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Case Study No. 1416: Mrs. Mayito

The Boy Who Loved Literature
This is a video In which I acted as a boy who was in love of my school´s librarian. Filmed and Edited by the 9th Grade Audiovisual Program.
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Marymount Pictures presents
A 9th Grade Audiovisual Production

Sebastian Tamara
Mrs. Mayito


The Boy Who Loved Literature

[scene opens with a young boy reading Sun Pin's "Military Methods of the Art of War" (occasionally looking at something off camera and smiling broadly), as The Turtles' "Happy Together" plays in the background]
[cut to an older female librarian (short black hair, white blouse, brown pants) walking up to the boy and putting her hand on his head]
MAYITO: Do you like your book?
[he smiles and nods]
MAYITO: Wonderful!
[she leaves, as the boy sighs and watches her go with a big smile on his face]
[cut to a man with a long blonde ponytail (he whips it around in slow motion) entering the library, as ominous music plays, then he takes off his sunglasses and points at the boy (with his voice overdubbed to simulate an old kung fu movie)]
DANGELING MODIFIER: What is that little wimpy decrepit nerd from "Grammar Girl" think he's doing in my library?!
[his "hair whip" motion is played again in reverse, then cut to a closeup of the boy reading his book, when he starts rubbing his eyes (as if he's very tired)]
[cut back to footage of the man taking off his glasses]
[cut back to the boy, who lays his head down on the book and goes to sleep]
[cut back to the man, who points off camera]
DANGELING MODIFIER: Ninjas! Here, now! On the double! Let's go!
[cut to three young "ninjas" jumping into the library in slow motion]
NINJA #1: Waa haa!
NINJA #2: Yee whoo!
NINJA #3: Let's go!
[the camera jumps between each ninja and the man, as they all take off their sunglasses]
DANGELING MODIFIER: Little ninjas, subdue this character Mayito! I will have my revenge over that chump, Literature Boy!
[the man shakes his fist towards the librarian]
DANGELING MODIFIER: There will be blood shed!
[footage of the man's "hair whip" motion is played in reverse]
DANGELING MODIFIER: Well, there it is!
[the footage of everyone taking off their sunglasses is played in reverse (so it appears they're putting their sunglasses back on)]
[cut to the librarian's desk, as the three ninjas sneak towards her while someone off camera hums the "Mission Impossible" theme]
[cut to the three ninjas popping up behind the librarian, as they put a purple bag over her head (and a "woman screaming" sound effect is played)]
[cut to the three ninjas smiling broadly as they carry the "librarian" over their heads and out of the library]
[cut to the boy waking up, as he notices the librarian being kidnapped and stands up with an angry look on his face (while Scorpion's "C'mere!" from the "Mortal Kombat" arcade game is played)]
["Chapter One, Words of Wisdom" appears on screen, then cut to the boy (now wearing a karate gi) approaching another kid wearing white robes and sitting in the lotus position]
[cut to a closeup of the boy, as he bows to the "master" (while their voices are similarly overdubbed to simulate an old kung fu movie)]
BOY: Master.
MASTER: Grasshopper, you have arrived.
BOY: I need your help.
MASTER: Ah, you must seek the thing you love the most ... literature! Only then will you find Mayito.
["Meanwhile ... " appears on screen, then cut to the librarian with her hands tied together and duct tape over her mouth, as the man approaches (whipping his ponytail back and removing his sunglasses)]
DANGELING MODIFIER: Oh, Mayito! It is you! Normally you're yelling at everybody in the library!
[he moves in closer]
DANGELING MODIFIER: Nothing to say today? Oh, you're in the library! You're in the library!
[he puts his sunglasses back on]
DANGELING MODIFIER: Do you like my sunglasses?
[the footage is played in reverse (so it looks like he's putting the sunglasses back on)]
[cut to a shot of the librarian, as she struggles]
DANGELING MODIFIER: Hmm, recess is over! Is that right? Is recess over for you, Mayito? Do you remember where you are? Remember where you are! No!
[he moves behind her]
DANGELING MODIFIER: Do you have something to say?
[he takes off the duct tape over her mouth, as she "screams" (actually another sound effect from the "Mortal Kombat" arcade game]
[the footage is played in reverse, so it looks like the man is putting the duct tape back over her mouth]
[the footage of the man taking off his sunglasses is played back and forth, then the librarian "screams" again]
["Chapter Two, the Path to Red Demption" appears on screen, then cut to boy climbing a stairwell before running into another kid dressed in black]
["Level Two, the Mask of the Red Death" appears on screen, while Shang Tsung's "Round two, fight!" from the "Mortal Kombat" arcade game is played]
[cut to the boy and the bad guy squaring off (as the footage switches to a red tint and their voices are again overdubbed)]
BOY: Who are you, and where is Mayito?
BAD GUY #1: Ah, I am the Mask of the Red Death, and I kill you!
BOY: Oh yeah, and what is the meaning of the story?
[the boy punches him in the face]
BOY: It is a metaphor!
[he punches him again]
BOY: Death is inevitable!
BAD GUY #1: Ah ha ha, you're stupid! I represent the--
BOY: Don't laugh at me!
BAD GUY #1: I laugh at you because you're stupid! I am death!
BOY: Oh yeah?
[he punches him again, then cut to a closeup of the bad guy's face (his sunglasses are askew and he appears to be very dizzy)]
BAD GUY #1: Ohhhh ...
[he punches him again, then cut to the bad guy unconscious on the floor, as the kid steps on his stomach before heading up the stairwell again]
[cut to the boy running into another kid wearing a top hat]
["Level Three, Plot Diagram" appears on screen, while Shang Tsung's "Round three, fight!" from the "Mortal Kombat" arcade game is played]
[cut to a closeup of the boy, as he takes a pen and paper from behind his back, then closes his eyes and concentrates]
[cut to footage of the boy drawing a diagram (consisting of a straight line marked "setting" leading to a dotted line marked "rising action" going up, and followed by a dotted line marked "falling action" going down, before ending with another straight line marked "resolution"), super-imposed over shots of the bad guy being beat up by "phantom punches" (while the boy simply sits on the floor)]
[cut to a closeup of the bad guy (while Shang Tsung saying "Brutality!" is played), as he falls down]
[cut to the boy, as he stops writing and looks over at his fallen foe]
BOY: Huh?
[he pumps his fist in celebration]
BOY: Yes!
[he gets up, humming to himself as he heads for the stairwell ... then stops, turns back, and steps on the bad guy's stomach before resuming his climb upwards]
["Through the Tunnel" appears on screen, then cut to footage of the boy crawling up the stairs on his belly, as someone off camera speaks in (what sounds like) Chinese]
NARRATOR: [translated] A long time ago, a boy gained courage and overcame his fears. By passing through a tunnel, he was looking for acceptance ... but he realized that first, he needed to accept himself as he was.
["Final Chapter, the boss" appears on screen, then cut to the boy entering a room where the librarian is being held ... and the man (now wearing a Zorro mask and sitting cross-legged on the table behind her) summons his ninjas to stand between them]
DANGELING MODIFIER: Ninjas, decapitate this punk!
[they run towards the boy, but he punches each one in the face and knocks them down (as more "Mortal Kombat" sound effects play in the background)]
[cut to slow motion footage of the man walking up to the boy (as dramatic music plays), where they both square off for the final battle]
DANGELING MODIFIER: It is time ... I am going to rip that face off!
[they both wind up their fists ... but the boy simply bops him in the nose (as Shang Tsung says "No!") and the man goes down in a heap]
[cut to slow motion footage of the librarian (now suddenly untied) getting up and running towards the boy with outstretched arms, as The Carpenters' "Close To You" plays in the background]
[cut to the boy running (also in slow motion) towards the librarian to embrace her, when he suddenly gets a confused look on his face]
MAYITO: [from off camera] Okay, guys ... High school students! Recess is over, go back to your classes! Okay, let's go!
[the boy looks around (still running in slow motion towards the librarian)]
MAYITO: [from off camera] Let's go! Go back to your classes! Recess is over!
[cut to the boy (now back in the library face down in his book), as he wakes up and stretches out his arm (still thinking he's going to hug the librarian), when he gets a disappointed look on his face when he realizes it was all just a dream]
[cut to slow motion footage of the librarian telling everyone to leave the library, as Peter Gabriel's "Book of Love" plays in the background]
[cut back to the boy, as he shakes his head in disappointment, then puts the book in his backpack and leaves ... but the camera lingers and shows that the man with the ponytail was sitting behind him, hiding his face in a copy of "Caras" magazine]
[cut to the boy walking out of the library (as "Happy Together" plays again), and "The End" appears on screen]

Sebastian Tamara as:
The boy/grasshopper

Mrs. Mayito as:

Mr. Oelrich as:
Dangeling Modifier

Camilo Espinoza as:
The Master

Felipe Londono as:
Ninja No.3

Andres Movilla as:
Ninja No.2

Alvaro Guijarro as:
Ninja No.1

Daniel Londono as:
Bad Guy No.1

Antonio Solano as:
Bad Guy No.2

Mr. Gio

People that never made it in the movie

The 9th grade audiovisual production company

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