Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Case Study No. 0949: Unnamed Female Librarian (Hi-C Double Fruit Cooler)

Ah, the library.... a great place to sit around drinking punch and singing backup... NOT! In my high school, we would have been thrown out on our ears.
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[scene opens inside of a public library, as two young girls are sitting at a table, when one of them looks over at a young boy standing behind them]
FEMALE PATRON 1: [singing] He's so cute ...
FEMALE PATRON 2: Too late! Too late! Too late!
FEMALE PATRON 1: [singing] And he drinks Double Fruit!
FEMALE PATRON 2: Too late! Too late! Too late!
[cut to the cute boy walking over to the card catalog, as two other boys wave to him while the two girls peek over from behind the card catalog and sigh]
FEMALE PATRON 1: [singing] The newest Hi-C in town ...
CHORUS: Double fruit!
FEMALE PATRON 1: [singing] They're new, and cool all around!
CHORUS: Double cool!
[cut to the girls (one of them holding a Hi-C Double Fruit Cooler) nearly swooning next to a bookshelf]
FEMALE PATRON 1: [singing] And I'm really wild about it!
CHORUS: Double cool! Double fruit!
[cut to the girl handing the cute kid her Hi-C through a gap in the bookshelf, as he turns and speaks directly to the camera]
MALE PATRON 1: [singing] Tastes so wonderful to me!
CHORUS: Double cool! Double fruit!
[the girl grabs her friend by the shoulders in excitement]
FEMALE PATRON 1: [singing] Now I really wanna shout it!
[cut to a nerdy young girl dropping her stack of books (apparently at the sound of the other girl shouting), then to a closeup of the mouth of an elderly female librarian (as she puts a finger to her lips and shushes the camera)]
[cut back to the two boys who were standing by the card catalog, as one drinks his Hi-C while the other speaks directly to the camera]
MALE PATRON 2: Real fruit taste and Vitamin C!
[cut to the nerdy girl bending down to pick up her books, when the cute kid enters and helps her]
CHORUS: Double cool! Double fruit!
FEMALE PATRON 1: [singing] It's for him and for me!
[cut to the girl's friend opening a book, as a picture of the Hi-C box jumps out (like a pop-up book)]
CHORUS: Double Fruit Cooler!
[cut to all of the kids standing around the front desk, as they each turn to the camera and hold up a Hi-C Double Fruit Cooler]
CHORUS: Double Fruit from Hi-C!

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