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Case Study No. 1455: Johanna "Paula" Jakobi

Cowgirl / Nullachtfuffzehn (2004) - Official Trailer
Eben noch hatte sich Paula (Alexandra Maria Lara) auf ihrem Abiball ihr Leben so wundervoll ausgemalt. Gemeinsam mit dem Freund Max (Wotan Wilke Möhring) das Provinznest Struvensiel verlassen. Die Welt erkunden. Glucklich sein. Doch die Realitat schaut anders aus. Am Tag, als es endlich losgehen sollte, wartet sie vergeblich auf Max. Anstatt ihren Traummann zu heiraten, gerat sie an den Versicherungsvertreter Edgar (Peter Lohmeyer). Anstatt Abenteuer zu erleben, arbeitet sie halbtags in der Stadtbucherei. Erst zehn Jahre nach dem Abiball trifft sie auf einem Klassentreffen Max wieder. Eine Begegnung, die für frischen Wind in ihrem Alltagstrott sorgen sollte.
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Cowgirl (2004, Germany). Alexandra Maria Lara is Paula Jakobi, who works part-time in a public library.



Cowgirl (2004)
84 min - Comedy | Crime | Romance - 9 December 2004 (Germany)

Director: Mark Schlichter
Writers: Martin Rauhaus

Alexandra Maria Lara ... Johanna 'Paula' Jakobi
Wotan Wilke Mohring ... Max
Peter Lohmeyer ... Edgar Jakobi
Gottfried John ... Hans Krahl

Paula (Alexandra Maria Lara) had pictured such a wonderful life for herself after the prom. Together with her boyfriend Max (Wotan Wilke Mohring), they were going to leave Provinznest Struvensiel forever. To explore the world. Be happy.

But the reality looked different. On the day when their journey should have begun, she waits in vain for Max to show up.

Instead of marrying her dream man, she settles for insurance agent Edgar (Peter Lohmeyer). Instead of adventure, she works part-time at the public library. It wasn't until ten years after the prom, at a class reunion, that she meets up with Max again. An encounter that would provide her with a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Because even if Max initially receives that highly-deserved resounding slap, the two of them are instantly attracted once again. So much so that Paula decides to let Edgar sit at home while making her way to Hamburg to visit Max. When she gets there, however, she cannot believe her eyes.

The restaurant that Max said he works for is actually a pretty seedy night club, and when she enters the first thing she gets to see is Max hanging by his feet from the ceiling while a gang of thugs misuse him as a punching bag. Only with a clever bluff ("I know your boss and I know what he is!") can she defuse the situation.

However, not only does it bring the king of the Hamburg underworld (Andras Fricsay Kali Son) after her, but also the corrupt policeman Krahl (Gottfried John).

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