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Case Study No. 0958: The Super Librarian of Eden Prairie Library

Super Librarian (Eden Prairie Library Film Contest 2011)
A young child has to spend the day with a librarian, but gets more than what he asks for...
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[scene opens with an exterior shot of the Eden Prairie Library, as "The Adventures of Super Librarian" appears on screen]
[cut to a closeup of a poster hanging on a tree outside of the library ("Career Day at Eden Prairie Library! Today from 1:00 - 4:00 PM! Outdoors! Give your child the chance to spend the day learning about a career! Exciting! Fun! Educational! Instructed by a senior librarian.")]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] Today is career day! There are very many special jobs that keep our country going. All are very important. Every one of you will have a career when you grow up.
[the camera pans over to show a young female librarian (brown hair in a bun, blue shirt, black skirt) sitting on the ground with a group of young children sitting around her]
LIBRARIAN: Who's excited to learn about careers today?
[they all raise their hands]
LIBRARIAN: Today, each of you will spend an afternoon with someone who has one of these jobs.
[she points to some notecards in her hand, then gives on to each child (as they open it to read what job they've been assigned]
JUNIOR POLICEMAN: A policeman, yes!
JUNIOR MOM: A mommy!
[cut to a closeup of the last boy, who opens his notecard]
[he gets a disappointed look on his face, as the other children cheer and run off camera]
LIBRARIAN: Libraries are a lotta fun, y'know ...
[he sighs, then she takes him by the hand and they walk up to the library]
[cut to inside of the library, as they sit down and she places a library card on the table in front of them]
JUNIOR LIBRARIAN: So, what do librarians do all day?
LIBRARIAN: Oh no, we're not just librarians ...
[she leans in close]
LIBRARIAN: [whispering] We're super librarians!
[he gasps]
JUNIOR LIBRARIAN: So what do super librarians do all day?
LIBRARIAN: Well, actually, we--
[she's cut off by a beeping noise, then cut to a closeup of the library card, as it flashes "Alert!" in big red letters, then displays a "video screen" which shows a little girl misshelving a book]
LIBRARIAN: They put an "A" book in the "G" section!
[she stands up and puts her hands on her hips]
LIBRARIAN: This sounds like a job for Super Librarian!
[she puts on a pair of sunglasses (as the "Mission Impossible" theme plays), then the Superman logo appears, as the scene changes to the librarian sneaking through the stacks (with the little boy following close behind)]
[cut to the librarian finding the misshelved book, as she takes it and places it in the "A" section]
LIBRARIAN: Mission accomplished!
[she whips off her sunglasses, then the Superman logo appears again, as the scene changes to the librarian and the young boy sitting in the library watching a television]
REPORTER: And now, for the most stressful job in the world! What is it? Well, the answer may surprise you ... unless you are a librarian!
[the library card suddenly starts beeping again, as they lean in for a closer look]
REPORTER: [from off camera] That's right, according to a recent study by the BBC, librarians have the most stressful job in the world--
[cut to a closeup of the library card, as it flashes "Alert!" again, then more "security camera" footage shows a little girl trying to reach a book on the top shelf]
LIBRARIAN: Let's go ...
[she puts on her sunglasses (as the "Mission Impossible" theme starts up again), then the Superman logo appears, and the scene changes to the two crawling on their bellies through the stacks]
[cut to the librarian lifting up the little boy so that he can grab the book]
[cut to the librarian standing on the other side of the bookshelf, as she slips the book through so that it lands on the girl's head (she grabs her head in pain, but then immediately sees the book and picks it up from the floor, clutching it to her chest as she smiles)]
[the Superman logo appears again, as the scene changes to the librarian and the young boy sitting in the library (as she is fast asleep), when the library card starts beeping again]
[cut to a closeup of the library card, as it flashes "Alert!" again, then more "security camera" footage shows a little boy dressed in a gorilla costume]
GORILLA: Ooo ooo ooo!
[cut back to the little boy, as he picks up the card and holds it up]
[the librarian wakes up, then gets a shocked look on her face]
LIBRARIAN: No pets allowed in the library!
[she puts on her sunglasses and runs off, as the "Mission Impossible" theme starts up again ... but it immediately stops when the boy looks at something off camera and gasps]
[cut to the boy walking up to a nearby shelf, as the camera focuses on a "No Eating or Drinking" sign, then pans down to reveal a plastic bag with a cookie sitting on the chair]
[cut to a closeup of the boy's face, as a "devil" (actually the boy wearing horns and red shorts) appears over his right shoulder]
DEVIL: It eat! Nobody will ever notice!
[he disappears, and an "angel" (i.e. the boy wearing a white overshirt that's so big it hangs off him like a robe) appears over his left shoulder]
ANGEL: No, don't eat it! Super Librarian would not want you to!
[cut to another shot of the boy rubbing his chin]
[he shakes his head, then walks away as the scene fades to black]
[cut to the librarian and the little boy sitting outside of the library, when she checks her watch]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, four o'clock! Time to go home!
JUNIOR LIBRARIAN: Thank you, Super Librarian!
[he shakes her hand, then walks off]
[cut to the librarian standing on top of the library, as the "Mission Impossible" theme starts up again]

Directed and Produced by
Noah Sattler


Super Librarian ... Hannah Sattler
Junior Librarian ... Elijah Sattler
Distressed Damsel ... Leah Sattler
News Reporter ... Jesse Sattler
Junior Mom ... Anna T.
Junior Firefighter ... Gerard T.
Junior Doctor ... Charles T.
Junior Policeman ... Levi Sattler


Concerning Hobbits, The Fellowship of the Rings
Mission Impossible, Mission Impossible
Battlefield 2142 Theme, Battlefield 2142

Super Librarian



Winners of the YouTube Contest!
The Friends of the Eden Prairie Library invited teens entering grades 7-12 to participate in the Summer YouTube Contest. Participants were asked to feature the Eden Prairie Library in a video lasting 1-5 minutes. The winner and runner-up were announced at a public reception recognizing all participants on Tuesday, August 16, 2011. Enjoy the videos!

Super Librarian by Noah S.

Off to the Eden Prairie Library by Vijay K

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