Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Case Study No. 1445: Stacy Russo

Henry Rollins Poem from "Poems a Librarian Wrote on Her Lunch Break"
Henry Rollins Poem

will you give
us girls
a break?

We've seen
too many photos
of you
dancing around
on stage
in what appears
to be
your underwear.

Big tease.
Big man.
Maybe you
can't decide,
but I can.

do you have to read
and listen to jazz, too?

Do you like
Brussels sprouts,
peanut butter?

My War
Loose Nut.

about you
is so

110 percent.

I've heard
some things
you've said recently
about women.


How was your
black coffee

when I see you
I need
to eat
chocolate cake.

How many
black t-shirts
do you own?

I read
what you said
about being
"basically a vegetarian"
and I
could have died.

I don't mean
to take up
too much
of a busy man's time.

I'm getting to the
end of my poem.

let's just
get to the bottom
of this.

You and I.

What is
a book-loving
vegan librarian
who grew up
on Black Flag
supposed to do
about a man
like you?
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This is just what you need for your personal library! Imagine the romance when it arrives in your mailbox! Included here are 21 poems (56 pages) I wrote in September 2013. Yes, I'm a librarian and yes, I did write (most) of these poems on my lunch break. A little dirty realism and a little earthy flavor all in one place, including a love poem for Henry Rollins. If you like flowery poetry that rhymes or more abstract styles, you may not like this. Please see one of the images for a sample poem.

If you buy this booklet, you will also find two pages of bonus material (recipes!) from the Wild Librarian Bakery: Vegan Baked Goods Inspired by Great Books.

This is the perfect item for poetry lovers and punk rockers who read poetry.

You'll also make me a super happy woman if you read my poems.

NOTE: Kitty not included. Meow.



The Wild Librarian herself, Stacy Russo, brought her famous vegan cupcakes and muffins, as well as copies of her poetry zine, "Poems a Librarian Wrote on Her Lunch Break," and a collection of excerpts from her favorite literature entitled, "First Lines from 36 of My Favorite Books at Home." Stacy really stirs my emotions with her poems, while at the same time satisfying my appetite for delicious vegan baked goods.

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