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Case Study No. 1435: "The portrayal of librarians in comic books (Part II)"

The portrayal of librarians in comic books (Part II)

Alfeo Cardinal Spinosa (Doctor Strange Vol. 2 No. 39)
Librarian at Riverdale Public Library (Archie No. 365)
The Librarian (Four Color No. 521)
Miss Dewey (Betty No. 165)
Yvette "Boy Toy" Johnston (Marvel Year-in-Review '93)
Kimberly Crotchet, Librarian of Tomorrow (The Cereal Killings No. 1)
Librarian of the Coot Memorial Library (Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge Adventures No. 14)
Brother Theodore (Doom 2099 No. 13)
Librarian at Central City Library (Adventure Comics No. 465)
Minister of Tome (Gambit No. 4)
Regina Depas (Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Call of Wonderland No. 1)
Librarian (House of Mystery No. 139)
Helen (I Love You No. 36)
Kara Soki (Grease Monkey)
Mr. Watkins (Menace No. 1)
Librarian (Millie the Model No. 33)
Librarian at the Toronto Reference Library (Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life)
Librarian at Old Salem Library (Sabrina, the Teen-Age Witch No. 24)
Ellie Cranton (The Original Shield No. 2)
Jeremiah (Sonice the Hedgehog No. 65)
Valerie the Librarian/Spider-Woman (Spidey Super Stories No. 11)
The Librarian (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode No. 4)
Lord Librarian of Omnipotence City (Thor: God of Thunder No. 3)
Holly LaDonna (Vision & Scarlet Witch No. 1)
Librarian at the Public Witch Library (Wendy the Good Little Witch No. 92)
The Librarian (Deathblow and Wolverine No. 2)
Jane Case (Wonder Woman No. 51)
Librarian at the New York Public Library (X-Terminators No. 3)
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Doctor Strange Vol 2 #39
February, 1980
"The Old Dark House"

Alfeo Cardinal Spinosa (a priest who serves as curator of the Vatican's San Gabriel Archives and an old friend of Dr. Strange) has come to his Sanctum Sanctorium with evidence that shows that Baron Morodo had robbed the Archives. Rushing to the room where Mordo had been kept since he went insane, Strange realizes that Mordo has long since left, leaving a mystical construct in his place. Finally discovering the ruse, Strange feels like he has been taken for a fool. After reflecting on the past events, Strange wonders if they have all been connected. After getting some comfort from Clea, Stephen decides to leave his investigation of the death of Sara Wolfe's boyfriend for the more pressing matter of dealing with Baron Mordo, and leaves Clea behind to search for Wong who has been missing without a trace.

Clea's searching brings her to China town where she finds that nobody wants to tell her where Wong is. Her search draws the attention of the people who kidnap Wong who send people after her. Her search is further interrupted by the arrival of Shadow Demons from the Dark Dimension that begin to follow her. Clea then flees the scene, and runs into Sara Wolfe. With her help she flees back to Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorium.

Meanwhile, Dr. Strange and Alfeo have travelled to France due to seek out Lord Julian Phyfe, because the mystic had shown previous interest in Mordo in the past. While approaching Phyfe's home, Alfeo is seemingly killed and Strange is knocked out. Back in the States, Clea wishes to be able to investigate Wong's disappearance further but cannot do so with the Shadow Demon's following her. With Sara's co-operation she casts a spell that makes Clea appear as Sara and vice-versa so that Clea can leave the Sanctum and fool the Shadow Demons into thinking it is Sara that is leaving the house instead of herself.

Back in France, Strange revives and finds himself strapped to an operating table surrounded by a bunch of undead doctors who are about to operate on him. Strange uses his Eye of Agamotto to stun them and free himself. As Strange frees himself he is attacked by a being that appears to be Hippocrates the ancient Greek physician. Strange tries to fight off his attacker but finds himself transported seemingly back in time to the point in his life prior to meeting the Ancient One when he was but a drunk derelict after the injury that took away his steady hand and his career as a successful surgeon. Stumbling out of the bar, Strange is confronted by aperrations of Clea and Mordo who scoff at him and mockingly toss him money to buy another drink. Suddenly the scene shifts and Strange finds himself in an operating room, his back pocket stuffed with money, and he is being asked to perform an operation, however his hand is far from steady.

When he pulls the sheet off his intended patient, he finds that it is his old lover Madeline St. Germaine. Shocked back to reality, the Sorcerer Supreme realizes that he was almost tricked into performing a sacrifice on his old love, and fights off the cultists that are trying to kill her, this sets Phyfe's home ablaze. Strange manages to flee the scene with Madeline who revives and is shocked to see her old amour after such a long time.

Realizing that Alfeo is truly dead, killed at the hands of the cultists, Strange is told by Madeline that Lord Phyfe is now working for Baron Mordo, and that Mordo himself intends to cast a spell to open the Seven Gates of Chaos, which will ultimately destroy the Earth.



Archie #365
(March 1989)
Archie, 1962 Series

Borrow Sorrow/Beat Treat
Archie; Josie And The Pussycats / filler / 1 page


Script: ?
Pencils: ?
Inks: ?
Colors: Barry Grossman
Letters: Bill Yoshida

Content Information

Genre: humor
Characters: Archie; Librarian; Josie McCoy; Valerie Brown; Melody Valentine
Synopsis: Archie explains an overdue library book; Melody finds the right Beat/Beet.

Indexer Notes

One half page is Archie : Borrow Sorrow gag, other half is Josie And The Pussycats : Beat Treat gag.

Librarian: Young man, your library book is three weeks late!
Archie: I know!
Archie: It was so interesting I forgot it was due!
Librarian: Really? What's it about?
Archie: How to improve your memory!



Four Color #521
(December 1953)
Dell, 1942 Series

[The Librarian]
Beetle Bailey / comic story / 3 pages


Script: Mort Walker
Pencils: Mort Walker
Inks: Fred Rhoads
Colors: ?
Letters: Fred Rhoads

Content Information

Genre: humor
Characters: Beetle Bailey; Killer
Synopsis: A librarian puts Killer in his place when he gets fresh with her.

Indexer Notes

Script, pencils, inks, and letters credits for this sequence from "Beetle Bailey's Secret Life" by Craig Shutt, Hogan's Alley #12 (2004).

Beetle Bailey: What a damper this rain put on our week-end!
Killer: Zzzzz
Librarian: Shhhh!
Killer: Zzzz
Librarian: He can't snore like that in the library!
Beetle Bailey: You better let me wake him. He always starts cussing out the Sarge in a loud voice when he wakes up!
Killer: Dadblast um-mum-uh mumble umph-um ...
Librarian: Take him out of here!
Killer: [shoes squeak]
Librarian: Shhhh!
Killer: Let me sit down a minute, I'm groggy!
Killer: [sits on tack] Yeow!
Librarian: [points to QUIET sign] For the last time!
Killer: Did you ever sit on a tack quietly?
Beetle Bailey: Maybe if you'd find him a good book, he'd keep still!
Librarian: What would you like, mystery? Adventure? Romance?
Killer: [grabs her] Silly girl!
Beetle Bailey: He means he'd like a book about women!
Librarian: Women?
Killer: Yeah, you know... women!
Librarian: We have a book here called "Women Down Through the Ages!"
Librarian: I think it's up here on the top shelf!
Killer: [looks at the librarian on the ladder and whistles]
Librarian: [hits him with another QUIET sign] I think he'll be quiet now!
Beetle Bailey: He's a little too quiet to suit me!



Betty #165
(July 2007)
Archie, 1992 Series

My Loss Is My Gain
Betty / comic story / 6 pages


Script: Mike Pellowski
Pencils: Stan Goldberg
Inks: John Lowe
Colors: Barry Grossman
Letters: Jack Morelli

Content Information

Genre: teen; humor
Characters: Betty Cooper; Jughead Jones; Miss Dewey (a librarian); Archie Andrews; Veronica Lodge; Pop Tate (cameo)
Synopsis: Betty offers to buy Jughead a soda with her last five dollars. But when Betty can't find it, she and Jughead retrace her steps to locate it.


* in Betty and Veronica Double Digest Magazine (Archie, 1987 series) #202 (August 2012)




Real Name: Yvette Johnston

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Former librarian

Group Membership: None (petitioned to join Avengers, but presumably they rejected her)

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Unrevealed

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed - presumably NYC

First Appearance: (Mentioned) Marvel Year-in-Review '93 (1993)

Powers/Abilities: Boy-Toy possesses an impossibly pulchitrudinous body, allowing her to distract (straight male and gay female) criminals by flashing her legs at them.

History: (Marvel Year-in-Review '93) - Yvette Johnston was a mousy librarian until her mutant powers emerged, transforming her into an exaggerated version of an adolescent male's ideal fantasy woman. Realizing she had to use her newfound measurements for the benefit of society, she petitioned (unsuccessfully) to join the Avengers, and became the superheroine Boy-Toy.

Quote: "When mousy librarian Yvette Johnston's mutant powers manifested themselves, she became the living embodiment (and we do mean em-BODY-ment) of a comic book female. Realizing she had to use her newfound measurements for the benefit of society, she petitioned to join the Avengers. Now Boy-Toy flashes her gams to distract both criminals and ostracized overgrown adolescents alike!"

Comments: Created by Tom Brevoort and Mike Kanterovich.

Boy-Toy was one of five joke characters whose origins were given in the Marvel Year-in-Review '93 for the article "I created a new character for Marvel and all I got was this lousy trading card!", which took a derisory look at the spate of new characters introduced in Marvel's 1993 annuals (Face Thief, Bantam, etc.). After ridiculing the characters who had actually appeared, the article then listed "...and the ones that got away", noting "Believe it or not, there were some characters who didn't make the cut for the Superstars of Tomorrow. That's right...they were too weak even to fit in with this bunch. Here's a peek." Only a paragraph worth of text description was given, and no images, so the details above are pretty much the entirety of the character's existence. Joke character or not, she's Appendix worthy, and presumably is owned by Marvel, should some demented writer ever decide to actually use her.

Each character, both those that had been used and the five parodies, had bullet-points listing the schticks the new characters embodied. In Boy-Toy's case, it was "Mutant or Mutant Wannabe" and "Physically Challenged" - there's no mention of any disability in her description though, unless her exaggerated measurements count.



The Cereal Killings #1
(March 1992)
Fantagraphics, 1992 Series

Kimberly Crotchet Librarian of Tomorrow / comic story / 1 page

Script: Dikkers
Pencils: James Sturm
Inks: James Sturm
Letters: James Sturm

Content Information
Characters: Kimberly Crotchet
Synopsis: Kimberly throws a vagrant out of the library

Indexer Notes

1. An old man is reading the newspaper.
Kimberly Crotchet Thought Balloon: You don't know his name.
2. The old man falls asleep.
Kimberly Crotchet Thought Balloon: But he's been here every morning for as long as you can remember.
Kimberly Crotchet Thought Balloon: He comes to read the newspaper.
3. The librarian has his arms crossed.
Kimberly Crotchet Thought Balloon: Another fine service provided by the library.
4. The old man is sleeping.
Kimberly Crotchet Thought Balloon: Today he's sleeping.
Kimberly Crotchet Thought Balloon: His snoring isn't inordinately loud.
Kimberly Crotchet Thought Balloon: You're almost willing to look the other way.
5. The old man is drooling.
Kimberly Crotchet Thought Balloon: Then you see something glistening near his lower lip.
6. The librarian pokes the old man's shoulder.
7. Closeup of the librarian's glasses.
Kimberly Crotchet: The Y.M.C.A. is down the street. This is the public library.
8. The old man wakes up.
Old Man: Oh, I'm sorry. Did I doze off? I'm sorry. It's this cockamamie new mediation I'm on. I'm sorry.
9. The old man looks sleepy.
Old Man: Certainly didn't intend to . . .
10. The old man falls asleep.
Old Man: . . . Doze . . .
11. The librarian reaches for the phone.
Kimberly Crotchet Thought Balloon: You gave the vagrant one chance.
12. The librarian whispers into the phone.
Kimberly Crotchet: This is the public library. Get me the police.
13. A cop car pulls up in front of the library.
14. The librarian points the two cops towards the old man.
15. The cops grab the old man.
Cop: Nap time's over, pal. Let's go.
Old Man: Huh? What? Hey, what's the idea? Wait a minute!
16. The cops drag the old man out of the library as the librarian watches.
Old Man: I tell ya it's this darn medication I'm taking. You got no right! I've been comin' here 30 years! You got no right!
Old Man: This is an outrage!
Old Man: I tell ya this is an outrage!



Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge Adventures #14
(August 1989)
Gladstone, 1987 Series

His Majesty, McDuck
Uncle Scrooge / comic story / 28 pages


Script: Don Rosa
Pencils: Don Rosa
Inks: Don Rosa
Colors: Mike McCormick
Letters: John Clark
Job Number: AR 145

Content Information

Genre: adventure; anthropomorphic-funny animals
Characters: Uncle Scrooge; Donald Duck; Huey; Dewey; Louie; Beagle Boys; Librarian of the Coot Memorial Library; Cornelius Coot (flashback); Sir Francis Drake (flashback); Akers MacCovet
Synopsis: Scrooge finds that the hill the Money Bin is on was originally claimed by Sir Francis Drake and eventually came into possession of Cornelius Coot and then to Scrooge. It turns out that the 10-acres hill is an independent country and Scrooge declares himself king. He finds that owning a country may not be as good as it seems.

Indexer Notes

The panel in which Cornelius Coot's journal is removed from a vault in the Coot Library for reading is a direct homage to a scene from Citizen Kane.

Librarian: The directors of the Coot Memorial Library have asked me to remind you again, Mr. McDuck, of the conditions under which you may inspect certain portion of Mr. Coot's unpublished memoirs!
Scrooge: That's all right! I'm just looking for one . . .
Librarian: You may come with me! You will be required to leave this room at 4:30 promptly!
Librarian: You will confine yourself, it is our understanding, to the chapters in Mr. Coot's manuscript regarding Fort Duckberg! Pages 83 to 142!
Scrooge: Yes'm!


* in Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge Adventures in Color (Gladstone, 1997 series) #4 (8 July 1997)
* in Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge (Gemstone, 2003 series) #331 (July 2004)



Moore, John Francis (writer). "Harvest of a Quiet Eye."
Doom 2099 #13 Jan. 1994 (NY: Marvel). (Reprinted in Best of Marvel 1994).

Brother Theodore, a librarian of a small Byzantine monastery, whose job is to keep the collection hidden from outsiders, is killed by supervillain "Necrotek" while trying to access information from a database. Superpowered "Doom" performs a successful database search (cross reference visual search name and variations: nekrotek), which provides him with the spell needed to defeat Necrotek.



"Who Is Invading Central City" (The Flash) / Don Heck, pencils; Joe Giella, inks; Cary Bates, script; Gene D'Angelo, colors; Ben Oda, letters; 12 p. in Adventure Comics, no. 465 (Sept./Oct. 1979).

SUMMARY: The librarian thinks the Flash (incognito) is "a strange man" because he insists that he can listen to all of the audiotapes in stock in 33 minutes.

Librarian: "Here you go, Mr. Allen -- This is the last of them!"
Librarian: "But I'm afraid I can only let you use the listening room until 10:00. It's already been signed out for the rest of the day!"
Barry Allen: "Thank you, Miss! You've been very helpful!"
Librarian: "I still don't understand why you signed out our entire stock of sound effects tapes! You couldn't possibly listen to more than one or two before 10:00!"
Barry Allen: "Let's just say I'm a fast listener! See you in 33 minutes!"
Librarian: "What a strange man you are!"



Gambit (3rd series) # 4

Issue Date: May 1999

Story Title: Old Wounds, Fresh Blood !

Staff: Fabian Nicieza (writer), Steve Skroce (penciler), Rob Hunter, Hanna and Koblish (inker), Shannon Blanchard (colorist), Rick Starkings & Comicraft's Jason and Troy (letters), Mark Powers (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description:
Gambit is called to New Orleans by Tante Mattie and Jean-Luc LeBeau. They alert him to Fontanelle invading their dreams. Also currently a vampire is in New Orleans, he attacked one of the Antiquary's slave children. With the Antiquary absent, his ministers make a deal with the LeBeaus. They gain access to the Antiquary's library in exchange for them dealing with the vampire who, controlling the slave children, already has made his way into it. With Blade's help, Remy and his father destroy the vampire. The X-Cutioner trains his lackeys for their next move against Gambit. Fontanelle dreamscapes Carter Ryking, a youth friend of Charles Xavier. They met an old woman who said „Black Womb". The Pig sends the Mengo Brothers after a young boy named Shiro, who is the source of the yellow, mindcontrolling gas seen last issue.

Full Synopsis:
Chicault is a former Assassin who is now a vampire, and he has been attacking children in the Antiquary's collection in New Orleans. Blade interrupts, and much window glass is broken, but the vampire gets away.

Tante Mattie summons Remy home, to a cabin outside the city. She says Fontanelle and the Antiquary are after him; his father Jean-Luc arrives with the boy Jerome, who was attacked last night.

Tome and Hoard, ministers of the Antiquary's Thieves Guild, inform Bella Donna that her dead Assassin is actually undead and is killing their clan; Remy arranges to overhear.

Fontanelle investigates Ryking's dreams; he was a boyhood friend of Prof. Xavier in Alamogordo, and he saw an old woman there who said "black womb."

Denti has been preparing his new team, the former Elysian Guard, to catch Remy, and he plans to use Rogue as bait.

Remy searches the graveyards all day for Chicault; at dusk Blade attacks him, assuming him to be a vampire because he has red eyes. After the misunderstanding is cleared up, they talk and ally to go to the Antiquary's museum. He has apparently been missing for years; Tome and Hoard are curators now, keeping the Antiquary's operations alive. Clan LeBeau offers to stop Chicault if they get access to the library.

During the original attack Chicault bit Jerome on the wrist, apparently enough to have some mental hold over the boy. At night he instructs him to bite the rest of the Antiquary's slave children. They open the door for him; he enters the library, planning to spend his eternity doing historical research in order to gain information on the "Old Kingdom." Blade, Remy, and Jean-Luc attack. Blade decapitates the vampire, and the children revert back to normal and are freed. In exchange for freeing the children, the Antiquary's ministers Tome and Hoard are allowed to keep Chicault's notebook, which contains years of his research.

The Pig stops torturing the Mengos for their failures and sends them after a boy named Shirow, who is the source of the mind-controlling gas (last issue) and has escaped with Zoe, who drives with him towards New Orleans.

Jean-Luc LeBeau, adoptive father
Tante Mattie Baptiste
Blade, vampire hunter
Jerome Mounchier, a boy from New Orleans
Zoe Ishihara, Thieves Guild member
Shirow Ishihara, her younger brother
Bella Donna Boudreaux, Gambit's (ex-)wife
Francois Chicault, undead vampire, former member of Assasin Guild
Minister of Tome, librarian of the Thieves Guild
Minister of Hoard, accountant of the Thieves Guild

Fontanelle / Gloria Dayne
Grigori and Stanislaus Mengo
The Pig
X-Cutioner / Carl Denti
Mariah Ellenthrope, Jack Farley, Cosmo Stephanopoulous (former Elysian Guards )

In dream sequence :
Professor Charles Xavier, Carter Ryking, as children
Amanda Mueller / Black Womb

Bella Donna is named as Gambit's ex-wife, though a divorce has never been mentioned so far.

Carter Ryking and Professor Xavier as children being connected to the Alamogordo project picks up a dangler from X-Men (2nd series) #12-13.



Regina Depas is the Queen of Spades. It is unknown whether this is her real name or not since Regina means "queen" and Depas is "spades" rearanged. It is how she introduced herself to Julie Sands and is the only name other than Queen of Spades associated with her.

Status: Alive
Species: Highborn
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green?

The character's first major appearance was as a background character in the series "Alice in Wonderland." As Alice tries to make her way through Wonderland various evil entities try to use her for their own aspirations to power. The Queen of Spades is among these but unlike the others she actually aids Alice as she sees this benefiting herself better in the long run. As Alice is finally ready to escape Wonderland she sees the chaos that the Queen of Spades has helped let loose on the Liddle family.

The Queen's next appearance is in "Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Call of Wonderland #1", where she poses as a librarian who just transferred from Tulane University; she knows Julie is doing a paper on Lovecraft and gives her a book. She also appears in the central book of "Grimm Fairy Tales" as well as its offshoot "Bad Girls."



"Your Free Trip Around the World!"
1 p. public service in House of Mystery, no. 139 (Dec. 1963).

[Panel 1 shows two boys talking to an old-timey sea captain on a pier]
Captain: "And when we got to the top of that mountain in Peru, 7,000 feet high, there she was, Machu Picchu, the famous lost city of the Incas!"
Boy 1: "Gosh Captain, you've been all around the world... "
[Panel 2 shows one of the boys and the captain talking]
Boy 2: "I sure would like to see some of those places you told us about... "
Captain: "When you're older, son, maybe you'll be able to travel around... But you don't have to wait until then -- I'll show you a ship that'll take you places right now!
[Panel 3 shows the three standing in front of a public library]
Boy 2: "Huh! This is just the public library! They got nothing here but a lot of books!"
Captain: "That's my Land Ship, son -- Let's go aboard!"
[Panel 4 shows the boys looking at books]
Boy 1: "Say, here's a book about Lawrence of Arabia... And another one about Genghis Khan in China... "
Boy 2: "I got one all about hunting lions in Africa... "
[Panel 5 shows a blonde librarian standing behind the front desk, as she watches the two boys hold up books as they talk to the sea captain]
Boy 2: "Thanks for steering us straight, Captain. We'll have some great trips -- and all for free!"
Boy 1: "I'll have some stories to tell YOU, Captain, after I finish this book... "
[Panel 6 shows the sea captain smoking a pipe]
Boy 1: "It's all about space travel! I'm even going places YOU haven't been to yet!"

"Published as a public service in cooperation with the National Social Welfare Assembly, coordinating organization for national health, welfare and recreation agencies of the U.S."

Call no.: PN6728.2.N3H6no.139



I Love You #36
(September 1961)
Charlton, 1955 Series

Romance / comic story / 7 pages


Script: ?
Pencils: ?
Inks: Vince Colletta ?
Colors: ?
Letters: ?
Job Number: A-119

Content Information

Genre: romance
Characters: Frank Potter, Helen
Synopsis: Therapist at mental hospital romances new librarian. He used to be a patient.

Indexer Notes

From the cover: "Mount Crest was a mental hospital... One of the few that had resisted change... It was there I met Frank Potter... chief therapist! We fell in love... but a secret shadow stood in the way of our happiness!"



Grease Monkey is a comic book created by Tim Eldred. There were two issues published in color by Kitchen Sink Press in 1996, then Image Comics reprinted the first four stories in black and white in 1998. Currently Tor Books has it released in book form: the first six stories along with previously unpublished material for a total of twenty four stories plus three vignettes.

A second book, A Tale of Two Species, was published on the internet in 19 chapters, approximately monthly starting in October 2007.

Fifty years prior to the beginning of the series, an alien armada attacked Earth, killing sixty percent of the human population. Then, a group of alien benefactors showed up to restore Earth. In order to replace the missing sixty percent, they offered to bestow high intelligence to other species. They made this offer to the dolphins first, who declined, then they turned to the gorillas, who accepted. Now Earth is populated both by humans and accelerated gorillas.

The huge battlecruiser called Fist of Earth.

* Robin Plotnik - A young assistant mechanic serving the Barbarians, an all-female fighter squadron stationed on the Fist of Earth.
* McGimben Gimbensky aka Mac - A gorilla who happens to be Chief Mechanic for Barbarian Squadron. A self-styled artist who cares nothing at all for regulations. Robin becomes his assistant and close friend.
* Kara Soki - A librarian and Robin's primary love interest until she leaves for Earth with Jeff Simons.




Real Name: ?? Watkins

Identity/Class: Human sub-species (werewolf; 1950s)

Occupation: Librarian

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Mr. Grey, Katy

Enemies: Harry Higgins

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: 234, East 2nd Street of an unspecified town in the USA

First Appearance: "Poor Mr. Watkins" in Menace #1 (March, 1953)

Powers/Abilities: In his human force Watkins was fearful and had a weak heart. Watkins' curse forced him to transform into a werewolf at midnight. The transformation induced fur, claws and fangs growth and he gained feral instincts and an increased aggresiveness. The transformation did not depend on a full moon.


Mr. Watkins went to work in a library, taking the place of Katy. Katy was tormented by Harry Higgins, a horny joker, and Higgins liked her very much. When Higgins found Watkins in her place, Higgins started to hate Watkins. Watkins became the target of Higgins' jokes and pranks that involved terror, ghosts and vampires. The more Watkins trembled in fear of those stories, the more Higgins was delighted and pulled his leg.

One night Watkins received a visit at home. He wanted to be alone because it was almost midnight, but Higgins was at the door and again jested with Watkins. But when midnight arrived Watkins transformed into a werewolf and attacked Higgins for the last joke.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee (writer) and Werner Roth (artist).

Higgins was very likely killed.

Related Characters:

Harry Higgins was a normal human with the bad habit of making evil jokes. He was indecent and cocky.
Harry liked Katy, a librarian, but she always refused his invitations. One day Harry discovered that Katy had left the job and that her place had been taken by Mr. Watkins.
Watkins became one of Higgins' preferred targets.
One evening Higgins disguised himself as a ghost to scare Watkins. The next night Higgins found Watkins' address on the phone guide and went to find him. He found Watkins scared, but the actual cause of his terror was that it was midnight and he underwent the transformation into a werewolf. Unfortunately for Higgins this last, scary joke was on him.

Katy worked in a library.
Katy was stalked by Harry Higgins and did not like him. She detested his jokes and his cockiness. She switched jobs and moved away. She was substituted by Mr. Watkins.

Mr. Grey was the office head of Katy and Mr. Watkins.
One day Grey heard a shriek in the library. It was Watkins who had been scared by one of Harry Higgins' jokes. Grey asked if there was something wrong.



Millie the Model #33
(March 1952)
Marvel, 1945 Series

The Blonde Bombshell
Millie the Model / cover / 1 page


Script: ?
Pencils: Dan De Carlo
Inks: Dan De Carlo
Colors: ?
Letters: ?

Content Information

Genre: humor
Characters: Millie; Clicker; Librarian

Indexer notes

The cover features an elderly librarian striking a "seductive" pose, as she asks Clicker "Do you see anything you'd like to take out, young man?" He ignores her, instead staring at his girlfriend Millie climbing the step ladder and grabbing a book, screaming "AND HOW!"



Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life is the first book in Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim series. It was released in July 2004, and the colour edition was released in August 2012.

The series begins by introducing Scott Pilgrim, a 23-year-old Canadian slacker living in Toronto with his sarcastic gay roommate Wallace Wells. He has started "dating" a Chinese-Canadian high-school girl, Knives Chau. Although his friends think it's scandalous, since she is only 17, Scott doesn't consider it a big deal as all they do is chat about her school-life. It is implied during a phone conversation with his sister, Stacey Pilgrim, that this relationship is Scott's attempt to get over an ex. He is the bass player in the band Sex Bob-omb, along with his friends Stephen Stills (guitar) Kim Pine (drums) and "Young" Neil Nordegraf (he lives in the house they rehearse in) but Stephen is the only member who is recognized as being "the talent" and the other members rarely take the endeavor very seriously.

One night, Scott begins dreaming about a girl on rollerblades that he's never met; later, he visits the library with Knives when he catches a glimpses of her in real life, delivering a package to the female librarian at the front desk. Her repeated presence in his dreams, and a coincidental meeting at a party thrown by Stephen's on-off girlfriend Julie Powers, prompts him to become obsessed with finding out more about her. He discovers that she is Ramona Flowers, a girl who works for and has recently come to Toronto from New York after a rumored messy break-up with someone named Gideon.



Sabrina, the Teen-Age Witch #24
(February 1975)
Archie, 1971 Series

Research Riot
Sabrina / comic story / 1 page


Script: George Gladir ?
Pencils: Bob Bolling
Inks: Rudy Lapick
Colors: Barry Grossman
Letters: Bill Yoshida

Content Information

Genre: teen
Characters: Sabrina; unnamed head librarian
Synopsis: Sabrina travels to the sorcery library in old Salem to do some research, but the head librarian disappearing in a puff of smoke doesn't provide her with much help.

Indexer Notes

Sabrina: Old Salem! Just the place to help me brush up on my witchcraft!
Sabrina: My first stop will be the library!
Witch Librarian: Can I help you?
Sabrina: I'd like a book on advanced witchcraft!
Witch Librarian: Follow me, please!
Witch Librarian: *PUFF!*
Sabrina: If I could follow her, I wouldn't need a book!



The Original Shield #2
(June 1984)
Archie, 1984 Series

Death of the Shield

The Original Shield / comic story / 12 pages

Script: Marty Greim
Pencils: Dick Ayers
Inks: Rex Lindsey
Colors: Barry Grossman
Letters: Bill Yoshida

Content Information

Characters: Shield [Joe Higgins]; Lisa Carvin; Ed Crisp; Rita Volk; Senator Casey; Ellie Cranton (flashback); Bill Higgins (as a baby); the Eraser (flashback); Cameos: Wizard; Steel Sterling; Black Hood; Dusty; Captain Flag; Sgt. Boyle; Hangman; the Hun; Strangler; the Fang (all as images in Joe's mind).

Synopsis: As Joe passes out in front of Lisa's room from the gas attack, his mind flashes back to his early career, his marriage and the birth of his son. He awakes and goes after Klotz using information supplied by Lisa.

Indexer Notes

Flashback to the Golden Age. Vs Klotz, the Shield's first foe from Pep #1. Flashback to Ellie Cranton, a librarian he first met in 1946 while researching a case at the Library of Congress and whom he would eventually marry, and the birth of Bill (Joe's son). Career recap, including the 1960s.



Jeremiah is a Mobian Great Dane and the grandson of Kirby, the famous history writer. Jeremiah looked up to his grandfather, and adopted his love of history. When Dr. Ivo Robotnik took over Mobotropolis, Jeremiah not only evaded capture and roboticization, but, upon locating the city's abandoned library, secured it from being trashed or damaged and preserved his grandfather's book collection along with the rest of the library's tomes detailing the history of Mobius throughout the time of Robotnik's reign. (StH: #65, #71, #72)

After Robotnik's demise, Dulcy and Amy Rose, exploring a rough section of the still-rebuilding Mobotropolis in search of the library, found Jeremiah. Later, together with Uncle Chuck and Tails, they learned a great deal of Mobius's history, most notably the events leading to the Great War. During Dr. Eggman's invasion of Mobotropolis, Tails, refusing to abandon Jeremiah, took several other Mobians and convinced Jeremiah to leave on the condition that the books be transported to safety as well. (StH: #72, #73, #74, #76, #77, #78, #79)

Jeremiah and his books were eventually relocated to the New Mobotropolis Library. (StH: #178)



Spidey Super Stories #11 (August 1975)


Yes, it's the almost-too-painful to watch debut of the very first-ever Spider-Woman, the one that no one except me counts at all, Valerie the Librarian. We've already seen Valerie beat as many lame villains in her library as Spidey has in all of New York City, so she's a good choice for Spider-Woman. And I'd like to point out to you nay-sayers that she was swinging around as Spider-Woman a year and a half before Jessica Drew was even a gleam in Archie Goodwin's mischievous eye.

It's also old home week for villains this issue, with the return of Doc Ock in the first story complemented by the yawningly dull return of the Vulture in this story. Maybe in the future they can team up as the "Tiresome Twosome" and cause people to fall into spontaneous comas.

This story also marks the beginning of a strange trend in Spidey Super Stories, that of working very odd feminist ideas into the story. Next issue it's the Cat, in a few issues it's Ms. Marvel, and you'll see what I mean. The stories basically promote the idea that "Women should be allowed to do what they want and to do it as well as men", which is a fine feminist idea I support, but seeing it applied to people dressing up in costumes and making absolute idiots of themselves is just bizarre. But I guess women have the right to be made fun of to the same degree as men, so rest assured, I shall make fun of everyone equally.

In Detail...

Mr. Title: Part 1 - The Ms. Behind the Mask!

We see Spidey, Easy Reader (Morgan Freeman!), Valerie, Dopey Eyed Asian Girl, and J. Arthur Crank all leaving the Electric Company studio.
Mr. Caption: It all started on a warm day in May. The show was over, and there was still time for fun.
Mr. Caption: Suddenly, everyone heard a strange noise... high in the sky!
Mr. Strange Noise: FLAP! FLAP!

They look up to see the Vulture robbing the jewelry store that happens to be attached to the Electric Company Studios. Since all major TV studios have jewelry stores on the second story. Something like that. And Spidey takes off swinging after him, to an unrelenting barrage of horrid puns.

Easy: That's the Vulture!
J. Arthur Crank: Hey, didn't he fly south for the winter?
Valerie: Yes, but it's spring now!
Spidey: Oh, and he's doing a little spring cleaning...
Spidey: cleaning out a jewelry store!

You know, I'm almost positive vultures don't fly south for the winter. That kinda makes the whole pun-chain fall apart right at the beginning. Yeah, and that's really a shame, too.

So Spidey jumps on Vulture's back, his absolute favorite plan when dealing with flying super-villains and male strippers, and the Vulture starts falling, tells Spidey they'll crash if he doesn't get off, etc. So Spidey just takes the jewels right out of the Vulture's hand and jumps to a nearby building.

Spider-Man: If you want a nest egg, try WORKING instead of STEALING.

It's bad enough he looks like an old bald hobo who had a terrible accident in a chicken-'n'-glue factory, now you have treat him like a hobo, too? "Yeah, get a job, ya worthless flying bum!" I'm sure you'd kick his cardboard box too if he had one.

Vulture flies off, swears revenge, blah blah blah. Spidey returns the jewels, and then Peter Parker decides he wants to get a sun-tan on some random city roof. So he takes off his Spidey suit, and then puts on a t-shirt and long pants. I don't think Peter really understands what a 'sun-tan' is. Unless you just want to get a face-tan, you actually might need to take off some clothes to get a tan. And I already know Spidey Super Stories is all about showing off the naked guy chests, so it's not that they're afraid to draw it. (See story 2 in this issue. You'll thank me later.)

So then Peter gets a giant mirror (from somewhere on this random roof) to direct extra sunlight at him, yes, since he's going to get so tan anyway fully clothed. Then he webs up his Spider-Man suit, and attaches it to the underside of the gutter on this building. Then he just lies right down on the hot asphalt roof. No blanket or anything.

Peter Parker: The sun is so hot, I could almost fall asleep.
Mr. Caption: And doze he does!

Yeah, between the burning sun and the searing asphalt against your flesh, I bet you can barely keep your eyes open. But Peter has forgotten that his "webbing melts in just one hour". Meanwhile, Valerie of the Electric Company is walking around dejected.

Valerie: Spider-Man has such exciting adventures! What could make me a hero? *She sits down on a crate to brood*
*Suddenly, the hour is up, and the web-bag holding Spider-Man's suit falls right into her lap. PLOP!

This is called irony.

So Valerie takes her new-found Spidey suit with her back to her apartment.
Valerie: *examining the costume* Hmm, I could cut it off here, and take it in there.
Sorry to say this, ladies, but only a woman would find a super-hero costume complete with cool web-shooters and immeadiately start tailoring it so it doesn't make her butt look fat.

So after she finishes adjusting it so it fits snugly (and she also creates a half-inch mask that doesn't even fully cover her eyebrows) she puts it on and throws her body against a wall hoping she'll stick to it. Of course, she falls right off and lands on her butt. Couldn't you just put your gloved hand against the wall and see if it sticks? Is there some pressing political need to show us what a dumbass you can be by flinging yourself at a wall? If so, you've succeeded admirably. Women everywhere salute you.

But lo and behold, Valerie has an idea. Her apartment has a dartboard with those little darts with suction-cups on the end that never, ever in a million years stick to any surface, no matter how hard you throw them or how much you lick them. You know what I'm talking about. But she decides that she's going to sew three mini-plungers each onto her hands and feet, and then she'll be able to stick to walls, provided a passing giant licks her regularly. Yes, these little suction pads aren't even able to support the weight of a tiny plastic dart, but now suddenly they're supposed to hold the weight of a thirty-something librarian with an Afro that by itself weighs six pounds.

Even Mr. Caption knows this is a horrible idea. Among all the idiotic, potentially fatal things this comic has shown kids doing, Mr. Caption tells the readers, "But don't you try this, true believers!" This is a comic that routinely encourages children to take field trips to swamps with man-eating reptiles for company, to topple walls onto themselves in the hopes of gaining super-powers, and to run away from home every time a blimp tells them to do something. And you're worried about them sewing suction-cups to their socks? Puh-leaze.

So Valerie finally tries out the webbing, and she shoots some webs at her dartboard three feet in front of her. She misses completely. Then she practices til her aim is good enough that she can hit part of the dartboard most of the time, and then she jumps out the window, screaming "Here comes Spider-Woman!". That's all the training a super-heroine needs, apparently. And not only can she now fight 'crime', she can organize a library bake-sale like no one's business!

So Peter, oblivious to all this, awakens several hours later to learn why "you should never go to sleep in the sun". And while I thought the reason was so that his skin doesn't actually melt into the asphalt roof below him, he just awakens because he has "Ouch! A sunburn!" He then goes to retrieve his Spidey suit and finds it's gone.

So Peter "creeps along the roofs and alleys" hoping no one will see him use his wall-crawling powers. Why he doesn't just WALK and avoid the whole problem, I don't know. That's probably another five random passerbys who now know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Oh well, screw it, that's barely even a 2% increase in people who know. Drop in the bucket.

So Peter goes and gets his spare Spidey suit, and jumps out of his window and starts patrolling the city, looking for the Vulture. But what he finds first is... "his OTHER SUIT!"

He sees Valerie in her full Spider-outfit clinging for dear life onto a brick wall six stories up.
Spidey: Nice try, Val.
Valerie: You can't hog all the fun, Spidey! This town is big enough for one more Spider-Person.
*She lifts one of her suction-cup hands off the wall and points at Spider-Man. Ahhh, Jesus woman, don't do that. Are you mental?*
Spidey: Well, okay. But yell if you need help!

What? You're going to leave her there? A light breeze or a passing seagull could knock her off the wall at any time and you're just like, "Whatever". And I don't know how effectively she can fight crime, stuck to that brick wall, terrified to move, until the saliva on her suction cups inevitably dries and she goes plummeting to her death. Admittedly, this seems to be what she wants to happen, but you should be able to see through her macho exterior and help the poor girl.

Anyway, Vulture finds Spider-Man at that moment, and punches him in the face two or three times.
Mr. Sound Effect: POW!
Spider-Man: (and this is exactly what he says) OUCH! OUCH! My sunburn hurts when I fight back!

Jeez. I think Spider-Man is the only super-hero in history to be rendered completely useless by a painful sunburn. In fact, being punched a few times by a 65-year old man now renders Spidey unconscious. This sunburn is so earth-shatteringly painful to the touch his brain just shuts down. You ever heard of Calamine lotion, Spidey? Or sun-tan lotion, for that matter?. Anyway, the Vulture finds a giant pile of steel cable lying around and binds Spider-Man's entire body with it, and gets ready to push the semi-conscious Spidey off the roof.

But while all this has been going on, Valerie has slowly (and I mean slowly) been working her way up the side of the building, until she reaches the ledge around the roof. Then after some struggle, she carefully pulls herself onto the roof, being careful not to rip her newly-tailored outfit.

Then she suddenly swings in from high off panel to kick the Vulture in the face right as he's about to push Spidey off the roof. Although there are clearly no taller buildings anywhere near this roof for her to attach her webs to, I'll just let that slide. I'm still trying to figure out how she scaled the damn brick building with tiny suction cup darts. Even if we all pretended we lived in a magical happy land where tiny 1-inch plungers can support a human weight, it's still impossible to get a vacuum seal on anything other than a perfectly smooth, flat surface. So I'm just trying to say she should absolutely be street pizza and not rescuing anyone now thanks to Spidey's callousness. Just so we're all clear on that.

So Val shouts, "Spider-Woman is here!" and the Vulture recovers from her kick and starts flying away. He thinks, "More Spider-people? I'm getting out of here!" Meanwhile, Spider-Man, who only minutes ago was knocked out by someone touching his painful sunburn, now flexes his muscles hard enough to break through the steel cable. How he can do this without knocking himself into total brain death is beyond me. But he's free now, and he and Val both shoot weblines at the Vulture and both web him up together. Suddenly, some cops show up.

Spider-Man: Here officers, cage him!
Valerie: The Vulture just turned into a jailbird!
Well, I'll say this for Valerie, at least she's got Spidey's pun-sense down pat. Not that this is a good thing.

Okay, now onto the part that surreal part of Spidey Super Stories that makes even less sense than the rest of it. Because suddenly, all of the suction-cup pads on Val's outfit just spontaneously fall off.

Mr. Caption: It looks like Valerie's wall-crawling days are over... for now!
Val: Spidey, how do you do it?
Spidey: Sorry - that's a trade secret! *WINK!*

Jesus Val, forget about how the hell Spider-Man climbs walls, did you just notice that you did such a shabby job sewing that your suction-cups fell off while you were just standing around talking? And if they had spontaneous done that while supporting your weight a minute ago that you'd be nothing more than a tough-to-remove street stain? (Why they didn't do this while her weight was on them, I don't know.) Did your suction dart board a have three-year warranty that expired at 2:37 P.M. that day? You were seconds away from an embarrassing public death while wearing someone else's red-and-blue pajamas, and you don't even blink?

I'll give Val this, she'd be super-qualified to work in dangerous collapsing mineshafts since she really places zero value on her own life. Or she's just too incredibly stupid to recognize mortal danger. Either way, she's stretching the boundaries of feminism like someone pulling on warm Twizzlers. Way to go Val!

In General...

You know, it's kind of sad, but Val actually caught more super-criminals and did a much better job of it when she was just a Librarian. Ditch all the possibly fatal Spider-gear, just concentrate on protecting the Library. We've already scientifically proven in this comic that you're a hundred times more likely to catch a criminal there than anywhere else in New York City.

So, what I don't understand is why she needs a tiny, tiny mask to cover the half-inch of skin directly around her eyes. Does she seriously think people aren't going to recognize her? "Hey look, it's a woman in a Spider-Man outfit that looks just like our friend Valerie, except for that strip of skin around her eyes, so it must not be Val, but her clone that has her voice and looks exactly like her except for her eyebrows." Admittedly, you only have to fool Easy Reader and the Short Circus, but I think maybe even they could figure this one out. Spider-Man figures it out the moment he sees you, and he's not exactly the brightest bulb in the box, if you get my drift, Val. What? You don't get my drift? *sigh* Sorry, I forgot for a second that you were an idiot too...

And Val, no one else in Spidey Super Stories has an afro quite like yours. Surely someone would notice that, too. It looks like your wearing a giant eight-ball on your head. It's seems to oscillate, too, sometimes it's ten times the volume of your actual head, and other times it only looks four times as big as your head. *shudder* Somehow, the image of a woman in a Spider-Man costume with a giant spherical pulsating hairdo really just freaks me the hell out.

Overall Rating...

2 webs. Meh. The villain is lame, Val's super-heroine antics are lame. But our hero was knocked unconscious by a sunburn. That's worth a few points.



Super Name : The Librarian
Publisher : Image
Creators : Justin Jordan Tradd Moore
Gender: Male
First Appearance: The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #1
Appears in : 7 issues
Died: The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #6

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode.
Mysterious keeper of The Book "The Hercules Method", The Librarian hands out the book to potential candidates to see if anyone can follow in the footsteps of him, he hands out one thousands copies of 'The Hercules Method' each year and puts it on the Internet and he claims that within the last decade only one person has learned the ways of the book, that person being Luther Strode. The Librarian seems to have knowledge on everyone in and around the Strode family. The Librarian's goal was to turn Luther into a killer.

Powers & Abilities
Superhuman Strength: The Librarian has been shown to be able to break through a steel door with his bare hands, he has punched through a wooden door with bare fists, has bent steel bars, can crush and decapitate human heads with ease, has knocked out a human with one finger, and do a push-up with with his little finger.

Superhuman Durability: He has been smashed over the head with a lamp and laughed it off, was stabbed through the neck and showed no sign of pain, survived having his head snapped around 180 degrees, and he has had his arm snapped in half and recovered.

Superhuman Speed: Dodged a bullet that was fired from only a couple of feet away.

Nerve Attack: Disabled some of Luther Strode's nerve with an attack.



The nexus of all the gods. 12 billion years ago, in the aftermath of an ancient war between the gods, Omnipotence City was constructed by the Elder Gods as a common safe-haven for all deities, no matter the realm, acting as neutral ground for any immortals in the universe. A place of "divine fellowship".

Omnipotence City was created by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic, first appearing in The God Butcher, Part One: A World Without Gods.

The Halls of All-Knowing
An endless library, here is housed the entirety of immortal knowledge and learnings. It is watched over by The Librarian and broken up by subject, such as war, murder, and "the lost", among others.

The Parliament of Pantheons
A governing body with representatives from the various mythological pantheons. Seemingly bogged down by bureaucracy, The Librarian notes, "there's a 200-year waiting list to see the parliament".



Real Name: Holly LaDonna

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: Librarian

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Luke Cage, Crystal, Glamor, Mrs. Herbert, Illusion, Luna, Magneto, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Tommy & William, unidentified friends (transformed into Goblin & Jack O'Lantern), Vision, Norman Webster, Martha Williams, Wonder Man;
former pawn of Samhain

Enemies: High Priest of Zor, Samhain, Toad, Norman Webster (kind of)

Known Relatives: Fred LaDonna (father), Mrs. LaDonna (mother)

Aliases: Ghost

Base of Operations: Leonia, New Jersey

First Appearance: Vision & Scarlet Witch I#1 (November, 1982)

Powers/Abilities: Holly loved nature and was interested in the occult. She was taught by Wanda minor magical features as for example influencing snowfall.


(Vision & Scarlet Witch I#1) - On a beautiful Halloween evening Holly and two friends put on costumes and went out for some Trick or Treat. On their way they met the newest residents of Leonia -- the Vision and the Scarlet Witch. Holly, who was dressed as a ghost, and her friends watched the Vision show them how his hand could pass through a bag. They followed them to their new home afterwards.

They returned later to ring their bell and get another look at them, but before they could ring the bell they were transformed into Ghost (Holly), Jack O'Lantern and Goblin by Samhain. They rang the bell and Jarvis opened the door for them. They attacked him and the Vision, who managed to stop Holly's friends from getting to the Scarlet Witch. Holly as Ghost passed through Jarvis to get upstairs, but in the last second Vision caught up with her and flew with Ghost through the ceiling to the outside. Holly became in Vision's arms human again after the Scarlet Witch had thrown the Druid Tome into the open fire. Vision brought her back into the house where here friends had recovered as well. Jarvis stayed with Holly and her friends while Vision went to his wife.

(Vision & Scarlet Witch II#4) - Nearly two years later (topical due to Marvel's sliding timescale) on an evening Wanda went to the library where Holly was working now. When Wanda entered Holly told her that they were closing in fifteen minutes. Wanda got some books and Holly checked them out for her before closing.

(Vision & Scarlet Witch II#5) - On Halloween the Vision came looking for Holly's ghost costume because the Druid Tome's ashes were on it and he needed the ashes to save Wanda from Samhain. He met Holly and recognized her as the girl with the ghost costume he had fought. She still had the costume stashed away in the attic and gave it to Vision. When he left she screamed after him that her name was Holly.

(Vision & Scarlet Witch II#6) - On Thanksgiving Holly visited Wanda and Vision at their new house. She interrupted a conversation between Wanda and her father Magneto when she knocked at the door. Holly wanted to talk to her until she saw that Wanda was busy, but Wanda told her that she wasn't and ended her conversation with her father.

After Magneto had left Holly asked Wanda to teach her witchcraft and Wanda agreed. After that they washed together the dishes from the party.

(Vision & Scarlet Witch II#7) - At night on the Yule festival Holly and Wanda sat near the Christmas tree and Wanda told Holly the importance of the Yule festival. Holly thought it sounded more like Christmas than magic, but Wanda tried to explain to her that it was an important day for magic. When Vision came home, Holly thanked Wanda for the session and then left. After leaving Holly thought about asking Mrs. Herbert to reclassify some of the occult section in the library. She took a shortcut through the woods and Norman Webster's garden. There she saw Norman kissing Wanda's sister-in-law Crystal.

(Vision & Scarlet Witch II#8) - On Martin Luther King's birthday Holly continued her magic training with Wanda and was taught how to control the snowfall. Holly pushed with her mind the way Wanda said, but saw no difference between one side of the path and the other. Wanda cheered her up that almost no difference means that there was still a difference. Holly and Wanda went back inside when Wanda's baby moved because Wanda wanted to tell Vision about it. When Holly saw Crystal again with her husband Quicksilver, she remembered how she saw Crystal kissing Norman, but she told nobody about it despite feeling miserable. Suddenly Luke Cage crashed through the window and Wanda attacked his attackers, a few demons. Holly was impressed by the power of Wanda's magic. Holly was sent home because of the threat by the demons and their leader the High Priest of Zor.

While Wanda, Vision, Luke Cage and Quicksilver fought the High Priest of Zor and his demons in New York City, Crystal destroyed the Idols of Zor in Leonia with Norman at her side. Holly watched them again.

(Vision & Scarlet Witch II#11) - Wanda called Holly and invited her that afternoon to another witchcraft lesson after Vision and Dr. Strange told her to take it easy because she was in her eighth month of pregnancy. Some time later Holly arrived with flowers in her hands and Vision let her into the house. Vision introduced her to Now Magazine photographer Peter Parker. Holly watched him take some photos of Wanda and stayed with her when Peter and Vision left.

Not long afterwards Wanda felt that something had happened to Vision and wanted to look for him. Holly reminded her of what the doctor said and saw it as her duty as Wanda's student to go looking for Vision. When she saw Toad arriving at the house in a giant exoskeleton, Holly ran back to Wanda and told her to stay in the room. Holly attacked Toad with a baseball bat when he broke into the house, which showed no effect. She ran back upstairs to Wanda and pushed from inside her bedroom a desk in front of her door. Toad just broke through the door and was shocked when he saw how huge Wanda had become. Toad was defeated by the combined efforts of Wanda, Spider-Man and Vision, but then teleported away. Holly watched the scene from the sidelines.

(Vision & Scarlet Witch II#12) - Holly's mother drove her to Wanda's house, but Wonder Man was already waiting for her to tell Holly that there won't be a lesson because Wanda was in hospital giving birth to her child. Holly then asked her mother if she could go to the hospital. Her mother allowed it her and drove her to the hospital. After arriving there Holly witnessed a fight between Magneto and Wonder Man on one side and Nekra, Grim Reaper and the assassin Brady Kent on the other. Meanwhile Wanda gave birth to twins.

Three days later Wand came home with her children and was welcomed by Holly, Martha Williams, Wonder Man, Glamor, Illusion, Magneto and her husband Vision. Holly thought the children were cute.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo, Rick Leonardi, Ian Akin & Brian Garvey.

Holly LaDonna: Student of the Magic Arts! Before becoming Wanda's student she already had the "magical" ability to alter her hair color pretty fast. She went from brunette (I#1) to blonde (II#4), back to brunette (II#5) and then again to blonde (II#6-12). Recoloring your hair that often isn't healthy for the hair.

Holly was first named in Vision & Scarlet Witch II#5.



Wendy, the Good Little Witch #92
(February 1976)
Harvey, 1960 Series

A Visit to the Public Witch Library
Wendy / text story / 2 pages


Script: ?
Pencils: ?
Inks: ?
Colors: ?
Letters: typeset

Content Information

Characters: Wendy; Zelma; a librarian (introduction); Haggie (introduction)

Indexer Notes

"Oh, Wendy," said the good little witch's Aunt Zelma in the softest voice she could fake, "would you come here, dearie?"

Wendy recognizedthe tone of the voice. It had to be a favor that Zelma wanted her to do. It could be anything from getting a new batch of poison mushrooms to making a witches' brew for a dinner party of a thousand. But Wendy knew she'd have to do it.

"Yes, Aunt Zelma," she said reluctantly. "What would you like me to do?"

"How did you guess, dearie? How did you know I wanted you to do something for me? But all I wanted you to do is to take back a few books to the Public Witch Library for me."

"To the Public Witch Library?" Wendy's eyes lit up with delight. "Gee, Aunt Zelma, I never knew there was a Public Witch Library. I'd love to go there. That should be a fun trip."

Her aunt had a weird smile on her face. "The directions are on the back of each book, Wendy. You should be able to follow them easily."

Wendy took the books her aunt had handed her and leafed to the back of one of them. "Whattt?" she shrieked after reading the directions. "Take the Road of Dangers to the Highway of Havoc to the Parkway of Peril through the Forest of Strange Happenings all the way through the Caves of Calamities and Lakes of Local Troubles and Limitless Difficulties till the Lateral Pass of Eerie Elevations and the High Hill of Heck then a left turn at Market Street and it's there."

"Perfect, Wendy. That's exactly the way to get there."

"Aunt Zelma, that trip could take forever."

"Now, now, now. I know it's not to the corner drugstore, but they don't let you join the library at the corner drugstore."

"You mean I could join the library?" The delight was back in Wendy's eyes as her aunt nodded yes. "Ohh, then it's worth going."

And moments later Wendy took off, the books in hand, and her magic flying broom whisking along at top speed. Actually she handled the trip quite well. She found a short cut through the Forest of Strange Happenings, the gnomes at the Caves of Calamities were on vacation, and the Lakes of Local Troubles were troubleless because of the recent drought. Besides, her thoughts of visiting the Public Witch Library gave everything a rosy hue. So by the time she made the left turn at Market Street she was wearing a big, happy smile of expectation.

It began to disappear once she got inside. A group of witches were battling in the corner of the huge, filthy, cobweb-covered room.

"Uh, what's going on?" Wendy asked the librarian in a low whisper, speaking the way she would do in usual libraries.

"What's that, little girl?" the librarian said in a loud, rude voice. "Speak up, I can't hear you."

"I was asking what was going on," Wendy repeated in a slightly louder voice.

"Oh, what's happening is what you wanted to know. Well, I'll tell you, kid. There was a stupid witch in the corner who was sitting there reading quietly. Did you ever hear that? Being quiet in the Public Witch Library? Disgraceful, I tell you. So a few of the girls really took care of her. They knocked some sense in her and belted her till she started to yell and scream. Now they're all having such a good time they don't want to stop."

This was certainly a strange way for people to act in a library. A moment later it was even stranger. The librarian took Wendy's books from her and began to rip pages from them.

"What are you doing?" Wendy protested.

"Are you kidding," said the librarian very sharply. "You ask me what I'm doing when you dare return books in this way. Look how clean and neat they are - how dare you! We want our books returned torn and tattered and brew-stained and filthy. We may never let you borrow another book from here."

"I'm not even a member," said Wendy, "and I'm not sure I want to be one judging by the way you act here. But I would like to see your section of white magic books so I can decide for myself."

"A SECTION of white magic books? A SECTION? We don't even have a shelf of white magic books. Hey, Haggie!" She yelled to a woman who was working in the back.

"Yeah," answered a loud, ugly voice.

"Hey, Haggie, bring out the book on white magic. We got a customer here."

Haggie, who had to be the ugliest witch in the world, soon appeared from the back. "Your customer must be doing research," she cackled as she brought a little paperback book out. "Here it is." She threw it on the counter.

"Take a look, girlie," said the librarian with a funny laugh.

Wendy opened the book and leafed through it... and found every page the same. "They're nothing but blank page," said a startled Wendy.

"That's perfectly correct, girlie. You'll notice the book is called 'The Wisdom of White Magic,' and that's the amount of wisdom we find in the subject - a big, fat zero!" Her ensuing laughter shook the room.

"Thank you," said Wendy, once the room had quieted down, "I'm glad I can bring laughter into your day. You've brought a bit of wisdom into mine. Now I understand why other libraries have to have the rules they do - and I'll be glad to respect them."

"And no, thank you," she added, tossing the book back on the counter, "I don't think I want to join the Public Witch Library."

Wendy then walked out of the room, got on her broom and headed homeward. Somehow the trip back felt longer.



Deathblow and Wolverine # 2

Issue Date: February 1997

Story Title: Untitled

Staff: Aron Wiesenfeld (wirter & penciler), Richard Bennett (penciler & inker), Monica Bennett (colorist), Mike Heisler (letterer), BAD@$$ (computer colorist), Emilio Medina (design), Mike Heisler (editor), Aron Wiesenfeld, Richard Bennett and Monica Bennett (cover artits), Bob Harras (consulting editor)
Special thanks to Ivan Zaidman for plot assistance

Brief Description:
The strange man wearing a tuxedo reveals to Wolverine that his girlfriend, Sung, has been kidnapped and is being held in a dark place surrounded by magic. He adds that he has been sent by someone who wants to help, the Librarian. Wolverine recalls Sung telling him the story of the Librarian, before a portal opens and he and his new companion, Deathblow, are sucked through the portal, and find themselves in the Librarian's library. The Librarian, hidden in a large cloak, reveals to them a story about an ancient civilization whose spirits were cast into an urn to protect them in time of strife, and how now is the time of their return. The Librarian claims that Wolverine's girlfriend is a direct descendant of the high priestess who performed the ritual to save the ancient civilization, and Sung has the power to bring them back. There are millions of spirits in the urn, and that when they are freed, they will possess human bodies, and create an unstoppable army. The Librarian gives Wolverine a talisman which will enable him to destroy the urn and free the world of the approaching threat. Wolverine and his companion are shunted back into the real world, and after taking a supply of weapons, set out to find the urn. They make their way through a busy marketplace, before Wolverine encounters some more ninjas. He engages them in combat, and battles some sort of sorcerer, while Deathblow finds even more ninjas protecting the urn. Wolverine joins him, and they battle for some time, before Wolverine forces his way to the urn, and using the talisman, destroys it with ease. Sung walks towards Wolverine, and they leave to go back home, with Wolverine and his new companion parting as friends. Wolverine goes to Sung's room, and finds her there. She seems nervous and tries to hide a robe in her closet. Logan recognizes it as the robe the Librarian was wearing. He realizes that it was Sung in the Library, and Sung explains that she did what she had to do because the urn could have changed the balance of power on the entire planet. Wolverine tells her that she could have just asked for his help instead of manipulating him, and despite Sung telling him that everything else was real, he leaves her.

Full Synopsis:
Logan a.k.a. Wolverine has arrived back at his apartment, along with his new companion, an enigmatic tall man wearing a suit and a bandana. The apartment has been ransacked, and a grinning man wearing a tuxedo and a very tall hat sits in the corner of the room.

Logan lunges towards the grinning man, claws outstretched, he attacks him - and slices his face off in three parts. The man drops to the ground, but when Logan turns away, he stands up, re-formed. 'Feel better?' he asks Logan, who turns back to the grinning man, hovering in the air, and demands to know where Sung Li is. 'Your girlfriend has been kidnapped. She is held in a dark place, surrounded by magic. She needs your help' the grinning man explains. 'Who are you?' Logan demands, but the grinning man states that he is not important, but is here on behalf of someone who wishes to help him. When Logan asks who that is, the grinning man replies 'The Librarian'.

'What's that supposed to mean?' the tall man asks as he walks over, and Logan remarks that he thinks he knows what the grinning man is talking about. Logan explains that it is an ancient myth about an old man in a library, that he has all the knowledge of the world stored up, but he is short of hired help, so anyone that goes in become a slave and has to maintain the library until they die. Logan adds that Sung told it to him, that she said it was a story from the Feudal days of China, told to keep the peasants from getting too interested in reading - same as in Europe before the printing press.

'The Librarian is quite real, Mr Logan. If you wish to see Miss Sung again... there are things you must allow yourself to believe' the grinning man warns, as reality around Logan and his companion begins to warp, and they are sucked through some sort of portal.

Wolverine and the tall man land in an old room, lined with books, floor to ceiling. People wearing brown monk-like clothes sit at tables, reading. Various pots and other artifacts are placed about throughout the room. Logan looks around, and goes over to one of the people sitting at the tables. He touches them on their shoulder, and they turn to him - but from beneath their hood, Logan sees that their face is blank. 'Stop doing that' a voice orders. Logan and the tall man turn to see someone wearing a colorful robe sitting on a cushion that hovers in the air, with a piece of glass hovering in front of them, a vase and some books on the glass. 'Don't bother my assistants. They have work to do' the person hidden by the long hood of the robe declares. 'Where are we?' the tall man asks as he and Logan approach the stranger.

The person hovering in the air announces that they are the Librarian, and explains that circumstances dictate that they become allies and that is fortunate for them. 'But do not overestimate your value. Now, if you can keep your hands to yourselves, I will tell you a story...' the Librarian states, waving their hand over the vase, and begins the story: '5,000 years ago, the world's most advanced civilization covered half of China. They were scientists, scholars, warriors and magicians...'

The martial arts that the ancient civilization created built the foundations on which all since have been built. They tapped supernatural forces, and learned to bend them to their wills. They were the masters of their minds and bodies. As an army, they had no equal, and they conquered the peoples of surroundings lands.

Wolverine moves closer to the Librarian, and sniffs the mysterious person, as they continue the story, staring that the ancient civilization's dynasty spanned centuries, and in time, the moment was ripe for them to march across the globe. They smack Logan away with their hand, and Logan responds by growling at them.

'Where was I...' the Librarian muses, before announcing that the ancient civilization would march across the globe and enslave the barbarian world. But, that was not to be, as there came a natural disaster of such magnitude, that nothing since compares. The ground tore apart and fires spread. The Librarian states that in a desperate attempt to save her people, the high priestess cast a spell to remove the spirits from their bodies, and suspend them in an urn. Their time on the Earth was at an end - but one day, these millions of spirits would be drawn from the urn, and they would once again rule the Earth.

'This is that day' the Librarian announces, revealing to Logan that Sung Li is the direct descendant of that high priestess, and she has the magical power bestowed on one child in one hundred generations. 'Are you listening you hairy little man? She has the power to bring these ancient people back to life'. the Librarian snarls.

The Librarian reveals more of the story, explaining that after the disaster, there were a few who survived, they roamed the Earth and lived like dogs, biding their time. Then, two hundred years ago, the stragglers converged on San Francisco, waiting patiently for the girl to be born and grow into maturity. In the past weeks, the Librarian's sources have reported strange occurrences, even for Chinatown - family members forgetting the names of their kin, normal people have become fluent in dead languages overnight. In China, the ancient urn was stolen from its resting place, and the kidnapped girl is another piece of the puzzle, the tool that will be used to draw the spirits from the urn. Millions of spirits lay dormant in the urn, but when they come out, they will need bodies - every person from Marin County will be possessed - and they will be an unstoppable army.

Wolverine lights a match by striking it against an old bottle. 'All right, let's say I'm believing this. Is there a point yer trying to make?' Logan asks as he lights his cigar. The Librarian holds up a small charm and explains that the physical forces that guard the urn are too powerful for them to overcome. 'I want you to take this talisman and place it on the urn. It will be destroyed and free us of any further threat' the Librarian claims. 'I could care less, bub. I only want to find Sung' Logan replies. 'Listen, you savage! She will be a slave for the rest of her life if these events are not stopped in time!' the Librarian exclaims from beneath their hood. They toss the charm towards Logan and instruct him to go to the market at the end of Grant Street, as it happens at dawn. Logan catches the talisman, and instantly he and his tall friend are shunted backwards through another portal.

They land back in Wolverine's apartment, 'Ohhh... I think I'm gonna throw up...' the tall man mutters, clutching his head. Addressing his companion as "Navy", Logan tells him that he doesn't have to stick around if he doesn't want. 'Lord knows you've done enough' he adds, before opening a trap door in the living room. Logan starts pulling out various weapons - guns, rifles, swords, knives, grenades and many others. The tall man smiles and replies that he has come this far, so he might as well see it through, and after removing his trench coat, arms himself with many of the weapons. 'Ya like guns, do ya?' Logan asks, cigar in his mouth. 'Yeah. Why?' the tall man smiles.

Soon, Wolverine and his friend run down a filthy alleyway, and arrive at a busy market place. Logan suggests they split up, and tells his companion to take the far side. 'Holler if you find anything' he adds as they start walking down separate aisles in the busy market. As the tall man walks behind a stall with chickens and various other birds in cages, the men at the stall see him, and quickly reach for their guns. The tall man hears the commotion, and quickly drops to the ground, though bullets strike others in the market. The tall man rolls over, and reaches for one of his weapons, he starts firing back at his attackers, blowing their brains out, or shooting them through the chest. There are screams, and the tall man sees a trail of blood leading towards an open door.

He follows the blood and goes through the door, stepping down a flight of stairs, he comes to an underground corridor, lined with pipes overhead, and dead ninjas scattered about on the ground with arrows and knives sticking out of their bodies. The tall man sees Logan at the end of the corridor, shoving his claws into one of the ninjas, blood flows out of him and he drops to the ground. Suddenly, as the tall man approaches Logan, he finds the bloodied claws shoved to his own face. 'Whoa... careful there, buddy. Those things looks sharp' the tall man smiles. Logan pulls away and announces that he has picked up Sung's scent, and he thinks she is down below them. But he decides that there is no way that it is this easy, so he will circle around and meet his companion down there. 'You're the boss' the tall man replies as they walk onto a catwalk over some sort of warehouse, where boxes and crates are packed up.

Logan carries along down the catwalk for a short distance, before dropping down onto the crates. He gets onto the ground, and makes his way behind some crates, where workers are going about their business, moving some of them. He readies his claws, then sees four men in white robes carry someone into the room on a platform where they sit, head covered by a large hat. Logan lunges forward and takes out two of the men, causing the others to be unable to hold up the platform, and they person they are carrying falls to the ground. Still covered by the large hat, they reach out for Logan, 'Please...' they utter, while the servants gather their swords, and someone starts firing at the servants, but also hits Logan, striking him in the arm.

Logan turns, to see his new friend standing against a wall, one of his guns smoldering, 'Fish in a barrel' the tall man smirks. 'You hit me too, bub! I thought you were supposed to be some kinda expert' Logan snarls. They move closer to each other, and the tall man replies 'Nobody's perfect, boss', before Logan rakes his claws across the tall man's chest. Blood pours out of the wounds, and suddenly, the tall man drops to the ground, as his form switches to that of an elderly man. Logan stares at the impostor, who starts to cast forth some sort of energy, but Logan goes over to him and shoves his claws through the man's chest. The magician drops off, and his motionless body hit's the ground.

Logan enters a chamber, and finds people digging at the ground, in front of a large dome, where an urn has been placed. His tall friend enters, and starts firing at the men, who reveal their swords. Logan enters the fray with his claws. 'Hey! Did you find her?' the tall man calls out. 'No! And it's almost dawn! We're running out of time!' Wolverine replies. The ninjas swarm towards them, building up mass of bodies. 'Uh...hmm' the tall man remarks as he finds himself standing on a mountain of ninjas. He is pulled down, while Wolverine lunges forward, and grabs the ninja who is pulling down the tall man. Suddenly, a barrage of arrows are fired into the crowd by another ground of ninjas. Wolverine uses the distraction to make his way to the urn, pushing past more people wearing large hats.

Wolverine looks at the urn, and pulls the talisman from behind his belt buckle. 'Well, here goes nothing' he remarks as he holds the talisman out to the urn, when suddenly, the urn starts shaking, and then energy pours from it, emanating throughout the chamber, smoldering across the bodies of both groups of ninjas. The urn breaks, and Logan looks at it. The tall man looks around, then turns to the second group of ninjas armed with the arrows and tells them that he doesn't know who they are, but they saved him. 'What d'ya say we all go get a beer, I know a place that opens at 6 AM...' he remarks, but the ninjas suddenly vanish. The chamber is still a blur with the energies, and Logan shields his eyes when someone calls out to him. A woman walks forward, 'Is that you?' she asks.

It is Sung, and Wolverine embraces her, smiling. Sung asks if they can go home, and soon, walking down a street, the tall man walks a few paces ahead of Logan, who is holding onto Sung, and asks 'So, was this a typical day for you?' to which Logan replies 'Yeah. Pretty much'. As they approach Sung's apartment, the tall man gets into his car and announces that he is going home to sleep for about a week. 'What about you?' he asks Logan, who reports that they are going to visit Sung's mother in the hospital, as she got cut pretty bad. Logan adds that Sung seems to be taking this thing pretty well, considering she must have had a pretty rough time. 'Yeah, I guess...maybe she can shed some light...' the tall man suggests. Wolverine replies that he doubts it, and points out that Sung was caught off guard by all this as much as anybody, and adds that if she is this "High Priestess", he doesn't think she even knows it. The two men shake hands, 'Thanks. For everything. You ever need anything...' Logan tells his new friend. 'Yeah... you too' the tall man replies, before smiling and telling Logan that he will be seeing him.

Logan goes into Sung's apartment, still a mess from the earlier attack. 'Hey babe! You ready to go to the hospital?' Logan calls out to Sung, who is in her bedroom, and looking in the closet, she notices a colourful robe. Logan walks up behind her, 'Ohhh!' Sung exclaims, spinning around as she closes the closet, she tells Logan that he scared her. Logan doesn't respond. 'What?' Sung smiles. 'It was you, under the hood - in the library' Logan frowns. 'What? No! I...' her voice trails off. 'You used me from the start...why? How could you do that to me?' Logan asks. Crying, Sung tells Logan that he doesn't understand, and that in the wrong hands, the urn could have changed the balance of power on the entire planet. 'You don't realize what's at stake' she adds. Sung goes over to Logan and grabs his hands, as Logan asks her if now it is all over, if she is the same person she always was.

'Yes! Logan, I love you! I had to do what I did - I had a responsibility! Surely you can see that' Sun tells Logan. 'Please...' she touches his face, but Logan grabs her and pushes her away. 'No. I don't think so' he replies, pointing out that Sung could have asked, but instead she betrayed his trust, and his love. Sung wipes her tears away, and drops to the ground as Logan turns from her. 'I don't know what you made up and what was real. Was any of it?' he asks. Sung pulls Logan's hand towards her face, but he moves away and leaves her on the floor. 'It was all real...' Sung calls out, but Wolverine leaves her apartment. Soon, he is on his motorcycle, driving away.



Sung "Lucy" Li / The Librarian

Man in tuxedo
Library Attendants

In flashback story:
Ancient civilization

Deathblow is a WildStorm character who debuted in Darker Image #1.

Despite not being named this issue, the "tall man" is Deathblow.




Bio: In the pre-Crisis universe of Earth-2, a dapper, mustachioed gang leader who resolved to cold-bloodedly murder every female who was speculated to be Wonder Woman in a Daily Globe promotional stunt, convinced that eventually he would slay the genunine Amazon Princess. Horrified at Garo's plan, the heroine created the false persona of librarian Jane Case and allowed it to be publicly revealed to defuse the situation. When Garo and his gang attempted to kill "Jane" in the crash of an elevator car, Wonder Woman effortlessly escaped and immobilized the villains in her Magic Lasso. Laughing that her secret identity was now public knowledge, the Amazing Amazon informed Garo that Jane Case was simply going to disappear.

Quote: "But the agile librarian instantly leaps out of her car ... To everyone's amazement, the slim girl catches the hurtling car, averting death from the skies!"

First Appearance: Wonder Woman [first series] #51 ("The Amazing Impersonation!"), January-February 1952



X-Terminators # 3

Issue Date: December 1988

Story Title: Guess, who's coming to dinner ?

Staff: Louise Simonson (writer), Jon Bogdanove (penciler), Al Milgrom (inker), John Wellington (colorist), Joe Rosen (letterer), Bob Harras (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)


"The New York Public Library's main branch is on 42nd Street, smack dab in the middle of Manhattan. A couple of blocks from Times Square. Anything a person needs to know can be found out within its four walls...down one of its winding, book-filled corridors...even at a time when the city itself seems to be going mad."

Right now, the library has four very special visitors - the teenage mutant heroes known as the X-Terminators - Rusty! Skids! Boom-Boom! Rictor! The four friends have a massive book out on a table in front of them and Rusty Collins exclaims 'Thank Heaven for aerial maps!' before remarking that the point they have decided on must be the cemetery where the goblins have taken Artie and Leech. Rusty's girlfriend Sally "Skids" Blevins agrees, and motions to the mausoleum.

Julio a.k.a. Rictor remarks that they were lucky Artie was able to mind-send a picture of it before they shut his power off. 'And now we gotta do something about it!' Tabitha "Tabby" Smith, better known as Boom-Boom declares. Suddenly, in the book shelves high above the X-Terminators, voices exclaim 'Do something? Ha!' 'We do something about you!' and some of the goblins - actually N'asteris from Limbo - push a whole lot of books down on to the teens.

'The books are attacking us! RUN!' screams Boom-Boom, while Rusty lets loose his mutant power of flame - until Sally, who is protected from the falling books thanks to her force field, tells him to cut it out, that he cannot use his power here as the building is filled with paper! As a book smacks him in the head, Rictor mumbles that they have to do something. 'Now I know why I always hated going to the library!' Boom-Boom grunts as a large book slams into her back.

'You would!' Sally remarks about her friend as she pulls Boom-Boom into her now extended force field, telling her that it is not the books fault, as normal books don't behave this way - it is as if they are possessed or something. Rusty joins the girls in the force field while Rictor exclaims that the rest of this city is possessed also. Sally calls out to Rictor to come into her force field, but as he makes his way over after grabbing the map, the leg of the large table they were gathered around comes to life and trips Julio up then holds onto him. Boom-Boom tosses a time-bomb at the leg, and upon impact it releases Rictor, who rushes into the force field, thanking Tabby, before Rusty points out that every book in this library is after them.

Suddenly, civilians begin to flee the library, One of them (she has glasses and a hair bun so she's probably the librarian?) yells 'It's like something out of Ghostbusters!' Rusty points out that Sally's force field is now covered in books, and they are trapped, to which Rictor exclaims that it is no problem, and uses his mutant powers to create seismic vibrations, thus forcing the books to fall off the force field and setting the X-Terminators free. 'Holy cow! What a mess!' Rusty exclaims. Boom-Boom asks what they are going to do now, to which Rictor suggests, for the library's sake and their own, that they get out of here.

Sally lowers her force field, and tells her friends to run. They do, and in moments are outside the library, with Boom-Boom pointing out that it is rather hot out here. Rictor makes a comment about how whatever it was inside was making things hot for them, when suddenly a statue of a lion that is outside the library comes to life, and reaches down for Boom-Boom - until it is knocked back thanks to a burst of flame from Rusty.

The statue reverts to stone like it is supposed to be, and the four friends take a breather on a nearby park bench. 'Whatever demon-goblin magic is causing this mess, I wish it would back off!' Sally exclaims. Boom-Boom points out that at least now they have found the cemetery in Queens where the demons took Artie and Leech, and probably Taki too. Rictor exclaims that somebody sure as heck doesn't want anybody even thinking of going there, which unfortunately for the X-Terminators is just where they have to go!

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