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Case Study No. 1410: Staff of Unnamed Library (The Librarian's Naughty Habit)

Yes, this was an actual book.....
The Librarian's naughty habit.
By Heather Brown.
158 p.
Appl. au: Greenleaf Classics, Inc., employer for hire.
(c) Greenleaf Classics Inc.
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Only the second installment from Greenleaf's legendary series of librarian smut, published when the ex-Roguers faced prison in Michigan. Young librarian Samantha finds work as the assistant to Miss Greenstalk, but things go awry when a book--the, ahem, "Joy of Lust"--launches Sam into a world of secret desires. It's OK as long as Sam just serves her boss, but between the other hires, the earnest teens Sam meets in stacks, and the police visitors following a convoluted rape thing, Sam finds herself torn away from working on what she loves: getting young men interested in the library.

Though not quite a classic on a par with "The Librarian Loves to Lick," and lacking the studied innocence of "Horny Peeping Librarian," still, "The Librarian's Naughty Habit" is easily the finest account of sex and the circulation desk that we at Greenleaf Classics can legally do.



The advent of a more liberal society has revolutionized the life of the modem American woman, opening up new vistas both professionally and personally. As with most social revolutions, however, the changes are apt to be slow and sporadic, leaving untouched many of those it hopes to reach.

One profession, that of the librarian, reflects the uneven progress of social change - women entering this field have long been characterized as "stuffy" or "frigid" or "old maids" with little consideration given to their true personalities or capabilities.

Living in this shadow and its traditions, the woman in this story, Samantha casts a new light onto a profession long stereotyped. Both ambitious and adventurous, she finds herself suddenly confronted by a sexual liberalism which challenges her curiousity.

THE LIBRARIAN'S NAUGHTY HABIT - a chronicle of our times. The story of a woman trapped in a tide of social change.



Miss Greenstalk, the head of circulation, had asked me to review a new book which the library just received. She wanted to know whether I thought it was suitable to put on our shelves. It was a perfectly reasonable request since I was Miss Greenstalk's assistant, and she asked me to look over books for her all the time.

However, this time there was an exceptional quality about her request because the book she wanted me to read was one of those illustrated sex manuals, the first one I'd ever actually looked at. It was called THE JOY OF LUST and I'd never seen anything like it in my somewhat sheltered life.

Just from being a librarian I knew that sex was getting increasingly popular as a subject for books nowadays, and even that there were a lot of sex manuals being printed by reputable publishers. But I had no idea of how far they'd gone. The Joy of Lust certainly brought me up to date in a hurry.

After Miss Greenstalk had asked me to review it for her, and I sat down and opened the book for the first time, my breath was taken in astonishment. There, in full color, a drawing that couldn't have been more explicit if it had been a photograph, showed an erect male penis fully penetrating a juicily spread cunt that was so hairy it instantly made my mouth water.

I felt ashamed of myself, being aroused by the depiction of the raw meat of copulating genitals. I should have been repelled by the tastelessness and vulgarity of it all. This was certainly not literature and had no place in the public library.

Then why couldn't I take my eyes off it? Why did my pussy spasm like it was trying to wring loose every last drop of cunt-juice? Why were my breasts throbbing? My nipples pulsing stiffly?

Trying to elevate my mind from the gutter, I flipped the pages, hoping from some straight text, or at least a more innocent picture. What I saw was a woman's mouth droolingly swallowing a stiff prick. At the sight of it my cunt jumped between my legs like somebody had set fire to my pubic hair.

I moistened my lips with my tongue at the delicious sight of the hard prick splitting the woman's lips in the book. When I flipped the pages again I wasn't doing it to get away from anything, but to find another filthy picture to make me even hornier.

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