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Case Study No. 0900: The Librarian (Divinity II, Ego Draconis)

Divinity 2 - Dragon Knight Saga HD Gameplay 4
Deeper into the crypts, I discover some of Damiens henchmen and a ghost librarian.
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[the player enters the underground library in Maxos' Temple, as a group of Damian's henchmen are tearing the place apart]
IALKARN: Unbelievable! We have been looking for that damn book for days now!
HATJI: Ooh, Damian won't be pleased ...
IALKARN: I know that! No need to remind me! It has to be here, somewhere ...
[the ghost of the librarian (a male torso with long fingernails and wildly flowing hair) floats around above them, unseen by the thieves (which doesn't stop him from yelling at them to leave)]
THE LIBRARIAN: Stop! Stop, you fools! Leave my library!
[he shakes his head in disgust, then puts his head in his hands]
THE LIBRARIAN: Ah, they can't even see me!
IALKARN: I need a break! Hatji, it's your turn to--
[they suddenly notice the hero standing in the doorway]
HATJI: Hey! Who's there? Ooh, Damian won't be pleased ...
IALKARN: An intruder? Let's kill him, and keep the body parts for our necromancers!
HATJI: Ooh, Damian will be pleased!
[they attack, but the hero is able to defeat them]
THE LIBRARIAN: Annoying creatures, messing with my books! But what have we here? An Initiate who successfully ran the trials! It has been ages, literally.
[the player selects "The Black Ring had less trouble getting in. That much is clear."]
THE LIBRARIAN: Is that who those shady characters were? How distasteful! Ransacked my library! They look as tormented as the ghosts that dwell in these halls! Now those are unfortunate spirits ... Most priests that served in this temple became disloyal, you see; started to worship Lovis or Amdusias. All were cursed. Lovis in his tower, Amdusias on the Blood Altar. And us, the followers, in between.
[the player selects "And whose ghost might you be?"]
THE LIBRARIAN: I am the larian, er ... librarian and the collection you see here is the greatest one on Dragon Lore in all of Rivellon. I seem to have misplaced one book, though; the first part of the infamous Orbis Arcesso. I haven't seen it since Amdusias became a Dragon Knight. But should you come across it, I would reward you well!
[the player selects "I am looking for a book written by Maxos that describes his research about the Hall of Echoes."]
THE LIBRARIAN: A most fascinating tome, I'm sure, but I have never had the honour of reading it myself. If it was in this library, I would know. But unless Maxos had it on him when he disappeared, it should still be in the temple at least. Who knows where it may be hidden ... who may have gotten his hands, or claws, on it.
[the player selects "Tell me more about this Maxos curse."]
THE LIBRARIAN: To understand you must know that Maxos, for all his powers, was surprisingly naive in his assessments of human character. He figured all his Dragon Knights would naturally take on their role as fair but aloof rulers, not thinking of the ambition men foster. Lord Lovis cared little for Maxos, but used his powers to live a life of luxury as he ruled with iron fist. Amdusias was consumed by rage when his master decided he would never become a Dragon and went out of his way to become one, whatever the cost. It is a cost we all pay now, for when Maxos learned the details of Lovis' ways and Amdusias' dealings, he cursed them and all who supported them. I was a loyal follower, but in his wrath Maxos did not spare me. I care little, though. As long as I have my library, eternity may live up to its definition as far as I'm concerned.
[the player selects "I must go now."]
THE LIBRARIAN: Fare thee well!
["New quest accepted: A Tale of Two Tomes." appears on screen, as the player explores the library and finds an old book sitting on a pedestal]
NARRATOR: This strange tome is filled, you assume, with the secrets to many wondrous magics.
[the player selects "Read the book."]
NARRATOR: To your frustration, you must acknowledge this book is written in an alphabet you cannot read.
[the player returns to the Librarian and performs "Mindread"]
THE LIBRARIAN: [to himself] Such beauty that ancient alphabet has, such grace!
["By reading the librarian's mind, you learn to understand a new alphabet, which may come in handy ... " appears on screen]
[the player returns to the book and reads it]
NARRATOR: Reading the librarian's mind was a smart thing to do. You are engulfed in the knowledge detailed in these visionary pages and leave them behind wiser than you were before.
["Your stats have received a welcomed boost." appears on screen]
[the player exits the library and makes his way to the Bedroom Quarters of the temple, where he eventually finds the first part of the Orbis Arcesso]
NARRATOR: This is the first part of the Orbis Arcesso, an extremely rare and obscure book that details many forbidden incantations. This is the book Amdusias used to bypass the Dragon ritual and take the wyrm's shape. The book concludes with the advice to always have the second part handy, because many reversal spells are to be found in that volume, should anything go wrong.
[the player heads back to the library]
THE LIBRARIAN: Hello again, Initiate.
[the player selects "Might this be the book you were looking for?"]
THE LIBRARIAN: Yes! There it is! How can I reward you, my good friend?
[the player selects "I should like to have a look at the second part."]
THE LIBRARIAN: But of course! Here you go. And take this book as well. It will prove very useful should you one day become a Dragon Knight.
["You have successfully completed "A Tale of Two Tomes." appears on screen]
[the player selects the Orbis Arcesso ("A book that contains studies and experiments conducted by Maxos priests whose lives were dedicated to the life of the Dragon Knight ... even though only one in a thousand would actually become one.") from his inventory]
NARRATOR: This is the second part of the Orbis Arcesso, in which you hope to find a way to strip Amdusias from his Dragon form.
[the player turns the page]
NARRATOR: Lo and behold, after hours of reading, you find the spell you need. As it was with Amdusias, you'll need some of his blood and Dragon scales for the incantation to prove useful.
[the player selects "I seem to be missing those Dragon scales."]
NARRATOR: With a dusty thud, you slam the book shut.



"Divinity II: Ego Draconis" (Latin for "I, of the dragon") is a sequel to the Divine Divinity RPG from 2002. It is developed by Larian Studios and published by DTP. It was published in the United States by cdv Software Entertainment.

Divinity II: Ego Draconis takes place in a magical world called Rivellon, populated by both intelligent races such as humans, and less intelligent creatures, such as goblins. The otherwise beautiful countryside bears witness to the ruins and pocked landscapes of ancient wars and cataclysms. In Rivellon, the hero (a Dragon Slayer) begins on his (or her) quest to complete their initiation rituals to become a true member of the Dragon Slayers. The Dragon Slayers are searching and killing Dragon Knights - the people who have the power to turn into Dragons - who, long ago, betrayed the people of Rivellon by killing their Divine hero. After an initiation the hero and the commander spot a Dragon Knight at the lands that are known as "Broken Valley". After a mild twist, the dying Dragon Knight, Talana, tells the hero that the Dragon Knights are actually working against a greater evil power; the person who threatens the whole of Rivellon, Damien The Damned One. The dying Dragon Knight, which turns out to be the last of the Dragon Knights, passes the power to turn into a dragon to the hero. The hero, now a Dragon Knight, becomes both the hunter and the hunted. As the hero tracks down and destroys the Damned One's minions, the hero is also hunted by former friends, the Dragon Slayers.



The Librarian is located in the library of Maxos' Temple. He gives the quest A Tale of Two Tomes.

You can mind read him for 800 exp to learn a new alphabet. Afterward you can read the book on the level below The Librarian to gain 2 stat points.



A Tale of Two Tomes [VQTTT]
Received From: The Librarian
Location: Library in Maxos' Temple

1: Use the book titled 'Dragon Lore' in Amdusias' room

-From the Crypt Shrine, travel down the south hallway, then climb the stairs to the second floor and look for the book in the northwestern room.

2: Take the key from the hidden room, then use it to open the chest on the southeast section of the first floor. The book is inside the chest.

3: Return the book (Orbis Arcesso) to The Librarian

Reward: 1500xp, 320g, Dragon Skill Book + 1 (magical item, other, 375xp)
Bonus: Orbis Arcesso, a book vital to continuing through the main plot

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