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Case Study No. 0219: The Librarian (Forest of Fear)

Catherine Taormina Performs At The Forest Of Fear
Catherine Taormina Performs At The Forest Of Fear in Tuxedo, NY as the librarian. Creepy, Scary, funny woman. ...if you would like to contribute to the Rockstar Sissy Fund, which goes to me for my creative endeavors, please do! Paypal me at I will accept and amount no matter how big or small (: THANX!
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[the camera pans across a "haunted library" (i.e. a room with piles of books and a skeleton on the wall) when it stops on a woman wearing a shawl and white facepaint]
LIBRARIAN: This is my library! Are you past due? Are you?
CAMERAMAN: [from off camera] I dunno!
LIBRARIAN: You look it!
[the librarian waves them away]
LIBRARIAN: Get out of my library! We're closed!
[the cameraman heads for the exit]
LIBRARIAN: Faster, get out! Want me to shove a card catalog down your throat? Get out!



Theater - Regional (All Leading Roles)

The Forest of Fear (Interactive Performer) - Librarian - Tuxedo, NY



The Forest of Fear, located in Sterling Forest, Tuxedo Park, NY, has been voted one of the top ten haunt attractions in the U.S.!

See if you can survive a walk through the Slaughterhouse. Ghosts, ghouls and fiendish freaks lurk in the shadows inside one of the most terrifying haunted houses around.

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