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Case Study No. 0213: Ustadza Ely

Thrall & Zorga in... Let's Ask A Librarian
Our two cavemen discover Reference services at the library. (no librarians were harmed)

Ask A Librarian Service: content/ libraryservices/ askalibrarian.htm

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Winner of 2010 Bronze Telly Award for Online Video: Infomercial.

Yavapai College Library Prescott
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Yavapai College Library Productions

Thrall & Zorga in... Let's Ask A Librarian

[scene opens with black and white footage of one caveman running up to another caveman digging around some rocks]
NARRATOR: Friend, have you ever needed help finding books, articles, or videos for assignments? Have you ever been in an argument with a friend who cannot show proof that you saw a sabertooth jackalope?
[the two begin grunting and arguing with one another]
NARRATOR: Meet two modern cavemen with a question that needs answering. Come, let's journey with Thrall and Zorga in ... "Let's Ask a Librarian!"
[one of the cavemen storms off, as the other goes back to digging through the rocks]
NARRATOR: Through the "Ask a Librarian" service, you can reach a librarian who will help you locate materials, verify facts, use databases, and teach you how to find information. You can ask one of our talented librarians a question, using one of the new marvels in technology ... the telephone.
[the caveman picks up one of the rocks and puts it to his ear]
REFERENCE LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] Library Reference.
[the caveman reacts as if the librarian is speaking through the rock/phone to him, and throws it away in fear]
THRALL: Aaaaah!
[cut to the caveman chiseling his question into a stone tablet]
NARRATOR: Here, Thrall uses the online "Ask a Librarian" form to email his question to the library ...
[once he is finished ("Name: Thrall, Question: How big sabertooth jackalope?"), he hangs the tablet in a nearby tree, as a bird picks it up and (presumably) flies it back to the library]
[cut to the other caveman wandering around the library parking lot]
NARRATOR: Now, let's see what Zorga's up to at the library ...
[he runs towards the front door, as several nearby patrons scream and run at the sight of him]
NARRATOR: Librarians will provide help as needed in the library.
[cut to Zorga inside the library, jumping up onto the chair in front of the reference desk and gesticulating wildly at the young African American female librarian]
NARRATOR: Simply walk up to the Reference desk, and a librarian will assist you.
[the librarian looks down at her schedule, which reads "2pm Zorga. 1. Information on jackalopes. 2. How to make the wheel. 3. Where does fire come from"]
NARRATOR: For faster service, Zorga has made an appointment ahead of time. You can request a specific reference librarian to help you.
[Zorga begins pantomiming antlers and large teeth]
REFERENCE LIBRARIAN: You want information on jackalopes?
[Zorga grunts in the affirmative]
[cut to the librarian looking through the stacks while Zorga follows]
NARRATOR: Making an appointment with a reference librarian is like having your own personal librarian.
[she shows him a book, so Zorga bops her over the head with his club (knocking her unconscious) and carries her out of the library]
NARRATOR: They will pair you up with someone familiar with your topic.
[cut to the librarian being dragged by the feet back to Zorga's cave]
NARRATOR: "Ask a Librarian" is a service the library provides for Yavapai College students, staff, and faculty.
[cut to Thrall and Zorga arguing again]
NARRATOR: The email and telephone service is especially helpful for those in a distance-learning program.
[Thrall shows Zorga the reference answer he received to his question (via stone tablet)]
NARRATOR: They will also gladly assist anyone in the world with their research needs.
[cut to the librarian regaining consciousness, then slowly standing up while holding Zorga's club]
NARRATOR: Remember, while they will guide you to resources that will help you, they will not do your work for you.
[she walks up behind them and bonks them both on the head, knocking them out]
REFERENCE LIBRARIAN: [laughs and throws the club over her shoulder]

The Players
Thrall - Mike Byrnes
Zorga - Bud Garso
Reference Librarian - Ustadza Ely
Director/Script - James Rider
Story - Ustadza Ely & James Rider
Costume/Props/Stuffed Animal Handler - Ustadza Ely
Narrator - Tom Agostino
Special Thanks - Yavapai College Library Prescott Campus, Those Who Loaned Props
Jackalope information provided by Wikipedia
No stuffed animals were harmed during the making of this movie.
(c) 2008 Yavapai College

[cut to the reference librarian reading from a book, while Zorga and Thrall sit and listen]
[she waves the club at them to keep them quiet]
REFERENCE LIBRARIAN: Okay now ... The jackalope! Mythical beast of the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains.
REFERENCE LIBRARIAN: Combining a jackrabbit's body with deer spike antlers or antelope horns. The jackalope is the favorite subject for picture postcards in its mounted state, as a taxidermist's joke. Jackalopes are said to be extremely shy, and when stirred to anger, they will charge viciously.
REFERENCE LIBRARIAN: And they can be brought down with a buffalo gun ...
REFERENCE LIBRARIAN: The "warrior rabbit" of Nebraska and South Dakota has pheasant wings and a tail, in addition to horns. In the Southwest, the beast is often termed "antelabbit" ...
REFERENCE LIBRARIAN: The origins of the American jackalope tradition are obscure, although much of the initial activity seems to have centered in Wyoming ...
THRALL: [laughs]

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