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Case Study No. 1465: Unnamed Female Librarian (Cyber Seduction, His Secret Life)

Cyber Seduction (8/11)
Cyber Seduction [His secret life]
Jeremy Sumpter^^ xD
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[scene opens in the Hoover High School library, as student Justin Petersen is sitting at one of the computer terminals (ostensibly working on a paper), when he looks around suspiciously]
[cut to the front desk, where an older female librarian (hair in a bun, glasses, white cardigan sweater with a high collar) flips through a book with a highlighter pen]
[cut back to Justin, who (satisfied that she's not paying attention) takes a USB drive out of his pocket and plugs it into the computer (no doubt to block the school's filtering software), then checks the search engine "Snoop EZ" for porn sites]
[cut to a closeup of the computer monitor (with pictures of several skimpily-clad girls), when an African American male student walks behind Justin]
[cut to Justin nervously looking around, as he quickly switches windows back to his Word document]
[satisfied that the student didn't see anything, Justin goes back to the porn site (now featuring video of a woman in a negligee]
[cut to a young female student sitting down at a table across from Justin ... he recognizes her from a porn site he's visited previously, so he returns to "Monica's Page"]
[he looks over at the girl (who's writing something down and doesn't notice him), then clicks on a link which shows video of Monica teasing that she's going to take off her top]
[cut to a shot of Monica as she continues to do homework, then to an extreme closeup of Justin's eyeball (which shows the reflection of the computer monitor)]



Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life is an original Lifetime television movie which was first broadcast on June 20, 2005. It was directed by Tom McLoughlin and written by Wesley Bishop and Richard Kletter. The movie stars Jeremy Sumpter, Kelly Lynch, and Lyndsy Fonseca. It is now available on DVD.

The film has become an internet phenomenon due to its overzealous portrayal of internet pornography and its obvious heavy bias on pushing a Christian agenda.

Justin Petersen is a popular 16-year-old high school student and a successful swimmer with a steady girlfriend, Amy. Justin's coach announces that Justin has made the All-State team, which pleases his parents, particularly his mother Diane, who used to swim as well.

Justin is introduced to internet pornography when a friend sends him a link to a softcore featuring Monica, a fellow student who has a crush on him. Captivated, Justin is then exposed to a porn film at a party, and later browses more explicit pornographic websites, only to be caught by his mother. It is easy for Diane to be aware of her son's behavior, as Justin does little to make his activities clandestine. Throughout the film, he continues to view pornographic images in public places, making little effort to cover his tracks.

Justin's late nights in front of the computer and increasing obsession with porn soon impact upon his lap times. He betrays Amy's trust by downloading porn onto her PDA, and exposes his younger brother Alex to porn, leaving Alex queasy. Justin begins to gain a reputation at school of being a "porn freak" after showing his friends S&M porn. Eventually, his addiction causes him to almost miss the All-State swim finals, where he places third. Discovering a CD-R titled Virgin Vaginas, Diane confronts Justin and moves his computer into the living room. This, however, does not stop him. Justin continues to surf the web for porn, eventually racking up extensive bills on his parents' credit cards. He goes to the extent of using a computer in the school library to access porn and gets caught hacking the internet firewall. As a result, he is suspended from the swim team and placed on overall probation.

Justin becomes closer to Monica and increasingly ignores Amy. After being pressured to have sex with him, Amy puts the brakes on their relationship, finding Justin's attitude towards sexual matters to be repulsive. However, when Monica tries to seduce him, Justin hesitates, and an angry Monica kicks him out of her house. Monica throws a physical tantrum alone after feeling rejected by Justin and bangs her own head, causing it to bleed. Soon after, Justin endeavours to make amends with Amy. After leaving Amy's house, he is noticed by another schoolmate, who relays to other schoolmates that he is near. Monica is seen in a restaurant with noticeable face injuries, and it is presumed she told others that Justin was responsible for them. The schoolmates beat Justin up on the street, disturbed by his reputation and the alleged incident with Monica.

Depressed after being physically attacked, Justin arrives at the school's swimming pool and leaps in, presumably to drown himself. Earlier in the movie, he would be under the water fantasizing about women and porn, but this time he thinks of all the things he has to live for. He saves himself and apparently breaks his addiction.



Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life (2005, made for TV). Jeremy Sumpter as popular high school sophomore Justin Petersen develops an addiction to internet porn. When his parents disconnect the internet at home, he finds it on the high school library computer. But he gets caught.

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