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Case Study No. 0939: Unnamed Female Librarian (Mentos)

Mentos Pure Fresh Gum "Contest"
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[scene opens in a public library, as a young female patron walks up to a young male patron (who is leaning up against the bookshelf) and closes the book he was reading, then playfully pulls his wool knit cap down over his eyes]
[cut to the woman pulling a pack of Mentos Gum out of his back pocket, then taking a piece for herself (while he still has the cap pulled down over his eyes)]
[cut to the woman breathing in his face (as a cartoon waft of blue "ice" floats into the air around him)]
FEMALE PATRON: [whispers] Catch me ...
[the woman runs off into the stacks, then cut to various shots of the man (still "blindfolded") trying to catch her]
[cut to the woman breathing (which generates another animated whisp of blue "ice" in the air), so the man follows it ... but ends up tripping over a step stool]
[cut to the young female librarian (black hair in a bun, glasses on a chain looped around her neck, dark pantsuit) sitting at the front desk when she looks up at the noise, so she puts a finger to her lips and shushes the woman]
[the woman turns and rolls her eyes, then cut to a shot of the man as he continues wandering around the stacks]
[cut back to the librarian, who finds a pack of Mentos gum on her desk, so she pops it open and takes one]
[cut to the woman riding a chair backwards through the stacks, with the man in pursuit]
[cut to the man (still "blindfolded") about to "catch" the woman as she sits in the chair, when the librarian appears from the opposite end of the room and breathes her own waft of blue "ice" in his direction]
[the man stops and looks up, as the librarian undoes her bun and lets her hair down, before unleashing another waft of blue "ice"]
[the man starts to run over in her direction, but the woman (visibly upset) gets up and breathes again]
[cut to the man turning back and forth between the two (as they keep breathing on him), until they are both right up on either side of him, as he finally lifts his cap and lets out a sigh of ecstasy]
[he then falls forward and faints (as the two women look at him in shock), then cut to the Mentos logo]
ANNOUNCER: The seductively fresh breath ... Mentos Pure Fresh Gum!



Guy stupidly runs around the library with a hat covering his eyes, chasing a girl by following the scent of her breath.

A librarian eventually tells them to knock it off with the power of the SHUSH, so the girl stops and pulls a book off the shelf. But the guy is on the other side, so she lets go with another MENTOS INFUSED breath, and the idiot runs right into the book case and knocks hismelf out!

So the girl runs over to check if he's alright, but finds just the guy's pants and shoes lying on the ground. Then the guy somehow lowers himself from the ceiling Spider-Man style (hope he had on underwear!!!) next to her and gives her a kiss on the cheek while hanging upside down.

This is the version of the commercial created by BlackMagic Design that aired on TV, but apparently there's an alternate version on YouTube (called "CONTEST"), where the librarian pops a Mentos and does that thing that all sexy librarians do, where she lets her hair down and suddenly to show that she's not actually a nerd but REALLY A KNOCKOUT.

Then the girl and the librarian get on either side of this stupid guy and breathe on him (yuck!!!). He can't tell what's happening, since the "PURE FRESH" (TM) is comeing from either side, so he (FINALLY!!!!) takes off his stupid hat and sees the two hot girls both breathing on him.

The two keep "fighting" for this guy for some reason, until he's overwhelmed and just faints like a loser.

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