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Case Study No. 1447: Carol Ann Remky

Megan Lavner as Carol Ann Remky (aka "Victim #1")
From "The Bobby Ray Summers Story"
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Crime Scene: The Bobby Ray Summers Story

(2008 USA, 76 mins,color,mock documentary)
Written and Directed, Edited by Marc Berlin

Synopsis: In this mock-documentary parody of TV crime shows, it's "Spinal Tap" meets "American Justice". Bobby Ray Summers (played by Don Puglisi, Taking Woodstock, Life on Mars) is a 30-year-old unmarried janitor with more on his mind than mops. Sure, he's a total loser who lives with his parents, but he also makes the most of his ample spare time by kidnapping sexy young librarians and tying lonely housewives to trees. Oh, he also likes Mozart, art museums, and torturing small birds and rodents. Through interviews with Ray's family, his victims, and delightfully cheesy re enactments, we're given the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but. In the end, "Crime Scene: The Bobby Ray Summers Story" is a Python-esque view of American criminal justice at its most hilarious.



Narrator: On a cold February afternoon, four months later, Ray was reading a book about knitting at the town's library. The day was grey and dreary, and as usual Ray was alone. It was then that he noticed the pretty blonde sitting at the library's reference desk 20 feet away. The girl was a lonely yet highly attractive 23-year-old originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, whose boyfriend had been killed in an avalanche three days before. Her name was Carol Ann Remky.
Victim #1: I was working at the town library. I'd been there for about six weeks, when this fellow started coming in. He'd use the computer for a few minutes, and then he'd come over to the reference desk and start asking me questions. Mostly about history, Civil War, World War II. But also about other subjects like classical music, art, philosophy. At first I thought he was rather odd, but then I began to sorta feel sorry for him.


Bobby Ray: I used to take books out of the library, and the girl would help me find the books. I had no patience at all for the Dewey Decimal System or card catalogs and all that. If you ask a reference librarian to help you find a book, she could usually find it pretty quickly.


Victim #1: I enjoy working at the library, except for when men abduct you and handcuff you to a bed in their house.

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