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Case Study No. 0942: Mr. Read

Let's Play Riddle School 3 - Part 1 - Blind Librarian
It's the longest, best riddle school (Besides Riddle School 5). Hello, everybody, and today we'll conquer Riddle School 3!
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[scene opens with a number of students sitting in a classroom, as the player clicks on the bored-looking teacher sitting behind his desk]
PHIL: That's Mister Soggy. He is a generally lazy teacher who can be very strict if he wants to be.
[the player takes the bubble gum and ruler from the inventory and combines them, then cut to a scene where Phil uses the item to retrieve a rubber band from inside the air vent behind Mister Soggy's desk]
[the player selects the rubber band from the inventory, then cut to a scene where Phil flicks the rubber band at Mister Soggy's face, knocking his glasses off onto the floor]
MR. SOGGY: I'm blind! I can't see!
[the player clicks on the glasses, adding them to the inventory, then clicks on the teacher]
PHIL: He's lost eighteen pairs of glasses today. It's a good thing he doesn't care.
[the player clicks on the red arrow marked "Hallway", then cut to Phil standing outside of the classroom]
PHIL: That wasn't a very sharp idea. Actually, it was kind of blurry.
[the player clicks on an "RS3" poster hanging on the wall]
PHIL: Yes! JonBro made a third Riddle School! I thought he'd never finish ... I'll be sure to play it as soon as I'm out of this place.
[the player clicks on the emergency exit]
PHIL: I can't go out this way, even though the doors are unlocked. Whoever built this building accidentally made part of a brick wall on the other side of those doors.
[the player clicks on the red arrow marked "Library", then cut to a scene of Phil entering the school library, only to have the male librarian (short brown hair, pale skin, brown sweater) put a finger to his lips and shushes him, as he sits behind a desk with a giant golden "Shut Up" sign]
MR. READ: Shh!
[the player clicks on a painting of a man with antlers saying "What moose?"]
PHIL: No ur a moose!
[the player clicks a blue book on the shelf behind the librarian]

Applied directly to the toenail!
This message was payed for by: Karsh

[the player clicks a pink book on the shelf behind the librarian]

Poem Book
by Pinkee

Penny Poem
Find five pennies,
Find them all!
Every penny's
In the hall!

RS3 Secret
Don't beat this game
Two times straight
or else you'll meet
a certain fate

Deep in the jungle,
You will find a key
Guarded by creatures
That watch from the trees.

[the player clicks a green book on the floor (which turns out to be a comic book featuring "Zonic" - a Sonic the Hedgehog clone wearing a Mario hat - on the cover)]

Zonic is Awesome
Zonic is Awesome
Zonic is Awesome
Zonic is Awesome
Zonic is Awesome
Zonic is Awesome
Zonic is Awesome
Zonic is Awesome
Zonic is Awesome

[the player clicks on the giant "Shut Up" sign attached to the librarian's desk]
PHIL: Lol!
[the player clicks a blue book on a shelf from the opposite wall]

How to Read

Read this.
This bok was wroted by George, age 5.

[the player clicks on the librarian]
PHIL: How are you, Mister Read?
MR. READ: I'm feeling kind of depressed. I'm a librarian, and I can't even read. Well, I can read, but only big-print books. You see, my eyesight is like a stuffed monkey doll ... It's fuzzy.
[the player selects the teacher's glasses from the inventory and gives them to the librarian, then cut to a closeup of Mister Read as he slowly puts them on]
MR. READ: Sweeet ...
[he nods his head, then hands Phil a plain grey bookmark]
MR. READ: Here's a free bookmark!
[cut back to the library, as the player exits back into the hallway, then clicks the red arrow marked "Supply Closet"]
[cut to inside the closet, as the player clicks on a dime sitting on top of a tall shelf]
PHIL: That dime is about a foot and a half out of my reach.
[the player selects the bookmark from the inventory and combines it with the ruler/gum, then cut to a scene where Phil uses this "device" to knock the dime off the shelf and into his hand]



"Riddle School" is a series of point-and-click adventure games revolving around a student named Phil Eggtree escaping his school and finding himself in otherworldly dilemmas. The Riddle games went on for six installments before being finally discontinued in June 2011 with "Riddle Transfer." It is a tribute to the Newgrounds classic, "Pico's School."

The layout and gameplay of Riddle School is extremely similar to Pico's School. The main character is a student who wants to escape the school. As in Pico's School, the player starts in a classroom on the left end of the school, encounters a locked door, and must go up and down the hallway and enter rooms in order to find items, interact with people, and progress through the game. Unlike Pico's School, there is no fighting.



Riddle School 3
walkthrough by JonBro

NOTE: If you're looking at this because you can't combine items, this walkthrough will not help a bit.

In the first room, click on the ruler to obtain it.
Click twice on the globe to spin it. You should see a pinkish island on the globe. That's really gum. Take that, too.
Combine the ruler and the gum. Use the ruler/gum combo on the airvent to the right and you'll have a rubber band.
Fling the rubber band at the teacher. He won't mind terribly much. His glasses will be knocked to the floor.
Pick up the glasses and leave the room.

The rest of this walkthrough will be divided into sections explaining specifics on how to get all of the game's coins.

#1 is on the floor right after you leave Mr. Soggy's room.
#2 is one screen to the left next to the door of the women's room.
#3 is in front of the bottom of the stairs.
#4 is on the screen with the boarded-up window.
#5 is on the screen with the orange carrot poster.

Go to the men's room on the first floor.
Open the stall and take the toilet paper. Use the toilet paper to clog the toilet and then flush.
The janitor will come rushing in to fix the toilet, which means he's no longer in the janitor's closet.
Go upstairs to the janitor's closet and take the quarter from the floor.

If you haven't already grabbed the glasses from the floor in the first room of the game, do that now.
Enter the library and give the glasses to the fuzzy-sighted Mr. Read.
He will reward you with a free bookmark. WOW, A FREE BOOKMARK!!
Combine the bookmark with the ruler/gum combo you already have.
Leave the library, go left one screen, then enter the supply closet.
Use the bookmark/ruler/gum combo on the dime on the top of the shelf.

Go upstairs to the screen with the orange carrot poster.
Click the bright yellow locker.
Click on the nickel that's inside the locker.

First, you must talk to Richy, the one yelling in his locker on the second floor.
When you're done talking to him, go back downstairs to the teacher's lounge.
Tell the teachers "Mrs. Oddverb, about Richy...?"
Then select "He's stuck in his locker. His combination is in your class."
After that, you have no choice but to click "Yes." even after you click the other options if you feel like it.
When the brief cutscene is over and the teachers are gone, click on the middlemost counter drawer.
Get the nickel that's in the drawer.

See 'The Nickel Hidden in the Teacher's Lounge' above, because you have to get the teachers out of the lounge first.
Go upstairs to the screen with the orange carrot poster.
Enter Mrs. Oddverb's classroom and click on the white paper that's on one of the desks.
It's the combination, which apparently says BLOBBLES on it.
Leave the room and go back to where Richy is yelling in his locker.
Click on the locker and enter the code which is clearly written on the combination paper.
If you haven't noticed yet that Phil read the paper upside-down, the code is 53788078.
Richy will give you a quarter after he leaves the room and tell you about his button-collecting hobby.

See 'The Nickel Hidden in the Teacher's Lounge' above, because you have to get the teachers out of the lounge first.
Also see 'The Quarter Richy Gives You After Being Freed From His Locker' to get Richy out of his locker.
Go downstairs once the teachers are out of the lounge and go to the leftmost downstairs hallway screen.
Enter Miss Count's room and click on the keyboard key hidden amongst the pile of monkey dolls.
Leave the room and go upstairs to the leftmost upstairs hallway screen.
Enter Mrs. Flask's classroom and put the keyboard key into the button-making machine.
When the button is made, take it from where it is in the machine and leave the room.
On the right end of the upstairs hall is Mrs. Oddverb's room, where Richy went after being freed from his locker.
Give him the button and his last 25 cents are yours.

I'm pretty sure that all adds up to a dollar, so travel to the bottom-left corner of the map into the cafeteria.
Talk to Mrs. Munch and ask for pudding.
You'll get a whopping tub of chocolate pudding.
Go back out to the hallway, make your way up the stairs, and give the pudding to Chubb.
Be reminded of the first movie in a well-known series starring Harrison Ford.
Exit the auditorium, go back up the stairs again, and talk to Mrs. Mooses.
Click "I was sent here to see Mr. Potato."
Click "I'm awesome."
She'll let you go right on into Mr. Potato's office, where he's working hard at hardly working.
After you have the key, all you have to do is click on the big red arrows leading out the left school doors downstairs.

Enjoy the ending you so richly didn't deserve because you looked at this walkthrough!

If you plan on beating the game a second time in a row, do everything above again and beware of monkeys.

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