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Case Study No. 1430: Cap'n O.G. Readmore (Wannabe Librarian)

Puss In Boots (ABC) Part 1
A Puss In Boots Classic from the ABC Weekend Special that played on Saturday mornings in the
1980's and early 1990's.It is one of the animated cartoons that feature Captain O.G. Readmore.
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[scene opens in the alley outside of the public library, as a group of cats are standing around holding books (while an orange-and-white cat wearing a red jacket and a blue captain's hat is standing behind a makeshift "checkout desk")]
READMORE: Alright, alright! Uh, just turn in your books to me, and I'll check them into our little library ...
[he takes a book from a female cat]
READMORE: Thank you, Kitty. Did you like it?
KITTY LITERATURE: It was pretty good for a dog story ...
[an older male cat hands him his book]
TOME CAT: My book was very educational. I learned a lot about dogs.
[another male cat wearing glasses hands him a book]
WORDSY: And this one had lots of funny dog tales in it ...
LICKETY PAGE: [from off camera] Oow woooo!
[they all jump at the sudden noise, then cut to a young male cat riding a skateboard down the alley towards them]
LICKETY PAGE: Woof woof woof woof!
[he continues imitating a dog, then stops and holds up his book in disgust]
LICKETY PAGE: Dogs! Dogs! Dogs! Why are there so many books about dogs?!
[he tosses the book at Readmore, who fumbles it in his hands before catching it]
TOME CAT: Maybe because they say ... "Dogs are man's best friend?"
LICKETY PAGE: So what're cats, chopped liver? Cats can be man's best friend, too!
[he waves his hand in disgust]
LICKETY PAGE: Dogs are always licking their masters' boots! You won't find a cat licking boots!
[Readmore smiles]
READMORE: Boots? That reminds me ...
[he walks off, as the cats talk amongst themselves]
WORDSY: I'd like to read about cats. You know, cat history. Famous cats.
[cut to Readmore opening a treasure chest]
READMORE: I may just have something here that will satisfy ... all of you!
[he pulls out a pair of sparkling boots]
READMORE: Tah dah! These boots belonged to my great-great-great-great-great-great and great-grandfather, Puss! He wore these very boots many years ago ...
[he puts on the boots (with great effort), then starts dancing]
READMORE: Oh, ouch! Ooo hoo hoo!
[he suddenly flops back down in his chair]
READMORE: Oh, they're awfully tight!
KITTY LITERATURE: A puss? Who wore boots?
READMORE: Certainly! Ugh ...
[he tries to pull one of the boots off]
READMORE: He was ... Ugh!
[he finally gets it off]
READMORE: Ah ... Famous! They even wrote a book about him!
[he reaches into the treasure chest and pulls out a book]
READMORE: "Puss in Boots!" He was smarter than man or beast!
KITTY LITERATURE: Puss in Boots ... Oooh, read it to us, Cap'n!
[they all sit around him in a circle, as he begins reading]



Cap’n O. G. Readmore (created by Puppet Studio) was the fictional-character host of the ABC Weekend Specials on U.S. television during the 1980s. He was an anthropomorphic cat puppet, dressed in a nautical outfit, that encouraged children to read for pleasure. He hosted the show from 1984 through 1989, performing with guest stars including Vincent Price, Harry Blackstone Jr., Pat Morita, Joan Lunden and others. Also, he appeared in animated form in a few Weekend Specials, including Cap’n O. G. Readmore Meets Chicken Little and Cap’n O. G. Readmore Meets Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; in these features, he was the president of an all-feline book club, the Friday Night Book Club, who often found himself physically pulled into the story he’s reading.

The voice of the character was provided by the American voice actor Frank Welker in the original Public Service Announcements and while hosting the ABC Weekend Special. However, in several of the animated specials, such as Cap’n O. G. Readmore Meets Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, his voice was provided by Neil Ross. Many of the regular characters had fanciful names, such as Lickety Page and Kitty Literature. Production was by Rick Reinert Pictures originally of Burbank, California.

List of Shorts
Cap'n O. G. Readmore's Jack and the Beanstalk - 1985.Oct.12
Cap'n O. G. Readmore Meets Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - 1986.Sep.13
Cap'n O. G. Readmore Meets Little Red Riding Hood - 1988.Apr.02
Cap'n O. G. Readmore's Puss In Boots - 1988.Sep.10
Cap'n O. G. Readmore Meets Chicken Little - 1992.Apr.18



Cap'n O.G. Readmore's Puss in Boots (1988)
Also Known As: ABC Weekend Specials (09/10/88)

An animated special inspired by the fairy tale featuring Cap'n O.G., who regales his library friends -- Kitty Literature, Ol' Tome Cat, Wordsy, and Lickety Page -- with the humorous and witty tale of his great-great-great-great-grandfather, the legendary Puss-in-Boots.

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