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Case Study No. 1446: Unnamed Female Librarian (Mr. & Mrs. North)

Mr.And Mrs.North- formula For Trouble
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[scene opens inside a public library, as a man enters and hides in the stacks ... he's soon followed by another man, but he ducks down and is able to avoid detection]
[once the second man passes off camera, he pulls out a book and sticks a piece of paper inside before putting it back on the shelf (with the spine facing the wrong way) ... he leaves, then the second man (frustrated that he could not locate his prey) leaves a short time after]
[cut to Pamela North browsing the shelves, when she finds the same book and takes it (along with a stack of other books) to the older female librarian sitting at the front desk]
LIBRARIAN: Did you find what you wanted, Misses North?
PAMELA: Yes, thank you, Miss Todd.
[she takes the books and looks over the first one's title page]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, do you have a frame for weaving?
PAMELA: Oh, good heavens, no! But it gives me a sense of accomplishment just to think of all my husband's old suits I'm gonna make into carpets!
LIBRARIAN: Oh, I know just what you mean!
[she places slips in all the books and starts handing them back to her]
LIBRARIAN: I've redecorated my apartment three times already ...
[she points to her forehead]
[Pamela laughs]
LIBRARIAN: Alright, Misses North, here you are.
PAMELA: Thank you.
LIBRARIAN: Not at all, come again.
PAMELA: Only when the sun is shining and there isn't a cloud in the sky!
[they both laugh, as Pamela leaves, then the first man walks in and makes his way right for the shelves ... when he can't find what he's looking for, he approaches the librarian]
MARTIN: A book ... a book was taken out of here!
[she puts a finger to her lips and quietly shushes him]
LIBRARIAN: Shh ... What kind of a book, and what was it about?
MARTIN: About?
[he hesitates, then holds his hands out to demonstrate the size of the book]
MARTIN: Uh, about so big, it was--
[cut to Pamela and her husband in their apartment, each reading]
PAMELA: I'm afraid the dining room set just has to go!
JERRY: No it doesn't, it's all payed for!
PAMELA: But according to this book, the loom I have to get to make that carpet will ... Gee, I'm afraid we'll have to knock that wall out, too.
JERRY: Say, why don't you read this big book, maybe it's all about the small looms!
PAMELA: That's logical!
[she smiles and starts flipping through the book, as the piece of paper (unnoticed by the couple) falls out and lands on the floor]
PAMELA: You're right! This tells you how to make table mats and pettipoint bags ... Must be reading all those books that makes you so smart.
JERRY: Oh, I wouldn't say that ...
[the doorbell rings]
PAMELA: I'll get it!
[she smiles at Jerry, expecting him to offer to get up, but he doesn't look up from his paper]
PAMELA: [grumpily] I'll get it ...
[she gets up (taking the book with her) and opens the door, as it's the man from the library who immediately points at the book]
MARTIN: The book, that's the one!
PAMELA: This book? Why, I--
MARTIN: I must have it!
PAMELA: Well now, see here, I just took it out from the library--
[he grabs the book and runs off]
PAMELA: No, wait! Come back here, that's my boo--
[Jerry comes running over]
JERRY: What's the matter?
PAMELA: Well, he's gone! Well, how do you like that?
[they both head back inside]
PAMELA: Why would a young man like that be interested in weaving?
JERRY: Well, he probably wanted the book for an old aunt or something ...
PAMELA: Ants don't weave, you're thinking of spiders!
[she notices the piece of paper on the floor and picks it up]
PAMELA: Well, where'd this come from? Oh, maybe this is what he was looking for! Can you make out that name that's scratched out?
[she hands the paper to Jerry]
JERRY: [reading] "Puh ... Potter", I think it is. "Potter Indust-Potter Industrial Research Laboratory."


[after visiting Mister Potter's laboratory and giving their address to his assistant Ernest, Mister and Misses North return to their apartment only to find the man from the library (Potter's other assistant Martin) strangled on their couch ... After questioning Potter as a likely suspect, they join Ernest to search the laboratory after hours]
ERNEST: I'll look through Martin's table. If you don't mind, I'd rather someone else went through Mister Potter's desk.
JERRY: Okay ... You leave the equipment on all night?
ERNEST: Oh no no, I'll turn it off before I go. Used to be Martin's job ... Poor fella, he used to practically live here.
[they look through his drawers, while Pamela rummages through Mister Potter's desk, where she finds her stolen library book]
PAMELA: Look what I found! It's the book the envelope was in!
[Jerry comes over and takes the book]
PAMELA: Looks like you were right, Ernest. Mister Potter is getting very forgetful, he shouldn't leave things like this lying around.
ERNEST: Looks bad, doesn't it?
JERRY: Well, Mister Potter has a few things to explain ... This book is one of them.
[they hear someone approaching]
JERRY: Quick, put out the lights!
[they turn off the lights and hide, as Mister Potter enters]
JERRY: Quick Pam, the lights!
[she turns on the lights, as the men surround the elderly scientist]
MR. POTTER: Put that down!
[Ernest puts down the object he was holding, then Mister Potter raises his cane towards Jerry]
MR. POTTER: I don't know what you're doing here, but I do know you'll get the end of this across your skull if you move one more step towards me! I should have you arrested for trespassing! You have a good many things to explain!
JERRY: So have you, Mister Potter ... Why did you come back here tonight?
MR. POTTER: To turn off the burners! A job usually performed by one of my assistants!
ERNEST: You sure it wasn't to get that book you took from Martin, Mister Potter?
[he goes to strike him with his cane, but Jerry grabs it, just as Mister Potter's wife enters the room]
MR. POTTER: I thought I told you to stay out of here! Haven't I got enough trouble?
JERRY: Trouble, Mister Potter? You mean like the murder of Martin Everett? Did she do it?
MRS. POTTER: Martin? Martin murdered?
[she turns to her husband and shoots him a deathly stare]
MRS. POTTER: You did it! You finally did it! All these years, you've hated him! He wouldn't let you cheat him anymore, so you killed him ... You murderer! Murderer!
[Pamela comes over to console her]
MRS. POTTER: He was ... my son.
[Jerry turns to Mister Potter with a look of disbelief]
JERRY: You mean you killed your own son?
MRS. POTTER: I said my son, not his ... Martin's father died when he was a baby. He kept him working here, cheating him! Paying him next to nothing! Robbing him of his work! Everything Martin discovered, he patented under his own name. Martin made an important discovery, it was worth a fortune to whoever controlled the patents and the royalties. That's what was in the envelope. The details of Martin's process. He couldn't get it any other way, so he killed him for it!
MR. POTTER: That is not true! I ... I tried to get it from him, but I did not kill him!
PAMELA: Ernest, you better get a rope and tie up your former employer, while we get in touch with the police.
[he gets a rope and ties Mister Potter's hands behind his back]
ERNEST: Sorry, Mister Potter ...
MR. POTTER: I didn't do it, something must be wrong! You've gotta believe me!
PAMELA: That's a very interesting knot, Ernest ... A running bowline, isn't it? Jerry taught me that, after we saw it around the neck of your colleague, the late Martin Everett!
[she drops the smile and points to Jerry off camera]
PAMELA: You better call Bill Weigand, Jerry!
[Ernest tries to make a break for it, but Jerry stands in front of the door, so he grabs a bottle off of a nearby shelf]
ERNEST: Alright, get back from that door! Come on, I'm warning you! This is nitric acid, I don't have to tell you what it'll do to you ...
[Jerry moves over towards Pamela]
PAMELA: You shouldn't have been the one to ask us for our address, Ernest! And you shouldn't have been so familiar with the drapes in our living room ... And you were a little too reluctant to search Mister Potter's desk!
[Eve (Martin's ex-girlfriend and the one who encouraged Ernest to steal the formula for profit) suddenly opens the door, so Ernest grabs her]
ERNEST: Alright, Evey ... You're coming with me! You walked out on Martin because he refused to make money on his discovery! You got me into this, but you're not walking out on me now! Come on, and don't try to follow us!
[Lieutentant Weigand walks up behind them, pointing his gun]
BILL: Don't move any further, Ernest! Now listen carefully, you make any move with that arm, except to put that jar down slowly, I'll have to try to shoot it from your hand! And you're between me and the jar, so ... put the jar down, Ernest!
[Misses Potter walks up to him]
MRS. POTTER: Ernest ... Ernest? Look at me. I'm not afraid, I have no reason to go on living, but don't cause anymore trouble than you've caused already. Let me have that.
[she takes the jar, and Ernest slowly releases it]
ERNEST: Alright, lieutenant ...



Mr. & Mrs. North
Formula for Trouble
Season 1, Episode 15, Aired 1/9/53

Hidden inside the library book that Pam checks out is a breakthrough formula placed there for safekeeping by a researcher. It must be a valuable property because someone's willing to kill to get the document. The murdered scientist worked at the Potter Industrial Research Lab where everyone clearly is hiding something.

Barbara Britton - Pamela North
Richard Denning - Jerry North
Jeanette Nolan - Mrs. Potter
William Schallert - Ernest
Karen King - Eve
Leslie Turner - Librarian
Taylor Reid - Martin Everett

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