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Case Study No. 1449: The Librarian (Alegonder Films)

The Librarian
When man's order clashes with nature's...
(Filmed for the Steinerei 2011, Topic: CHAOS, awarded 1st place by the jury)

Wenn die vom Menschen erschaffene Ordnung auf diejenige der Natur prallt...
(Gefilmt für die Steinerei 2011, Thema: CHAOS, 1.Platz beim Preis der Jury)

Quand l'ordre cree par l'homme affronte celui de la nature...
(Filme pour la Steinerei 2011, Sujet: CHAOS, 1ere place au prix des jures)
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Alegonder Films
The Librarian

[scene opens in a library comprised of Lego blocks, as an elderly male patron examines some maps with a magnifying glass, while the female librarian sits at the front desk with a smile on her face]
[cut to a closeup of the Lego librarian at her desk, as she re-arranges some items (including an envelope and a book entitled "Fanatic Geometry") to make everything line up perfectly]
[she closes her eyes and leans back in her chair (apparently satisfied that everything in her library is now in perfect order), when she turns and notices that one book on a nearby bookcase is slightly ajar]
[she gets up and pushes the book back into place, then turns to head back to her desk]
[a loud thump can be heard behind her, so she turns and finds that another book ("Lord of the Bricks IV") has somehow fallen off the shelf and landed on the floor]
[she goes to pick up the book, placing it back on the shelf, while another book ("Bricks from Outer Space") jumps off the shelf behind her - seemingly by itself - and lands on the floor]
[she walks over and bends down to pick up the book, when a mouse scurries past her in the foreground ... she stops and turns to look for the source of the noise, when another mouse scurries across the floor behind her]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's face (still smiling) and she stands straight, then two more books ("Moby Brick" and "Once Upon a Brick") fall off a nearby shelf]
[she turns to look at the fallen books, then a dog runs behind her]
[she turns to look at the dog, then a snake slithers across the ground in the background]
[she runs over to get a better look, when suddenly a whole shelf of books fly out of another bookcase and onto the floor]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's face (now looking scared), as she runs over to inspect the now-empty shelf, then the camera quickly pans over to show more books falling of their own volition]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's legs as she begins running through the stacks in a panic, as more books fall and more random animals dart in and out of sight]
[cut to the librarian suddenly stopping in her tracks (a pile of books and a cow visible in the background), as she notices some large green vinces growing over one of the bookcases]
[cut to the librarian slowly walking up to the vines and running her hands along one of them]
[she turns, as the camera pans up to an entire bookcase enveloped in vines, then beyond that the library has slowly morphed into a jungle (with wild horses, birds, and another cow poking out through the mist)]

A film by

Alexander H.
Karl H.
Christian H.
Laura H.
Markus S.

(c) Alegonder Films 2011



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