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Case Study No. 0920: Gorky Barf

Reading Blaster 9-12 Playthrough - Part 6: Our Funny Librarian Gorky Barf has Returned
Reading Blaster 9-12 Playthrough
Part 6: Our Funny Librarian Gorky Barf has Returned

The story begins where 6 of Bizzarroville's citizen vanish in the hands of Dr. Dabble. Here Rave must rescue all 6 of the missing citizens by finding the 3 pieces of evidence they dropped.

Well that's all for the Mystery Mode! We'll have a video of Explore Mode and show you some of the differences there are compared to Mystery Mode.
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[the player is searching through Doctor Dabble's mansion for the last of the six missing Bizarroville citizens (with the help of the ghost of the previous owner, Lydia Novella)
RAVE: [to himself] Let me think ... I've got one more guest to save! Dabble, here I come!
LYDIA: [from off camera] Remember, don't wake Doctor Dabble!
[the player makes his way to the dining room and finds a paper airplane on the floor (which turns out to be a note from the final guest)]
RAVE: [reading] "To whom it may concern, you've got to get me out of here! Doctor Dabble is asleep, so I will write quickly ... The night of the party, one by one, the guests followed Doctor Dabble into his lab. When it was my turn, I took my squirting water flower with me. I tried to give it to him as a gift, but Dabble insisted that I keep it with me as he put me inside of what he called his Dehumanizing Machine. My flower and all of my joke toys came with me. Now I'm trapped somewhere, and I can't stop playing practical jokes. It's driving me crazy! Please get me out of here! I'll tell you a secret that I heard. One of the letters in Lydia's Email diary password is 'F.' Your devoted servant, Gorky Barf."
[the player eventually climbs up to Dabble's secret laboratory in the uppermost tower, where he sneaks in through a window and finds the evil doctor sleeping on a nearby table]
RAVE: [to himself] I'll just tip-toe right past ol' Sleepy Head, and get to that machine ...
[the player clicks on the Dudley Dabble Dehumanizer Machine (which the doctor used to change his kidnapped dinner guests into appliances), causing the screen to zoom in on the machine's control panel, then clicks on a photograph of Gorky Barf in the upper left-hand corner of the screen]
RAVE: [reading] "That Gorky Barf is one funny librarian! I've been reading his books and he's got some great knock-knocks in the works. Please let him know I did not appreciate the fake flower trick. Oh, and I found the key to the library that he's been missing."
[the photograph is sucked up into the machine, then the player clicks on three of the clues collected by Rave (notebook found in the parlor, squirting flower found in the kitchen, key found in the graveyard), and they too are sucked up into the machine]
[the player clicks on the lever to launch the machine into reverse (thereby causing the guest selected to "rehumanize"), and an "audience applauding" sound effect plays]
LYDIA: [from off camera] Great job! I knew I could count on you!
[cut to a closeup of the now-free Gorky (an overweight amphibian-like humanoid with yellow skin, eyestalks, two large tusks on either side of a wide mouth, and a blue sweater with a red bowtie and a wide white collar) with his arm around Rave]
GORKY: Rave, I can't thank you enough for saving my life!
[he pulls him in close and whispers in Rave's ear]
GORKY: Now about those overdue library books ...
[he pokes a finger in Rave's chest, then smiles]
GORKY: Keep them as long as you want!
[Rave smiles, as Gorky pokes a finger in his chest again]
GORKY: Any library would be honored to have you as a patron!
[cut to a closeup of the "The Evening Epitaph" ("Bizarroville's most widely read newspaper since 1313"), with the headline "Gorky Barf Returned"]

The Joke Was On Me!
by Gorky Barf

I can't believe that Dudley Dabble has held a grudge against me for twenty years! I mean, I'm just the Bizarroville town librarian.

I never really wanted to be a librarian. I always wanted to be a stand-up comic. And, as a young man, I was a comic for a short while. I performed everywhere: Vegas, Atlantic City, Ypsilanti ...

I mean, who knew that "knock-knock jokes" wouldn't go over in Vegas?

One night I almost died from a rotten tomato overdose. It was a very hostile audience.

I went back to Bizarroville with my tail between my legs. A failure.

But, my father welcomed me back, and gave me a job in the town library.

Not only was my father Bizarroville's head librarian: so was his father and his father's father, and his father's father's father, etc. The library was even named after my great great great great great grandfather. It was the Ulysses S. Barf Memorial Library.

But, in my heart, I still was a stand-up comic.

So, every night after the library would close, I'd reopen it as an after-hours comedy club called "The After-Hours Comedy Club." Since there never was much to do in the Bizarroville Metropolitan Area, people came from far and wide just to hear my knock-knock jokes.

I made kids with overdue books spend hours in a book storage room, listening as I tried out material for my comedy stand-up routine. Being an absent-minded genius type, Dudley Dabble was always late returning books, so he was my main comedy "guinea pig."

I tried out all my zingers and knee-slappers on young Dabble: seltzer bottles, kazoos, springy snakes, whoopee cushions, you-name-it.

He absolutely HATED my knock-knock jokes. In fact, I judged how funny my jokes were by the sour reaction on his face.

Who knew that, after all these years, young Dabble would take out his revenge by trapping me in his lab? Who knew that I'd wind up being HIS captive audience?

He said he was turning ME into "a human joke machine."

I mean, I had a rubber chicken head for a face, and my body was one giant inflated whoopee cushion with joy buzzers all over it.

If Rave hadn't come to my rescue, my life wouldn't have been a laughing matter.

The funny thing about my experience, though, was seeing that mysterious old-fashioned writing quill show up every once in awhile in Dabble's house. Is he taking up a new career as a writer? If not, then whose quill is that?



"Reading Blaster Ages 9 - 12"

Things in Bizarroville are way more bizarre than ever! Six of the town's leading citizens have vanished into thin air, and all evidence points to Dr Dabble! Use your reading comprehension skills to help Rave rescue the missing people. Follow the trail of letters, journals and clues left behind in the doc's spooky digs. As you search, you'll have to find the main ideas, detect important details and draw conclusions to unravel the mystery!

Master Over 20 Essential Skills, Including: Sentence structure, Parts of speech, Grammar, Analogies, Synonyms and antonyms, Finding the main idea, Drawing conclusions, Logical reasoning, Making inferences, Using context clues, Sequencing and ordering.

What's Inside: Over 75 unique mystery stories will stimulate your imagination. Three levels of difficulty offer progressive learning challenges. Comprehensive content prepares you for standardized tests. Seven printable mystery stories encourage further reading.

Special parent tip section provided by Ricki Linksman, M.Ed, Director of the National Reading Diagnostics Institute.



The Blaster Learning System is an educational video game series originally created by Davidson, but is now owned by Knowledge Adventure. Titles in the series have been produced for various computer systems, video game consoles, and as stand-alone handheld units. Originally, the series simply taught mathematics, but eventually expanded to other subjects, such as language arts (reading) and science. Due to the popularity of the original Math Blaster series, Davidson introduced Reading Blaster in 1994, which also went on to become successful. A Science Blaster was introduced 1996, but did not reach the same popularity as its predecessors.

Original Universe
In the first games, the main characters were Blasternaut (a heroic astronaut-type figure), Spot (his robot companion) and Galactic Commander (a female superior officer from base). She later became known as G.C. These three characters were the main characters in many of the games. Their images changed rapidly - for example, Spot eventually became a robotic dog. G.C. became a 12 year old girl instead of a female adult, and Blasternaut was renamed Blaster and became a 12 year old boy instead of a green astronaut-like man. These characters were the recreations of the previous versions in later games and were replaced in 2005 solely by Blaster who no longer wears a helmet.

Rave and Dr. Dabble universe
In other games in the series, the main character is Rave, a green creature who's constantly foiling the plots of a mad scientist named Dr. Dudley Dabble. This series debuted with "Math Blaster Mystery: The Great Brain Robbery" (1994), in which Dr. Dabble steals the brain of the Math Olympic's greatest competitor. "Math Blaster: Pre-Algebra" (1998) - a remake of "Math Blaster Mystery" - and "Reading Blaster: Ages 9–12" (1998) were later developed in conjunction with each other. The series was later seen in the second version of "Reading Blaster: Vocabulary" and has not recurred since.

Although this series appears to be wholly unrelated to the above, there have been some crossovers between the two. For example, one of the stories acquired in Reading Blaster: Ages 6–9 features the characters of the original universe battling Dr. Dabble, although Rave does not appear. In the second version of Reading Blaster: Vocabulary, a character is stated to own the spaceship used in Math Blaster, suggesting the original universe is part of a film series in this iteration of the game.

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