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Case Study No. 0218: Librarian Meier and Head Librarian Munson

Fallout 3 PC Gameplay P86 - Talon Mercs Outpost/Arlington Library
Part 86 from gameplay footage I captured from fallout 3, PC version. Clearing out the last Talon merc at the outpost and raiding their supplies before heading into Arlington Library. Warning contains spoilers. Captured with FRAPS.
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[the player speaks with Moria Brown, owner of the Craterside Supply]
MOIRA: Books are where the old world kept its knowledge, and libraries are where it kept the books. And there's supposed to be one in Arlington. See if it's still there, and if you can download records from its computer. Information dumps like those would be invaluable for rebuilding humanity!
[the player selects "Okay, I'll check out my local library."]
MOIRA: Great! The library should be in old Arlington, not far from downtown. See if you can download the archives from its computer. If you can't get those, then even the card catalog would be useful. Any little piece of information could help the book. And thus, humanity!
["Access the card catalogue in Arlington Public Library. (Optional) Retrieve complete library archives." appears on screen]


[the player enters the library, and encounters a female member of the Brotherhood of Steel standing before the front desk]
YEARLING: Hold it! This area is under the authority of the Brotherhood of Steel. Leave immediately.
[the player selects "Whoa, calm down. I was just exploring this area."]
YEARLING: You're awfully brave to be walking around down here by yourself. Are you scavenging the ruins?
[the player selects "I'm searching for records from the library."]
YEARLING: It seems that we have similar goals in mind. It's rare to meet someone who has proper priorities. I am Senior Scribe Yearling, Order of the Word. I have a proposal for you if you are interested.
[the player selects "I'm interested in this. Tell me more."]
YEARLING: Good. My task here is to collect the written works of those who came before, in order to supplement the Brotherhood Archives at the Citadel. Although most of the pre-war books have been destroyed, there are a few that have survived. But finding a book in these ruins is ... difficult. I could have a million Initiates to comb the ruins, and I'd still never come close to recovering every book that remains undamaged.
[the player selects "And you want me to help you gather books, right?"]
YEARLING: Precisely. The collected knowledge of a lost age is worth far more than any weapon. So, return here with any books that you find in good condition. I will compensate you for every volume that you bring me. Think on it, and return when you have books to offer me.
[the player selects "What do you do in this library?"]
YEARLING: We have set up this area as a forward operations center for our project. The books we collect can be recorded with the computer systems here. We then ship them, under escort, back to the Citadel for transcribing into the archives there.
[the player selects "Why are you collecting books?"]
YEARLING: Books represent the collected knowledge of the world before. Everything from a child's story book to a detailed technical guide has value. By assembling and recording this knowledge, we scribes can analyze it and use it to further the goals of the Brotherhood ... Whatever our Elder decides that those goals are, that is.
[the player selects "Wait ... Is there a problem with your Elder?"]
YEARLING: It is not my place to criticize Elder Lyons. All I will say to an outsider is that he is not a traditionalist. That is all.
[the player selects "Can you help me access the library's archives?"]
YEARLING: The front desk computer has access to the card catalogs, but it appears that it's lost the connection to the main archives. Here's the password.
[she gives the password]
YEARLING: Now, you might be able to find the central computer further in there, but I'm afraid you'll have to do that without me. I'm a scholar, not a fighter.
[the player selects "I have to go now."]
YEARLING: Of course.
[the player walks up to the computer terminal at the front desk and selects "Activate Check-In Terminal"]
[the terminal reads "Welcome to RobCo Industries (TM) TermLink."]
[the player enters "Logon Admin", which brings up the prompt "Enter Password Now"]
[the player enters the password, which brings up a new screen]

RobCo Industries Unified Operating System
Copyright 2075-2077 RobCo Industries
-Server 1-

Arlington Public Library - Virginia Reads!
Front Desk Check-In Station

Welcome, Librarian Meier!

>New Membership
>Access Card Catalogue
>Access Library Archives
>Check-In Books

[the player selects "Access Card Catalogue", and the terminal displays "Information Transferred to Local Device"]
["Completed: Access the card catalogue in Arlington Public Library. Return to Moira" appears on screen]
[the player selects "Access Library Archives", and the terminal displays "Connection to central computer disrupted."]
[the player selects "Check-In Books", and the terminal displays "Warning: 201 years overdue!"]
[the player selects "New Membership", and the terminal displays "ERROR: Card Printer jammed"]


[the player enters the library's Media Archives room, and (after killing a few Raiders) finds a computer terminal and selects "Activate Arlington Public Library Public Terminal"]

RobCo Industries Unified Operating System
Copyright 2075-2077 RobCo Industries
-Server 1-

Arlington Public Library - Virginia Reads!
Central Library Catalogue

Welcome, Head Librarian Munson!

>Literacy Programs
>Access Card Catalogue
>Transfer Library Archives

[the player selects "Transfer Library Archives", and the terminal displays "Information Transferred to Local Device"]
["Completed: (Optional) Retrieve complete library archives" appears on screen]
["Media Archives Holotape added" appears on screen]
[the player exits the room and heads back to the front desk]
YEARLING: Welcome back. Have you been successful in your search for books?
[the player selects "I have Pre-War Books for you."]
YEARLING: Excellent. How many are you willing to trade?
[the player selects "Take all the books I have."]
YEARLING: Very well. Here is your reward. Use it well and return with more books when you can.
["600 Bottle Cap(s) added. 6 Pre-War Book(s) removed" appears on screen]
[the player selects "I have to go now."]
YEARLING: Steel be with you.


[the player returns to the Craterside Supply and speaks with Moira]
MOIRA: Is it there? Are there books? Can I go borrow some?
[the player selects "The library's still standing, and I've got the archives right here."]
MOIRA: Really? A whole library's worth of data, right there? Oh, that's great news! So, what did you find? Tell me about it!
[the player selects "The librarian's on duty. I'd have brought you a present, but I forgot my card."]
["Card Catalogue Holotape removed. Media Archives Holotape removed" appears on screen]
MOIRA: What, like it was never touched? Well, that's the way it should be! Nothing can overcome the power of knowledge, after all!
[she breathes a sigh of relief]
MOIRA: Thank goodness it's safe! I'll make sure to tell people that they can find more information there. It'll become a holy place for the educated! Here's a book of mine, and some caps for your research. Think of it as pay for a civilization worth of overdue books.
["250 Bottle Cap(s) added. Lying, Congressional Style added" appears on screen"]
["Completed: Return to Moira" appears on screen]



"Fallout 3"
The Wasteland Survival Guide

[MQ1.9] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Librarians are not boring

HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.

You're going to have to travel to Arlington Public Library. You can head to Rivet City and head west from here, or you can travel to the Nuka Cola Factory and head east. If you have discovered an other place that's even closer, feel free to travel there instead.

When you arrive you'll bump into several Brotherhood of Steel members, including Scribe Yearling. Be polite and ask her about the terminal in this very room. She's also interested in any Pre-war books you may have found, and is willing to pay you 100 Caps a piece.

Look in the SE and NE corners to find a total of 5 [AMMO BOXES]. Check the terminal in the center of the room and select 'Access Card Catalogue'. This was your primary objective already, now for the optional.

Head into the toilets to find a [FIRST AID BOX x2] (one in both toilets). You can also find some [BUFFOUT] near a toilet in the woman's. You can continue through the hallway and team up with a few Brotherhood members. Blast any Raiders in this large room.

Now return to the entrance hall and go upstairs. Find a [STEALTH BOY] on the desk, and check the western room for a [GUN CABINET]. The other door on the east leads to a room with another [GUN CABINET] and an adjacent room with several desks and a hole in the ground that only leads to the restrooms you already paid a visit.

Exit to the north and head into the NE room. You'll find a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] on the desk here. Return to the hallway and continue to the large room up north which is the same area where you fought the Raiders with the Brotherhood members just now. Check the small table for a [PRE-WAR BOOK] and circle around the room until you get to the southern side. Search around for two [AMMO BOXES] between some bookcases, and a [PRE-WAR BOOK x2] in the bookcase nearby.

Media Archive:
Head NW and go through the door that leads to the Arlington Library Media Archive; The rest of the area doesn't hold anything neat. Head upstairs and blast the Raiders in the hallway. Check the adjacent room for some ammo in desks, then continue to the next stairwell south and head up.

Ignore the bed with the corpse and check out the room to the NW to find a locked but easily opened [FIRST AID BOX] in this room with a pooltable. Move to the NE, (be cautious of the [FRAG MINE] nearby the bed) and kill some Raiders. Dive to the room with the terminal and use this to disable the Mark I Turret in the room up ahead.

With the havoc calmed down head into the barricaded room up north. Walk over some planks and find a [PRE-WAR BOOK] on the conveyor belt. On the desk you'll find a Metal Box called Restoration Supplies, in which you can find an [INK CONTAINER]. This is a useful item for a different quest, so keep it safe. You'll also find two [AMMO BOXES] on the same desk.

Return to the previous hallway and go through the door on the south, nearby the corpse on the bed. Go upstairs and into the room directly to your right (west). Disable the turret by hacking the average terminal, then disarm two [FRAG MINES] placed nearby the Filing Cabinets on the west.

Head through the hall south from these rooms, but beware as you proceed because the next room has a few raiders with heavy weaponry. After killing them, head into the room and unlock the averagely locked [SAFE] in one of the corners. Grab a [BLOOD PACK] and a [JET] from the desk in the other corner. Do a quick search in all the desks and cabinets, then move towards the terminal in the center of the room and grab the [PRE-WAR BOOK] on this desk.

Access the Arlington Public Library Public Terminal (such a mouthfull), and select the 'Transfer Library Archives' to complete the optional objective.

There is no need to search the 'Children's Wing' in order to complete this quest so I suggest you do so an other time.

On your way out, give all Pre-war Books you found to Scribe Yearling and make a bonus of 500 Caps (if you found all in this building so far). Head back to Moira for your final reward.



Arlington Library is a mostly-intact public library building located in the Capital Wasteland in 2277. It is mostly occupied by raiders, whose position is threatened by the Brotherhood of Steel soldiers in the front lobby.

Arlington Library is easily found by following the Potomac River south past the Citadel, then turning west to follow the road just south. It is directly across from Alexandria Arms and about two miles west-southwest of the Jefferson Memorial.

There is a Talon Company outpost nearby, so be careful when approaching the library, as they are easily alerted to your presence. Next to Alexandria Arms, there is a building that a lone raider uses as his home and is covered with traps. In addition, an Enclave Vertibird may appear just outside of the raider's building and drop off troops.

When you enter the library you will immediately initiate dialogue with Scribe Yearling, a Brotherhood of Steel scribe who is tasked with archiving all pre-War knowledge into the Brotherhood's central computers. She will give you access to the library's computer terminal at the front desk, where you will be able to download the card catalog to complete a primary objective in the The Wasteland Survival Guide quest. To complete the optional objective, you will have to explore further into the building until you find the library's mainframe computer buried deep within a raider den.

A couple of Brotherhood of Steel soldiers from Scribe Yearling's detachment, found on the first floor near the back, at the entrance to the first room with raiders, will help you clear out the building. Once you approach them, they will begin a scripted advance through the building, into the other wings, and will eventually finish up in a 'final' room with two turrets, where, just before entering, they will be joined by a third Brotherhood soldier. This advance will clear almost all the raiders in library (with the player's help, otherwise they will most likely die before reaching the final room). Unfortunately, their path does not lead them into the room where the player needs to go to achieve the optional objective of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest. Once they have cleared the room with the two turrets, they stand down and begin walking back to Scribe Yearling's position.

Loot can be found in the three main areas of the building: the Lobby, the Children's Wing, and the Media Archive.

* 3x Pre-War Books - On the catwalk overlooking the main library hall - Two on shelves on the southern wall, and one on the table on the northern wall, next to the hallway door.
* Big Book of Science - Upstairs from the lobby to the right, through the hallway, on a desk in an office with two sofas. First door on the right.
* 3 Stealth Boys on a table in an area overlooking the lobby. There is also one in an ammunition box to the right of the entrance.

Children's Wing
* 1x Pre-War Book - In the break room, on a table next to the Eat'o'tronic 3000.
* 1x Pre-War Book - In the same room with the sheet music book. It's on a desk.
* Lying, Congressional Style - On the counter next to the table with the Pre-War Book in the break room, next to the coffee-makers.
* Sheet music book, There are two rooms sticking out on west side of the local map; go to the room farthest north. (From the lobby, go past the firehose box, turn right and go past the Nuka-Cola vending machine. In the first room you see enter.) The sheet music is in the right cubicle by a music stand on the floor. In the first cubicle on the left is a trapped terminal. A pre-War book is in the back left cubicle, though if you don't see it there, keep looking around.
* 3x Pre-War Books - On a shelf in the first room when entering from the Media Archives.
* Guns and Bullets - In the first room you enter coming from the Media Archives. You'll also find 3 of the above mentioned pre-War books here. This room is right before you drop through a hole in the floor to continue through the Children's Wing, so you can't access the book by proceeding from the Lobby Entrance. if you drop down a floor from there you can also find a safe which may contain a Stealth Boy and other various items.

Media Archive
* Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor - second floor in the room with the pool table, under the square table in the corner. (Northwest part of map.)
* Ink container in the 'Restoration Supplies' box in the room with two turrets.
* 1x Pre-War Book - In the room with two turret guns, northeast corner. The same room with the ink container.
* 1x Pre-War Book - Beside the public terminal on the table.
* Tumblers Today - In the room where you download the archives, on the desk against the north wall flanked by two sets of microfiche readers.
* Nuka-Cola Quantum, on a table in the southwest corner of where you download the archives; it's hidden in the corner behind a crate and two skulls.

* If you kill Scribe Yearling along with her Brotherhood of Steel protectors the scribes will become hostile in the Citadel. (But only the scribes, everyone else will be non-hostile).
* If you offend Scribe Yearling, you will not be able to participate in her unmarked quest, in which you must sell her authentic pre-War books. She will ask about your search for books, but you will be unable to give her any.
* Scribe Jameson claims that Scribe Yearling is stationed at the Library of Congress. However, no other source refers to Arlington Library by this name and the building does not resemble any of the three buildings in use by the real Library of Congress.
* The red truck just outside seems to have a small cargo of three jukeboxes in its back, all of which are curiously working.
* Sometimes, the pre-War book next to the Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor (room with pool table, media archives) will not be there. Though, there is a good chance to find another one in one of the lockers (either on the ground floor in the front of Nuka-Cola vending machine or in one of the lockers in children's wing).
* In the Arlington Library Media Archive, the turret control system terminal contains an easter egg. (This easter egg is actually common to all raider-controlled turret terminals.) By viewing the system info after hacking it (50 science required), the user log shows the recent creation of a new admin, with the name "FUCK YOU".
* While on the first floor of the children's wing in the room with the hole in the ceiling and the safe above, you can stand on the barrel with the fire going inside of it and position your crosshair at the safe. With your crosshair in position you can then jump and be able to interact with the safe and open it, provided you have the lock picking skill to do so. it will be marked on the map as a door that looks like it is in the wall, however it is the door on the next floor up.
* Consistent with its purpose as a library, there are over 750 destroyed/damaged books that might be useful as Rock-It Launcher ammunition.
* Scribe Yearling will not accept skill books or destroyed/damaged books. However, she will accept any pre-War books you find, whether or not they were in the library.
* After the quest "The Waters of Life", if you approach the area right across the road from the library, past the truck, a vertibird will land and two Enclave will jump out and attack you. They are wearing Tesla armor which is the best power armor in the game except for that inside Fort Constantine, without an add-on.
* If you have finished the Wasteland Survival Guide quest by convincing Moira to abandon the book, Scribe Yearling will not give you access to her computer.

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