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Case Study No. 1472: Staff of the Las Vegas Public Library

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Library - Realistic
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Act 3- Scene 3 - Library, Done on Realistic difficulty.
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[scene opens with Bishop and his team advancing slowly towards the Las Vegas Public Library, as "Objective Updated: Clear the Library of Terrorists, Find Miguel Cabrero" appears on screen]
SHARON JUDD: [over the radio] Bishop, thermals show a lot of activity in the area ...
BISHOP: We're engaging them!
[they take down several enemy soldiers firing at them, then enter the library]
BISHOP: Sharon, still no sign of Miguel down here ...
SHARON JUDD: [over the radio] We've only seen haz-mat outside so far. Nothing suspicious.
[they continue searching the library]
SHARON JUDD: [over the radio] Hang on a second ...
[Sharon sends the library's floor plans over their Cisco communication system]
SHARON JUDD: [over the radio] Okay, I'm looking at the building plans for the public library. You're about to enter a central atrium with lots of cover for terrorists to hide. You might wanna head for the roof, and enter through the skylight. I'm sure there will be some excellent sniping opportunities. In fact, you could send Mike and Jung to breach from one of the doors below, while you take the skylight. The stairwell to the roof is on the second floor, here.
[one of the areas on the floor plan is highlighted red, then Bishop disconnects and uses his "snake cam" to spy on two terrorists behind a closed workstation door]
TERRORIST 1: Do you think all those people died?
TERRORIST 2: Of course they died! Why else would we go to all the trouble?
TERRORIST 1: You don't think this is, well ... nuts?
TERRORIST 2: You mean killing all those people? Or killing 'em with gas?
TERRORIST 1: [pause] Both!
TERRORIST 2: Had to be done. The US government will start believing we mean business now.
TERRORIST 1: But why are we doing it? We don't even have demands!
TERRORIST 2: I'm getting paid the same as you ... Did they tell you anything?
TERRORIST 1: They told me to stop asking questions.
TERRORIST 2: That's good advice.
TERRORIST 1: I guess they could easily get rid of us, huh?
TERRORIST 2: Nah, the Cabreros know we're good soldiers. They have our backs!
BISHOP: [whispers] Prepare for entry ...
[he heads for the upper floor, while his teammates flank the door]
BISHOP: [into his radio] Flash and clear.
[his teammates throw a flash bomb into the workstation room, then Bishop uses the distraction to flush out more terrorists in the stacks area on the upper floor]
BISHOP: Sharon, no sign of Miguel or the bomb! Meet us outside!
SHARON JUDD: [over the radio] Inbound.
["Objective Updated: Extract to the Chopper" appears on screen, as Bishop and his team make their way past the information desk and head outside]


From thefullwiki.org:

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (RSV2) is the seventh installment in the Rainbow Six series (nineteenth including expansions). It is a tactical first person shooter video game and the sequel to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas. It was announced by Ubisoft on November 20, 2007. The game was released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 18, 2008 in North America and March 20, 2008 in Europe, except in Germany, where the game was delayed. The Microsoft Windows version, however, was delayed until April 15, 2008. It was released in Japan on April 24, 2008 for the Xbox 360 and on May 29, 2008 for the PlayStation 3.

The game, billed as "part sequel, part prequel", has events that run both before and concurrently to the story of Logan Keller (lead character from the previous game) and continue after where the first game concluded. In addition to the ability to customize a character in multiplayer, the player can now customize Bishop, Vegas 2's new protagonist and a member of the Rainbow squad with a great deal more experience who has a deeper involvement in the story.

The setting for the game initially begins in Pic des Pyrenees, France, in 2005. (This is a fictional location: the only mountain top with an observatory in the Pyrenees is the Pic du Midi de Bigorre). Although the story promptly moves five years forward to Las Vegas, United States of America on July 2, 2010, the same day of Logan Keller's arrival to Las Vegas in Rainbow Six: Vegas. Terrorists have seized control of Las Vegas to instill widespread panic in both the public as well as law enforcement agencies, such as the National Security Agency, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Rainbow, as well as the local SWAT.


From 1up.com:


You start this mission in your helicopter, being air-dropped into a hot landing zone. Rope down from the chopper and take cover, enemies are swarming the area.

Objective updated: Eliminate all hostiles and then search the white van for explosives.

Enemies will be positioned all along the short walls, as well as on the roof of the convention center. Move up your squad and use them as a distraction, allowing you to kill the snipers.

After the soldiers are dead, order your team to search the van. They will find nothing but gas masks that indicate a chemical weapon is somewhere close by.

Objective updated: Sweet the Arnett Center. Find Miguel's bomb.

Follow your objective marker to the front entrance of the center. Order your team to stack up at the doors and then move around to the side of the building, where there are several windows. Break a window to draw the enemy's attention away from the doors, then order your team to move in and clear.

Move to the second floor of the convention center, following the path around until you reach a door. Move through the door with your team and clear the upper floor. Then, using your position, kill the remaining enemies on the floor beneath you. Also, watch out for enemies who drop in through the skylights.

Get down to the bottom floor of the convention center after you clear out all the enemies you can scare out of hiding. Move towards your objective marker and stop at the corner where civilians will rush past you.

After the civilians clear the area, order your team to rush down the hallway. Once the enemies fire at your team, you should snipe them from the end of the hallway. After these troops are dead, follow your objective marker into a stairway. Have your team stack up at the door at the bottom of the stairs while you take up a position at the first door you pass. Have your team enter and clear the bottom area while you move in on the catwalks above them, providing covering fire (use thermal vision if it gets too dark).

Move downstairs and regroup with your team. Follow your objective marker until you reach a closed door. Using your snake cam, assess the enemy positions. There should be at least one enemy wandering around with a shotgun; make him your first priority. He can be dispatched silently if you wait for him to walk past and then quickly shoot him in the back. One this soldier is down, look down the left side of the hallway and shoot the second soldier standing at the end of the hall.

With the immediate threats destroyed, move your team into the room filled with rock climbing equipment. As soon as you take position, enemies will swarm the catwalks above you, even roping down along the walls. Try to shoot them before they take position.

When you've cleared out all the enemies you can see, order your team to climb up the walk with ropes hanging over the side of it. Let them secure the upper catwalk and then use the rope to regroup with them.

Get back together with your team, clear any remaining enemies, and then again use the rope to get to the highest level of the rock climbing gymnasium, where you'll engage a pair of tangos who drop in through the skylights.

Proceed towards your objective marker, triggering the second act of the level.

Act 3 - Scene 2: Arena

When you reach the set of doors that lead you to your next objective marker, have your team stack up and then enter the room. You should encounter a wave of enemies just after you've declared the building as "clear."

Objective updated: Sweep the Goodman Center, Miguel's bomb is still missing.

Lead your team towards the next objective marker. As soon as you enter the outside area between the two parts of the center, you will be assaulted. Take cover along the stairs and then order your team around the area, flushing out the remaining enemies.

After the enemies are down, lead your team back the way you came from and, instead of going along the ground level, lead your team into the next building through the second story entrance.

Now that you are inside the Goodman Center, lead your team up the flight of stairs that are inside. Go to the set of double doors, pull out your snake cam, and confirm that there are two enemies just on the other side. Now, having confirmed the close proximity of the enemy, have your team stack up and then breach and clear (this should kill the two enemies, who are next to the door, outright).

Move around to the stairs heading to the first floor of the center. Take position, and snipe the two enemies who are in plain view. Hold your position and kill the enemies who try to rush up the stairs. Once the enemies stop rushing up the stairs, order your team to the bottom floor to insure that it is secure.

Proceed towards your new objective marker. When you reach an area where there is lots of weightlifting and training equipment, go down the open staircase (the other one is blocked off). Continue towards your objective marker until your character indicates the building is cleared.

Objective updated: Secure the Baker Arena. The bomb must be found.

Fight your way out onto the street between the building you're currently in, and your next objective. Watch out for snipers in the upper windows of the Baker Arena. When the street is clear, move into the building.

Unfortunately, just after you get inside the arena, enemy soldiers drop a bomb into the ventilation shafts, killing the trapped civilians before you can get the door open.

Objective Updated: Advance to the decontamination tent behind the arena.

Run towards your next objective marker. You will come up to a closed door and will be able to hear enemy chatter. Have your team stack up at the door, then frag and clear the room.

Fight your way down the hallway and stop when you reach another closed door. There is a large warhouse room beyond this door, filled with enemies, so approach with caution. Have your team stack up and then clear the room. After clearing the first floor of the room, move up the stairs and make sure there are no remaining enemies.

At the top of the stairs will be a pair of doors. Behind one door there is nothing; behind the other, a pair of guards. Have your team breach and clear the room with the two guards before progressing back down the stairs and towards your goal.

When you reach the decontamination tents, you will be given a new objective.

Objective Updated: Clear the Library of terrorists. Find Miguel Cabrero.

Act 3 - Scene 3: Library

You may start with the library in plain sight, but that doesn't mean it's going to be easy to get to. Between you and the library is a small horde of enemies. Slowly progress towards the library -- with your team out front -- taking out the various soldiers that are both on the ground and on the rooftops.

Enter into the library through the open door on the left side (from where you approach from). Move up the stairs to the second level and cross over to the second half of the building, via the walkway. Kill any remaining tangos you come across.

As soon as you enter the new portion of the library, you will have to assault a room with 3 doors: two on the top floor, one on the bottom. Have your team stack up at the upper left (from where you entered) door. Once they start their frag and clear, go up to the upper right door and shoot the enemies whose attention is drawn towards the other side of the room.

After clearing out this room, you will walk a short distance before you are briefed about the atrium you are about to enter. This large room has two floors to assault. We had our team stack up at one of the doors on the second floor and then took our main guy up to the roof. Once we were in position on the roof above a sky light, we ordered our troops to clear the area.

Clear the remaining enemies out of the building and then it will be time to extract.

Objective Updated: Extract to the chopper.

Work your way down through the library, towards your objective marker. Eventually you will be prompted with a new scene.

Act 3 - Scene 4: Chase

Continue towards your objective marker. You will not see any enemies until you reach your hazmat team, where you'll realize that your target has obtained a hazmat uniform and is trying to escape!

Objective Updated: Apprehend Miguel Cabrero for interrogation.

Don't rush after him, though, as you will now have to fight a wave of enemies who are assaulting your position. Once the enemies are dead, proceed towards your next objective marker.

Stop when you reach a wooden fence with a gate. Cabrero will run past and into the backyard of a home. Rather than blindly running after him, take cover at the gate and order your team into the backyard. Repeat this process for the series of backyards you cross.

Eventually you will reach a junkyard. This area is filled to the brim with enemies, so take your time going through it and always keep your team ahead of your position. Make sure to keep a lookout for enemies who are sneaking up on your side, as there are plenty of holes for them to shoot through.

When you reach Miguel, let him talk and then shoot him when he tries to pull his weapon. Extract to the chopper to end the mission.

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