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Case Study No. 0951: Unnamed Male Librarian (The Noisy Library)

The Noisy Library
The Noisy Library is a short video where although there is guitar hero, football, and many distractions in the library, the librarian fails to notice, except for the obnoxious eating of chips.
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[scene opens with a young male librarian (brown hair, glasses, grey t-shirt) standing in the library with his hands folded behind his back as he reads a book, when a young male patron walks in (whom the librarian eyes suspiciously before returning to his book)]
[cut to the male patron sitting down, as he takes out a bag of potato chips and eats one (making loud crunching noises)]
[cut back to the librarian, as he glances up from his book]
[he suddenly shushes him violently]
[he takes off his glasses and addresses the patron]
LIBRARIAN: This is a library ... not a zoo!
[he shakes his head in disgust, then puts his glasses back on and resumes reading]
[cut to another male patron playing Guitar Hero in the library, as Guns N Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle" blasts loudly from the television's speakers]
[cut back to the first male patron, as he tries to casually eat another potato chip (but again crunches loudly)]
[cut to another male patron who slams his book shut and looks to his left with an exasperated look on his face ... as the camera pans over to show the chip-eating patron looking over and shrugging his shoulders]
[cut back to the librarian, who continues reading (but smiles as he bobs his head to the music)]
[cut back to the chip-eating patron, who sneaks in another chip (and again crunches loudly), then back to the librarian ... as he stops bobbing his head and takes off his glasses in frustration]
LIBRARIAN: Sir, sir, sir! Can ... can you not chew with your mouth closed? Please!
[he puts his glasses back on and continues reading ... but starts bobbing his head again to the music (and moves his hand back and forth as if he's scratching a record at the DJ booth)]
[cut back to the patron playing Guitar Hero, then three male patrons enter the library throwing a football around ... one goes "long" for the pass, and he bumps into the librarian]
[the librarian composes himself, then (from off camera) he hears the sounds of the patron chewing again, so he takes off his glasses and starts yelling]
LIBRARIAN: Do, do you see anyone else ... making any type of distraction?!
[cut to one of the patrons throwing the football, then back to the librarian as it hits him in the chest (which elicits no reaction out of him)]
[cut back to the chip-eating patron, who starts crinkling the bag trying to grab one more chip from the bottom (making even more noise)]
[cut back to the librarian, who rips off his glasses in exasperation and starts yelling again]
LIBRARIAN: The-the chips! The chips!
[he shakes his head, then cut back to the chip-eating patron]
PATRON: Y'know what? I am out of here! I am, I am so sick and tired of being disrespected!
[the patron stands up]
PATRON: You, you are the worst! The worst librarian ever!
[he storms off, then cut back to the librarian as his jaw drops and he puts a hand over his chest in shock at the accusation]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, oh ...
[he starts fanning himself, then takes off his glasses and can barely spit out the words to express his indignation]
LIBRARIAN: I have ... never!
[cut to the chip-eating patron leaving the library, slamming the door behind him]
[cut to the hallway outside the library, as the patron takes his bag of potato chips and shoves it into the chest of a passing young boy (before continuing to walk off)]
YOUNG BOY: Sweet! Potato chips!
[the boy takes the bag and walks into the library, then cut to the librarian as he smiles and waves at the boy]
[cut to the boy sitting down, as the librarian checks his watch and heads for the backroom]
[cut back to the boy, as he reaches into the bag (making loud crinkling noises)]
[cut back to the librarian, who stops dead in his tracks and slowly turns to look at the boy, removing his glasses and getting an angry look on his face as the scene cuts to black]

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