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Case Study No. 0237: Lady

Boktai 2: Watch Your Step
Another job request, make sure to stock up on see-all nuts!
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[Django is in the library, reading one of the mission request sheets ("Watch Your Step. I also happen to be a master of traps, you know. I wonder if you can survive my death trap? Requested by: Lady")]
[the player selects "Yes"]
LADY: Well, good luck then, Django!
[he is transported to the Ruins, where he is able to avoid the traps and complete the mission]
[cut back to the library, where Lady is standing in front of a treasure chest]
LADY: Django! You did it! This is your reward. Please take it!
["You got a photo of Lady!" appears on screen]
[the player selects the photo from his inventory, which reads "Librarian. Secretly works as Guild Master and Card Master too."]


From wikipedia.org:

Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django, also known as Zoktai, is a video game that was developed and published by Konami for the Game Boy Advance. Released in North America and Japan in 2004 and in Europe in 2005, it is the sequel to Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hand.

The game takes place in San Miguel, Django's home town. As Django arrives he is confronted by a mysterious vampire who steals the Gun Del Sol (Solar Gun) and somehow uses it on Django. Unarmed, he makes his way through the dungeon and is greeted by Zazie the Sunflower girl. She bestows upon him the Sol de Vice (Solar Glove), which gives Django the ability to enchant ordinary weapons, like a sword, with the power of the sun.

He arrives at what is left of San Miguel. Upon arriving he finds out that the vampire who stole the Gun Del Sol has been through here. He hears that Smith, the town blacksmith, is missing. He decides to go find Smith in hope of finding out something about the vampire. He is told by Zazie that she saw Smith head towards the cathedral. Django decides that was the best place to start looking for him. The story evolves from here into something much larger.

Towards the end of the game, Django will regain his Solar Gun; however, it will be greatly damaged due to the use of it by the vampire otherwise known as Ringo. Although the character known as Smith will repair it, it is unable to be restored to its original functionality.

If the player chooses to continue their game after beating the game, he or she will start off from where the game was last saved, rather than how the continue function worked in Boktai 1, where the player needed to restart the game. There are four different endings that are somewhat the same, other than the characters who are talking with Django, who basically talk about dark and light needing to be together in order for both to co-exist, and who, exactly, helped Django during the final battle. The characters include Earthly Maiden Lita, Dark Boy Sabata, the librarian named Lady, and Smith's granddaughter named Violet (Sumire in Japan).


From neoseeker.com:

Lady is the official librarian of the city of San Miguel. Well-versed in all sorts of knowledge, including arcane rituals with which to banish Undead. She's also in charge of all guild work in San Miguel.

In some of the last scenes of the game, Lady is seen fighting undead with Lita. It is then assumed that Lady is Lita's mentor in martial arts.

Name: Lady
Occupation: Librarian
Voice actor: Donna Burke


From gamefaqs.com:

Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
AKA: Zoku Bokura no Taiyou (Zoktai)
Game Boy Advance


-Dark City Revisited
Remember that room with the Property Cubes that we couldn't do anything with? You need to backtrack there. If you can't remember the way.. well, look at the previous chapter and pretend you're dragging the coffin backwards.

OK, let's deal with this puzzle nice and quick. Some of us are fresh back from the Treasury and have no patience for more of this crap thankyew. >.> Push the Steel Block North 1. Hit the frozen Property Cube next to it with Enchant Earth to get rid of it. Push the Steel Block East 1 into the gap. Now hit the other frozen Property Cube with Flame so it un-freezes and we can move it. Equip Cloud. Smack the upper Property Cube east. Now smack the lower one west, then north 2 spaces (use a spear for ENE efficiency!). Smack it West 3 more spaces. Now smack the other Property Cube East 1, North 1, and West 2. Finally, use your spear to smack both Cubes North over the gap, switch to Enchant Frost, and freeze both Cubes to press down the weight switches. Whew. Cross over the steel block and go up the stairs.

Dark room. Candle nearby. We actually HAVE Enchant Flame back now, so feel free to light it. Go out the south door. You can see the Green Chest from here, but you can't reach it. Go out through the south and you'll end up on a balcony. Follow the path.. watch out for the hive of Poison Bees, and the thin path shortly afterwards. Go inside. Another dark room, another candle, and the only exit is a mousehole, so switch to Black Django and use Change Mouse to get through. There's that chest! Grab it! It's the last Tarot Card, the Hermit. There'll be a cutscene that introduces the librarian, Lady, who oddly recognizes you even if you're Black Django at the moment. *shrug* Ah well. Push the crate into the gap to make a shortcut back and we'll make our return trip.


Sidequests Part 2 - Request Sheets [lady]

You may have noticed that in the library, on the side of several bookcases, request sheets are posted. It's here that you can accept Missions that, while challenging, yield some very nice rewards. I recommend checking back frequently.


- Watch your step
I also happen to be a master of traps, you know. I wonder if you can survive my death trap?
Requested by: Lady

Creepy. The Ruins are covered in pitfalls, and falling down even one is Mission Failed. Bring lots of See-All Nuts along here. As soon as you start, use one, and start moving. You can use Dash magic to cross trap doors before they can open. As soon as your See-All Nut wears off, use another. When you get to the room with the Boks going in a circle, go through the upper-right door. One of the sealed doors is open, and it leads to a..

Defeat all enemy monsters!
We start with two Skeleton Fencers, and after you beat them, two Skeleton Archers awaken. There are still trapdoors in this room too.. actually, given the high HP count of the Fencers and Archers, you might try tricking them into the trapdoors themselves.

Our reward is a photo of Lady.

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