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Case Study No. 1411: Staff of the Tokione Library

OPOONA Wii PART 4 1080p
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[the player enters the Job Admin Center of the Tokione License Tower, then speaks to the young woman behind the desk]
RECEPTIONIST: Your next quota is ... At last, this will be your last quota as a Ranger trainee. Should you complete this, you will be issued a One Star license in the Rangers. However, this next quota is special. You must search it out yourself. You must find someone who needs help from a Ranger and aid him.
[the woman pauses]
RECEPTIONIST: For your information, there was some trouble in the library on the 3F of the admin tower the other day. There may be someone in need there. Why don't you go there and see ... Regardless, when you have completed your quota, please report back here. Good luck!
[the player exits and heads for the library on the third floor of the Tokione Admin Tower (where electrical discharges are emanating from the bookshelves lined along the walls), then speaks to a young woman standing in front of a computer terminal]
DAISY: There is something wrong with the Ancient Texts. So I've been using the data base instead. The data base is convenient, but it just doesn't feel right.
[the player walks up to a male librarian (blonde hair, goatee, blue military-style uniform) standing next to the "malfunctioning" bookshelves]
SAGE: It appears the primal energy contained within the library books is being disrupted ...
[he looks down at the player]
SAGE: I'm sorry, but could you please not speak to me? I need to concentrate ... If there is something you want to study, please go to the meeting room above and ask the sage there.
[the player takes the elevator up to the conference room on the fourth floor, where his younger brother is standing next to a pair of sages sitting around a table]
COPOONA: Hey, brother!? You look great!
[he goes over and brings the player closer to the table]
COPOONA: Wow ... So you did become a Ranger! How is Poleena doing?
[he pauses]
COPOONA: What? You haven't seen her? Even though she's here at Tokione?
[the head of the Landroll Rangers, who had been standing behind the table, walks over]
GOLDY: Hey, if it isn't Opoona! It seems you've done well in the short time since I saw you last ... Copoona, why don't you introduce your brother to all the sages?
COPOONA: Oh, right away, Commander Goldy.
[they turn towards one of the Sages at the table (an older man with blonde hair, a thick moustache, and a blue uniform)]
COPOONA: Lord Sarit, this is my older brother, Opoona. Perhaps he could help with the job you were just discussing.
SARIT: I see ... A ranger, yes, but still a trainee. Might it not be too difficult for him?
GOLDY: On the contrary, Sage Sarit, I am sure he will be able to do what needs to be done.
SARIT: Ahh, if you say so Commander.
[he looks down at the player]
SARIT: Ah, forgive my doubts. It's nice to meet you Opoona. I'm Sarit. I'm the sage in charge of this library.
[he pauses]
SARIT: Actually, all the books in this library are very precious written works called the Ancient Texts ... Concealed within them are hundreds of years of natural energy. It is the pure primal energy from the time before the rogues invaded Landroll. With this pure energy, we sages speak to the primal spirits of the natural world. We borrow their power to protect this world from the rogues.
[he pauses]
SARIT: Are you with me so far?
[the player selects "Yes"]
SARIT: Good. Now let me tell you about what's happening here at the library. If you look at the library, you may have already noticed, the energy of the Ancient Texts is being disrupted ... You see, we communicate with the Wind Spirit, the spirit that protects nature in this area, through these books. We believe that this disruption is occurring because the rogues are ravaging the Wind Ravine where the Wind Spirit resides. To that end, I am requesting that Rangers investigate the Wind Ravine and destroy any rogues that might be causing this problem.
[he pauses]
SARIT: We of Landroll have survived by the power of the spirits. It is our duty to return what help we can ... Well, judging by the state of the disruption, the situation doesn't seem to be too immediate.
[he turns to the commander]
SARIT: Commander Goldy, what do you think? Do you think he is up to the task?
GOLDY: Ah, he will be fine! And, if he runs into trouble, I will help out myself.
[he turns back to the player]
SARIT: Then, Opoona! We shall assign this task to you for your quota ... Do you understand? You are to go to the Wind Ravine and destroy any rogues there? The sage sitting there will give you more details.
[he turns to Copoona]
Sarit: And, Copoona, while your brother is doing that, you help with the library books ... Go below and help out the sage currently there. You should start now.
COPOONA: Yes, sir! Understood.
[he turns to the player]
COPOONA: Well, Opoona, I need to continue my work here in the library. I will see you later!
[he exits]
GOLDY: You'll have to excuse me Sage Sarit, I have some other business to attend to ...
[he turns to the player]
GOLDY: Well, Opoona, you do your best! I'll be right behind you cleaning up!
[he exits, then the player walks up to Sarit]
SARIT: Opoona and Copoona's spaceship accident was really unfortunate. However, please rest assured your parents' injuries are being taken care of. We shall do all we can to help them.
[he pauses]
SARIT: About Copoona. He has a strong aptitude for sage work and so we separated you. At some point, Copoona will come into his own as a Sage. Perhaps you can then travel together.
[the player walks up to the other Sage at the table (who looks identical to the other Sage in the library)]
SAGE: You are Copoona's older brother, are you not? It will take you a bit of time to get to the Wind Ravine. But we do thank you for your help. Would you like me to cover once again what Master Sarit explained?
[the player selects "Yes"]
SAGE: Okay. The books in this library are Ancient Texts that contain a pure and ancient energy. This pure energy existed before the rogues invaded Landroll ... It's through this energy that we sages speak to the spirits that protect nature. There are other Ancient Texts throughout this land. The texts here relate to the Wind Spirit. The Wind Spirit is located in the Wind Ravine. To get to the ravine go north out of Tokione dome. The path turns east and then south. With the disruption of the energy in these texts, we believe that something has strengthened the rogues at the Wind Ravine. For that reason, we are asking you to defeat the rogues wreaking havoc there in the Wind Ravine.
[he pauses]
SAGE: Primal energy is the source of life on this star, and all stars everywhere. It is the power that humans, animals, plants, and all other life depends on ... And yet this power is neutral. If it is guided by an evil heart, then its deeds could be terrible. In particular, we sages would then become very susceptible to the influence of the dark energy. It is very dangerous to draw near to a rogue or to enter the Dark world. I am told that Tizians are resistant to the effects of the dark, even though they are born with a strong force. I envy you.
[the player returns to the library, where his younger brother is standing near the "malfunctioning" bookshelves]
COPOONA: Hmm. I must stop this disruption from spreading. I must call on my force ...
[he turns to the player]
COPOONA: Good luck! Look for me again after you beat those dark rogues in the Wind Ravine, okay?
[he pauses]
COPOONA: Oh yeah, I asked an older Sage about Poleena. He told me she wasn't in Tokione, after all. She always was quick, so maybe she has already gone on. She's outstripping you!
[the player exits the Admin Tower and heads for the Win Ravine, eventually defeating all of the rogues gathered there]
GOLDY: You did great, Opoona! I have now seen how Tizians fight! With that, I'm sure that the Wind Ravine will return to its quiet state once again ... hmm?
[they both look up into the sky]
NARRATOR: You feel a voice speaking to your heart ...
WIND SPIRIT: Opoona! Thank you Opoona! Can you hear my voice? Can you hear the voice of the wind? I feel a warm light from your force. I'm sure it's because there is holy energy dwelling inside it! Please use that holy energy and save this star. I beg of you ...
NARRATOR: The strange voice can not be heard anymore.
GOLDY: Huh? That's strange. I could have sworn I heard something ... Oh, well. Anyway, it's great! You're just as I expected. Well, the sages are waiting at the Admin Tower. Let me take you there!
[the walk off, as the screen fades to black]
NARRATOR: In this manner, Opoona finished his last assignment as a Ranger Trainee. Opoona was taken by Goldy to the sage at the Admin Tower ...
[cut back to the conference room above the library, as the player stands with Copoona, Goldy, Sarit, and another man]
SARIT: Opoona, you've really done a great job. Thanks to you, the energy in the Ancient Texts is no longer disrupted. I'm sure the Wind Spirit is also grateful to you. There may be some show of appreciation, so later on please go see the library. Also, don't forget to go to the License Tower and apply for your One Star license ... Please accept 500MT as a bonus for completing this assignment.
NARRATOR: Opoona accepted the 500MT bonus.
COPOONA: That's awesome! I'm so jealous you're already a One Star! I'm still just a Trainee.
[the two start jumping around and celebrating, so Sarit looks at both of them]
SARIT: Please calm down, both of you!
[he turns to Copoona]
SARIT: Okay, Copoona, let's return to Sanctuary. You have some more training waiting there for you.
COPOONA: Yes, Master Sarit.
[Copoona turns back to the player]
COPOONA: I'm going to do my best, too. See you later!
[Sarit turns back to the player]
SARIT: Opoona, please excuse us. Once again, thank you.
[he starts to leave]
GOLDY: Sage Sarit, let me take you to the Skypod.
[he turns to the player]
GOLDY: Well, Opoona, remember to always hone your skills as a Ranger!
[everyone exits, as the player takes the elevator back to the library, where the female patron is now sitting on a chair reading a book]
DAISY: It's good that the library has returned to its former state. Thank you. Everyone says that I'm an odd person, but I prefer to read books instead of using the database.
[she pauses]
DAISY: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't introduce myself. My name is Daisy. My boyfriend is a Ranger, the same as you.
[the player clicks on the woman again]
DAISY: My boyfriend is a Ranger, the same as you ... I understand being a Ranger is difficult, but I'm jealous that you can travel freely in the wilderness.
[the player walks towards a ghost-like apparition floating near the bookshelves]
WIND AURA: So you're it, eh!? I'm the Wind Spirit's aura. You heard the voice of the Wind Spirit, right?
[the player selects "Yes"]
WIND AURA: Of course. In your energy bonbon is an element of primal energy. Us auras drift throughout the wilderness. If you should see one of us in battle, then hit us with your bonbon. If you do it correctly, your energy and our life will be as one, allowing us to manifest our energy ... Well, I must go now. I'm sure we will meet in the wilderness or somewhere.
[the ghost disappears, then the player walks up to the computer terminal that Daisy was using before]
NARRATOR: A general multi-purpose information database. Includes individual information, but only personal data can be seen without permission.


From wikipedia.org:

Opoona is a role-playing video game developed by ArtePiazza and published by Koei for the Wii. The player follows the story of the titular Opoona as he attempts to find the location of his family from which he was separated after the occurrence of a mysterious accident during their travels. Former Dragon Quest art designer Shintaro Majima was the lead artist, with Sachiko Sugimura, who has also worked on Dragon Quest, as the planning director. Hitoshi Sakimoto, the composer for Final Fantasy XII, produced the soundtrack, which was composed by several Basiscape musicians.

Throughout the game, Opoona will acquire a variety of licences for different jobs. Whilst some are mandatory for story progression, most are optional and add to the customization of the players game. The game can be played one-handed using just the Wii's Nunchuk attachment, but the Classic Controller can also be used. In battles, flicking the Nunchuk's analog stick will fire a projectile, the trajectory of which can be changed and adjusted according to the situation. The style of play is referred to in-game as the Active Bon-Bon Battle System and all actions occur in real time.

Before the events of Opoona, the star Landroll was impacted by a large meteorite composed of crystallized dark energy. Half of the star, once lush and verdant, died from the impact, becoming known as the Deadlands. Life for the survivors changed drastically. The impact caused a shift in gravity, causing the sun to maintain a fixed location in the sky. Species died and vegetation withered in the heat. Mysterious creatures, known as Rogues, emerged from the meteorite and began to attack people. Humans built many forms of shelter to defend themselves, from underground bases to huge shelters, before finally finding success with Shinex, a special glass, and being able to build a sturdy glass roof over Landroll's citys. Sanctuary, the island floating above the northern pole, was unaffected and all areas outside the domes on the habitable side of the planet are referred to as the wildlands.

Several hundred years after the meteorite impact, Opoona and his siblings, Copoona and Poleena, are on a family vacation from the star Tizia with their parents, Momeena, Dadeena and co-pilots Troc and Noix, travelling in a spaceship to Landroll. Dadeena is a highly experienced Cosmo Guard, and Copoona believes that the vacation is for training, not relaxation. Shortly after, the spaceship is attacked by mysterious dark energy, and the three children are placed into separate escape pods before the spaceship crashes on Landroll.

Three days after the crash landing, Opoona awakens from a deep sleep in Tokione Dome and is informed of the incident, and told that his parents are being treated by Sages in Sanctuary. He is then introduced to Aizal, the Head Sage, who states that it will take some time for them to recover due to a shortage of Matia. Opoona is told that he must attend school at Starhouse and is trained as a Landroll Ranger with help from Chaika, a young Ranger girl and Commander Goldy, a high-ranking Landroll Ranger who continues working voluntarily, even though is allowed to retire.

Once enrolled in Starhouse, Opoona meets a young boy called Ted, who is apparently also training to become a Landroll Ranger. The two boys eventually become friends and Ted gives Opoona a hoverboard before he leaves Tokione with his parents for Intelligent Sea Dome. Opoona is then asked to investigate matters at the Wind Ravine as part of his training, as Rogue activity is interfering with Tokione. Opoona finds that the source of the activity is his own escape pod, which still emanates some dark energy from the spaceship, and subsequently graduates from Starhouse as a Level One Ranger, ecieving assignments in Lifeborn, Artiela and the Intelligent Sea, where he is temporarily employed by the Bravo company to remove bugs from programming. He is also then employed at the Shine Company, also based in Intelligent Sea, to remove bugs from programming and to also help patients in the hospital ward.

One of the patients identifies himself as Chaika's father, Frank, and states that he had a vision of Roidman, but dismisses his claim as a result of work-related stress. Opoona later encounters Chaika, who also being an experienced engineer, checks Opoona's database file from the spaceship. She reveals that the attack was sent by Shagla, Aizel's younger twin brother who was overwhelmed by the dark force upon their Master Sage training and mysteriously disappeared. Chaika believes something is amiss, since a fleet large enough to be capable of destroying a spaceship has not been commissioned for several years.

Opoona also re-encounters Ted's family in the ward, who state that Ted was hospitalised with Carbon Heart upon arriving at Intelligent Sea. Opoona is now allowed retirement at a residential dome called Paradiso, and must attend an official ceremony at Sanctuary involving Aizel. The party arrive at Sanctuary and meet Aizel in the Cathedral, who bestows the Holy Force upon the Opoona and Copoona, before unleashing an extremely powerful spell at the both of them, stripping them of both their powers and memories.

The game is then taken back to days after the spaceship incident, to the discovery of Poleena's escape pod. An elderly woman converses with Goldy before stating that it would be best to care for Poleena herself, and to not inform Aizel.

Poleena remains unconscious until sometime after the Sanctuary incident. The woman introduces herself as Creola, and asks Poleena to bring her two older siblings to her. She is given a record of all of Opoona's assignment accomplishments and travels through the Holy Lands, which up until the Sanctuary Incident was one of the few wildlands on Landroll free from Rogue infestation. Upon arriving at Paradiso, Poleena encounters Copoona, who is reluctant to leave, believing there is nothing more for them to do. Poleena then takes Opoona and Copoona back to Creola's hut.

It is there that Poleena meets Chaika, and Creola informs the both of them to recover Shagla from the Earth Prison. Creola also proves that the attack on the spaceship was not ordered by Shagla, but rather by Aizel's commandant Babushca.

After recovering Shagla from the prison, Creola reveals a passageway in her hut to an underground base for the Partizians. They are reunited with Roidman and he explains that the only way to save Landroll is to defeat Babuscha, and that Opoona must recruit Partizans to aid him.


From hardcoregaming101.net:

Our protagonist Opoona is the eldest child of what we shall call the "Na" family, which consists of parents Mameena and Dadeena, and children Opoona (orange), Copoona (grape), and Poleena (lemon). They're members of the Tizian race, a storied alien species who have long been the protectors of peace in the galaxy. Their spaceship malfunctions en route, and crash-lands on the planet of Landroll. Opoona, Copoona, and Poleena safely jettison in escape pods, but Mom and Dad crash with the ship, and are sent into a recuperative coma. So now Opoona must plumb the depths of Landroll to amass mystic minerals called Matia in order to heal his parents. It sounds like the set up to a perfectly ordinary and respectable RPG, perhaps one spent traversing eight elemental dungeons to collect themed Matia crystals. But then the game throws a curveball: "Matia," in addition to being a mystic power source, is also used by Landrollians as money. And how do you get money? By getting a job (or several), of course.

The planet of Landroll is a massive, tangled web of bureaucracy and social networking, and Opoona's success in his quest will be determined not by his skills at boss-stomping, but by his multitasking abilities and his societal maneuvering and his integration with the culture. Opoona has to carve chunks of his busy monster-fighting and boss-stomping schedule to visit with his Facebook friends and practice his dance steps for his premiere on intergalactic TV if he wants to heal his parents. Of course, this is an RPG storyline, and the game would be remiss if it didn't work a little world-saving into things, in the form of a Dark Force threatening the world from an ancient meteor that slammed into the planet. But even the Dark Force is wrapped up and integrated into the vast net of Landrollian society, and many of the base aspects of Landrollian culture are informed by the need to keep said Dark Force at bay. Similar to the novels of Victor Hugo, where the setting is as much a starring character as the protagonists themselves, Opoona is as much a game about the world of Landroll, how it ticks, what its people are like, what its history is like, and its day-to-day life as it is about the three little Playmobil aliens trying to navigate it.

Landrollians live in giant cities-under-glass called "Domes," because their seemingly idyllic wildernesses are teaming with malicious, invasive, and literally alien species known as Rogues. In order to keep these claustrophobic dwellings in order, Landroll implemented a series of jobs and ranks to ensure that every citizen has a station and role in society--even outsiders like Opoona. Everything in the game is tied to jobs on Landroll. Opoona gets to go to new cities by receiving new assignments in those cities. He receives money by completing certain jobs. Getting to certain levels in each job gives him the right to do other jobs, which can grant him new skills and abilities. Jobs let him meet new people. Jobs help him boost his stats. And each job has something to teach him about Landroll's culture. Take the Farmer job, for example, and he'll learn all about how the once-proud farming tradition on Landroll has been subsiding now that the wildlands of Landroll are almost uninhabitable and more food production has become artificial. Take the Clerk job, and he'll get to visit fancy hotels and location spots way out of his league so he can hobnob with the societal elite. He can even become an Art Coordinator and visit the game's several museums, where he can catalogue the 50+ works of art in the game, with their associated art history lessons on Landroll's prevailing schools of artistic thought.

Opoona's primary job, of course, is the Ranger job, which is the one that lets him beat up monsters, retrieve plot trinkets, and explore dungeons in classic fashion. But even then, the game doesn't let the player brute-force their way through to the resolution. Planning director Sachiko Sugimura wanted to create a game around the idea that "every single person means something," and as a result, the game both encourages and enforces socialization. Throughout the game, certain special characters will agree to become Opoona's friends, and will add him to their social network. By talking with them regularly, building his stats, and going on sidequests, he can advance his friendship level with them, gaining more stats and rewards in return. Come the final dungeon, Opoona learns that he needs to assemble a crack team to storm the enemy base with him--and only those friends who truly trust and feel close to him will have the nerve to join him by him side. It's a design decision that most rewards the sort of players who go back to chat up every NPC after every significant gameplay moment to see if they have anything new to say, but will leave less chatty players in an eleventh-hour scramble to hunt down all of the "friendable" characters for one last sidequest blitz before the endgame.


From gamefaqs.com:

Head for the Tokione Library (you have been there at the very beginning of the game) and go to the 4th floor. Once arrived you will find there the patrol team boss Gordy and, surprisingly, your bother Kopoona. He his with his teacher Sarit. After the greetings with your brother you will be informed on what has happened to the library.

You will told that the library holds some special power that has been protecting Tokione town for years. In addition this power has been protected by a wind fairy that used to live in the library. Now the fairy has gone away since she has been disturbed by the presence of a Dark Roog in the nearby. You will be asked to take rid of the Dark Roog: in this way the fairy may come back to the library and protect these ancient powerful manuscripts.

Now head to Exit Ride and to the beehive area and then go to the new path. At the end of the area you will find the Dark Roog. Before fighting the Dark Roog check all the treasure chests. Inside a chest you will find a Shower Mist. If you use the mist BEFORE fighting the Roog you will be invisible to him for 20 seconds. The Roog will have for flying friend to escort him. Take rid of the flying monsters at fists, as you did with the bees in the previous boss battle.

After you get rid of the Roog Gordy will escort you back to the library. You will then meet your brother again before he will leave with his teacher for the town he is living at the moment.

Go then to the lower floor, the library to be precise. Here you will find the Oora, fairy wind that was waiting for you. Oora will told you that he will randomly join you in battles against monsters. In order to activate the fairy power you will have to hit Oora with the bonbon. After telling you this the fairy will go away.

Now go to the licence center to complete the mission. Since you have just com-pleted the apprentice level of the Patrol licence you will have to lead to to the upper floor of the licence center. It has been closed until now, but now you can access it. Go there to complete the mission. You have now completed the "Apprentice Patrol" licence and you have just got the new level of the Patrol Licence:The "One Star Patrol".


From ign.com:

Walkthrough - Ranger Jobs


Survive 10 battles. This should be easy, with the right tools. The jellies and stuff near Serge and the Exit Ride entrance should be easily killed. Hoard the cash and bank it (1% per day). Use the Popcorn or Mineral water if you need to, but basically, you kill enemies quickly with straight throws or a sideways curve ball. Easy. Don't wander too far off, since you can always duck into the dome's entrance if things get out of hand.

After this, you will want to talk to everyone in Tokione, as far as Opoona's permissions allow him to. You can make several friends while you are talking, but it's mostly to accustom your damn self to the freaky physical Japanese layout of the Tokione dome. Not all of the entrances and lifts make sense.

Collect Rogue Eggs. This requires you to go further afield. Stock a full 18 popcorn or mineral water if you can afford it; using items is cheaper than dying in most cases. Dying advances the days and robs you of money (for revival). Screw that. Proceed slowly through the wilderness and check out all the treasure shells for useful items. As indicated by "I Have Tuberculosis Teddy", the little kid Teddy will have the final fifth egg. Agree to the race (Opoona will automatically lose), get the job done, and get a new mode of transport.

Defend Wind Ravine. This is the final test and essentially means you fight a boss. Jack Opoona up to about level 7 or 8 if you want overkill, although I barely managed to whack this guy on 5. The boss will set Opoona on fire, so that's where most of your HP will vanish to. Set your Force to the High spell to heal Opoona if you run out of items. The homing spells (or anything that reduces damage) is unreliable. If you need more killing power, pick up the Weight Plus core at the Shop Tokione, but stack it with the free Weight Plus in a treasure shell behind the boss (get it, equip it, then fight the little squit). Once you win, Mr. Shine-O-Ball-O can move onto the new dome.

After you defeat the boss, go back to the Tokione Admin Tower, Library 3F. Talk to the wind spirit for a bonus. Go to the License Center and then the Pod Station when you're ready to roll the dice bro.


From gamesradar.com:

Sage: Welcome. You would be Opoona, right? I am the Sage in charge of this library.
Sage: If you are here to be a student, then take a look at all of our books here. You can do so using the C Button.
Sage: I am sure you will find a dictionary that is just right for your OMP.

A library with books all the way to the ceiling! The living history of the planet has been placed here for all to read.
What's that? On the shelf in front of you is a small IC card wedged in between the books.
It's an OMP expansion card. A "Term Dictionary"!
Opoona has received a Term Dictionary! You can now review words from your OMP!

Sage: I see you found an appropriate data base card for your dictionary.
Sage: Just to let you know, you can add as many as four cards to your OMP.
Sage: I am sure you will find some other useful cards.

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