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Case Study No. 1463: Staff of the Metro City Library

Condemned: Criminal Origins- Metro City Library 1/3
All Birds, Metal Pieces, and T.V.s
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[Ethan enters the abandoned Metro City Library, then (after exploring the front desk) enters the elevator and heads for the basement floor]
[the lights go out, and the doors open to reveal a darkened hallway full of rats (and an unseen female voice repeatedly saying "Thomas")]
[the screen goes black, then it is revealed that Ethan is still in the elevator and he had simply been hallucinating]
[the doors open, and Ethan begins exploring the "Library Administration" section of the library, when he finds the female forensics investigator]
ROSA: Thomas! Thomas, over here!
[she waves him over]
ROSA: This might not have been a good idea ... Squatters and addicts have moved in, and they don't like company!
[she walks over to a nearby table]
ROSA: Come this way. I have something to show you. I used my security clearance to do ... a little checking up on you.
[she points to a blue folder on the table]
ROSA: I found this folder in your supplemental personnel file.
[Ethan opens the folder and flips through the pages]
ROSA: During your last physical, they found several abnormalities. For starters, your bone and muscle densities are off the charts. You have a reputation for being tough ... but who knew?
[Ethan turns to another page in his file]
ROSA: You also have a hyperactive serotonergic system in the brain ... What that means, I have no idea.
[Ethan turns to another page in his file]
ROSA: And lastly, there's a chest x-ray that's been redacted.
ETHAN: Redacted?
ROSA: Yeah, right where your esophagus and larynx are ... Someone's blacked out the x-ray and added the notation "See subject's PR56." A PR56 is a special addendum to a personnel record, and yours is classified Black. That's pretty top-level security, way beyond either you or me.
[Ethan closes the folder]
ROSA: Our government is awfully interested in you.
ETHAN: I didn't know.
ROSA: Well, now you do. Maybe I shouldn't have told you, but there it is ... Oh, and I also left something there on the counter for you. Popular modification to the standard taser.
[she walks off, and the player selects "Pick up Super Taser"]
[Ethan goes to follow Rosa, but then has another hallucination, eventually waking up with Rosa standing over him]
ROSA: Jeez, Thomas, you okay? You looked like you were about to faint there ... Come on, let's get this over with.
[they being walking down the vandalized hallway]
ROSA: Scavengers looking for parts to sell, or just maniacs destroying things ... We have to find a terminal that isn't damaged.
[she stops at a closed door]
ROSA: Hello! Looks like someone left the master key in the lock.
[she opens the door]
ROSA: You search this office, I'll take that one over there. Look for a computer that's in working order.
[she moves an overturned bookcart to get to the office at the other end of the hallway, while Ethan enters the unnamed librarian's office and looks around (pulling the blade off a rusty paper cutter to use as a weapon)]
[the scene suddenly turns black and white, as Ethan sees a ghostly figure walking around the opposite end of the office, and slowly approaches it]
ROSA: [from off camera] Thomas, what's wrong? I can't get in, the door's jammed!
[masked figures suddenly appear and attack Ethan, but they eventually vanish after he swings at them with the paper cutter ... then he quickly returns to the locked door, only to find Rosa throwing a chair through the glass to get the door open]
ROSA: I told you we weren't alone ... Come on, I found a working computer.
[they walk over to a computer terminal at the other end of the hallway]
ROSA: It's a search engine specific to the library. Just type in The Torturer's name, and we should get the latest info from the local news, including broadcast feeds.
[Ethan sits down and begins typing on the computer, when he gets a "Connection Error: Network Service Down" error message]
ROSA: Dammit! Can anything else go wrong? We'll have to find the server room and get the network back.
[Ethan suddenly blacks out and has another hallucination ... when he comes to, Rosa is gone, then his cellphone rings]
SERIAL KILLER X: [over the phone] Well Thomas, you're certainly not as much help as I thought you would be. I'd expected so much more from you. I was thinking--
[the sounds of Rosa struggling can be heard over the phone]
SERIAL KILLER X: [over the phone] Ow, god! Bitch!
ETHAN: Rosa? Rosa?! Are you there?
[he hangs up, then continues exploring the library]
["Investigate / Use Detective Tool to find evidence" appears on screen, and Ethan uses a handheld blacklight to find some blood on the floor in one of the hallways]
["Find Evidence / Organic evidence glows a bright purple" appears on screen, and he uses the Sampler tool to analyze the blood, then turns his cellphone back on]
ROSA: [over the phone] This is Rosa. I am out of the lab at present, but will return shortly. In an emergency, please use my authorized Bureau cell number.
[he uses the cellphone to download the chemical analysis of the blood into the Bureau's database]
COMPUTER: [over the phone] Physical evidence received and stored.
[he hangs up, then finds several squatters/addicts sneaking around some bookshelves (killing them with his paper cutter)]
[he picks up an axe that one of the squatters dropped, then uses it to knock down the door to the server room ... he checks the server rack (labelled "Basement - Administration / Main Floor - Reading Room / Upstairs - Circulation / Upstairs - Rare Books Cage / Upstairs - Main Stacks") and sees that the light signifying the "Rare Books Cage" is blinking green]
[Ethan continues exploring the library, eventually making his way to the Shelburne Reading Room upstairs, where he finds the Rare Book Cage (with Rosa lying on the floor inside)]
[he uses a nearby sledgehammer to knock the lock off a ladder, then slides it to the end of the bookcase and climbs to the top of the bookshelf, jumping down to enter the cage and help Rosa (as two shadowy figures slither away from her upon his entrance)]
ROSA: Back off, you bastard! Come any closer and I'll rip your head off!
ETHAN: Rosa, it's me, Thomas!
ROSA: Ohhh ... Oh, he must have clobbered me in the back of the head before taking off.
ETHAN: Are you okay? There were these ... these shadowy things standing over you.
ROSA: What? Look, while you're chasing shadows, that jerk tried to kill me. I bit him good, though, right on the hand.
[she rubs her head]
ROSA: Did you get any of the blood sampled? I saw some hit the floor.
ETHAN: Yes, sampled and transferred back to the lab.
ROSA: Excellent.
[she gets up and heads for a nearby laptop computer]
ROSA: I can patch in through this computer and do a remote analysis.
[she sits down and begins typing]
ROSA: Bingo ... DNA from the sample matches DNA taken from the Metro Station hideout. This is the guy. This is our Serial Killer X. He killed the policemen, and he's been killing all of the other guys on your case list.
ETHAN: What did he want with you?
ROSA: He wanted to know what we knew about The Torturer. He made me look it up on the Net. He knows the whole MO now, the abduction, torture, suicide thing.
[she continues typing]
ROSA: Thomas, The Torturer is on your case list, and he's the only one whose trail hasn't gone cold since we ran into ... this Serial Killer X. X wants The Torturer to die, he's hunting him down.
[she pushes the chair back and points at the computer screen]
ROSA: Look at this.
[a video of a female newscaster begins to play]
JENNIFER: This is Jennifer Alben reporting from Police Headquarters. Developments in the case of The Torturer serial killer. A retired gym teacher from the city's juvenile rehabilitation program has informed police of contact he had almost eight years ago with a troubled youth named Carl Anderson, who reported fantasies that matched The Torturer's methods exactly. Authorities are now asking the public to inform police if they know of Carl Anderson's whereabouts. Do not approach the suspect, as he should be considered armed and dangerous. Sources within the police department are telling me they are also concerned because their informant can no longer be located. Department spokespersons have refused comment on this latest development. This is Jennifer Alben reporting for News Channel Five.
ETHAN: Carl Anderson ... Hmmm. Gym teacher tells the cops on you, and now the teacher can't be found. Okay Rosa, we have to find the school where that teacher worked.
ROSA: School and city district records are in the basement.
[she gets up]
ROSA: Follow me. Hopefully, this key will get us where we need to go.
[she unlocks the cage, as they make their way towards the Hamilton Reading Room on the same floor, where a book falls from the ceiling above them]
ROSA: What the hell's that?
[they stop, as strange noises can be heard coming from somewhere above them in the room]
ROSA: Sounds like an animal is crawling around up there ...
[they continue on, entering a darkened room]
ROSA: Looks like this is where the library suffered the most fire damage ... Okay, there should be a stairwell that leads down to the microfiche room.
[they look around for the stairs, then Ethan suddenly falls through a weak spot in the floor and lands awkwardly in the room below]
ETHAN: Ahhh!
[he slowly gets up]
ETHAN: Damn, that hurt ...
ROSA: [from off camera] Thomas, you okay down there?
ETHAN: Yeah, yeah ... busted my flashlight, though.
[he looks up through the whole and sees Rosa]
ROSA: Stay put. I thought I saw something down there in the dark. I'll be there in a minute.
[she walks off, then Ethan has another hallucination (another addict appears out of nowhere and attacks him), but he comes to and finds Rosa standing in front of him]
ROSA: Thomas ... Thomas, snap out of it!
[he walks over to her, but the barred doors won't open]
ROSA: Here, take my flashlight ... Make your way around to the doors on the other side. I'll let you in there.
[he turns around]
ROSA: Don't take too long. Standing in the dark without my flashlight makes me nervous.
[he makes his way through the stacks (as zombie-like creatures randomly pop up from behind the books and attack him), then sees Rosa on the other side of a collapsed portion of the floor]
ROSA: How convenient ... Okay, jump down and see if you can find your way back to the stairs. I'll go back this way.
[he jumps down into the hole]
ROSA: There's no way past this thing. Climb down to the next floor and I'll meet up with you down there.
[he eventually makes his way through the stacks (after killing more zombies and addicts) before meeting up with Rosa again]
ROSA: Jesus, Thomas, it took you long enough ...
[they walk off, seeing another barred room where the addicts and zombies are fighting each other]
ROSA: Jesus, this is getting out of hand ... We need to get this microfiche information and get out of here.
[they start climbing down a flight of stairs]
ROSA: You mind taking the lead through this area?
[they enter a room, as Ethan begins looking through the various microfiche drawers]
ETHAN: Eight years ago would put the kid and the teacher at the same school in 1997 ...
[he stops at one drawer]
ETHAN: Here it is.
[cut to Rosa sitting down at the microfiche reader, as Ethan looks over her shoulder (and Rosa's kidnapper spies on them from the shadows)]
ROSA: "Anderson, Carl" ... There's a lot of Carl Andersons, but I bet this is our guy. He was enrolled, or sentenced, to an educational rehabilitation center for the severely troubled. Saint Joseph's Secondary on Northeast Fifty-second and Fremont. It's been closed for five years, and no wonder, that's one of the worst parts of town.
[cut to a closeup of Rosa's face]
ROSA: Christ, the cops have just been letting it go to hell for years ...
ETHAN: And what about the faculty?
ROSA: Doesn't list occupations, just a list of names. I'll take it back to the lab and see what I can find.
[they hear some rustling off camera, and finally notice the man spying on them (as he runs off)]
ROSA: It's him! He's been listening to us!
ETHAN: It looks like we've attracted other unwanted attention ...
[he fights off the squatters/addicts that come pouring into the microfiche room]
ROSA: Thomas, the exit ... We need to make a run for it!
[they head for the door, then she stops]
ROSA: What about our Serial Killer X?
ETHAN: He's got the same information we do, and that means he's also gonna go to the school ... Perhaps I can catch two killers with one net.
ROSA: I'll drive you there, then head back to HQ and work on that faculty list.



Condemned: Criminal Origins (known in Japan as Condemned: Psycho Crime and in Europe and Australia simply as Condemned) is a psychological horror video game, developed by Monolith Productions and published by Sega. It was launched worldwide in 2005 on the Xbox 360, with a Microsoft Windows version released later in 2006. The Windows version had few changes from the console version.

The game uses a first person perspective. Condemned: Criminal Origins places an added emphasis on melee combat and puzzle solving, including searching for fingerprints and gathering evidence.

Condemned: Criminal Origins is set in the fictional American City of Metro. The player takes on the role of Ethan Thomas, a crime scene investigation agent with the FBI's Serial Crime Unit, as he traverses the seedier sides of the city. His journey takes him through a number of condemned buildings as he searches for the one who framed him for murder, the evasive Serial Killer X. Along the way, Ethan must use his investigative intuition and technology to examine evidence left behind by SKX, all the while fighting off the violently psychotic denizens of Metro City, who seem to be driven to such madness by a mysterious, yet seemingly extraneous force.

The game's protagonist is Ethan Thomas (voiced by Greg Grunberg), an SCU investigator with unusually acute investigative instincts. He also is stated to have superhuman durability, as demonstrated by his ability to recover quickly from electrocution, long falls, and blunt trauma to the head, among others. He is aided in his investigations by Rosa, a forensics investigator at headquarters.

The primary antagonist of the game is Serial Killer X, who is hunting the serial killers that Ethan is searching for, killing them by the methods that they themselves use. Near the end of the game, he is revealed to be Leland Vanhorn, nephew of Ethan's friend Malcolm. Malcolm believes that Leland is being influenced by mysterious mutilated humanoid creatures that are causing an increase in insanity throughout the city. These creatures are more fully explained in the sequel as being related to the cult known as the Oro.

The game begins with the protagonist, SCU agent Ethan Thomas, arriving at the scene of a murder. He and his fellow officers go into an abandoned building that is surrounded by psychopaths and criminals. The crime scene they investigate is one of a young woman. She is on the floor with strangulation wounds, sitting across a table from a male mannequin. Ethan, along with his colleagues, agree that the murder was most likely committed by the Match Maker, a serial killer that Ethan has been investigating. After they collect evidence from the scene, one of the officers smells cigarette smoke. Believing that the smoke must be coming from their suspect, they decide to split up and go after him. While searching for the suspect, Ethan tries to restore power from an electrical box. Due to an electrical surge, Ethan is shocked, and drops to the floor, causing his weapon to be thrown from his hand. A man hiding in the shadows takes it and flees. Ethan manages to chase the man into a small, dead-end room, where the man holds Ethan at gunpoint and tells him they have the similar goals. Ethan's colleagues enter the room and tell the man to drop his weapon, and are promptly shot by the man with Ethan's gun, who then shoves Ethan out a window onto the street.

Ethan wakes in his apartment with Malcolm Vanhorn, a friend of Ethan's father, at his side. Malcolm warns Ethan that he is wanted for the deaths of the two officers who were shot with Ethan's gun. Ethan is determined to prove his innocence, although his own sanity appears to be slipping, as throughout the game he suffers numerous horrific visions.



The Metro City Library is a location in "Condemned: Criminal Origins", in Metro City. Ethan Thomas meets up with Rosa Angel to do some investigating on the Torturer, aka, Carl Andersen, using the library computer terminals . Rosa is captured and later released by an unseen Oro assailant during the course of their tour of the library, which is closed due to a fire. She is later found and rescued by Ethan, and they continue their investigation, which leads them to a Secondary School.

Its address is 262 Main Street.



Chapter 07 - Metro City Library

Enter the lobby of the abandoned library. There's a BIRD0701 lying on the reception desk. Head further down the East Wing and use the elevator at the end of this hallway. Out of the elevator go left past the administration desk till you run into Rosa. Check your folder, grab the upgraded Taser and follow Rosa to where she finds a Master Key. Go to the end of the office to your left, forge a makeshift weapon out of the broken paper cutter, and head back after the scary stuff. Climb through the broken window and follow Rosa into the opposite office. In here, use the computer, then head out and right into the corridor.

Open a pair of double doors on your right and follow the corridor to some movable desks, on of which holds BIRD0702. When proceeding, you will be prompted to INVESTIGATE droplets in front of a fireaxeable door. Now head to the end of the hallway to find your first METALPIECE0701 for this chapter behind a movable crate of books. While heading back, a hobo will tear down a door in front of you with a fireaxe. Follow him and keep an eye out for a flapping BIRD0703 under some file cabinets next to where a hobo with a gun will shot at you. Make out the guy with the fireaxe hiding amongst the movable stacks and grab it off his dead hands. Now head back to where you found the droplets and use your fireaxe on the door. Inside will be one of the server racks; get the crowbar from within it.

Out of this room, take a right and 2 times left to find a closed grilled door. Pry it open with the crowbar and get on the elevator. There will be armed and dangerous book readers in the lobby by now, so be careful. After you're done, grab the crowbar off the reception desk and head to the beginning of this chapter to find another grilled and closed door. There's the BIRDBATHTV in here. Back in the lobby make out the large painting and pry open any of the doors next to it. Head upstairs and into a large reading room. Find a rotting BIRD0704 with a sledgehammer next to it with the gasspectrometer. Grab the sledgehammer and smash away the padlock on a ladder on the right wall of this room.

Push the ladder over to the correct spot and climb it up to find another BIRD0705. Now jump down to where Rosa is lying on the floor. After her successful uber-hacking-attempt follow her all the way to a burned room with racks and books in it. When you reach a small area from where you can see the 2nd floor with the large book room from earlier, look left to find METALPIECE0702 behind a crate of books. Make your way around the burned racks till you fall through the rotted floorboards.

After cleaning your pants, get around the book shelves. When you reach the gap with Rosa standing on the other side, jump down and continue past the neverending stacks. At sometime a crawler will come climbing out of the ceiling. There oughtta be a BIRD0706 lying on a table next to him. The following area will be quite dangerous with a lot of shooting. Try staying in cover till the hobos run out of ammunition. Then check out the room they came out of to find METALPIECE0703 behind one of the desks. Out of this room, head left to meet up with Rosa. Follow her to some stairs and head down into the microfiche room. After you got the intel, kill off some addicts and wait for Rosa to leave her safeplace. Run after her to end this chapter.

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