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Case Study No. 0221: Unnamed Female Librarian (Futurama)

The Big Brain Am Winning Again! I am the greetist! I am now leeving Earth for NO RAISIN!
it speaks for itself
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[Leela is trying to communicate the Nibblonians' message on how to defeat the Brain Spawn, but their influence has rendered her stupid]
LEELA: Brain ... Brain make people dumb!
[Fry (unaffected by the Brains' mind drain) gives her a condescending look]
FRY: No, Leela ... Brain make people smart.
[two Brain Spawn are flying around outside the window, causing Fry to scream in fright]
LEELA: You fight biggest brain of all!
FRY: Even bigger than those? Holy nuts! Where would it be?
LEELA: I dunno.
FRY: Hmm, a giant brain is basically a giant nerd. And where would a giant nerd be?
[he pauses to think, then gasps]
FRY: The library!
[cut to Fry and Leela running up the steps of the New New York Public Library, as two Brain Spawn fly in front of them to block their path]
LEELA: Aahh!
[Fry pushes the brains out of the way and they enter the library, where an elderly female librarian is seen trying to reshelve a book sideways ... they run past her down the hallway (passing rooms marked "Reference Books," "Books on Tapeworm," and "Stephen King: A-Aardvark") and Fry opens a door marked "Ancient Literature", where the Big Brain is floating in the middle of the room and absorbing knowledge from the books on the table in front of it]
BIG BRAIN: Pathetic human race! Arranging their knowledge by category just made it easier to absorb ... Dewey, you fool! Your decimal system has played right into my hands!
[he gives an evil laugh, then Fry slams the door shut (drawing its attention), while Leela tips over a bookcase to block the entrance]
BIG BRAIN: What do you want?
FRY: I'm here to kick your ass!
BIG BRAIN: Wishful thinking. We have long since evolved beyond the need for asses.
[The Big Brain tries to sap Fry's brainwaves, but has no effect]
BIG BRAIN: Odd. My stupefaction field is having no effect on your ability to think.
FRY: That's right. And I think you'll find that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!
[he throws a book at the Brain, which harmlessly bounces off]
FRY: Okay, better think of a new plan ...
[he closes his eyes and points at his temple]
FRY: Come on, Fry, think! Thinking, thinking ...
[the Brain convulses in pain]
BIG BRAIN: Oh! Stop that!
FRY: Hey, thinking hurts him! Maybe I can think of a way to use that ...
FRY: Aha! Prepare to be thought at! Leela, give me a topic.
LEELA: Duh ...
FRY: Seriously, I can't think of anything!
[the Big Brain gives another evil laugh, as Fry nervously looks through the books scattered on the floor]
FRY: I've gotta find something to make me think ...
[he starts picking up books and looking at their titles]
FRY: "Hardy Boys," too easy ...
[he throws it over his shoulder and picks up another book]
FRY: "Nancy Drew," too hard ...
[he throws it over his shoulder and picks up another book]
FRY: Aha, perfect! "Bonfire of the Vanities!"
[he starts reading]
BIG BRAIN: No! It's unbearable!
[cut to outside the library, as the Brain Spawn are dropping like flies, then cut to the Nibblonians in their spaceship (where they are observing the proceedings on their video monitors)]
FIONA: The brains are weakening!
[she speaks into intercom]
FIONA: Nibblonians to Nibble stations. Prepare cuddle bug for deployment in 40 nibblets!
NIBBLER: [sighs] Sometimes I fear we are cute ...
FIONA: Oh, niggle-snoosh!
[cut back inside the library, where Fry is still reading "Bonfire of the Vanities" to weaken the Big Brain]
FRY: Take that, and that! This sentence I don't understand ... but take this one!
BIG BRAIN: You have not won yet! Each book in this room is a gateway to a mental realm, and I shall take you there and imprison you forever!
[the Brain uses its stupefecation field to envelop Fry and Leela, then mentally picks up a book off the floor]
LEELA: Icky!
[the two are mentally transported into Herman Melville's "Moby Dick", and find themselves on a boat with Captain Ahab and Queequeg]
FRY: Where are we?
AHAB: A gold dubloon to the man who first spies the white whale!
[The Big Brain rams the side of the boat]
QUEEQUEG: Big whale over there!
AHAB: [pushes him aside] I saw it first!
[Fry grabs a harpoon and goes to attack the Brain, but Queequeg grabs his arm to stop him]
QUEEQUEG: Wait! That no white whale ... It grey, pinky whale!
FRY: [struggling] Queequeg, let go of me! I have to kill it!
BIG BRAIN: Farewell! You will all be trapped in this dense, symbolist tome forever!
[the Brain dives into the water]
FRY: Follow him! It's our only way out!
[Fry and Leela, along with Ahab and Queequeg, dive into the water after it, then cut back to the library as the Big Brain picks up another book, then cut to a scene from Mark Twain's "Adventures Of Tom Sawyer", where the titular character is painting a fence when the four new characters appear]
FRY: Excuse me, have you seen a giant brain?
TOM: Yep, I let him help me whitewash Aunt Polly's fence ...
[the camera pans to reveal the Big Brain - in straw hat and overalls - painting the fence]
BIG BRAIN: Tom Sawyer, you tricked me. This is less fun than previously indicated ...
[it stops when it notices Fry and Leela]
BIG BRAIN: Let this corny slice of Americana be your tomb for all eternity!
TOM: Please, no!
FRY: Come on!
[the five characters now chase the Brain, then cut back to the library as the Big Brain picks up another book, then cut to a scene from Jane Austen's "Pride And Prejudice", where the characters appear in the middle of a fancy banquet]
WOMAN: Mister Fry, Mama tells us you're quite the oddity ... a bachelor at your age.
FRY: You think I'm an oddity? Wait'll you see--
[cut to a door opening as the butler enters the room]
BUTLER: Presenting the most eligible landowner in all Hertfordshire ... Mister Brainly!
[the Big Brain enters, wearing a tuxedo]
BIG BRAIN: [yelling] I'm a gigantic brain!
[the crowd is confused by this newcomer, as Fry grabs Tom's paint bucket and throws the whitewash at the Brain]
FRY: Hey, Brain-y, think fast!
BIG BRAIN: [not realizing what is happening] I always think fast ...
[the whitewash hits the Brain and it starts screaming]
AHAB: The whale! He be white now!
[Ahab and Queequeg start throwing harpoons at it]
FRY: Leela, I've got an idea. Stay here with Queequeg ...
[he runs off, as Leela looks at Queequeg and begins twirling her hair coyly]
LEELA: Is there Misses Queequeg?
[cut back to the library, where Fry is able to break free of the Brain's energy field]
FRY: Yes! I'm free!
[he climbs to the top of one of the bookshelves]
FRY: Alright Brain, get ready for some electroshock treatment!
[he grabs the chandelier and breaks the bulbs with a book, then swings towards the Brain ... completely missing and smashing into the bookshelf on the opposite wall, which crashes on top of him]
FRY: [gurgling noises]
[Leela suddenly becomes free from the field, and (seeing Fry's broken body) rushes over to him]
LEELA: Ahh! Fry, don't die! Wake up!
[after a few more gurgles, Fry (whose head is completely twisted in the wrong direction) stops breathing]
LEELA: [screaming] Noooo!
[the Big Brain gives an evil laugh at his triumph, but then Fry's body and the bookshelf suddenly disappear, as it is revealed that he is actually sitting at the table writing in a book]
FRY: "Leela cried for her lost love, as Fry lay dead under the heavy bookcase. The Big Brain laughed in triumph - Ha ha ha! Then, for no reason, he left Earth forever. The end!"
[he slams the book shut]
FRY: There! Now he's trapped in a book I wrote!
[he writes "Fry Tricks the Brain" on the cover]
FRY: A crummy world of plot holes and spelling errors ...
BIG BRAIN: [talking stupidly] The Big Brain am winning again! I am the greetest!
[he floats towards the window and gives another evil laugh]
BIG BRAIN: Now I am leaving Earth for no raisin!
[the Big Brain squeezes through the window and flies away, as the Nibblonians have gathered outside the library]
NIBBLER: The Big Brain is defeated! Let what must be done, be done!
[the Nibblonian soldiers rush towards the fallen Brain Spawn and start eating them, then cut back inside the library as Leela (coming out of her stupor) groggily shakes her head]
LEELA: Me ... feel ... a bit ... better in cognitive faculties.
[Fry jumps out of the chair and runs towards her]
FRY: I did it! And it's all thanks to the books at my local library ...
[he picks up a book and stares directly into the camera]


From theinfosphere.org:

"The Day the Earth Stood Stupid" is the thirty-ninth episode of Futurama, the seventh of the third production season and third broadcast season. It aired 18 February, 2001 on FOX. A mystic fleet of brains travel the universe and turns every into idiots, and now the turn has come to Earth. Nibbler explains her plan to Leela and explains how Fry is the key to solving the attacks by the brains.

Fry and Leela run to the "New New York Public Library", and Fry confronts the Big Brain in the Ancient Literature room, where it is absorbing the knowledge of the human race. The Big Brain attempts to stupefy Fry, only to find him immune. Fry throws a book at the it, but the Big Brain is impervious to physical attack. Fry tries to think of another plan, and finds that his thoughts cause pain for the Big Brain. Fry frantically searches through a pile of books to find a book to make himself think. He reads the book, which causes the smaller brains outside to fall from the air. The Nibblonians prepare to land in order to clean up the mess.

The Big Brain then uses his abilities to take Fry and Leela into the world of Moby Dick. Fry almost attacks the Big Brain, but Queequeg stops him, on the grounds that it's not a white whale, but a grey thinky whale. The Big Brain escapes, and Fry, Leela, Queequeg, and Captain Ahab follow. They end up in Tom Sawyer, where they meet the eponymous character, who has tricked the Big Brain into whitewashing the fence. The Big Brain tries again to escape, and pulls everyone into Pride and Prejudice. Fry throws Tom Sawyer's whitewash onto the Big Brain, and Captain Ahab proclaims him to be white now, and he and Queequeg begin assaulting him. Fry gets an idea and jumps out the window.

Fry escapes from the Brain's field, and climbs a bookshelf. He attempts to electrocute the Big Brain with a broken chandelier, but crashes into the wall. A bookshelf then falls on top of him, breaking his neck. Leela tries to help, but Fry dies. The Big Brain laughs in triumph, but the Fry on the floor disappears, revealing that Fry is writing a book of his own. The Big Brain is trapped in this new book ("filled with plot holes and spelling errors"), in which Fry causes the Big Brain to leave Earth for no reason. The Big Brain falls for the trick, and flies off.

Outside, the Nibblonians "clean up" by consuming the fallen Brain Spawn. The population of Earth is returned to their normal levels of intelligence, but they process forces them to forget the entire incident. Only Fry remembers, but nobody believes him, nor do they really care.

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