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Case Study No. 0931: Anna Kachikyan

TMZ Live 01/19/10 - Part 4
TMZ Live: Chris Evan's stalker, Anna, is introduced, Spencer needs a head transplant, Brett Favre sings "Pants on the Ground," Kim Kardashian is Reggie Bush's good luck charm.
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[scene opens with two guys in the TMZ Studios speaking directly to the camera]
HARVEY: Okay, Anna ... This is Anna.
MIKE: Come on in.
[a young woman (black hair, glasses, scarf, purple blouse, blue skirt) enters and sits in between them]
ANNA: What're we talking about?
MIKE: Uh, they wanted to know about you!
HARVEY: People wanted to know who you are! Who's the hot chick--
MIKE: Who's the hot chick named Anna?
MIKE: What does she do for TMZ?
HARVEY: So, wadda you do, Anna?
MIKE: [laughs] Hi ... Hi!
ANNA: Uh, I work in the media library, in post-production, with all the video that you guys see that we ... own.
HARVEY: So, um ... Anna likes going to clubs, too.
[she puts her head down in embarrassment, as Mike laughs]
ANNA: Harvey!
HARVEY: No, she really loves going to clubs, right? You talk about it.
MIKE: She's ... Anna knows the most--
ANNA: I like to have a good time!
MIKE: In this room about the Hollywood scene!
ANNA: Because I grew up here!
MIKE: About the clubs and the celebs and all that stuff.
ANNA: Because I grew up in LA, and so this was what I was ... I mean--
MIKE: Where's the hottest, where do you go? What's the hottest place you can go to?
ANNA: Playhouse.
MIKE: Playhouse.
ANNA: Monday night.
HARVEY: There was, who was she--
[Mike laughs]
MIKE: Monday night? You go out on Monday nights?
ANNA: I know, no! I went on--
MIKE: What do you mean, Monday nights?
ANNA: On my vacation, on my vacation last week, I went on a Monday night. And I'm standing, like, with the DJ at the top and I'm like ... "Oh my god, I'm like, these people don't have jobs?" It's a Monday night, the place is full!
[Mike laughs]
ANNA: To go from A to B, it would take, like--
HARVEY: What time was this?
ANNA: Like midnight.
HARVEY: Oh, you were ... you were on vacation.
ANNA: Yeah, it was my vaction.
HARVEY: Alright. Okay, so there is a story and I can't remember what it is, but it's some guy that you ... a movie star that you were stalking in the club, and there was something about the video you saw the next morni--
ANNA: Chris Evans!
HARVEY: Oh! You gotta tell, this is a great story. I can't remember exactly how it goes, but this is a great story.
MIKE: Tell the story.
ANNA: I love Chris Evans, and so we got video that he was at ... at some bar in Hollywood, and so the next day I found him on MySpace or whatever and I was like, "Hey, remember" ... and he was really drunk when he came out in our video, so--
[she laughs]
ANNA: I run to him, I go "I was the girl at the bar! We hung out--"
HARVEY: She wasn't there at all!
[Mike laughs]
ANNA: We were at--
MIKE: You, wait wait! You faked him out that you were there?
HARVEY: She saw the video, she saw--
ANNA: It was true!
HARVEY: She saw the video, so what she did was, she saw the video and figured, "I'll tell him that I was there the night before"--
MIKE: Had you met him?
[she shakes her head]
HARVEY: He's not gonna remember exactly who it is because he was drunk ...
[she laughs]
HARVEY: So she's trying to get an introduction and say "Oh don't you remember, we talked for a long time, I'm the girl with the long dark--"
MIKE: Oh my god, what did he say?
ANNA: He's notorious for being drunk!
MIKE: Did he write back?
ANNA: [pause] No.
[they all laugh]
MIKE: Yeah, because he probably didn't meet any chicks that night!
ANNA: No, it's probably because he's got so many girls writing to him constantly, so ...
MIKE: Who's Chris Evans?
[she sighs]
HARVEY: Chris Evans is from "Fantastic Four."
ANNA: Very cute.
[Mike shrugs]
HARVEY: He's funny, he ... he's funny.
MIKE: Yeah?
ANNA: You know him?
HARVEY: Chris Evans was--
MIKE: I, I don't--
ANNA: Harvey!
[Mike mimics Anna's excited voice]
MIKE: "Harvey, you know him?!"
[she laughs]
HARVEY: I wanna say Chris Evans was in a Jessica Alba movie, too. Um ...
ANNA: Yes, it was the "Fantastic Four" ...
HARVEY: No. Was it the "Fantastic Four?"
MIKE: Yeah, Jessica Alba was in that.
HARVEY: Oh yeah.
ANNA: They were in it together.
HARVEY: Yeah, but he was going with ... uh, I forget who for a long time.
ANNA: Jessica Alba.
HARVEY: Was it, was she ... was he really going with her?
[she nods her head]
MIKE: He dated Jessica Alba? Alright, I like him.
HARVEY: Okay ... Okay, well, thanks.
ANNA: Alright.
HARVEY: Thanks for that--
[she gets up and waves at the camera]
ANNA: Bye guys!
[she leaves]
HARVEY: Thanks for that stalking story!


From wikipedia.org:

TMZ on TV, or simply TMZ and TMZTV, is an American syndicated entertainment and gossip news television show that premiered on September 10, 2007. The program is generally aired on Fox, The CW and MyNetworkTV affiliates, though a majority of the stations that carry the series are Fox affiliates. It is essentially a television version of its sister operation, TMZ.com, a news website with a heavy emphasis on gossip of celebrities' personal lives, which debuted in December 2005.

The TV show and website are produced in a studio facility at the 3rd Floor of the "8000 Sunset Strip" Shopping Center on 8000 W Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. TMZ is an insider term ("thirty-mile zone" or studio zone) referring to the movie studio area of downtown Hollywood.

Certain members of the TMZ website double as the on-air cast:
* Harvey Levin – executive producer
* Mike Walters – assignment manager
* Anna Kachikyan – tape librarian

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