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Case Study No. 0956: Unnamed Female Librarian (JustFab.Com)

JustFab 2012- National Commercial "Library"
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[scene opens in a library, as two young female patrons are looking at a laptop while talking to each other in sexually suggestive overtones]
FEMALE PATRON 1: Oh, I couldn't!
FEMALE PATRON 2: Oh, yes you could!
[the camera zooms in on a young female librarian (blonde hair in a bun, glasses, purple blouse, very attractive) standing behind them in the stacks, then cuts to a nerdy male patron (glasses, plaid shirt) sitting across the table from them]
[they roll their eyes at him, then continue looking at their laptop]
FEMALE PATRON 1: Oh, are you kidding?
FEMALE PATRON 2: Oh, just do it ... I did!
[cut back to the librarian, as she approaches the patrons with a stern look on her face (apparently ready to reprimand them for looking at offensive material on library grounds)]
LIBRARIAN: Ladies, be quiet!
[she looks over their shoulders (the laptop's screen is facing away from the camera), then suddenly stops and takes off her glasses]
[cut to a shot of the laptop's screen, which shows that the three are looking at a high-heeled shoe on the "JustFab" website]
ANNOUNCER: Fulfill your wildest desires at JustFab Dot Com!
[cut to a wall filled with shoes]
ANNOUNCER: Our style experts hand-pick fabulous shoes that are right for you!
[cut to a closeup of a woman modeling a pair of high heels]
ANNOUNCER: For thirty-nine ninety-five, you get a pair of shoes, personal stylist, and free shipping!
[cut back to the library, as the three women cannot take their eyes off the laptop, while the male patron walks over with an incredulous look on his face]
[all three women smile (without looking at the man) and repeat "Shoes!"]
[all three women (again without taking their eyes off the screen) this time yell the word "Shoes!" altogether]
[cut to the JustFab Dot Com logo, as "Buy 1 Get 1 Free!" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: Get two for one now, at JustFab Dot Com!



In this week's episode of "Bar Confessionals", Director of Merchandise, Lesley, and Senior Graphic Designer, Johnny, answer your questions from last night's show, and show that in spite of all the drama, they heart each other on Valentine's Day.

Did you catch last night's episode of "Kimora: House of Fab"? If you missed it, we have a recap below.

Episode 4 Show Recap:

* SVP of Marketing, Sandra, and her team plan a new commercial. Based on the success of their previous commercial, they decide to have girls have a "shoe-gasm" in a library setting. There is $250,000 invested in the commercial, so everything should be perfect. Don joins the casting, because he wants to make sure it gets done right. At the casting, they look for a sexy librarian and a male nerd. Johnny's boyfriend comes in to audition for the male nerd, but the casting group thinks he's too young. The potential male nerds are very sexy, some take off their clothes. At the end, they find a a great nerd for the commercial. Angela, in-house stylist at JustFab, dresses the commercial cast members: college girl, nerd, and sexy librarian. During production, Sandra makes a lot of changes: skirt for sexy librarian and less moaning.
* Don feels the final video was a little over the top and cheesy. He isn't happy with the final outcome. Sandra and team head to the JustFab bar to regroup. They make changes and in the end, Don and Adam like the video. All the problems they saw with the commercial got fixed.
* Lesley celebrates her birthday. She finds it hard to balance her work and personal life. Rose wants to help Lesley with a plan for her dating life. She reaches out to Johnny for help. His idea was to stage a photoshoot for the "Get to Know Lesley" series on Facebook. Lesley becomes suspicious , when Johnny wants sexier pics. Kimora breaks up the photoshoot, since the campaign is not for months. Kimora wants to help set Lesley up on a date, so she sets Lesley up with her friend Charlie. On the day of the date, Lesley wants to cancel her date because of work. But Rose tells her she will finish the presentation, so Lesley can go. Lesley has a great time, and tells Kimora it was a great experience. Charlie, an associate of Kimora's from New York, is a web developer, Taurus, and saw a psychic who said he was miserable.
* Petra, SVP of Merchandise wants the merchandising directors to trend forecast for Spring 2013. Color, silhouette, and material trends are essential. Rose and Lesley put together mood boards to express what they think will be the hot new trends for 2013. They love peach, lighter pastel colors, coral, metallics, nautical, boat shoes, new florals. During a fabric store trip, they find out Petra went into labor. Johnny is invited to give his input on Rose and Lesley's mood boards. But Johnny ends up having a great time with Rose eating marshmellows. Lesley left agitated at their lack of attention. Overall trends: indigo and violet, nautical, peachy neons, clear closure, and turquoise. Kimora was not a fan of the high wedges, but Kimora loves the classic bag with the buckle details.

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