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Case Study No. 1440: Paige, the Virtual Librarian

Librarian "Paige"
public service announcement featuring Virginia Schneider
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[scene opens with a young woman speaking directly to the camera]
PAIGE: Hello, and welcome to Digital Bookmobile. My name is Paige, and I'm a librarian. I'm here to tell you about the thousands of digital audiobooks, e-books, music, and video titles that are ready for you to download and enjoy. Inside, I'll show you how you can take advantage of these new download formats with the help of your local library. Did you know that digital versions of New York Times bestsellers are available for you to read or listen to, anytime day or night from anywhere?
[she pauses]
PAIGE: Hmm? All you need is a web-connected PC and your library card. I am so delighted to tell you how this works. It's easy, and best of all, it's free!



OverDrive marketing associate Don Stasiewski makes a point with the help of Paige, the virtual librarian

The Digital Bookmobile began its sojourn in August 2008 from New York's Central Park to bring its message to communities throughout the nation: It ain't your daddy's public library anymore.

Close to 20,000 miles and 171 presentations later, the 74-foot truck devoted to the digital download pulled into the Lakeville Public Library's parking lot Saturday, which is part of SAILS country – the cooperative library network that includes the Raynham and Bridgewater public libraries – to show its stuff.

The monster truck gets even bigger when it's planted for presentations. Its 8-foot road width is expanded to 23 feet as its set up for foot traffic and patrons wishing to learn the art of the download via a proliferation of computer stations, both PC and Mac, video screens, cell phones, iPods, and other high-tech paraphernalia.

Don Stasiewski, marketing associate for OverDrive, the Cleveland-based firm driving the Digital Bookmobile that has been working with local libraries to develop "Virtual Branches" since 2003, said all the exhibits displayed during the truck walk-through are designed to teach folks how to download their library fare from home sweet home.

They're shown how to browse their library's Web site and learn how to access eBooks, digital audiobooks, and all manner of music and video.

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