Thursday, August 8, 2013

Case Study No. 0908: Unnamed Female Librarian (Pampers Disposable Diapers)

P&G - Pampers Disposable Diapers - At The Library - Vintage Commercial - 1960s
Vintage Pampers Disposable Diapers Commercial
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[scene opens with a young African American mother wheeling her baby into the library, as an elderly female librarian sits at the front desk]
LIBRARIAN: Well, Misses Olbrook ...
[she hands the librarian a stack of books]
LIBRARIAN: More baby books?
[the librarian leans down and speaks to the baby]
LIBRARIAN: Your mommy knows best, doesn't she?
[the baby starts to fidget]
PATRON: Oh, I think she needs changing ...
LIBRARIAN: Won't you be glad when you're through washing diapers?
PATRON: Oh, I've never washed diapers ... Christie's got these.
[she puts a large box of Pampers on the librarian's desk and opens it]
[the librarian reaches in and pulls one of the diapers out]
PATRON: No washing, no mess, you just use them once.
LIBRARIAN: My daughter ought to hear about that ... but are you sure they're good for the baby?
PATRON: Better than diapers! Pampers keeps her drier!
LIBRARIAN: Drier! How?
[cut to a closeup of a woman's hand pouring a cup of water over a cloth diaper]
ANNOUNCER: Here's how! When a diaper gets wet, it stays wet, inside and out.
[she lifts up the diaper to show that the surface underneath is also wet, then the camera pans over to a pair of Pampers]
ANNOUNCER: With Pampers, moisture goes through the stay-dry lining, and is trapped in absorbent middle layers.
[another hand pours a cup of water over the Pampers, and then lifts up the various layers to show the absorption]
ANNOUNCER: Inside, next to baby, lining stays drier ...
[she lifts up the diaper to show that the surface underneath is still dry]
ANNOUNCER: So baby stays drier!
[cut to a closeup of the diaper]
ANNOUNCER: Outside, Pampers' waterproof sheet replaces plastic pads ...
[cut to the mother holding her baby with a new pair of Pampers]
ANNOUNCER: So everyone stays drier!
[cut to the librarian checking out the books]
LIBRARIAN: I certainly will tell my daughter. You know Misses Olbrook, you could write a baby book of your own!
[she hands the books to the mother, as the camera pans over to show the baby sleeping in her stroller]
ANNOUNCER: Pampers ... for drier, happier babies!

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