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Case Study No. 0957: Unnamed Female Librarian (Art of Murder)

Let's Play - Art of Murder - FBIC - Part 21
Boss isn't in the office so we can't get a search warrant yet...So while we wait, we go to gather info on the victims. Adventure in the Library!

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[scene opens with agent Nicole Bonnet at FBI Headquarters, as she speaks with the older female secretary]
NICOLE: Hey Ruth, Chief around?
RUTH: Nope, and before you ask, I've no idea when he'll be back.
NICOLE: Ah ... Hey, you've known him longer than I have. You think he's happy with my work?
RUTH: I'm sure he is, honey. Just don't count on him to actually say it.
NICOLE: Huh. So, how long have you known him?
RUTH: Oh, only a few months. He was in the Chicago office before.
NICOLE: You know his family or anything?
RUTH: No. He lost his wife not long before I started here. He's only just gotten over it, really. Organizing this office helped him a lot, but from what I gather, he's not the same man.
NICOLE: I'm wondering what the link is between all the victims ... Tatum's death doesn't follow the pattern. They were all wealthy, respectable, educated men.
RUTH: And Tatum?
NICOLE: He was a bum.
RUTH: We'll check the precinct's files on vagrancy busts and drifters. You never know.
NICOLE: Well I'll be ... Tatum had a diploma from New York University.
RUTH: Maybe it was fake? Like one of those online ones?
NICOLE: I don't think it was. He kept it rolled up in an old champagne bottle.
RUTH: Ah ha, so there's the connection then!
NICOLE: [pause] They were all alcoholics?
RUTH: No, the education. Whatever happened to him, Tatum was at least a well educated man.
NICOLE: Right ... And you know what else? All these guys were graduates of the same university!
RUTH: Were they more or less the same age? Maybe they studied together ...
NICOLE: Ruth! Genius! Maybe there's something to this ... I'm going down to the NYU Library on East 84th to check it out.
[the player exits FBI Headquarters and drives to the NYU Library]
NICOLE: [to herself] Respectable walls in a respectable library.
[the player enters the library, then goes into the microfilm room and clicks on the cabinet full of microfilm]
NICOLE: All the drawers are locked. Anyway, I'm here for books this time.
[the player enters the reading room and walks up to the counter, where she sees an elderly female librarian (short grey hair, brown cardigan sweater) using some sort of magnifying glass to read the book in front of her]
NICOLE: [to herself] So what's the librarian using if she doesn't have her glasses?
[the player clicks on the librarian]
NICOLE: Good morning, ma'am.
LIBRARIAN: Or rather, "good evening." Do you have a library card or university ID?
NICOLE: How's this?
[she holds up her FBI badge]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, I say ... and what brings the FBI to us today?
NICOLE: Well, I'm trying to find out about some former students from, say, 1982 to 1986. I thought perhaps there'd be some papers or records?
LIBRARIAN: And all that, today? I think you'd be here all week looking that lot up!
NICOLE: Okay, so let's start with something that would list students' names for that period.
LIBRARIAN: Yearbooks, then ... Hmm, do you know what?
LIBRARIAN: I'll have to close the reading room in a few minutes. I'm all alone here, you know.
NICOLE: I understand that, ma'am, but I'm conducting an investigation here.
LIBRARIAN: I was expecting a "but," young lady! Don't worry, I'll stay and help you.
LIBRARIAN: Yes indeed! Now, what was I saying? Oh yes, I'm all by my lonesome here.
NICOLE: Uuh yes, I noticed.
LIBRARIAN: I've been working in this library for thirty years, you know ... I retired five years ago.
NICOLE: Oh, so you came back, because you couldn't live without the books ... right?
LIBRARIAN: And do you know who my replacement is? My niece! She's at a librarians' conference in Europe.
NICOLE: You raised your own successor, well done! Anyway, to get back to the yearbooks ...
LIBRARIAN: Yes indeed. Now then, the university authorities are very fond of statistics, you know.
NICOLE: Ahh ... paperwork?
LIBRARIAN: Right. Now then, if you bring me the books you want, I can catalogue them and make the necessary statistical records.
NICOLE: Uhh, maybe you could point me in the right direction ...
LIBRARIAN: Over there, on the shelves, left of the doors. They're the yearbooks.
[the player heads for the library shelves, then clicks on "1986 NYU student yearbook"]
NICOLE: [to herself] I hope "Jessica Fletcher" there will help me.
[the book is added to the inventory, then the player returns to the counter]
NICOLE: Here they are.
LIBRARIAN: What is it exactly you're hoping to find in them?
NICOLE: Anything I can about four or five of your old students.
LIBRARIAN: I see. And what are their names?
NICOLE: Well ... Joel Tatum, Andrew Haig, Henry Fairbanks, John Rudolph, and Mark Chestum.
LIBRARIAN: Oh! Hold your horses there, sweetie ... Hmm. Okay, let's start with Tatum. Here's the index ... And here he is. Page two-twenty six. Now then, where are these other boys? Hmm, seems all their entries refer to page two-twenty six! Let's have a look there.
NICOLE: Thank you very much, ma'am.
LIBRARIAN: Oh, don't thank me too soon. This page has been torn out. Look, see?
NICOLE: Oh my god, is this Scooby Doo or what?
LIBRARIAN: Those meddling kids get worse with every generation! But I'll catch the little buggers, oh yes ...
NICOLE: Uh, are there any copies? Microfilms and so on?
LIBRARIAN: Microfilms? Why yes ... although the newer things are being scanned now, you know.
NICOLE: Uh huh. Do you think I could have a look at the microfilm for this page?
LIBRARIAN: Not today sweetie, I'm too tired now. Come back tomorrow. My niece will be back then, she's much better with the technical things.
[the player tries to exit the library]
NICOLE: [to herself] It wasn't a complete success, but I should still repay the librarian for her kindness.
[the player returns to the counter]
NICOLE: Listen, ma'am? Someone else may die today, and it's possible that that microfilm contains something I can use to stop anyone else from being hurt.
LIBRARIAN: Yes ... well, when you put it like that. Shocking, quite shocking. Well, I should leave now if I'm going to catch my bus. But there's one later on, too. I could always take that one instead. Alright then, sweetie, I'll help you. Okay FBI, you convinced me!
NICOLE: Terrific, thank you so much! Now, where are the microfilms? I'll try to find them the old fashioned way.
LIBRARIAN: You'd be better off playing the lottery. Higher chances.
NICOLE: Needle in a haystack, huh?
[the librarian laughs]
LIBRARIAN: The microfilm room is there on the right. Wait, from here, I can unlock all the drawers.
NICOLE: Sorry, there's a whole room full of microfilm?
LIBRARIAN: Of course.
[the player returns to the microfilm room and clicks on the cabinet full of microfilm]
NICOLE: Ah, screw it! There's more celluloid here than in George Lucas' garage ...
[the player returns to the counter]
NICOLE: You're right, I won't find anything this way.
LIBRARIAN: Never mind. In the meantime, I found the catalogue number. It's "zero one dash zero four four dash eight six" ... Go back to the microfilm room and you should find what you need quite easily.
[the player returns to the microfilm room and clicks on the cabinet full of microfilm]
NICOLE: "Oh one oh four four eight six?" The numbers here are totally different! Where'd she get this from?
[the player returns to the counter]
NICOLE: I'm sorry, there seems to be a problem. The microfilms in there have a totally different format.
LIBRARIAN: Well, I did tell you to come back tomorrow and talk to my niece.
NICOLE: May I call her?
LIBRARIAN: She's probably halfway over the Atlantic right now. I doubt she'd have her mobile switched on.
NICOLE: Well, do you know why the numbers are different?
LIBRARIAN: Well, it all changed in recent years, but it's hard to implement new systems like that. A few items always get left out. And I don't know how to convert the old catalogue numbers.
NICOLE: Okay, perhaps we can work it out together. What did the numbers in the old system represent?
LIBRARIAN: Well, that's easy. The first two digits were the catalogue section. The next three were the number of a specific item, and the last two were the year.
NICOLE: I see.
LIBRARIAN: Now, new catalogue numbers contain additional information, and the two-digit year numbers are now the full four.
NICOLE: So, the new catalogue number would be, like, "oh one oh four four nineteen eighty six?"
LIBRARIAN: Well, the item number is now a four-digit code, so in our case it'd probably be "zero zero four four." And the "zero one" would be "zero zero one" for sure ... Phew! Guess I knew more than I thought I did!
NICOLE: Guess so! Okay, let me look real quick for that microfilm now.
LIBRARIAN: Okay, but hurry along. It's getting late, you know.
[the player returns to the microfilm room and clicks on the cabinet full of microfilm, then clicks on the drawer marked "00104419867"]
[cut to a closeup of the interior of the drawer, where the player finds the boxed microfilm]
NICOLE: [to herself] It's been hiding in this drawer for far too long ... Let's see what secrets it holds.
[the microfilm is added to the inventory, then the player clicks on it]
NICOLE: [to herself] Such an archaic filing system! Almost a whole game in itself!
[the player returns to the reading room and speaks to the librarian]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, you found the microfilm! I'm beginning to think you'll find the murderer in there, too! The reader is in the reading room.
[the player clicks on the microfilm reader sitting on a nearby table]
NICOLE: [to herself] Okay, here we can look at the microfilm.
[the player clicks on the microfilm spindle, removing it from the machine]
NICOLE: [to herself] The reel may yet come in handy.
[the spindle is added to the inventory, then the player combines it with the microfilm]
NICOLE: [to herself] I managed to wind the film onto the reel.
[the player places the spindle back on the microfilm reader, then clicks the switch to turn it on, as images appear on the screen]
NICOLE: [to herself] The image is terrible ... oh, no lens!
[the player returns to the counter]
NICOLE: Is that the only machine?
LIBRARIAN: At the moment, yes. The others are being repaired ... Is there something wrong with that one?
NICOLE: The optics are broken. No focal lens.
LIBRARIAN: Oh, well, I really don't know how to help you there.
NICOLE: Uhh, wait a minute, isn't that the lens from the microfilm reader?
LIBRARIAN: I have no idea what it is, sweetie, but I find it useful sometimes ... I found it on the floor, you know.
NICOLE: Well, this is the lens for the microfilm reader. If you don't mind, I can fix it--
LIBRARIAN: Oh, I don't know about that. How would I read the very small print?
NICOLE: Don't you have glasses?
LIBRARIAN: Of course.
NICOLE: Well, why don't you just use them? I'm sure the students need the microfilm reader, too.
LIBRARIAN: Humph, but I don't know where my glasses are right now.
NICOLE: What, you lost them?
LIBRARIAN: No, no. They're around here somewhere. I only need them for reading, you know ... Now where did I put them? Oh, never mind. I was using a clever little piece of glass before. Where did I put that?
NICOLE: Uhh, yeah, let me take it over here where I can get a better look at it ...
LIBRARIAN: You know, FBI ... if you found my glasses, you'd be solving two problems in one go!
[the player looks around the reading room, then clicks on the pair of glasses sitting on a table in the back of the room]
NICOLE: [to herself] I haven't been to an ophthalmologist for awhile ...
[the glasses are added to the inventory, then the player returns to the counter]
NICOLE: Here you go, ma'am, I found your glasses!
[the librarian puts them on]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, how wonderful! What a clever detective you are, thank you so much!
NICOLE: Look, I know you're in a hurry to get home, but could I ask you for just a moment longer--
LIBRARIAN: Oh, no hurry, dear. I feel safer here with you, anyway!
NICOLE: Thank you. I'll be finished real soon now. Could I have another look at that lens?
LIBRARIAN: Yes, of course. Here it is.
[she places the focal lens on the desk, and the player adds it to his inventory]
LIBRARIAN: You can pop it in the reader, over on the other side of the reading room.
[the player returns to the microfilm reader and attaches the lens, as the image on the screen comes into focus]
NICOLE: [to herself] Finally! Now the text is clear.
[the player clicks on the screen]
NICOLE: [reading] "NYU students to follow in the footprints of Conquistadors! Amazon expedition underway!"
[the player clicks on the screen again]
NICOLE: [reading] "NYU Professor of Archaeology, Doctor Samuel Dickinson, is leading an expedition into the Amazon rainforest. Their itinerary recreates the journeys of the Spanish explorers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. While the party's goal is the last of the great Incan treasures, the fabled hoard of Tupac Amaru, can the professor achieve what the Conquistadors did not? Will he find the legendary city of Akakor, treasure vault of an entire empire, the once-mighty Incas? The team, who has already left for Peru, consists mostly of NYU students."
[the player clicks on the screen again]
NICOLE: [reading] "List of participants in Professor Dickinson's expedition."
[the player clicks on the screen again]
NICOLE: [reading] "Samuel Dickinson. Professor of Pre-Colombian Archaeology at NYU. Expedition leader."
[the player clicks on the screen again]
NICOLE: [reading] "Alice Dickinson. The professor's daughter. Student."
[the player clicks on the screen again]
NICOLE: [reading] "William Warren. Assistant to the professor."
[the player clicks on the screen again]
NICOLE: [reading] "Andrew Haig. Student. Team doctor."
[the player clicks on the screen again]
NICOLE: [reading] "Henry Fairbanks. Student. Technician."
[the player clicks on the screen again]
NICOLE: [reading] "Mark Chestum. Student."
[the player clicks on the screen again]
NICOLE: [reading] "Joel Tatum. Student."
[the player clicks on the screen again]
NICOLE: [reading] "John Rudolph. Student."
[the player clicks on the screen again]
NICOLE: [reading] "Allan Branford. Student."
[the player clicks on the screen again]
NICOLE: [reading] "Noel Raches. Student."
[she stops reading]
NICOLE: [to herself] So all the victims were part of the expedition! Fairbanks, Haig, Rudolph, and Tatum ... Finally, we got ourselves a fact.
[the player clicks on the screen again]
NICOLE: [to herself] There's something here about the aftermath, too.
[the player clicks on the screen again]
NICOLE: [reading] "Tragedy in the jungle."
[the player clicks on the screen again]
NICOLE: [reading] "Our university community has lost an outstanding colleague and teacher, Professor of Archaeology Doctor Samuel Dickinson. His scientific and social achievements are writ large across the history of our university. He was last seen heading a scientific expedition to Peru, to find the legendary Incan treasure vaults left behind after the Conquistadors' invasion. In the course of the expedition, the professor, his daughter Alice, and fellow student Noel Raches all went missing. Raches' body was found later in the jungle. He had been killed by native Indians. Despite valiant attempts by other members of the expedition, led by Professor Dickinson's assistant William Warren, Dickinson and his daughter were never found. In the face of the Indian threat and increasingly difficult weather conditions, the remaining party members chose to withdraw. According to Mister Warren, the chances of finding the professor alive are virtually nil. We believe, though, that the professor and his students will live on in our university's history. Peace in their memory!"
[she stops reading]
NICOLE: [to herself] Warren! Warren! He's the linchpin of this whole story ... It's just him and Branford now. Now, are they both potential victims, or is one of them the murderer? Maybe they're in it together? Or maybe the murderer is someone not on the list. And where's the irrefutable proof that Huaquero killed Fairbanks? Are there two murderers at work here? Anyway, let's copy the list of participants. Maybe I can get out of here finally.
[a list of expedition members appears in the player's inventory]
NICOLE: [to herself] List of participants in Professor Dickinson's expedition.
[the player clicks on the screen again]
NICOLE: [to herself] Let's see this list again ... Must be a link between the expedition twenty years ago and the crimes now. Only thing this list connects is the victims with each other. Can we really explain the murders as a result of the events of the past? Why didn't Branford or Warren say anything about knowing the victims? That's fishy. What's stopping them from revealing information that could save their lives? Only if one or both of them were directly involved in the killings would it make sense to do so. We'll have to check their alibis again. Anyway, all the clues lead to Warren at the moment.
[the player clicks on the screen again]
NICOLE: [to herself] Drugs, Huaquero, expeditions in the jungle ... We must start from the expedition. That's where the fuse was lit. The drugs thing is probably incidental, don't want to get too hung up on that.
[the player returns to the counter]
NICOLE: Thank you very much, ma'am. I've got everything I need now.
LIBRARIAN: May I go home then?
NICOLE: Certainly, but if you'll just bear with me a second ...
[she dials her cell phone]
NICOLE: [into her phone] Federal Agent Nicole Bonnet, FBI. I need a patrol car to the library on East 84th. It's for an expert witness in a case I'm investigating. I'll need her driven home safely. Thank you.
[she hangs up]
NICOLE: Okay ma'am, a policeman will be along in five minutes to give you a ride home. Thank you very much for your time, you've been a tremendous help.
LIBRARIAN: Not at all. It was quite exciting, actually!
[the player exits the library]



"Art of Murder: FBI Confidential"
by City Interactive

This is the story of rookie FBI agent Nicole Bonnet, whose first assignment is to solve a grisly series of murders that target prominent and wealthy members of the community, with the killer's M.O. featuring a disturbing calling card: the apparently ritualistic removal of the victim's heart with an implement more suited to display in a museum than use for amateur dissection. The gruesome trail begins in New York City but the clues soon lead the intrepid rookie agent to the distant Peruvian city of Cusco, the ancient seat of the Inca Empire on the border of the forbidding Amazon Jungle.

Art of Murder has an exceptional combination of classic solutions with innovative ideas, such as the possibility of the heroine's death. This game is incredibly detailed and varied pre-rendered sceneries, enriched with background animation the graphics are designed by some of the best graphic artists and art directors in Poland. You will find a gripping atmosphere, created through the combination of an extraordinary storyline, beautiful graphics, three-dimensional characters who move in a natural way and cast realistic shadows, 5000 dialogue lines, original music and realistic sound effects.

Art of Murder is a point-and-click adventure, features a simple user-friendly interface coupled with a classic form of gameplay that has been optimized with the latest in cutting edge innovations, as well as allowing the possibility of the central character's death, point previously unseen in classic adventure games.



Enter the library and go "to the back". Enter the reading room. Pick up the glasses from the table. Approach the counter with the librarian and give her the glasses. Talk to her until she points you to the yearbooks on the left of the doors. Go there next.

Pick up the book in the middle. Show it to "Jessica Fletcher", the librarian. Talk to her again about copies thrice and she points you to the microfilm room. It is the door next to the reading room.

Click on the cabinet full of microfilm and return to the librarian. Back at the cabinet you need to click on the drawer with the number 00104419867. Take the boxed microfilm.

Back in the reading room, use the microfilm reader on the first desk as you enter. Take the empty reel from the machine and combine it with the empty reel. Place the new film reel into the reader and turn it on.

Click on the image to find that there is no lens. Talk to the librarian about it. She will eventually place a focal lens on the counter.

Pick up and place it into the reader and click on the image again. Click on the next one to get prints. Click on the image one more time. Finally talk to the librarian again to complete this section.

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