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Case Study No. 1434: The Rappin Librarians

The Rappin Librarians
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[scene opens with three female college students sitting at a table in the library]
STUDENT 1: So, what are you going to school for?
STUDENT 2: I'm going to go to the iSchool ... I'm gonna be a librarian!
[she smiles, but the other two students just stare at her blankly]
STUDENT 3: You need to go to a grad school for that?
[cut to a turntable covered in dollars and cents, as someone off camera starts up the record ... music plays, then cut to the stacks area as the camera slowly pans across several students reading/shelving books]
[cut to another female student (glasses, blonde hair, holding a cane), as she speaks directly to the camera]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: Yeah, this song is dedicated to all the people who ask me why I have to go to grad school to be a librarian. To all the people that need librarians, and appreciate them, and know what their job actually entails. Know what I'm sayin'?
[she bends down on one knee]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: And all the LIS students in the struggle ... It's all good, baby bay-bee! Uh!
[cut to more students shelving books, as one (wearing a doo-rag) drops dollar bills on one of the books, then back to the rapping female student]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: Oh, my name's Killer Kay, and I'm here to tell ya, that I'm a librarian and I'm here to help ya! With databases, books, and ready-reference sources, teach ya how to research for that really tough course sched! I don't just give out answers, I'm here to teach the public, how to use my sources and I know your teachers love it!
[she points to her "backup dancers"]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: So the library's intimidating, you don't know where to start? Helpin' people like you is close to my heart! I got mad search techniques and cataloging skills! Don't just browse the stacks, doin' that'll make ya ill!
[one of the backup dancers throws some dollar bills in the air]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: Behind the books and desks, you'll find me wearin' a bun ... Now that's a wack stereotype, librarians are fun! I do love cats, but that's not related; I also make sure my sources aren't outdated!
[cut to another female student sitting at a desk, speaking directly to the camera]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN 2: You've got questions? I can solve the reference! It's what I do best, usually from behind this desk! Just using books, now I think that's messed! So I'm typin', clickin' and database jumpin'! Find what you need while this beat is still pumpin'!
[her backup dancers nod in approval]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN 2: Ready, set, go! I've got dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, and new medias! Almanacs or atlases, I'm here to help the masses!
[one of the backup dancers opens up an atlas and shows it to the camera]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN 2: Let me show you where to go, and I'll keep you in the know! Library science? Yeah, I've got skills ... Magic master of research, look at these bills!
[she picks up some dollar bills and waves them to the camera]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN 2: Data is expensive, but don't be apprehensive! You should value our advice, but you'll learn it has a price!
[cut to a cartoon drawing of two people in a car, with one saying "Yay! I see a series of tubes up ahead!"]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] You're drivin' with your peeps!
[cut to another cartoon drawing of the two people in the car, as various word balloons surround them ("Friendster", "Yahoo!", "Google", "Facebook", "Bing", "Yelp", "Ask")]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Through the intrawebs you sweep!
[cut to a cartoon drawing of a student holding up his paper ("Copy & Paste Wikipedia article") marked "F-" and asking "What did I do wrong?!"]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Gotta paper? Gotta question?
[cut to another cartoon drawing of the student covering his eyes while various word balloons surround him ("Twitter", "Flickr", "Urban Dictionary", "YouTube", "Facebook", "Hulu", "Yahoo!", "Wikipedia", "Netflix", "Google", "Yelp", "Orbitz", "Bing", "blogs", "Amazon", "MySpace", "Fandango")]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Gotta get through this congestion!
[cut to another cartoon drawing of the student standing next to a computer labelled "Intra-Web"]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Need to find the info now!
[cut to a cartoon drawing of the computer screen with a cat sitting on a book ("Lolcats! Thaz mah book!")]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] But you're distracted by meows!
[cut to a cartoon drawing of the student standing next to a female librarian (red hair in a bun, glasses, blue sweater with a yellow "L" on the front that shows off her rippling biceps) and asking "What's ProQuest? A LARP?"]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] With a librarian to help ...
[cut to a cartoon drawing of the computer screen at the Yelp homepage, as the search terms ("Search for: ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES, Near: INTERNET, WORLD") yield a "No results for environmental issues" error]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] You won't end up searching Yelp!
[cut to a cartoon drawing of the student standing next to the computer (as the screen reads "Cool Stuff") while the librarian says "It's all in a day's work ... "]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Back to the search you will go ...
[cut to another cartoon drawing of the student, as he waves goodbye to various word balloons ("Twitter", "Facebook", "MySpace", "YouTube", "Flickr", "Candyland")]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Not a thing to break your flow!
[cut to another cartoon drawing of the student ripping a page out of a book (entitled "I Am a Book") and saying "This one!", as the librarian shouts from off panel "Don't pull the pages out of the book!!"]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Select the pages that you need!
[cut to a cartoon drawing of the student pulling weeds (labelled "sketchy website" and "my friend bobby's blog") out of a garden while leaving the flowers (labelled "Book" and "Peer reviewed article")]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] But now you know you gotta weed!
[cut to a cartoon drawing of a red stop sign]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Not stopping to assess ...
[cut to a cartoon drawing of flaming paper page (labelled "Bag O' Poop") sitting on someone's doorstep]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Will just leave you with a mess!
[cut to a cartoon drawing of the student looking bug-eyed and saying "What does this mean?!" as an anthropomorphic scholarly journal laughs at him]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Scholarly journals can be abtruse ...
[cut to another cartoon drawing of the student smiling as he looks at his paper ("Paper - Not just a copy & paste Wikipedia article. I have ideas too!")]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] But it's information you can use!
[cut to a cartoon drawing of the student's classmates praising him ("Wow!", "You're amazing!", "Will you write a paper for me?")]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Now your value-added info is some sort of a creation! That could lead to kudos from your teacher, or a standing ovation!
[cut to a cartoon drawing of the student's teacher handing him an apple, saying "You deserve this more than I do!" (along with a word balloon which reads "Don't let it go to your head!")]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] That's what I call information literacy!
[cut to a male student spinning the turntable, as he speaks directly to the camera]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN 3: My name's Special Ed and I'm here to say, we need our librarians so we can play!
[one of his backup dancers starts throwing dollar bills in the air]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN 3: Got belly dancin' classes, summer reading programs, famous author series, research, scholars! Mothers, brothers, fathers, and sisters! We've got childrens' time for stressed-out mothers, databases for our records, internet options for all you players lookin' for the tips on the latest games! Book groups and movie nights bring us together! Come in and participate, make our time better!
[cut to a closeup of a cat sitting on the floor]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Libraries and the government protect your right, to access for all this information might! Affordable information all over the place, we'll teach you how to find it all in one place! Dealing with copyrights, you don't hafta! If you use our databases, it won't matter! Copyright protection, answer the call! Guarding your freedom, open access for all!
[cut to another female student (wearing a doo-rag) rapping to the camera]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN 4: It's about to get vicious, all y'all got to bookmark this on Delicious! Why do you need a master's degree? It's all in the technology!
[the camera zooms in on a laptop on the desk in front of her]
RAPPIN LIBRARIAN 4: Y'see, I'm all about the tech, all about wires! Reading emails on the internet, we've got all kinds of tools to get you in your groove! Surfin' your way through the intertubes! Dialup is another matter, we're where it's at! Got through school to get at that! From out of town into the N-O-C, you gotta believe you need the skills! We innovate, generate, we got stuff down, movin' ahead! So if you wanna find anything ... PC, Kindle, or Mac! Thank a librarian for that!
[the music fades away, then cut back to the original three students sitting at the table in the library]
STUDENT 3: So you mean we can just go to a reference librarian to figure this out?
[the iSchool student nods her head]
STUDENT 3: What?

Krystina as Killah K
Sarah as DJ Magic Face and confused student #1
Michelle as The Infamous BOK
Ed as Special Ed
Chelsea as Book C
Kayleigh as Madam Spin and confused student #2
Yoshiki as Kitty

The song we used is from the Notorious BIG (Juicy). We used the beats found here:
www dot youtube dot com slash watch?v=p_4QVidbKkg

This video falls under fair use due to educational applications :)



You know what a librarian is ... or do you? Librarians do much more than shelve (many libraries hire volunteers or pages for that), and they need a master's degree to get most job positions. So why do librarians need master's degrees? A group of Syracuse iSchool students has the answer ...

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