Thursday, August 8, 2013

Case Study No. 0909: "The Librarian Song"

The Librarian Song
A song I wrote. About a librarian.
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"Librarian" by Chelsea Donovan, Kasi Walters, and Mary Cumpton

Librarian, you're really cute
You've got glasses and pointy shoes
Stick a pencil in your butt
I think you might be the one
I know you don't have a clue
But trust me, our love's overdue

I think I should start over
Maybe I should start over

These books weigh a ton
They're on agriculture
Except for one about vultures

I know you've got work to do
But I just wanna leave with you
I know that it's loud out there
But I got earmuffs we can share
You've got specs, I've got a car
And we can go very far

I think I should start over
I already started over

On my card it says "Marion"
But that's not my real name
I won't take the blame

Check my books and I'll be gone
If I come back later
You'll know I'm not a traitor

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