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Case Study No. 1457: "A bizarre sisterhood of librarians"

Library of the Sacred Beast - Trailer
The "Hobo With a Shotgun" 2011 Trailer Contest Submission.

David A. Crellin - The Professor
Alder Sherwood - The Librarian
Ernie Joseph - The Engineer
Will Chase - Guild Leader
Wonder Russell, Gabriele Schutz, Carley Marissa - The Sisterhood

Director of Photography - Regan MacStravic
Music Composer - Ed Hartman
Voice Over Talent - Corey Feist
Sound Operator - LeKea DeBose
Assistant Director - Katherine Sultan
Producer & Director - David Falcon Ayala

Special Thanks:
Northwest Film Forum
Dave Hannagan
Matt Cunnigham
Ryan Davis

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NARRATOR: In a cruel and not so distant future ... Books are the currency of the New American Empire and only the rich are allowed to read. One outlaw librarian will rise against the system.
[scene opens with an exterior shot of the Seattle Public Library, then cut to inside as a man caresses the neck of a young female librarian (long black hair, white flower in her hair, long white dress)]
ENGINEER: So, is my librarian ready for some fun?
[they kiss passionately, as he pushes her up against the bookshelf and she wraps her leg around him]
NARRATOR: She was set up and betrayed. Given a mission she couldn't refuse.
[cut to an older man wearing glasses, spying on them from the shadows, then to the librarian (now wearing glasses) sitting in a chair with her hands tied together]
LIBRARIAN: I hate books ...
[cut back to the older man (no longer wearing glasses), as he speaks with someone off camera]
PROFESSOR: Call the engineering guild, now!
[cut to another man standing in a room filled with reel-to-reel film canisters, speaking to someone off camera]
GUILD LEADER: I want you to spy on the professor ...
[cut back to the librarian tied up, struggling to free herself]
LIBRARIAN: I don't want a library card in return!
[cut to the professor, as he has the engineer tied up in a chair]
NARRATOR: Tormented by her past ...
[cut to a shot of the librarian watching from the shadows, then back to the engineer]
ENGINEER: Knowledge doesn't exist!
[the professor rears back to strike him]
NARRATOR: She must penetrate ...
[right before the professor makes contact, the scene cuts to an exterior shot of the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library, as "Library of the Sacred Beast, Auktorsratt MCMLXXIV, Magnolia Pictures LLC, Eftertryck Forbjudes" appears on screen]
NARRATOR: The Library of the Sacred Beast!
[cut to an exterior shot of the Seattle Space Needle]
NARRATOR: Under the decayed shadow of the Space Needle ...
[cut to the professor pacing around, speaking to someone off camera]
PROFESSOR: Books are one of the few authentic magics ...
[cut to a shot of the professor wearing sunglasses, staring off into space]
NARRATOR: A library of sin and depravity ...
PROFESSOR: [in voice over] I will teach you to care for the wealth of this city!
[cut to an exterior shot of the Seattle Center Monorail]
NARRATOR: A civilization of obedience ...
[cut back to the professor]
PROFESSOR: Disobedience will not be tolerated.
[cut to a still image of a female librarian (black hair, glasses, holding a hand-held 16mm camera) sitting on a bench, while another female librarian (bright red hair, white blouse, short grey skirt) stands with a hand to her hip while biting down on the tip of her glasses]
NARRATOR: And a bizarre sisterhood of librarians ...
[cut to the engineer and guild leader speaking together]
GUILD LEADER: I want you to set up the sisterhood ...
[the engineer sighs]
ENGINEER: I'm a librarian so I have to be trained for this ...
[cut to a still image of the librarian holding the 16mm camera]
NARRATOR: With Wonder Russell ...
[cut to a still image of the redheaded librarian]
NARRATOR: Gabrielle Schutz ...
[cut to another female librarian (black hair, cats-eye glasses, yellow sundress) striking a seductive pose]
NARRATOR: And Carley Marissa as ... The Sisterhood.
[cut to a shot of the guild leader, with a concerned look on his face]
NARRATOR: Will Chase as the Guild Leader.
[cut to the engineer putting on a pair of glasses]
NARRATOR: Ernie Joseph as the Engineer.
[cut to the first librarian (still tied up)]
NARRATOR: Featuring Alder Sherwood as the Librarian.
[cut to the professor standing over the librarian and laughing maniacally]
NARRATOR: And starring David A. Crellin, as the Professor.
[he puts his hand around the librarian's throat, then takes out a knife and slowly brings it towards her face as she breathes heavily]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's face, as her left eye is now covered by a heart-shaped eyepatch with a bronze lion emblazoned on it]
NARRATOR: Don't judge this bitch by her cover ...
[cut to a wider shot of the librarian, as she takes an open white parasol covered in Japanese writing and rests it on her shoulder]
NARRATOR: In the Library of the Sacred Beast!
[cut to a shot of the professor looking towards the camera, as "Library of the Sacred Beast, Produced and Directed by David Falcon Ayala" appears on screen]

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