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Case Study No. 1421: Staff of the Lionel Tinderghast Community Library

Minotaur Theatre Company's 'The Librarians' Trailer
Filmed, Produced and Edited by UEA:TV. To find out more about UEA:TV head to or @UEATV on Twitter.
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[scene opens with a young female librarian (red hair, glasses, grey cardigan) walking into the library, as "In the Hall of the Mountain King" plays in the background]
[cut to the librarian walking up to two other female librarians and waving excitedly before walking off, as they just stare at her blankly before returning to reshelving books]
[cut to a closeup of the two librarians, as one coughs (causing the other to stare at her and put a finger to her lips to shush her)]
[cut to the first female librarian pulling a book off the shelf, then walking past a young male librarian (who is lifting a small barbell with one hand and ironing a book with the other) and waving]
[cut to another male librarian (blonde hair, glasses, bow tie, tweed jacket) as he runs into the stacks and finds a book on the floor, then bends down to perform CPR on the book (as another male librarian runs off screaming)]
[cut to the other male librarian running off and screaming, when he sees the first female librarian and kneels down in front of her]
[cut to the female librarian grabbing another book off the shelf, then walking towards another female librarian (who is sitting on a table in the lotus position) and handing her the book]
[cut to the female librarian walking past some bookshelves, where she finds another male librarian (black hair, grey jacket, blue tie, no pants, polka-dot boxers) sitting on the floor, who is opening and closing a book as if it's a bird flapping its wings]
[cut to the female librarian walking past a study room, where she sees a young man (sunglasses, leather jacket, blue jeans) sleeping ... she closes the door, as the man wakes up and leaves (but he fixes his hair and takes a sip from his flask before going)]
["Minotaur Theatre Company presents" appears on screen]
[cut to the female librarian walking past the stacks (as all the other inhabitants of the library are spying on her from the shelves)]
["The Librarians" appears on screen]
[cut back to the female librarian, who stops and turns around ... as the other librarians all jump back into the stacks]
[cut to the female librarian walking through the library, when she finds another male librarian kneeling down on the floor, so she stops and hands him a binder before walking off]
[cut to a closeup of the male librarian as he opens up the binder and reads it ("Budget reforms for Humanities stationary allowance / Murder plans and budget / For Senior Staff Attention Only")]
[cut to the female librarian walking away, when she turns back to the male librarian and (lowering her glasses) gives him a wicked smile]
[cut to another female librarian (brown hair in a bun, glasses, beige cardigan) reading a book entitled "Guilty", as she lowers the book to watch the first female librarian walking away]

Filmed, Produced and Edited by

youtube dot com slash UEATVofficial @UEATV

Thanks to the UEA Library and staff

In the Hall of the Mountain King
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech dot com)

Licensed under Creative Commons:
By Attribution 3.0
creativecommons dot org slash licenses slash by slash 3.0

The Librarians
Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013
2nd - 17th August
Excluding Sundays

www dot thespace dot uk
TheSPACE, Theatre 1, North Bridge
Edinburgh, EH1 1SD

Minotaur Theatre Company
minotaurlibrarians dot com



The Librarians, trapped in an endless maze of bookcases, without daylight or a single customer in three decades, have all gone quite mad.

Mandrake Hardbach has spent years loathing, and in a final attempt before drastic measures must be taken, he tries to find the funny side of it all. He's read every single joke book in the Library. He's read every single joke in the world. He kept note of any that he thinks will appeal to the others in a warped hope that they might like him better if he said them at one of Pullock's all-night raves.

Sometimes, stacking can just all get too much.

"If there's one thing I know, it's how to sniff out a good bout of unfair play. There isn't a single crime book in this Library that I haven't read. From Holmes to Marple, Poe to Allingham. That means I'm the best Detective this side of the Large Print section. The best of the crem. And if it's the crem that did it - I won't have any qualms about locking it away.
'But what does that have to do with me?' you might ask. Well, you're here because I'm going to put you through your paces. Put you through the trials, tribulations and terrible twists of crime detecting.
So what are we waiting for? You won't get your Barbara Achievement Badge for Sleuthing by doing nothing.
Better get to it then!"

Librarians are people too. Everyone dies. It's all a bit grim.



Minotaur Theatre Company presents 'The Librarians' a new devised play by Lewis Garvey. When the Library is closed off, the workers are never told to go home. Locked inside, they all begin to fall into madness.



'No talking in the library or spines could be broken.'

In the endless maze of bookcases that make up the Lionel Tinderghast Community Library, without daylight or a single customer in three decades, the librarians have all gone quite mad. This newly devised play follows the ambitious and villainous Mandrake Hardbach, as he attempts to reach the coveted position of Chief Librarian. This ruthless librarian will let nothing keep him from the top; certainly not his hatred for books, certainly not rumours of a monster in the library, and certainly not his bumbling peers.

Combining elements of puppetry, music and featuring an array of truly bizarre characters, Minotaur Theatre Company offers you a glimpse into a peculiar world where all moral decency has been shelved.

Show run: 2nd August - 17th August (excluding Sundays)
at theSpace on North Bridge.
Start time: 12.40pm (55 minutes run time)
Press contact details: Kate Marks, producer.librarians [at]
07455 196 256



The exciting new play by Minotaur Theatre Company, debuting at the 2013 Edniburgh Festival Fringe from the 2nd - 17th August, performing at TheSPACE on Northbridge.

FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @minotaurfringe
"A dark, absurdist comedy, set in the depths of a gargantuan library that has seen neither daylight nor a customer in the best part of a century, 'The Librarians' follows the dark deeds of Hardbach, a vicious librarian with his sights set firmly on the esteemed position of Chief Librarian. However, he must first endure the regimes of his various and mentally ill colleagues as they each take their turn as top-dog, and usurp each one if he wishes to ever rise to the highest shelf."



Michael Clarke
Milly Rolle
Beej Harris
Emily Holt
Ed Jones
Poppy Pedder
Gemma Barnett
Harry Smith
Jerusha Green
James Gault
Harry Denniston

Directed and created by Lewis Garvey
Assistant Director: Martha Geelan
Producer: Kate Marks
Assistant Producer/Artistic Director: Jemima Richichi
Stage Manager: Ed Dyer
Costume: Ciara Morris
Set Designer: George Ronayne


Since 1979, Minotaur Theatre Company has been an ongoing showcase of the Drama degree programme at the University of East Anglia, offering a unique opportunity to see the next generation of young writers, directors and performers succeeding such alumni as Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Greg James (BBC Radio 1), Deborah Bruce (director at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre) and Oscar-nominated screenwriter, Tom Bidwell.

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