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Case Study No. 0953: Sydney

The Dunphy Kids All Grown Up - Modern Family
Phil and Claire get a glimpse at what could be the future version of their family in the episode, "The Future Dunphys."

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[scene opens with Claire Dunphy lying in a hospital bed, as her husband Phil stands by her side (while also playing with the remote that raises the bed up and down)]
CLAIRE: Kids will always wanna quit when things get hard if you let them. This is a girl who was kicked out of college, the least she can do is stick it out at a little--
[he raises her head a little too high]
CLAIRE: Wait, Phil!
PHIL: Sorry ... Look, all we can do is give Haley the time to find out who she is.
CLAIRE: Or we could save that time and I could tell her who she is.
NORMAN: [from off camera] Lemmee know how that works out!
CLAIRE: Excuse me?
[camera pans out to show an elderly man in the bed next to them]
NORMAN: Oh sorry, but my TV doesn't work, and you're all I've got!
[he holds out his hand]
NORMAN: I'm Norman.
PHIL: Good to meetcha, Norman, what're you--
[he reaches out to shake his hand, then hesitates]
PHIL: [nervously] In for?
NORMAN: Triple bypass.
[relieved it's not something contagious, Phil follows through with a vigorous handshake]
PHIL: Awesome! And it sounded like you were agreeing with my parenting style, so please ... continue.
NORMAN: Well, I've raised three kids, and the main thing I learned is you have to let them be who they are.
PHIL: Thank you, Norman ...
[he pulls the curtain separating the two beds]
CLAIRE: [whispers] Just because he's behind a curtain doesn't make him a wizard ...
[two middle-aged women (one of whom has long black hair, glasses, and is wearing a black skirt with a yellow sweater over a white blouse) enter the room and walk up to Norman's bed]
ANGELA: Dad, I made you this necklace! It's good for healing ...
SYDNEY: There's no scientific evidence to back that up, Dad.
ANGELA: I married a doctor.
SYDNEY: I have three degrees.
NORMAN: Girls, where's your little brother? He didn't get his arm stuck in a vending machine again, did he?
[they all laugh, as the Dunphys eavesdrop]
CLAIRE: [whispers] Are you getting this?
PHIL: [whispers] Yes, they sound just like our kids, and they all got together to visit their dad.
CLAIRE: [whispers] Mm-hmm.
PHIL: [whispers] Who apparently did a pretty good job raising them.
CLAIRE: [whispers] Please, he sounds like an old hippie.
PHIL: [whispers] A wise, insightful old hippie ... A Jeff Bridges hippie!
[she shakes her head, as a younger man enters the room]
DUSTIN: Hey Dad!
NORMAN: There he is! Look at that sharp suit!
PHIL: [whispers] Oh my god, Luke gets huge!
DUSTIN: You've seen this, I wore it to Angela's wedding.
SYDNEY: Oh yeah, it's just like the one I had made for my little Jonathan!
[a nurse enters pushing a wheelchair]
NURSE: Okay, Misses Dunphy, time for your prep.
[she gets out of the bed and into the wheelchair]
PHIL: See what happens when parents get out of the way?
[he leans in next to her]
PHIL: [whispers] Weddings, babies, sharp suits ...
[he turns to the nurse]
PHIL: [whispers] Might wanna wheel her by the burn unit, she just got scorched.
[they exit, as Phil smiles to himself]
ANGELA: Wait, you made a suit for Jonathan? He's a cat.
[Phil's face suddenly falls, as he continues to eavesdrop]
SYDNEY: He's a hairless stray, he needs the suit for warmth! Y'know, that thing all of your husbands eventually stop feeling for you?
ANGELA: I did not come here to be insulted! I came here for Dad!
[Phil smiles again]
ANGELA: Dad ... I need five hundred dollars.
[his smile quickly disappears again]
SYDNEY: How can you need money? You have four divorce settlements!
ANGELA: Yeah, sorry I'm not some sad lonely exorcist!
SYDNEY: Archivist ... I'm an archivist!
DUSTIN: Ugh, this arguing! I might as well have just stayed in court!
PHIL: [whispers] Please be a lawyer, please be a lawyer ...
NORMAN: How'd it go?
DUSTIN: I got probation plus time served! Suck it!
SYDNEY: Oh, maybe now you'll stop siphoning electricity off the grid with a meathook ...
DUSTIN: Hey, look at me for a second ... When you die alone in your bed, Jonathan's going to eat you!
[she stops and looks around the room with a shocked expression]
ANGELA: [whispers] Yep.



Modern Family: The Future Dunphys

While at the hospital, Claire and Phil see an older version of their family; Manny and Jay visit a private school; Mitch and Cam organize a day for Gloria and Lily.

Original air date:
Wednesday, April 03, 2013 on ABC

Guest Stars:
Richard Riehle as Norman
Justine Bateman as Angela
Anastasia Basil as Sydney
Luka Jones as Dustin



"The Future Dunphys"
S4 / E19

Claire goes to the hospital for an angiogram, and while she's waiting to be wheeled off for the procedure, the older gentleman in the bed next door gets a visit from his three kids: a ditzy New Ager with four divorces to her credit, a humorless doctor living alone with stray cats, and a small-time criminal ("I got probation and time served!" he boasts), all three united in their disdain for their mother. Alarmed at this vision of their children's prospects, Claire and Phil separately resolve to change their parenting styles - which means that they essentially switch places, with Claire telling the kids they can do what they want, and Phil insisting they have to change their ways.

After a virtuoso sequence with two phones, two parents, and three kids passing them around, the Dunphy children decide that something is wrong and head for the hospital. But on the way they evolve from their initial instinct (their mom is sicker than she's let on) to the conclusion that, as usual, their folks are taking whatever personal issues they're dealing with and projecting them outward to screw up their kids. "Be better at being adults!" Luke yells at Phil and Claire, who are celebrating the relief of negative test results by twisting the hospital bed into a rather uncomfortable-looking position.

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