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Case Study No. 1415: Ms. Booksy

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (pt. 1) - Story Time w/ Ms. Booksy
"Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" gets the Cool School Story Time treatment with your librarian Ms. Booksy! Ms. Booksy transforms into Snow White herself and takes you through the whole story. Ya know, the evil queen, the huntsman, the seven dwarves, the poison, the prince of a guy who comes to save her, all that good fairy tale stuff!

This is just part one, so make sure you watch Part 2 next!! You have to be sure they get a happy ending!

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[scene opens with a young female librarian (glasses, long brown hair, pink sweater, yellow striped blouse, blue jeans) sitting in the library, speaking directly to the camera]
MS. BOOKSY: Hi kids, it's time for a brand new story! Here we go!
[she opens the book in front of her and begins reading]
MS. BOOKSY: "Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Snow White ... "
[she snaps her fingers, then cut to the librarian (now wearing a long pink dress and no glasses) standing in an animated countryside]
MS. BOOKSY: That's me, Snow White!
[she laughs]
MS. BOOKSY: It's kind of a weird name, actually. My parents were hippies ...
[two animated hippies pop into frame and give the camera the peace sign]
MS. BOOKSY: Enough said! So anywho, here's my story ...
[cut to an animated queen standing in her throne room, as the librarian speaks to the camera through the nearby window]
MS. BOOKSY: There was an evil queen who really had it out for me. I never did anything to her, she was just ... evil!
[the queen turns to the mirror hanging on the wall]
MS. BOOKSY: So, she had this magic mirror that everyday told her she was the most beauty-ous in all the land!
[an image of the queen's face surrounded by hearts appears in the mirror]
MS. BOOKSY: Then, one day, I guess it had a glitch or something ...
[the Windows Blue Screen of Death appears in the mirror ("Error! A fatal exception occurred. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to terminate. Restarting now ... ")]
MS. BOOKSY: But it said that I was the most beauty-ous in all the land!
[a real-life image of the librarian appears in the mirror]
QUEEN: What?!
MS. BOOKSY: Heh, awkward ...
[she laughs nervously, then cut to the librarian speaking to the camera while walking through the woods, alongside an animated man]
MS. BOOKSY: So, she sent me into the woods with a hunstman. We get out here, and he's like ...
HUNTSMAN: Hey, uh, I'm supposed to ... get rid'a you, and I don't really wanna do that. Uh, not really my thing. I'm, like, a nice guy. Anyway, if you could just never return to our kingdom, that'd be great.
[he turns to leave]
HUNTSMAN: I'm gonna leave you here now.
MS. BOOKSY: Oh wait! I appreciate you saving me and everything, but I'll freeze!
HUNTSMAN: [pause] Kay, bye!
[he leaves]
MS. BOOKSY: Well kids ...
[she flops down on the ground and sits cross-legged]
MS. BOOKSY: He left me here! And ...
[she yawns]
MS. BOOKSY: I fell asleep ...
[she lies down, as the screen fades to black, then cut back to the librarian lying in the woods]
MS. BOOKSY: Next thing you know, these little guys find me.
[the animated dwarves enters the scene]
MS. BOOKSY: And for some strange reason, they think I'm not alive anymore.
DWARF 1: Such a shame, she looked so nice!
DWARF 2: Poor thing!
[she gets up, and they all scream in terror]
DWARF 3: She's a zombie!
[they all run away, as the librarian looks at the camera with an incredulous look on her face]
MS. BOOKSY: Guys! Whoa whoa, I-I'm not a zombie, I was just ... taking a nap, and--
[the dwarves slowly return]
MS. BOOKSY: Wait, who are you? I think I should be the one freaking out here! A-Am I a giant, or are you guys really small?
DWARF 4: Hey, that's not really very nice ... Okay, perhaps we're a litle height-challenged, but we have the same rights as big people!
DWARF 2: Who uh, frankly, I think are funny-looking because they're so big!
DWARF 5: Besides, you should be nice to us because we found you in the woods and saved you!
DWARF 2: Yeah!
MS. BOOKSY: Saved me?
[she laughs]
MS. BOOKSY: I was napping!
[she turns and speaks directly to the camera]
MS. BOOKSY: I explained that I'd been kicked out of my own kingdom, never to return! And luckily, they needed a roommate!
[cut to the librarian standing outside of the dwarves' house, with a "Roommate wanted, inquire within!" sign posted out front]
MS. BOOKSY: I needed a place to live, and they needed someone to reach high places! Poi-fect!
[cut to a montage of the librarian using her height to help the dwarves (changing a light bulb, taking an apple out of the fruit basket on top of the bookshelf, straightening out a picture hanging on the wall)]
[cut to the dwarves sitting around a table, as the librarian stands behind them]
MS. BOOKSY: Everything was going pretty cool with the seven little dudes! But meanwhile, back at the evil queen's place ...
[cut to the evil queen looking into her mirror]
QUEEN: Mirror mirror, on the wall, tell me who's the fairest of them all!
MIRROR: Well, I hate to tell ya, but it's uh ... Snow White.
QUEEN: Whooo?!?
MIRROR: Uhh, Sssssnow White? Please don't smash me!
QUEEN: Show me where she is!
[an image of the librarian and the dwarves appears in the mirror]
QUEEN: Well then, I shall get rid of her myself!
[cut back to the librarian and the dwarves]
MS. BOOKSY: So cut back to me and the seven little dudes in the woods ... We were right in the middle of a sing-along, when there's a knock on the door.
[the sound of someone knocking on the door can be heard, then it opens and the queen (disguised in a UPS uniform) appears]
QUEEN: Hello? I have a special delivery for Snow White!
[she holds up a large green cupcake]
MS. BOOKSY: For me?
DWARF 6: Yay! Cupcake cupcake cupcake cupcake ...
[the dwarf runs over and grabs the cupcake from the queen, bringing it over to the table]
MS. BOOKSY: Oh, it's my favorite kind of cupcake! A mint chocolate chip cupcake with extra sprinkles! Oh, it must be from someone who misses me!
[she runs over and begins scarfing down the cupcake in a cloud of dust, then makes an exaggerated gulping sound and collapses]
[the dwarves scream and gather around her]
DWARF 1: Get the doctor!
[cut to two of the dwarves running through the woods, when they get to a hospital and rush into the animated male doctor's office]
DOCTOR: What seems to be the problem?
DWARF 5: Come quick!
[cut back to the dwarves' house]
DWARF 3: There she is! Fix her!
[the doctor walks over to the remains of the cupcake on the table and sniffs them]
DOCTOR: Poison!
[he kneels down next to the librarian and holds up a glass beaker filled with green liquid]
DOCTOR: Luckily, I have an antidote to reverse it.
[he pours the liquid on the librarian's face, and she instantly pops up]
MS. BOOKSY: Hi yourself ...
[the dwarves cheer, then cut to the librarian speaking directly to the camera]
MS. BOOKSY: So, long story short, I survived the evil queen's poison!
[cut to the queen in jail, sharing a cell with the big bad wolf]
MS. BOOKSY: [in voice over] She got arrested for all her evil deeds, and has to spend the rest of her life cleaning toilets and eating dog food!
[she laughs, then cut to the librarian standing in the same animated countryside from before]
MS. BOOKSY: While I got to return to my kingdom! I wound up marrying that cute doctor ...
[the doctor appears next to her]
MS. BOOKSY: And my seven best buds came over all the time for karaoke parties and cupcakes ...
[the dwarves appear next to her]
MS. BOOKSY: Uh, the non-poison kind, of course! Oh, and I got rid of that pesky mirror ...
[the mirror flies into frame and lands at her feet, cracking instantly]
MS. BOOKSY: It was a happy ending!
[she snaps her fingers, then cut to the librarian (back in her "normal" clothes) in the library]
MS. BOOKSY: Wow, that was a happy ending! Thanks so much for coming back to the library to listen to a story today, guys!



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