photographs and records of his name in the University files. It is rumoured that the Librarian was once Dr Horace Worblehat, but no one utters this out loud. We do know however that he was born in Moon Pond Lane, Ankh-Morpork. Nowadays, only people very new to the University or Ankh-Morpork will find themselves surprised that there is an orang-utan in a University Library, or in a pub. Indeed, if someone were to point out that there is an orang-utan in the library, the wizards would probably ask the librarian if he had seen it.

All the Librarian ever utters is 'ook' or 'eek', but by now the wizards, and especially Rincewind, are so used to this that they understand the Librarian perfectly. They can even translate the merest 'ook' into full-fledged literary English sentences.

The Librarian is a member of the Librarians of Time and Space, and has the understanding of the power of L-Space, and has used these powers to appear at certain times to ensure the safety of particular books, bringing them home to his precious Library at UU.

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