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Case Study No. 1414: Staff of the Von Erich Library

Let's Play Michigan: Report from Hell- Part 11: I bet he was fired.
We get some very startling ideas about labor and management relations from Justine as we head to the library to free a poor man left behind. Now whether this is yet another trap or inevitable failure regarding saving someone is left up to the viewer, but I've got a good feeling and know that nothing ever bad happens at the library.
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ZaKa TV Team Log
8/24 8:15am

I'm writing this on the way in the van.

After getting the chief's assignment, we're on our way to the Von Erich Library.

The Von Erich Library, built in 1969, is about 30 minutes from headquarters by car.

The fog is still just as thick as ever, but at least it isn't storming anymore.

Will write more when we arrive at the library.

BRISCO: [from off camera] So they locked the poor guy up? That's going way too far! I wonder what for?
RHOADES: [from off camera] It's simple. I bet he got fired!
BRISCO: [from off camera] What're you talking about?
RHOADES: [from off camera] That's right, I bet they were going to fire him or transfer him or something!
BRISCO: [from off camera] Yeah? And then what?
RHOADES: [from off camera] On the pretext of having him concentrate on gathering data without being disturbed, they shut him up in the library research room during his working hours. In other words, they were just waiting for him to get fed up with it and quit on his own! They do that kind of thing to those useless guys who just take up space! You've seen the type, haven't you?
BRISCO: [from off camera] That's outrageous!
RHOADES: [from off camera] It can't be helped. Different people have different levels of ability, right? But if we don't do a good job on this next report, the same thing might happen to us.
BRISCO: [from off camera] Wouldn't want that to happen ... Look, we're almost at the library.

8/24 8:32am

Outside the Von Erich Library

Here, we plan to free our detained colleague and make a report.

We don't have any recent info on the library, not even if there are monsters there or not!

From now on ... we'll have to do our own research.

BRISCO: [from off camera] Three, two, one.
RHOADES: [from off camera] Good evening, everyone. This is Justine Rhoades. I'm reporting to you now from in front of the Von Erich Library. Our news team has remained behind here in the city, still covered in a mysterious fog, to bring you the news. Apparently, according to information we got just recently, there's a man still here at this library, who's been shut up for several days in a research room and left behind. We are just about to go in and rescue him.

8/24 8:40am

News Reporter
Justine Rhoades

Sound Engineer
Jean-Philippe Brisco

Began shooting at the Von Erich Library.

The team consists of Brisco, Rhoades and I.

[cut to inside of the abandoned library (as seen through the lens of the camera), as the female reporter is speaking directly to the camera]
RHOADES: We're now here inside the library. There's no sign of anybody around. The staff has probably all evacuated already. We're now going to try and find the research room where the man is reportedly being held.
[she turns and heads towards the front desk, as the player follows (keeping the camera pointed at her)]
RHOADES: This is the check-out desk. This is where books would ordinarily be borrowed from the library. As you can see, there's no one here now.
[the player zooms in on a calendar ("August 1999") hanging on the wall behind the desk]
RHOADES: Here is a calendar. A date on it has been circled in red. Is it a library holiday?
[the player looks around the room]
RHOADES: As you can see, the library's interior is dim.
[she turns and heads towards the bookshelves, as the player follows]
RHOADES: The shelves are filled with row upon row of neat, orderly books. It's deadly quiet here.
[she stops in front of a door]
RHOADES: Here are stairs that lead to the basement. Let's go see what it looks like, shall we?
[she starts climbing down the stairs, as the player follows]
RHOADES: Usually, this library is a place where many people gather to read and do research. Today, however, it's empty.
[she stops at the bottom of the stairs, then turns back to the camera]
RHOADES: It's a large space. There don't appear to be any books in here. This room must be used for some other purpose.
[the player points the camera at the shelves on the wall, as "You don't see anything that looks useful" appears on screen]
[the player points the camera at the shelves on the opposite wall, as "They're some kind of documents. They don't look like they'll be useful" appears on screen]
[the player points the camera at another section of shelving, as "You don't see anything that will give you any leads" appears on screen]
[the player points the camera at another section of shelving, as "It's a list of all the people that've checked out books. You don't need this ... " appears on screen]
[the player points the camera at a computer on a nearby desk, as the reporter begins typing]
RHOADES: It seems to be a terminal for looking up books, but is it working?
[the monitor suddenly turns on]
RHOADES: Oh! Yes, it's working. There's something on the screen ... What could it be?
BRISCO: [from off camera] That's not a book research terminal.
[the player turns the camera towards the male sound engineer]
BRISCO: It's a security camera monitor!
[the player turns the camera back to the reporter]
RHOADES: Well, what a surprise! What appeared at first glance to be a research terminal was actually a surveillance system. It seems every room in the library can be observed right here on this monitor.
[cut to a shot from the POV of the library's security system, as "How to Use the Surveillance System" appears on screen]
["Left analog stick up/down: Switch cameras" appears on screen]
["Right analog stick left/right: Move camera view" appears on screen]
["R1 button: Zoom in" appears on screen]
["L1 button: Zoom out" appears on screen]
["Triangle button: Quit surveillance system" appears on screen]
[the player moves the camera around on the first floor, then zooms in on a key sitting on top of one of the bookshelves]
RHOADES: [from off camera] Look! There's something there. It's really small. I can't see it very well.
[cut to the security camera on the library's second floor, as the player pans the camera around the room]
RHOADES: [from off camera] That's a strange way to arrange the shelves ...
[cut to the security camera in one of the rooms on the basement level ("B1a"), as the player focuses on a man in the room]
RHOADES: [from off camera] Look! There's somebody there!
[the player zooms in on the man]
RHOADES: [from off camera] There's a man in the small room at the back. Could this be the man that was locked in? He appears to be afraid of something ...
[cut to the security camera in another room on the basement level ("B1b"), as the player zooms in on what appears to be a mathematical equation written on the wall]
RHOADES: [from off camera] Look ... There's something written on the wall.
[cut to the security camera in another room on the basement level ("B1c"), as the player zoom in on a grandfather clock]
RHOADES: [from off camera] What's up with that clock? It only has an hour hand ...
[cut back to the reporter, as the player points the camera at her while she yells towards a closed door]
RHOADES: Can you hear me? This is Justine Rhoades, from ZaKa TV! Can you hear me?! Don't worry! We've come to get you out of there! If you can hear me, please answer me!
[she pauses]
RHOADES: It's no use. I don't think he can hear me.
[she turns back to the camera]
RHOADES: It looks like it's electronically locked.
[she runs upstairs, and the player follows her, then focuses the camera on a small stepladder on the floor]
RHOADES: Oh, a stepladder. It must be for getting down books from up top. If I climb this stepladder, I'll see what's on top of the shelves.
[she climbs the ladder and grabs the key]
RHOADES: I found a key! I wonder what it goes to?
[the player points the camera at the calendar again, as "The entry for the eighth is circled" appears on screen]
[the player points the camera at one of the bookshelves, as "Every inch of the shelves is filled with books" appears on screen]
[the player points the camera at a magazine rack by the bookshelf, as "There's something sandwiched between the books. It looks like a note. ZaKa Boy holds a camera, but apparently, what he really wants to be is a reporter ... " appears on screen]
[the player points the camera at another bookshelf, as "Nothing here helps explain what's going on now" appears on screen]
[the player points the camera at the reporter again]
RHOADES: I wonder what the second floor looks like ... Let's go and see, shall we?
[she starts climbing up the stairs, as the player follows, then turns back to the camera]
RHOADES: As you can see, the second floor also has book stacks. Many, many books fill the shelves.
[the player points the camera at one of the bookshelves, as "These books appear to be about the natural sciences" appears on screen]
[the player points the camera at another bookshelf (where one book is slowly floating through the air), as "Huh? The book ... It's floating?" appears on screen]
[the player points the camera at another bookshelf, as "Too bad you don't have time to enjoy the books" appears on screen]
[the player points the camera at a videocassette sitting on the floor]
BRISCO: [from off camera] Hey! There's something on the floor ... It's a videotape. Let's pick it up.
[the tape disappears, as "You got a videotape" appears on screen]
[the player points the camera at the reporter, who walks up to a door and uses the key to open it]
RHOADES: It opened!
[she enters the room, as the player follows]
RHOADES: I wonder what this room's for? It seems to be a perfectly ordinary room. There's a desk and a few other things here and there.
[the player points the camera at a piece of paper on the desk]
RHOADES: There seems to be some kind of note.
["It says: The Answer to the Equation, The Date on the Calendar, The Arrangement of the Bookshelves, The Broken Clock" appears on screen]
[the player points the camera at a laptop on the desk, as "Dear D, I can't believe what happened ... I think I've been taking the whole thing a little too lightly. Now I don't know what to do! But your words of encouragement have helped me to hang in there somehow. Thank you! From M" appears on screen]
[they exit the room, when the second floor suddenly becomes enveloped in a thick fog]
BRISCO: Yikes! Monsters! Shoot 'em! Shoot 'em!
[the reporter begins firing her handgun at the small monsters as they crawl into view, when the fog suddenly clears]
RHOADES: C'mon, Brisco!
[she runs towards the stairs]
BRISCO: Hey, wait! Wait for me!
[the player follows her down the stairs to the basement, where she stops in front of the locked door]
[cut to a closeup of the keypad next to the door, as the player enters "5-8-3-9"]
[cut back to the door, as it unlocks]
RHOADES: It opened!
[the reporter walks towards the door]
RHOADES: Glen! Are you alright?
[she starts to opens the door]
RHOADES: I'm Justine Rhoades, from ZaKa TV. We came to rescue you!
[the player points the camera inside the room, at the man's body sprawled out on the floor, as the reporter screams]
BRISCO: He's been killed ... Another monster, maybe?
[the reporter stops in front of a bookshelf in the room]
RHOADES: Look, over there!
[the player points the camera at a vent on the wall above the bookshelf]
BRISCO: It's an air vent. A monster must've gotten in through there and attacked this guy.
[the reporter speaks directly to the camera]
RHOADES: The worst has happened. A monster ... It seems a monster found its way inside here. We at ZaKa TV tried to get the door open as quickly as possible to rescue him, but unfortunately, when we arrived he had already been killed in the horrible way you see here. The monster probably came in through that air vent, killed the man and then vanished. Our news team is now in danger, too. I think we'd better leave this place at once. This has been Justine Rhoades, reporting to you from the Von Erich Library.
[the player points the camera at the sound engineer]
BRISCO: Okay, the was good.
RHOADES: [from off camera] Of course!
[the player points the camera back at the reporter]
RHOADES: Even the chief couldn't possibly find anything to complain about with that! She'll love it!
BRISCO: Oh, I'll be she will ... what with the gross footage and all.
RHOADES: Hey, wait a minute. Is that this guy's notebook? We might as well film this while we're at it.
[the player points the camera at the deady body]
BRISCO: Not again ... Isn't there anybody left alive?!
[the player points the camera at the air vent again]
BRISCO: What a scoop!
[the player points the camera at the notebook on the floor, as "August 23rd. I've been locked up here for three days now. Tomorrow, the 24th, is the day I'm supposed to go to Club Gotchi. I've got to get out of here! I've got to meet with Dr. O'Conner, or my whole plan will be ruined!" appears on screen]
RHOADES: Hmm, I bet he was fired.
BRISCO: There's something written under today's date ... He was supposed to meet a "Doctor O'Conner" at Club Gotchi today. I wonder who this "Doctor O'Conner" is?
RHOADES: How should I know? But I bet he knows the truth behind this mysterious fog and the monsters.
BRISCO: So you wanna go there?
RHOADES: Of course! It's a big scoop!



Michigan: Report from Hell, known as simply Michigan in Japan, is a survival horror game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Spike. Directed by Ueda Akira and planned by Goichi Suda, the game focuses on a news crew for the fictional ZaKa TV, dedicated to covering strange phenomena. The game is unique in that it is played almost entirely through the viewfinder of a camera, and in that the game is lost if the player runs out of film before solving each level's mysteries. Because of this lack of direct gameplay, Michigan was denied a North American publisher by Sony.[1]

Although the word Michigan by itself usually refers to the State of Michigan or, less commonly, the University of Michigan, the game takes place in Chicago, Illinois, and centers around Lake Michigan.

Michigan is played from a first-person perspective, viewed through the television lens of a television news camera. Players take the role of the cameraman in a news crew, and are accompanied by a reporter and sound engineer/boom operator as they explore the game's locations.

The main method of interacting with the environment is by "tagging" objects. This draws the reporter's attention to it, causing her to interact with it in some way. In battle, players can tag an enemy to have the reporter attack it with her weapon. Players can also attack an enemy by slamming against it with their bodies, although the effectiveness of this maneuver is fairly limited.

The object of the game is to film interesting footage by pointing the camera at objects and events of interest, such as documents, monster attacks, and live locational reports given by the reporter. Players can earn three types of points in the game: "Suspense," "Erotic" or "Immoral." These points are determined by the player's camerawork and what events and objects they choose to focus on. "Suspense" points are the most standard, earned for good camerawork and the recording of interesting events. "Erotic" points are earned for things like filming up the reporter's skirt and videoing pornographic magazines lying around the game's levels. "Immoral" points are earned for inhuman filming, such as recording people being attacked by monsters instead of helping them. The type of points the player focuses on determines which of the three endings they receive as well as the physical appearance of the player's character.

The game is notable for the inclusion of multiple action events in which the player can determine the fate of various secondary characters. Most prominently, the player's action or inaction can result in the death of the reporter, in which case the game automatically advances to the next level and she is replaced by a new character. In fact, other than the inability to finish out the level, the player is not penalized for allowing their character to die, and can even quickly skip to the game's ending by trying to get each of their reporters to die as soon as possible.

* The Cameraman - the player character, a rookie cameraman for ZaKa TV. He is a classic silent protagonist who does not speak or appear until the ending.
* Brisco - the outspoken and excitable sound engineer and boom operator, Brisco accompanies the player throughout the entire game. Unlike the reporters, he cannot be killed during gameplay.
* Pamela - ZaKa's star reporter. She is the reporter in the game's first level.
* Anne, Paula, Justine, Carly and Mark - five reporters for ZaKa TV. If one of them dies, the next in line will replace her for the following level. Mark is the only male reporter.
* Nina - a reporter who appears in her own level, and serves as the player's reporter in that level regardless of the fate of previous levels' reporters.

A rookie cameraman for ZaKa TV, entertainment division of powerful conglomerate ZaKa Group, is assigned to cover an outbreak of mysterious happenings in and around Lake Michigan. Brisco, an outspoken sound engineer, and Pamela, a reporter, are also put on the assignment. The three go forth to investigate a strange mist that has descended on the area. They quickly discover that the mist is somehow transforming people into fleshy, leech-like monsters with human limbs. Pamela is attacked by the creatures and later found in the process of turning into one. The cameraman, Brisco, and a new reporter are sent to investigate the source of the monster attack.

The crew eventually discovers that the cause of the monstrous transformations is a mutative virus developed by a scientist, Dr. O'Connor, intended to be used against the enemies of the United States as a biological weapon. The virus was developed with the complicity of the U.S. Military, the government, and the powerful ZaKa group for whom the protagonists work.

After unsuccessfully attempting to retrieve a vaccine for the virus, the camera crew attempts to evacuate the city by heading to an airport on the outskirts of the city where a military evacuation transport is supposed to arrive. At the airport, the group encounters a strange young man who appears to be mentally retarded. He somewhat disjointedly reveals that he was Dr. O'Connor's original guinea pig, and begins to run around yell immaturely in a bizarre manner. After the player instructs the reporter to shoot him, he transforms into a massive pile of mutated flesh before exploding, spewing his bodily fluids everywhere. With the man's death, the mist clears, and Brisco theorizes he was the cause of both the mist and the monster outbreak.

In the game's epilogue, the camera crew approaches a nearby lighthouse, which the military has ordered them to activate so that the transport plane can locate and pick them up. While the tired reporter waits outside, the cameraman and Brisco ascend the lighthouse and activate the light at the top. Suddenly, Brisco begins to mutate; the cameraman flees, and the Brisco-creature laughs maniacally before escaping through a window.

The game ends with a final film clip of the cameraman's actions. The cameraman attempts to reveal the identity of the people behind the virus on camera, but he's killed by an unseen assassin before he gives a name.



Michigan, which predates Grasshopper's more renowned Killer7, is perhaps the company's most outlandish game. It is equal measures of amazing and awful, on every level imaginable, and yet it's so unashamed in its originality and almost-grindhouse brashness, that really it's something everyone should experience at least once. Imagine if Troma Films made games, filled with gore and porn, and you'd have Michigan. Playing the role of a cameraman who can only passively film events (and occasionally ram things), you receive bonus points for filming female panty shots and freakishly gross monster death-scenes - refusing to save NPCs in order to record their splattery deaths is actually rewarded. There's also a bit where a naked black guy in a shower accuses you of having secret affections, and in the Japanese release one of the reporters you filmed was based on a real-life model famous for fetish erotica. Hell, you even get bonus points by foraging for pornography during play.

As Suda himself might say: THIS IS PUNK.

A game with this sort of content would usually stay in Japan, and yet in an amazing turn of events, 505 Game Street localised and released it in France and Italy, with reports of it also turning up in Spain and the UK; dialogue was in English with the option of English text included. A subsidiary of Italian company Digital Bros, and now called 505 Games, this mysterious super-low-budget publisher has developed a reputation for publishing all manner of Japanese oddities, with no publicity at all and very small print runs. They have, or at one time had, a UK satellite branch, and when contacted to ask questions, their UK rep Rob Burman replied openly that he had no idea what the Italian head-honchos were ever doing and he could never get hold of them either. If you ask us, in all likelihood 505 Games is probably a money-laundering front for Italian organised crime. How else can you explain some of the curious business decisions they do, which in no way could result in profitability? Still, they brought us Michigan in English, and despite some serious game bugs they introduced along the way, deserve a salute.

Ironically Suda 51 himself had no idea it was even released in Europe, and expressed great surprise in an interview when informed of this. Obviously the Japanese publisher Spike had made the deal with 505 Games without much fanfare.

The story revolves around a news crew for Zaka TV, a station dedicated to paranormal events. After a small plane crashes in the lake the city of Chicago is engulfed by a mysterious fog, people are turning into hideous mutants and all hell has breaks loose - the cameraman (controlled by the player), plus a sound guy and female reporter are sent to film events and, perhaps, discover the cause of everything. While it's Game Over if the cameraman dies, should a reporter perish she'll just be replaced by another. During play you'll be faced with a series of morality decisions, where you're given the choice to stop filming and save someone's life, or continue filming for some horrific footage which will boost ratings. The game actually does a good job with the TV theme, showing ZaKa test screens during loading, and making regular reference to the company brand.



Justine's Levels: 1
Level 9: Zaka TV Head Office
** New Reporter **
If you kept Ann or Carly alive past the church, then they return here.
Otherwise, you get Justine at this point. If you killed Justine on level 5,
then the reporter you had with you at that point (Ann or Carly, again)

A short level, this one: Follow your reporter up the stairs & along the
corridor. When the mist & music kicks in, you've got two critters to tag,
one from in front, one from behind.

At the far end of the corridor, you've got one choice of door to open,
leading to a small office reception room full of stuff to look at. The door
the far side of that takes you to a lengthy conversation featuring Deborah,
Zaka TV chief, who's got more than a passing resemblance to Pamela.

Plot-wise here, (a) Deborah's arranged a military evacuation at the
airport with pal General Sanders, and (b) There's a Zaka TV crewmember,
Glen, being held in detention in a research room in the Von Erich Library.

At the end of that, you're forcibly evicted back to reception, have a
chat, and the level is complete.

"S": Wreckage at the top of the stairs.
YinLing card #06: On a window outside the outer office door.

"S": Coffee mug on desk in reception room.
"S": Mouse next to the computer in reception room.
"S": "Dear D, From M" memo, on the computer screen in reception room
"I": Litter bin by the photocopier in the reception room.
"E": YinLing website (Japanese version), or generic "sexy beam" website
(European version), on the laptop screen in the reception room.

(The "S" & "E" computer screens are mutually exclusive - tagging one
disables the other)

/ : Phone on the reception room table.
(Message from Robbie Adonis)
/ : Three pictures on the wall in reception.

level 9: Killing the reporter
Let the critters near the start of the level have her.

Justine's Levels: 2
Level 10: Von Erich Library

The sequence of events for this level varies slightly depending on
whether you keep up with the reporter or not, but essentially runs as

Incidentally, this guide was written using the Japanese version: In
Japan, as in the US, "1st floor" is what would be termed "ground floor" in
the UK. Similarly, "2nd floor" here describes a UK "1st floor".

Level 10, Part 1: 1st Floor
Multiple pieces-to-camera to cover here. Some whilst on the move: Firstly
right at the start. Then standing by the counter, and finally over by the

Here, there's a plot-split that I've not fully figured out:
(a) If you do the diligent cameraman thing & film her speeches, she skips
the next section and goes straight down to the basement.
(b) If you don't keep up with her when she moves to the stairs (let her
stand there for 10 seconds or so before approaching & filming), then her
piece-to-camera is different, and she heads upstairs.

"S": Hopperman books on the counter.
"I": Nearest magazine rack to the left.
"S": Furthest magazine rack to the left.

/ : Door you came in through
/ : Calendar behind the counter (8th Aug is circled)

Level 10, Part 2: 2nd Floor
If you lagged behind earlier, then your reporter heads upstairs, round
the back of a bookshelf. She stops here, and there are three books you can
look at for "S"/"E"/"I" (If you come here without the reporter, the books
give no points). From there, she goes to a locked door (Which is a good
time to collect the rest of the taggables on this floor).

From there, it's back to the first floor, a brief piece-to-camera there
(In fact, it's the same piece that you miss by ignoring her during part 1,
so you've not missed anything by not filming it then), & then down to the
basement, with the plot-threads re-joined.

"S": Between the bookshelves, 1st bookcase on the left if you followed
the reporter.
"E": Between the bookshelves, to the right if you followed the reporter.
"I": Between the bookshelves, 2nd bookcase on the left if you followed
the reporter.

"S": Poltergeist activity at the far alcove of the E-shape of bookshelves.
"S": On the bookshelf behind the floating books.

YinLing card #02: Bookshelf, far right corner from the stairs. (entrance
to the E-shape)
Videotape: Near alcove of the E-shape

/ : Books to the left of the near alcove.
/ : Books outside the locked door.

Level 10, Part 3: Basement
A piece-to-camera with the reporter standing in a red ring (I really must
figure out what the difference is!), and then while she goes over to the
computer on the desk, it's time for you to collect some serious "S" or "E"

There are three locked doors down here that you can't do anything with
yet: Looking from the stairs, straight ahead is the key-code door, to the
left is the clock-room, and to the right is the message-room.

When you're done, investigate the computer screen, and film the resulting
conversation. Then play with the security cameras:-

L-stick up/down = choose camera
R-stick = rotate left/right
L1/R1 = zoom
Cross = exit (Japanese version)
Triangle = exit (European version)

The camera views being:-
1F: Zoom in on a key on top of some shelves.
2F: The big "E"-shape of shelves
B1a: Keycode room: Stranded employee
B1b: Message room: Zoom in on the secret code on the wall.
Nice simple letter-subsitution code. "E=?":- E=5.
B1c: Clock room: Zoom in on the clock

After looking at all that, then on exitting the computer, your reporter
immediately dashes over the the keycode door, has a chat, and then runs
upstairs... Quick! Film & follow!

"S": Both sides of each of the bookshelves *except* the one against the
wall to the left of the clock door.
"E": (And lots of it) The bookshelf against the wall to the left of the
clock door.

/ : The locked doors.

Level 10, Part 4: 1st Floor
It might be worth looking at the books (there's one that spells out the
"secret code" very bluntly). The vital point being to tag the key, tag the
stairs. Then play follow-the reporter, with three stopping points before
heading upstairs.

"E": When the reporter's climbing the stairs (as on level 6).
"S": Your reporter'll have a talk about the calendar behind the desk if
you tag it.
"S": Similarly, when she pauses by a bookshelf, she'll talk about it when
its tagged.

/ : "a=1...z=26" hint book, left hand wall looking from the stairs.
/ : Books near the stairs, opposite the ladder.
/ : Books 1 shelf back from the ladder.
/ : Books on the wall near the doorway (Your reporter has a green pause
ring here after grabbing the key)

Level 10, Part 5: 2nd Floor
Open the previously locked door, examine the paper on the desk (it's the
paper that advances the plot: the computer's there for "S"), and head back
out: Dramatic music, mist, critters. You know the score by now: Tag 'em &
bag 'em. Three in number.

"S": "Dear D, From M" message: Computer in the locked office.
/ : The note, which explains the keycode sequence.

Level 10, Part 6: Basement
Ahhh, the keycode door.
Controls: Left stick=move, Circle=select. Cross=delete.
(Circle & Cross may well be reversed in any Western release).

If you can figure out the code from the clues within the level, then
either (a) You're better at Japanese than I am, or (b) You're playing the
European release... The easy route:- Try anything, then don't skip any
speech, listen to Brisco's suggestions and he'll give you the right
combination on his second attempt. (1236 is his first, wrong, suggestion.
5839 his second, right, one)

Once you're in, film the conversation if you're "S"-ing, then take a peek
at the piece of paper on the floor to trigger a bit of plot-reveal (Off we
go to Club Gotchi to see Dr O'Conner then), and also triggers the end of
the level.

"S": Ventilation shaft, in the keycode room, up and to the right.
"S": The corpse.
"I": Attempt to leave the keycode room via the door.

Level 10: Killing the reporter
Let the mid-level critters have her.
Takes you to Level 14 (Grant Park Station) with Paula.

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