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Case Study No. 0240: Grendor

Spyro Season of Ice-Grendor Boss Battle
Wow, this boss is pretty boring (and easy, mainly compared to the other Spyro bosses in the series)edited once after the cutscene, and I know I'm gonna be asked to how I recorded this-I used a Game Boy Player with my Nintendo Gamecube, and hooked it up to my DVD Recorder/Player, that's how I did it, I didn't use an emulator...
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[Spyro the Dragon enters Grendor's lair and confronts the two-headed librarian]
GRENDOR: You thought you'd gotten rid of me, didn't you? Sorry, Dragon. No such luck. And this time, I'm using ice as my weapon on you. So get ready to freeze!
[they battle, and Spyro is able to emerge victorious, as Grendor grovels in a heap]
GRENDOR: All right! I don't even want to be a smart and powerful wizard anymore! I'd be happy just to get rid of this extra head and this headache ... You might as well take this last Fairy back. She's not going to do me any good anyway. Maybe I'll ask the Pandas how to meditate. That might help my headache.
[the last Fairy appears and she speaks to Spyro]
ZOE: You rescued me! Oh, thank you Spyro! Now, as for you Grendor, why didn't you tell me you needed to reverse the spell? All you had to do was ask, you big baby. I can do that with one little zap!
[she waves her wand and Grendor reverts back to a little pink Rhynoc]
GRENDOR: My head's gone! And my headache's gone, too! Oh thank you Zoe! I promise to never play with magic again.
[he turns and addresses Spyro]
GRENDOR: I don't know why I wanted to try it. I really like working in the library. If you ever want to check out any more travel books, just come see me!
SPYRO: The library ... Yeah, right! I am going back to the beach! And this time, I'm going on a real vacation. No more Rhynocs. No more missing fairies. And lots of drinks with umbrellas!



'Spyro: Season of Ice' on the GameBoy Advance

Here's the official word on the story from the website:

After the defeat of the Sorceress, many of her old Rhynoc minions were left out of work or had to take less-than-ideal day jobs. None more so than Grendor, the Rhynoc librarian at the Grand Central Dragon Realms library. A small, meek figure, Grendor never made the cut into the Rhynoc army and desperately longed for a career change.

One day, Bianca spent a few hours in the library researching ideal vacation spots for a trip she was planning for Spyro, Hunter and herself. With all the travel books, Bianca mistakenly left the Sorceress' Spell book behind. Finding the book, Grendor was inspired by an ingenious plan. Flipping through the pages, he found himself a transformation spell to change his meager frame into a towering mass of muscle and brainpower! Wasting no more time, he read the spell aloud; too hasty even to notice the book was turned upside down. Grendor wound up with bulk and brainpower all right, but in the form of two heads, and a migraine in both of his thick skulls.

And here's my description of the opening part to the game...

The camera zooms in to see Spyro, Hunter and Bianca relaxing on a beach somewhere, probably Dragon Shores, when Hunter suddenly sees something in the sky. He thinks it's a flying sheep saucer but Spyro recognises it as a balloon. Bianca catches it and reads the note attached to it. The note is from Zoe and reads: 'Dear Spyro, I'm using every last drop of my magic to send you this message. Someone has cast a powerful spell over the Fairy World and, freezing fairies in Ice Crystals. And we can't get out! Now, the Rhynocs are back and collecting fairies one by one. I wish I knew what they were up to. Please come back before it's too late.' Spyro decides to go help the fairies and Bianca says she'll go off and check her spell book for something to help.

Hunter mentions that she hasn't been carrying the Spell Book for a few days which is news to Bianca but she finds out that she no longer has it on her. She realises that she must have left it in the library when she got the travel book for their vacation. As she sets off to find her book, Hunter, Spyro and Sparx head off to help the fairies.


Grendor's Lair

Now's the time to get that second fairy. The last one of the game. Head up a bit and along the path to where Bianca is waiting for you. Now that you have all 99 fairies you can go face Grendor for the final time. Head through the portal

The edges here will now kill you straight away so no falling off please. The level's the same as before in shape so go to the middle where Grendor is waiting for you. An identical battle to before will start. Instead of fire balls they're ice balls. Just circle him till there's an opening for you to charge him. Try to keep him in the middle of the arena when he jumps up, the large shadow means that he's on his way down. Repeat for a total of eight hits to finally destroy him.

Fairy 100/100 Zoe
And once that's all over, you'll get Zoe, the story will wrap up and the credits will roll.
Type: Autumn



Grendor is a librarian and leader of the Rhynocs. Unlike most Spyro villans, he was defeated, but he never died, and he renounced his evil intentions. He is the main antagonist in the game "Spyro: Season of Ice."

In his normal form, Grendor is a simple, pink rhynoc. When the spell backfired, Grendor turned into a large, red and green rhynoc with two heads, the green head is always shown to be sad whilst the other is always angry.

Grendor is a Rhynoc who worked as the fairy librarian; while searching the library, he stumbled upon the Sorceress's Spell Book from Bianca and used it to try and make himself smarter. Unfortunately, he read the book upside down and therefore got the spell wrong and caused him to gain an extra head, and a massive headache. To try to reverse the effects, he began to prepare a potion that required the wings of 100 fairies. He then invaded the Fairy Realms, froze all of the fairies in ice, and deployed Rhynocs to gather those frozen fairies.

Unfortunately for Grendor's plan, Spyro managed to free 99 of those fairies and was able to confront him in his lair. There, he defeated Grendor and rescued Zoe. Upon being free, Zoe cast a simple spell and Grendor returned to his normal pink Rhynoc self, happy that he no longer had a headache.

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