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Case Study No. 1439: Staff of Unnamed Library (Knytt Stories)

Let's Play: Knytt Stories: Underground, Quest, & Library
Three for One.... SWEET!!
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[the player selects "Library (Poutini) - Read up on recent prophecies", then cut to a lake beneath an inky black sky]

By: Poutini

Upon realizing the murderous actions behind the royal deaths, you set off for the library to learn more about the supposed "royal curse" and the murderer himself.
Perhaps justice can be served.

[cut to the player standing near the lake, next to a sign post]
JUNI: [reading] "County Library."
[the player makes his way to the right and enters the library, where a librarian of indeterminate gender (pale skin, grey clothes) is sitting on the floor]
LIBRARIAN 1: Welcome to the library. The useful prophetic books are upstairs. Comics are downstairs.
[the player falls down a hole to the basement level, where he finds a couple of sign posts next to two large spiders]
JUNI: [reading] "For a Rainy Day --> "
[the player checks the other sign post]
JUNI: [reading] " <-- Sewer/Comics"
[the player heads to the right, where he finds an umbrella, which he uses to navigate over the wide gaps in the platformer-style layout of the basement/sewer level]
[the player eventually finds a "jump boost" item, which allows him to make his way back up to the first floor and find another sign post]
JUNI: [reading] " <-- Go for it!!"
[the player passes through an invisible wall, leading him to the "comics" section]
JUNI: [reading] "Comix ... 'My prize fern?!?!?' ... 'urp' ... 'No lasagna for you, mister!'"
[the player goes back to the right, where he finds a male patron standing alone in a room]
PATRON: I heard you were coming. Things are going to get dangerous soon ... Be careful, okay?
[the player eventually makes his way back to the basement/sewer level, where another hole leads to another librarian sitting on the floor]
LIBRARIAN 2: The royal family was murdered by a countryman. He escaped to the desert, but you won't find him without help. You must find him before the royal blood seeps into the earth and unleashes a curse upon the land.
[the player eventually returns to the spot where the first librarian is sitting on the ground, and uses his jump boost to reach the previously inaccessible entrance to the upper level of the library, where he finds three giant bookcases]
JUNI: [reading] "The royal family's blood is on the hands of their people. A curse has been put on the land."
[the player moves on to the next bookcase]
JUNI: [reading] "If a hero's cry can reach the ears of the gods, perhaps destruction can be avoided."
[the player moves on to the next bookcase]
JUNI: [reading] "But how could a man possibly speak to the gods? Such a feat is improbable to say the least. The end."
[the screen fades to black]

This trip to the library has proven to be hugely beneficial to your quest.
The murderer is currently hiding in the desert, but you won't find him without the help of the gods. You can only hope to lift the royal curse before it is too late.
To be continued.



"Knytt Stories" features Juni, a character who shows up commonly in Knytt myths and stories. In the game, the player acts out these stories (also called levels or worlds) as Juni. The two stories that comes bundled with the game, "Tutorial - Learn How to Play Knytt Stories" and "The Machine - A Save-the-World Adventure," are fairly short, but the game comes with a full level editor and support for many extra levels in game, loaded from .knytt.bin files. This format is meant to allow for easy access to new stories designed by Nygren as well as to encourage community development of expansion packs and third party stories. To date, Nygren has released two official expansion packs, A Strange Dream (featuring the 4 stories: "A Strange Dream - That Night, She Had a Strange Dream," "An Underwater Adventure - ...In an Underwater Laboratory," "Sky Flower - Abstract and Slightly Pretentious," and "This Level is Unfinished - The Author Simply Lost His Interest"), and Other Levels (featuring the story: "Gustav's Daughter"). Nygren has also released a story, the purpose of which is to explain some of the advanced features available for level design. This story is entitled "Advanced Features Demo - Useful for Level Designers."



In Knytt Stories, each level is its own little adventure. One level is included with the game, where you have to stop a machine that draws the life out of the planet. Don't forget to download the expansion packs for additional stories.

Knytt Stories is a 2D platform game that runs on Windows 2000 and later, as well as DS homebrew.



A freeware platformer game by Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren, creator of similar freeware platformers such as Within A Deep Forest and the original Knytt. Though it only comes with one full level and a tutorial, the game has an integrated level editor and new levels are very easy to install. Several additional official levels have been released (see below), and the game has a very active fan-made level community. Dozens can be found on Nifflas' forums and on

Knytt Stories has been billed as an "environmental platformer". Though enemies and obstacles exist which can kill your character, a tiny humanoid named Juni (whose backstory tends to change even between the official levels), the ambient/playground levels tend to be the most popular, thanks to the gorgeous music and sprite packs - both the originals and those added by the level community.

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