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Case Study No. 0913: Josh Earl

Josh Earl is a Librarian - Brisbane Comedy Festival
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Josh Earl is a Librarian - Brisbane Comedy Festival by Josh Earl

Josh Earl is a Librarian is the brand new show from Award Winning Comedian/School Librarian/Cake Enthusiast Josh Earl. Come along to see Josh take on the System (Dewey Decimal System that is) in a whole new hour of hilarious stand and songs March 12 - 17 at 7:00pm (5:30 Sunday)
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[scene opens at the Brisbane Comedy Festival, as Josh Earl (holding a guitar) takes the stage to applause]
ANNOUNCER: He'll go straight to your thighs and won't even ask permission ... The icing on the cake, Josh Earl!
JOSH: I'm here to talk about one thing only, and that is the greatest book that's ever been published in this country ... I'm, of course, talking about the Australian Womens' Weekly "Childrens' Birthday Cake Book."
[the audience laughs]
JOSH: Do you remember this book, people?
[the audience applauds]
JOSH: Yes, of course you do ... And this song is about the greatest cake in that book. It goes like this.
[he begins playing the guitar and starts singing]
JOSH: This story takes place when I was ten years old, yeah! My mum passed me the book, and I was told! She could make any cake I choose, and to take my time and have a peruse! But call it ADD or just my age, but I didn't get past the very front page! I chose the train cake!
[an image of a train-shaped cake appears next to him, as the audience applauds]
JOSH: I chose the train cake, woo woo! Choo choo!
[the audience laughs]
JOSH: I'd chosen the train, then mum had to explain! Making that cake was gonna hurt her brain! But that's the one I chose, so that's the one she made! That's right, mutha lickers, I'm gettin' that cake! I told all my friends at school, yeah! This was even cooler than the swimming pool!
[he stops singing]
JOSH: Take that, Nick Barton, and your Reebok pumps!
[the audience laughs]
JOSH: Take that, Kyle, and your motorized scooter! Big deal, my nan's got one, she's not cool!
[the audience laughs, and he starts singing again]
JOSH: So mum went about, gettin' all the bits and pieces! She got biscuits and popcorn, and even pipe cleaners! But the night before the party, a disaster struck! Because mum bent down, but couldn't bend back up! My cake could not be made, my train had been delayed! She'd done her back in! I heard it crackin'! She'd done her back in! I heard it crackin'!
[the audience laughs, as he stops singing]
JOSH: And then dad came in from the lounge room, "What's all the noise in here? What's all the noise? I'm tryin' to watch Knots Landing, can't hear a bloody thing they're saying!"
[the audience laughs]
JOSH: "Stop crying! Stop your crying" ... He was talking to me, by the way, not mum.
[the audience laughs]
JOSH: "Use your words, Josh! Josh, use your words! What's wrong, you're cake can't ... I'll make your cake, then! Course I can make a cake! Piece'a cake, where do you think that saying comes from?"
[the audience laughs]
JOSH: "No, I don't need the recipe book! Put that away, I don't need that!"
[the audience laughs]
JOSH: "It's a train cake, is it? Well, I know what a train looks like! Yeah, cake, train, train cake, done! Now get to bed, it's a school night! Get to bed!"
[he starts singing again]
JOSH: So, the next morning I awoke, but mum was still bed-ridden! So I went looking for my cake, but it must've been hidden! And dad came in the kitchen, said you're gonna be late! You better get to school and stop lookin' for your cake! So, I went to school in anticipation, couldn't wait to see my dad's creation! Yeah!
[he stops singing]
JOSH: Yeah, so I'm still gettin' the train cake, Nick! It's got ten carriages, it's awesome! I've seen it ... No, I don't wanna watch you pump your shoes up! Big deal, you got a big fat tongue!
[the audience laughs]
JOSH: Mine does that when I eat coconut! No, there's not gonna be lemons at the party, just shut up, alright?
[the audience laughs]
JOSH: And it's a long day at school when it's your birthday, but then the bell went, and we all went back to my house for party time ...
[he starts singing again]
JOSH: I could hear my train a-comin', it was rollin' round the bend! And with my eyes, I saw surprise on the faces of my friends! Turned around, and I was amazed by what I saw! Because there was no train comin' through the door! It was like a bad bad dream, dad was just holding a sponge with cream! He'd bought a store-bought cake, store-bought cake!
[the audience laughs]
JOSH: He'd bought a store-bought cake, store-bought cake! He'd bought a cake from the store, yeah! It was, and I saw! He'd bought a store-bought cake, a store-bought ...
[he stops singing]
JOSH: Waddaya call this, dad? Y'know what I call it? I call it the worst birthday ever! You're not even my real dad!
[the audience laughs]
JOSH: Alright, you are my real dad. I take that back, I'm sorry.
[the audience laughs]
JOSH: No, I'm allowed to be angry, dad! I'm allowed to be angry! My teacher said it was just part of my coat of many colors! Shut up, this is the worst birthday ever!
[he stops playing]
JOSH: Cheers, goodnight!
[the audience applauds]



Josh Earl (Spicks and Specks, TAYG) is back and this time he's taking on the system... the Dewey Decimal System

Josh Earl is an award winning comedian, ageing hipster, a cake enthusiast and a school librarian. After sell out seasons in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth Josh is going to dazzle audiences in Brisbane with the whirlwind life of being a… librarian.

Josh will strum up a storm as he sings (and jokes) about the system – The Dewey Decimal System – working his way from 001 to 920.7 (he would of liked to have gone further but the show can only go for an hour).

Josh has appeared on triple j, Spicks and Specks (ABC TV), Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation (Channel Ten), and Melbourne International Comedy Festival Allstars Gala.

Duration: 60mins

Contains mild coarse language and adult themes. Recommended for people aged 15 years or older.



If you doubted that a library was a good source of comic material Josh Earl is here to prove it is – one catalogue at a time. Josh provides a guided tour through the Dewey Decimal system in Melbourne's salubrious State Library. His audience is full of librarians; clearly a previously untapped target market at the Comedy Festival.

Earl, with a certain air of the hipster man-child about him, provides a perfect contrast to stereotypes of librarians. He recounts the creative ways he tried to bridge the gap to the kids in his school library. His efforts are very funny.

As reading is the gateway to all things, the Dewey Decimal system enables Josh to steer the show to wherever he pleases. His stories tell of a succession of life events, from growing up in Bernie in Tasmania, to his numbered days with Australian Penthouse. He has his finger on the pulse of Gen Y's predominantly suburban upbringing. This show delivers high quality tales of the Everyman; most of us can relate to his experiences on some level. Josh distils a quiet rage fuelled by frustration of suburban living into song form and the results are hilarious.

The show is built on a solid concept. His frenetic songs contain wonderful ideas and great lyrics, but the four chord structure and the yelling starts to wear a little thin after an hour, even if that is supposed to be part of the joke.

That aside, this is a unique comedy experience delivered by the second most famous librarian after Melvil Dewey. Enjoy it and return it before the due date.

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