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Case Study No. 1456: Mages of Dragonvale Academy

Let's Play Keepsake (36) Grabbing balls!
Take the title in whatever context you wish :P
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[scene opens with Lydia (a young female student) and Zak (a human trapped in the form of a cat) in the West Tower Skyway at Dragonvale Academy, when they enter the doorway of a small balcony and find themselves in an gigantic library]
LYDIA: Whoa! How's this possible!? That door led to a space no bigger than a closet, and we ended up in this gigantic room!
[the cat laughs]
ZAK: I couldn't wait to see your face when you found this library! It's priceless!
LYDIA: But ... where ... how?
ZAK: Take time to catch your breath and I'll explain where we are ... As you already noticed, this room is magical. Because the mages had so many books of knowledge, and knew they would keep gathering more and more of them every day, they came to the conclusion that a normal library wouldn't be enough. So, they decided to build a magical room with an unlimited capacity, since it doesn't really exist.
LYDIA: What do you mean, doesn't exist?! This room seems real enough to me!
ZAK: I don't know how it was made. I only know that because of magic, they can fit this gigantic room behind that door we entered on the small balcony.
LYDIA: I can't wait to have a teacher explain this to me, because even with your explanation, it still doesn't make much sense.


[Zak (now in the form of a small dragon) and Lydia are exploring the Secret Library, where they find a pedestal containing a brightly colored orb]
LYDIA: Wow, this ball looks special. What exactly is it?
ZAK: No one knows. It's one of the secrets of the library. These balls have always been here. They glow, but we can't remove them. Whenever we ask the teachers, they tell us it's just a pretty ornament. Of course, I never believed them, but never managed to pierce the secret of these balls to prove them wrong.
LYDIA: I believe this school will keep me entertained for years with all the mystery it holds!
[cut to a closeup of the pedestal, as the player clicks the orb and it disappears]
LYDIA: Look, I managed to take it!
ZAK: Awesome! But ... it looks like it hasn't done anything.
LYDIA: I'm sure there is something we can do with these balls.
["Library Ball - A weird magical ball with the ability to change colors, depending on where it is placed" appears on screen, then the player clicks one of the nearby walls and reveals a secret panel]
LYDIA: What is this weird thing?
ZAK: I have no clue. I didn't even know this could open!
[the player places the orb in the hollowed-out groove behind the panel]
LYDIA: Sweet, the ball fits perfectly!
[the panel closes, then the camera pans out to reveal a nearby wall has opened up]
ZAK: Hey, look ... You made part of the wall disappear!
LYDIA: Whoa! A secret section of the library ...
[the player enters the room, where another orb is sitting atop a pedestal]
LYDIA: Another of these magical balls.
[the player takes the orb, then heads back and places it in another panel (which opens up another section of the wall)]
LYDIA: Sweet! Another secret section of the library! I wonder how many more secret sections there are.
[the player enters the new room (which features a table in the middle of the room and several bookshelves), then exits and - after retrieving both orbs - places them in another section with two panels side by side (which opens up another section of the wall)]
[the player enters the new room (which features red-tinged walls and a pedestal containing another orb), then collects the new orb]
LYDIA: Another of these magical balls.
[the player heads for a nearby panel and places the orb inside, revealing another room with a multi-colored tapestry hanging at the far end]
LYDIA: Wow! Look at this gorgeous tapestry!
ZAK: I wonder what this weird diagram is ...
["Third Tapestry - An odd diagram woven on a tapestry found in the library" appears on screen, then the player (after taking back the orbs) returns to the room with the table and bookshelves and opens another wall to reveal a new room with another pedestal]
LYDIA: Another of these magical balls.
[the player takes the orb, then (after collecting the other orbs) uses them to open a new room containing another tapestry]
LYDIA: Look, another gorgeous tapestry!
[the player clicks on the tapestry (which has writing on it)]
LYDIA: [reading] "Once the gift of life has been taken for granted, even the heart of the strangest one ends up wounded. The mind then becomes poisoned by grief and pain, until feathery soft memories let only happiness remains."
ZAK: The writings on it seems to be some kind of riddle ...
["First Tapestry - A riddle written on a tapestry found in the library" appears on screen, then the player (after retrieving all four orbs) uses them to enter another secret room containing a tapestry]
LYDIA: Look, another gorgeous tapestry!
ZAK: I wonder what this weird diagram is ...
[the player clicks on the tapestry (which features the words "water", "fire", "earth", and "air"), as "Second Tapestry - A strange diagram woven on a tapestry found in the library" appears on screen]
[the player retrieves the orbs from the panels, then uses them to enter another room with the final tapestry]
LYDIA: Look, another gorgeous tapestry!
ZAK: I wonder what this weird diagram is ...
["Fourth Tapestry - A weird diagram woven on a tapestry found in the library" appears on screen, then the player retrieves the orbs and exits the Secret Library]


From wikipedia.org:

Keepsake is an adventure game developed by Wicked Studios.

Lydia, the main character, has just arrived at Dragonvale Academy, a school of magic. Her best friend, Celeste, agreed to meet her outside the school at a nearby fountain, but when Lydia arrives, the school is deserted and Celeste is nowhere to be found. With the help of a wolf (who claims to be both a dragon and a familiar to a powerful mage) named Zak, Lydia sets out to find out what happened at Dragonvale Academy that caused the disappearance of hundreds of people and to reunite with her best friend.

Keepsake is a third person point-and-click adventure game in which the user clicks areas on the screen to navigate and explore the world. The world is set up through fixed camera angles showing the portion of the area that the main character, Lydia, stands in. The user can click different locations and items to move, activate puzzles or cutscenes, and enter other areas.

The game is played through exploring the world and solving puzzles to advance. The total gameplay length is estimated at 15 hours.


From gameboomers.com:

Explore the palatial Dragonvale Academy in the persona of student pledge, Lydia, the best friend and confidante of Celeste, the academy founder's daughter. The academy teaches deep and mysterious magical practices and is the most prestigious and renowned school of magic in the world. The academy is presided over by Nathaniel, Celeste's powerful and controversial father. You are chartered with discovering the secrets of this impressive school and uncovering the reason why the entire population of both students and staff, appears to have simply vanished.

The scope, beauty and complexity of the enchanted academy and the game itself is nothing less than remarkable.

Go forth. Enjoy the game, the touching story and the game's many challenges.


Chapter 12 - The Secret Library

Leave the Laboratory by way of the balcony on the opposite side of the work table. Take the yellow disk to the next node. Then, take the next yellow disk to the three disk balcony. Take the black disk to the West Tower, the main transporter room. Go screen forward, out to the courtyard. Go left into the foyer of the MainTower, down the stairs toward the study area. Go right, out to the balcony. Use the red disk to go to the interim red node. Go forward and use the second red disk. You'll arrive at the North Tower. Go forward down the steps and across the West Tower skyway. Walk around to the back side of the balcony to find an alcove with a stairway and an elegantly carved dragon door. Go on into the Secret Library.

You are in the main/central room, a magical room. Go to the back of the staircase enclosure. There, find a platform atop the stair railing containing a magical LIBRARY BALL.


Objective: Access secret rooms by using four magical balls to garner four critical tapestries.

Solution: Follow these instructions carefully,

1. Go to the shuttered arch you see to the left of the alcove back screen. Open the shutters. Click to place the magic ball in the receptacle. A door opens. Enter the marbled blue room. Take the SECOND LIBRARY BALL. Leave and take back the first ball too. Go back to stand in front of the stairway, with your back to it. This is your pilot position from here on in.
2. Go screen front/left to the second alcove. Use ball 1 and ball 2 in the shuttered arches there. Enter the pink and gray room. Take the THIRD LIBRARY BALL from the pedestal. Use ball 3 on the shuttered arch backscreen. Enter the blue and gray room. Go back behind the table and chairs. Click on the THIRD TAPESTRY (Slund) to place it in your magnifying glass inventory. Go back to the main staircase, your pilot position, picking up and taking all three balls with you.
3. Now, go around to the back of the staircase (where you found the first ball) and continue screen right. Use 2 balls to enter this alcove. Cross the blue/gray room (behind the table) to another alcove. Use your last (3) ball to enter the green room. Go screen front around the table. Click on the FOURTH TAPESTRY (Dria) to place it in inventory. Return out of both the green and then the blue/gray rooms to your pilot position in front of the main staircase, taking all 3 balls along with you as you return.
4. Next, go screen right to the first room you visited. Use 1 ball to enter. Go screen right to the alcove and use 2 balls to enter the red room. Go around the table to the tapestry on the back wall. Click on the SECOND TAPESTRY (Kyros) to send it to inventory. Go back to your pilot position taking all 3 balls with you as you return.
5. Go forward slightly screen left to the alcove you see there. Using one ball go into the gray room. Then, go screen right to the next alcove. Use 2 balls to enter the next, gold, room. Take the FOURTH LIBRARY BALL from the central pedestal. Go back to the previous room. Collect 2 balls from the arches. Go forward and then screen right to the last alcove. Use 2 balls to enter this gold and blue/gray room. Go around the table to click on the FIRST TAPESTRY (Aeterna). Leave the room retrieving 2 balls. Return to the main staircase room, collecting ball 3 on your way back to your pilot position.

Check your backpack inventory to make sure you have all four library balls. Click on your magnifying glass inventory to make sure you have all four tapestries. WOW!! Was that a puzzle, or what! Never fear though. There are more tough challenges ahead of us.

Leave the Secret Library, going back down the stairs. Go around the balcony, across the skyway and use the yellow disk in the North Tower to arrive at the East Tower, where the human statues are, the Fountain Hall. Go around to the floating ball in front of the yellow disk there and use "Dragonus Enferenis" on it. Go behind the statues to the blue disk and use it to go up to the Observatory again. Time to get serious. (Like we haven't been? :) )

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